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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"J Geils Band" / 1982 (exact date lost)
The first concert I ever went to and easily one of the best in my life. I was a junior in high school and, at the time, the J Geils Band was the hottest band in the world. And since they originated from Boston, it was impossible to ever get tickets for their shows. However, a friend of mine scored four tickets and we went. And at the old Boston Garden no less. What do I remember? The smell of marijuana in the air; the palpable energy of the crowd; the HUGE cheer that went up when they came on stage; how loud the concert was (my ears were ringing for three days); and how great Geils was in concert! What a show! Peter Wolf was his in his usual Woofa Goofa persona! He was all over the stage. They sang all their great hits from the past to the present (Musta Got Lost, Whammer Jammer, Houseparty, Southside Shuffle, Centerfold etc). Just a great, great time! How I wish they had never broken up! To this day, with all the concerts I have seen over the years, this one still ranks in my top three all time. Do I remember the lead in act? Sure do! Jon Butcher Axis
Review by: Ray
"Jackson 5 Victory Tour" / 1984 or 1985
This was the best concert any one could have attended. I was a youngster at that time but I still remember it to this day.
Review by: Latosha Clark
"The Jacksons" / October 5 1984
This was by far the best concert I have ever seen, I was eleven at the time. HIGHLIGHTS were SHAKE YOUR BODY, HUMAN NATURE and of course BILLIE JEAN. Unforgettable and a great memoir!!
Review by: MIchael D Grcs
"The Jets" / May 30 or 31, 1986
That was the greatest concert I have ever been to. I have never felt so happy to be anywhere. The Jets played great, as expected, and to be there in the same building as them was great!
Review by: Merirei Ongelungel
"John Cougar Mellencamp" / July 1999
We won front row seats and back stage passes to John's July 9, 1999 show in West Palm Beach, Fla. It was absolutely awesome!! He works hard to please as evidenced by our getting dounced with his sweat continually through the show! He played all of his hits with unmatched energy and enthusiasm. He talks little, but then again we don't pay to hear him talk! The music was a little too loud at first which drowned out his voice a bit, but adjustments were made as the show wore on and it was tremendous!!! The front row seats were surreal and our ears were ringing for days afterward!! It was a tremendous thrill to meet him and we got our picture taken with him and his band! He's still rockin hard into the 90's!!
Review by: Mike Slauter
"Journey" / 8/3/01
Seeing Journey at the Rose Garden in Portland, even the new lineup, was a dream come true for me! The hits were there, but the sound could have been better. New singer Steve Augeri knew what he was doing, and did more than justice to the old songs. Would have liked to hear "Who's Crying Now" and putting the lights out before "Seperate Ways", in the middle of the show, threw me off, but all in all it was still a memorable experience! Hearing "Do You Feel Like We Do" by Peter Frampton, and "Missing You" by Johm Waite were cool events to remember!
Review by: Woody
"Journey" / November 23, 2005 @ The Beacon Theatre
That concert was amazing!! It completely blew me away. I am 15 years old and Journey is a huge inspiration to me! When I went to the concert there were people there of all ages and let me tell you when a band can reunite people of all ages to come and see them,that is truly an awesome thing!! The atmosphere at the concert was amazing. It was the best feeling in the world! Literally if you looked around there was not one person who was sitting down and having a miserable time. Everyone was dancing,singing, crying, rocking out, you name it!! Journey's stage performance was amazing. You can tell that they are very passionate for what they do and music is a huge part of their lives. The energy was awesome!! Steve Augeri rocked the house. He was flipping the microphone, dancing, it was soo much fun. he really knows how to blow a crowd away. Neal Schon played the Star Spangled banner on his electric guitar which got a standing ovation!! I was just soo please!! I will never stop believing!! ~lauren~
Review by: Lauren
"Journey, Peter Frampton, John Waite" / July 4th
It was awesome! John Waite opened with some of his songs, like 'When I See You SMile' and 'Missing You', then Peter Frampton did some songs (P.F was on for about a half an hour! I was restless!) and finally, Journey came on. I'm not sure if it was Steve Perry or not, but it sure looked like him. They did TONS of their most popular songs, but they didn't do 'Open Arms'...they did however, do 'Wheel in the Sky', which I think is good enough! I loved it!
Review by: Bye-Gon Jinx
"Journey, STYX, REO Speedwagon" / May 25, 2003
I'm still playing the tunes in my head from last night's concert! REO Speedwagon was FANTASTIC! Kevin Cronin and Neal Doughty were just as incredible and energetic as they were when I bought "High Infidelity" over 20+ years ago. Unlike the other bands of the night, REO performed like they were genuinely having a good time. In fact they kept coming back on stage singing and playing with STYX and Journey! On that note, the STYX concert was as wonderful as ever! Tommy Shaw, James Young and the rest of the band sounded great, but they were pushing their new CD "Cyclorama" so much that they actually had the CD's carrot symbol as part of their video show and on their drum set. Their classic favorites sounded great with Lawrence Gowan creating his own wonderful rendition of Dennis DeYoung's vocals. Finally Journey took the stage. As soon as so Steve Augeri started singing, I started cringing in my seat. I had heard prior to the concert that if you close your eyes you couldn't tell the difference between Steve Augeri's and Steve Perry's voice, but that definitely wasn't so. Mr Augeri will never achieve the vocal clarity and stage presence that Steve Perry faithfully delivered for so many years. With the exception of Neal Schon's incredible Star Spangled Banner guitar solo, The Journey set was a complete waste of a true Journey fan's time. Bummer.
Review by: Diane Bloch

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