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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"led zeppelin" / 1990
Review by: dan
"Lionel Richie/Tina Turner" / ?1984?
Well, I don't remember exactly when this concert happened, but I know that I wore my All Night Long (Flash Dance Cut) concert sweat shirt through most of grade 8. I was 13 years old, and this was the very first "rock concert" I ever attended (under the watchful eye of my older cousin). Lionel had just released his Can't Slow Down album and I couldn't get enough of 'Hello'. The Pacific Coluseum in Vancouver, BC was packed. He was great, although I had nothing really to compare it to. He performed Endless Love while a huge screen was wheeled on stage and the image of Diana Ross sang the duet with him. It was almost like she was there! But the highlight for me was his opening act. I only knew Tina Turner as the woman with big hair and high heels, who sang a cool duet with Brian Adams (It's Only Love). Tina rocked! She had so much energy and got us totally pumped for Lionel. It was only years later, when the movie What's Love Got To Do With It was released, that I fully understood how important this tour was for her. It was her first tour without Ike. Amazing! History in the making and I was there to witness it. I loved the 80's!!!
Review by: Jennifer Burkholder
"Live Aid" / July 13, 1985
What can I say, that already hasn't been said about Live Aid. It really was a special day. I was at the Philly show. High Points: *Madonna, right after her nude pictures were published said she wasn't gonna take off anything so they wouldn't hold it against her in 10 years...too late babe. *Hall & Oates with the Temptations. OK, well Eddie couldn't hit the notes, but David's voice was as smooth as ever. *George Thorogood & Albert Collins. Great blues set Low Points: *Dylan, Keith Richards and Ron Wood sounding like they just rolled out of bed *Led Zeppelin with Phil Collins. The worst part was that Phil was the best part. These guys coulda used a couple more rehearsals.
Review by: Bob
"Love And Rockets" / 89
It was at the Greek Theater in Berkeley and my friends and I got there early in the morning to be first in line. It was very hot and there we were burning up all dressed in black! One of Love And Rockets' roadies felt sorry for us and gave us some water and watermelon. Then he gave us backstage passes!!AHHH!!!After the show I got to meet the band and I will never forget it!!!
Review by: Megan Jervis
"Lover Boy" / Spring 1980
Spring, maybe fall, it was when Lover Boy came to play. The Santa Monica Civic was the venue. Arriving in a silver, streched, Mercedes limo, the band went in the back way. Up on stage the guitar's wailed through "Working for the Weekend". The sound was laced with rock and roll grunge, shaking the dust off the ceiling. Ears ringing by the end, the crowd called for more. Two encores played that night, finally they filed out the door. Piling back into the the limo, the band took off to a party. If only I'd saved that roll of film, it might sell for some bucks on ebay like a shack out Michigan way. All I have are my memories of being the photographer the day Lover Boy came to play.
Review by: Andre
"Loverboy" / June 2006
Went to see Loverboy in a small town in Missouri. Mike Reno can still hit every single note. The band ROCKED! I am a new big fan and will travel to Florida in September to see them again.
Review by: Shelly
"Loverboy" / Summer 2003, In Post Falls Idaho
I went to see Loverboy play, their was some local band that opened up for them, I can't remember who they were, but they sucked. But Loverboy did come out and they rocked the place down, they were just as good as I saw them 20 year before. I went home with my wife that night, feeling like a teen one more time. I'm glad god made "Loverboy"
Review by: mario Jimerson
"LOVERBOY" / 7/15/2005
LOVERBOY Rocked Vancouver, WA!!!! I am such a fan. I love these guys. I have been to dozens of LOVERBOY concerts since the 1980's. I attended 3 concerts last year and the guys were super as alway!!! This year mark the bands 25th anniversay of great music making!! I gave the band plaques to celebrate this amazing event at the concert in Vancouver, WA on 7/15/05. They were all so gracious and they signed memoribilia for me back stage as well. At all three concerts last year, I visited back stage and the guys and crew are super to all of their fans!!! So if you are a fan check out the official LOVERBOY web site at and enjoy!!! *note - the pictures submitted on their web site from the Vancouver, WA concert are from me and yes that is my licenses plate!!! I told you "I am the 80's LADY" and their biggest fan 4ever. LOVERBOY is the PRIDE OF CANADA and the BEST 80'S BAND ever!!!
Review by: Calleen Shanahan
"Loverboy/ Night Ranger" / July 1998
It was a dissapointment. Night Ranger opened up for Lover Boy, and played only two good songs. "You Can Still Rock In America" and "Sister Christain." Both did not sound like I remembered them. Lover Boy played all their most popular songs after I left. I left the concert early because the quality was not there. It was held at Pine-nob, Detroit Michigan area.
Review by:

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