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This page is for reviews of concerts people have seen during the 80s and reviews of tours that more recently focus on vintage 80s groups (like Depeche Mode or Bow Wow Wow, etc.). The first reviews here are from the old message board, so they might look a little familar. Hope no one minds me reformatting their original messages.

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"The Beach Boys" / Sept 22nd, 1982
At Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colo. outside in the Colorado snow with one of the last times all six original Beach Boys played together!Remember this show because it was the last concert of the 1982 Red Rocks season and I was starting college in two days. Back then you could show up anytime day or night at Red Rocks (and bring in gallon jugs of beer!) and just have a huge party in the stands. We got there at 10am, but the weather was just downright cold - rain mixed with snow. Everyone thought it would be cancelled. Then an announcer hit the stage and said the Beach Boys would play no matter what - snow included! Big relief to 9,000 wet, freezing fans. They were a blast! The harmonies sounded better than what I thought they would. Dennis Wilson played keyboards all night, and Brian Wilson even sang "Runaway" by Del Shannon. Even "Good Vibrations" sounded pretty much on the mark. By the end Mike Love was dancing on top of Bruce Johnston's piano while five guitar players just cranked thru hit after hit while the snow fell. Great time. One month later, in Oct. 1982 Brian Wilson was fired by the band and went off into Dr. Eugene Landy Land and one year later, Dennis Wilson drowned. Save for a few concerts in Oct. '82 and the famous 1983 Washington D.C. "James Watt" show, it was one of the last times all six Beach Boys were on stage together.
Review by: Blake Powers
"The Bears/Tirez Tirez" / June 1997
New York City at the Old Ritz...The greatest concert I've ever seen. After a lukewarm opening act - Tirez Tirez - this band consisting of frontman Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails) and a talented team of Cincinnatti area players (now the Psychodots) proceeded to blow the roof off of the joint. Playing songs from their eponymously titled album, as well as selected Belew solo and King Crimson favorites, the crowd was entranced by the groups incredible showmanship and musicianship. The highlight was the final encore - an unbeleivable version of Hendrix' "Purple Haze"...WOW! Soon reuniting - Look out for them!
Review by: Seymour Lipschitz
"Berlin" / Oct 30 1984
Selinas night club at the coogee bay hotel in Sydney Australia.A relatively small venue was packed out for this show which was on thier only Australian tour(altough from memory half the audience was american tourists).I was about fifteen and legaly should`t have been there!The sound was great,Teri Nunn and John Crawford put in a highly enrgetic performance.The set finished up with a brilliant version of Princes`"Controvesy"
Review by: david xxx
"Billy Idol" / 1987
In 84 it was the Rebel Yell tour. And Billy Idol came back in 87 with the Whiplash Smile tour. He is the Greatest (Punk)Rocker of all time, and is still rockin to this day. He just had a show in San Francisco on Oct. 03/03.
Review by: Tony Tali
"Billy Idol and don't forget Steve Stevens." / July 8th 2005
I've been following up on Billy Idol since 1983. I was blown away by the 84 Rebel Yell tour, and later in 87 the Whiplash Smile tour. That man can perform. He came back to the bay area in San Francisco again on Oct. 3rd 2003. Older and still rockin, he with Steve Stevens, again put on a great show. The latest tour was again here in the Bay Area on July 8th 2005. This time he put on even a better show that surprised me. I thought he would be slowing down only a little bit now, but NO, he still has the power. This tour was promoting his latest album (The Devil's Playground) with his new great song Scream! Man I can't wait til he comes back.
Review by: Tony Tali
"Billy Joel" / April 15th, 1999
Ahhh... there it was... April 15th, 1999 (tax-day, of course) and I had two choices... pay my taxes or go see Billy Joel!! How could I let the greatest singer/songwriter of all time pass by my area without seeing him? I ask you, HOW??? Been a Billy Joel fan for years, and I had waited a long time to see his concert. Even heard the rumors about him hanging up his touring piano and concentrating on classical music. Minneapolis, Minnesota was the setting for the greatest concert ever!! No opening act, but was there one needed? (NNOOOOOO!!!) He opened up in complete darkness with the absolutely awesome Prelude/Angry Young Man, then continued on with a large selection of oldies/new songs!! At one point in the beginning of the show, he said "I don't have anything new to promote, so I'm calling this the "Let's Play All The Old Shit Tour!!"" He worked through all his best songs and ended the night with Piano Man... All-in-all it was the best concert event ever, and the only drawback was that he didn't play "The Downeaster Alexa", but I'll forgive him since he did play "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant", "Pressure" and a medley of songs taken from the years that he toured a long time ago like "White Rabbit", "Purple Haze" and even something from AC/DC!!! The best concert of all time from the greatest singer/songwriter of all time!!!! Rock on, Mr. William Martin Joel!!
Review by: Dylan
"Billy Joel" / 1999
No matter when you saw billy joel he was quite the showman. The last concert i attened was in April 1999 in San Jose Ca. With over a ten year absense from the charts we were all interacted on all songs. A friend reluctently went and pobably had the best time out of all of us. Mr joel is so diversified in his music it expands many generations. The Piano Man rules!!!!
Review by: McJepsen
"Bon Jovi" / January 15, 2006
Bon Jovi sounded as good as they did the first time I saw them in July of 1985. The band played most of the biggest songs of their run in the 80's plus the new material from "Have a Nice Day". The boys were on stage for over two hours and I thought they were just incredible.
Review by: Bric Turner
"Boston" / 1987
I went to the first Boston concert in support of their third and final Album. It was at the Rochester, New York, War Memorial stadium. It was probably the best concert I have ever gone too. They opened with an old song fom their first album, Rock and Roll band, and then they proceeded to play their third album-every song. The band was really in sync and hit every note that I recall. The crowd was very pleased. One thing I remember the singer said in between songs was that he was happy to see so many young people there at the show, which he said showed the band had appealed to a new generation. The opening band was a group who thankfully made it off stage without being hit with a rock. They were awful, an alternative band playing to a rock crowd. Boston must have been doing someone a big favor that time. Anyway, it was sold out from what I remember and the lighters lit up the whole time. When they walked off stage in the end, the crowd convinced them to come back and do an encore, and they did, and then the crowd wanted one more, and after about ten minutes of applause, the lights came on and it was time for them to move on to the next concert. They rocked us!!!
Review by: Privett Daniel
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Review by: brhhljwa

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