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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"Eddie Money" / 1989
Fun. Alot of Hippie's. When "Shakin'" started, the girl in front of me either was so excited she passed out, or something else was going on(?) Eddie's hair was in his face the whole time---but the music was outstanding. Not a fancy show, but it was the music that shone.
Review by: Lori
"Erasure" / 25th February 2005
25.02.2005 Vicar Street, Dublin ERASURE € 41,50 Support: Piney Gir It has been a while since Erasure embarked on a tour therefore it is no surprise that nearly all gigs are sold out. The Erasure tour kicked off in Belfast only a day before Erasure hits the republic of Ireland for a two nights sold out performance at the Vicar Street. As a life long fan I have been waiting for this event for years. The tour supports their new album: “Nightbird” – truly: Erasure’s best album in years. Female vocalist Piney Gir supported by two Gentlemen on the keys opens up for Erasure. She uses a very old Yamaha SHS – 10 keyboard and a Casio DG-20 to make her music sound “old” or at least old fashioned and herself is wearing a fifties style petticoat. As interesting as she may look – the music cannot score at all. To describe it as strange wouldn’t do it any justice. She is reminiscent of Björk at times but hasn’t got her grace. None of the songs really grab the attention of the audience and even though one must confirm cool break beats at times the songs lack originality. Her last song was a rather weird version of “The Who” classic “My Generation”. Piney Gir * Only minutes later Erasure hit the stage. The stage is nicely decorated and looks like a forest to underline the path of the “Nightbird”. The band starts with a new song: “No doubt” and as the show unfolds Erasure plays some more tracks from the new CD. It is astonishing how smoothly the new material fits in with the classic songs. Vince Clark stays in the shadow (as usual) and plays his synthesizers and acoustic guitar to the miracle voice of one Andy Bell and their two female backing vocalists. Andy dances along the stage and is very friendly and genuinely nice to the audience. He likes to show off in his golden underpants or his angel- or even Elvis outfit. Erasure plays all their favourite tracks from “Respect”, “I love to hate you”, “In your arms”, “Oh Lamoure”, “Ship of fools” and “Blue Savannah Song” to the new songs such as “Breathe” or “I’ll bet your mad at me”. Andy looks a bit tired and he is not always in tune with his surroundings, forgets some of the lyrics and often looks to Vince Clark for guidance. He still is the brilliant entertainer he is so well known for and the concert is simply a wonderful experience. Erasure *** Taken from my own site: See also: Depeche Mode 1998 Alison Moyet 2002 RATING: *** Excellent! ** Good! * Shite!
Review by: TJ
"Erasure" / 1992
I went to my first Erasure concert in 1992, and what can i say. The show, sound and lighting was just great. The Voice of Andy Bell was just no better than it could be just perfect. Vince Clarke had done a great job as far as the music could be. If you like me enjoy the Erasure sounds then it is definately worth going to theie gigs. I have now seen the band four times to date and can't wait til they come round again. My scoring 10/10.
Review by: MATTHEW

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