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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"HEART" / 1986
I was only twelve when I went to this concert. BUt I remember it like it was yesterday. Ann was dressed all in black and Nancy in a a white shall over black sapndex. They rocked the house that night at the Meadowlands NJ to a sold out crowd. This was when These Dreams was #1 and everyone was clamoring for a seat to this show. I had to get my older brother to take me. He had to go to a scapler to get tickets (just like in Fast Times at Ridgemont high). It was a great show. Crazy on You ...Barracuda...Never...Staight On...and lots and lots of cleavage!
Review by: Mike
"Howard Jones/Human League/Culture Club" / August 2, 1998
PNC Arts Center NJ, This show was an 80's Retro tour-de-force! Seeing these acts together in one night was really such an incredible experience (especially for someone who still laments being too young to go to Live Aid!) Howard Jones was electric! His blend of sincerity, joy, and sheer energy was the perfect kick-off to a wonderful evening. He performed all the hits including a couple tracks from his latest, "People". Human League was next- kind of off to a slow start until they played "Fascination". The crowd was on their feet and the show was really captivating (They all still look great!) Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for- Culture Club. All the members, all the hits! So much fun- they sounded great and looked as if they were having a genuinely good time. Their encore was "Karma Chameleon". The highlight for me was actually meeting Howard Jones. He is really a charming guy and a dedicated performer so interested in his fans. I hope they tour together again!
Review by: Nicole
"Huey Lewis & the News Open for .38 Special" / February 1984
Absolutely mind-bending non-stop showmanship for almost 4 hours altogether. An interesting mix of pop/rocker teenagers (like myself) and scary redneck dudes drinking grain who came for the Southern Rock stylings of .38 Special. I gained a lot of respect for Huey Lewis that night, when he proved that there was some grit behind the cute little pop ditties. .38 Special made you want to do bottle shots of bourbon. I had no voice for 3 full days after the concert. If I didn't finally chuck it last year, I bought a sweatshirt that was made to look like you were wearing a baseball shirt under a cutoff sweatshirt. The tour was for Tour de Force, but Special Forces was .38 Special's best album.
Review by: Karen
"Huey Lewis and the News" / Boston Common July or Aug 1985?
Back in the 80's, the city of Boston used to have concerts on the Boston Common. They would fence off an area of the Common and there were seats for maybe several hundred people. At the time I was dating a girl (whose name, like the exact date of this concert has been lost to the tides of time) whose best friend had tickets to see Huey Lewis and the News. Back to the Future had just come out, and Sports was still a fairly recent album (having gone number 1 the year before), so to see him in such a venue meant a great time was guaranteed. I canâ€TMt remember the exact playlist except to say it included all their most well known songs at the time. The concert itself was great, Huey Lewis and the News were sharp and they were backed by the Tower of Power horn section. I remember the crowd was standing on its feet for much of the show. Unfortunately, the old biddies who lived in the neighborhood (posh Beacon Hill) complained about the noise from the Concerts on the Common held that summer, so they were soon brought to an end. And to this day, no additional concerts (featuring popular bands) have played on the Common. But at least I can say I saw one of the most popular bands of the 80â€TMs play in one of the most famous spots in America on a great summerâ€TMs night.
Review by: Ray
"Huey Lewis and the News" / 1986?
These other reviews have been of 80s bands touring now, but way back when in the days OF the 80s, my first concert was Huey Lewis and the News. I think it was 86, the band was touring for their cd "Fore!" Robert Cray opened up for them. It was a great show for a little high school boy hehe...even though our seats were awful. I remember the guitarist running all over the stage, back and forth. He was everywhere. And I remember Robert Cray playing some awesome blues, and talking to himself on his guitar solos. That's about all I can tell you from a show 13 years sucks getting old.
Review by: name
"Human League" / 1982
Brilliant beyond words. The slides were great and the Drum Machine was the first time I had seen a band perform without a drummer. I did see Ultravox and Devo a couple of months before but they only used drum machines for a couple of songs. The slides were great - during Circus of Death you saw Dawn of The Dead pics, Empire State Human Batman and the villians. The concert was seen in Brisbane Australia. I have also seen Tears for Fears, Thompson Twins, Depeche Mode (Sydney and Brisbane), Howard Jones, Psuedo Echo (this year). I also must recommended Flares in Brisbane and Retro in Sydney but please note Retro is no longer at the Bristol Arms it has moved to Moretons.
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