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This is a list of places that are in movies, but have a real life counterpart. Please try and be as specific as possible in describing where something is and when it appears in a movie. I don't want just city names where filming took place so much as I want landmark type buildings.

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Baby M
(1988 TV Movie)This film was shot almost entirely on location in Ocean County, New Jersey. The courtroom scenes were filmed in the Ocean County Courthouse, Toms River, New Jersey. The scene where William Stern and Mary Beth Whitehead go to the fertility clinic takes place in Tenafly, in Northern New Jersey (I think Bergen County). The Whiteheads live in Brick Township, Ocean County, NJ. The scenes when the Whiteheads flee with the baby take place in Florida. I have been a resident of Ocean County, NJ since 1985, and lived in Lacey Township, about 20 minutes from the Ocean County Courthouse during this trial.
The hotel scenes were shot at the Biltomre Hotel, downtown Los Angeles. The final scenes were shot at the Mann 14 Cineplex in Simi Valley, Calif (48 miles north west of Los Angeles).
filmed for the most part at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison.
The entire downtown, including the clock tower, was all on a studio backlot. It's not found in Cordell, Oklahoma, it's a featured location on the Universal Studios Tour.
Marty's House: 9303 Roslyndale Ave Panorama City Los Angeles; 1955 hill valley's houses : bushnell ave in South Pasadena LA between 1809 and 1711; doc's mansion at 4 westmoreland place Pasadena LA; see my photos at www.alessandrorussi.com
The mall where Doctor Brown did his experiment was in Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry.
Victory Blvd. in Burbank, California is where you can find the Burger King that Michael J. Fox skateboards out of.
The School Dance was filmed at Hollywood United Methodist Church 6817 Franklin Ave. Hollywood, Ca.
The Battle Of The Bands was filmed at McCambridge Park Recreaction Center 1515 Glenoaks Blvd. Burbank, Ca.
George McFlys House is located at 1711 Bushnell Ave. South Pasadena CA.
Lorraine McFlys House is located at 1727 Bushnell Ave. South Pasadena, CA.
Back To The Future 2
The tunnel that Marty and Biff have their showdown in is the Sepulveda Blvd. tunnel. between Ventura blvd. and Skirball.
Back To The Future 2
Jennifer's House was filmed at: 161 N. Magnolia Ave. Monrovia, CA.
Back To The Future 2
Marty McFly House in the year 2015 was filmed at: 3793 Oakhurst St. El Monte, CA. 91732
Back To The Future 2
Mr. Strickland's House was filmed at: 12511 Bailey St. Whittier, CA.
Back To The Future 2
Hilldale in the year 2015 was filmed on Somerset St. & Oakhurst St. in El Monte, CA. 91732
Back To The Future III
Port Hueneme Beach Park, Port Hueneme, CA. The scene where Marty returns from the old west to modern day on the train tracks was filmed only one block from the beach in Port Hueneme (60 miles north of LA). The trestle bridge structure seen in the background is actually a pedestrian bridge that crossed the railroad tracks. It was dressed up to look like the end of a trestle bridge structure. It has since been removed.
The town square in the movie, including the clock tower building, is the downtown of Cordell, Oklahoma
The High School where all the action takes place is Whittier High in Whittier, CA. Twin Pines Mall parking lot chase is actually Puente Hills Mall in the City of Industry, Calif.
Back to the Future III
Where Marty races Wheels (Flea). Doris road in Oxnard, California
(1983) The High School was filmed at Lakeview High School on Ashland Ave. in Chicago, Ill.
Filmed at the Illinois Boys Home on Rt. 38 west outside of Geneva. During an outside scene you can see Johnson's Mound in the background.
Vermont East Corinth Filming Locations: Town, library, Maitland's house, schoolhouse, bridge
The Grocerey Store that Lane, & Charles are at was filmed at Dan's Foods 3900 S. Wasatch Dr. Holladay, UT.
The scene when John Cusak picks up his broken ski and the employee is in a body cast after attempting to ski down the K-12. That was filmed at the Sport Chalet located on Foothill Blvd. in La Canada, Ca.
The Car Wash was filmed at In-N-Out Service Center located at: 1420 N. San Fernando Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.
All the interior scenes of the classrooms, cafeteria including the dance, the parking lot, and the outdoor dance scene when John Cusak falls up the stairs and shakes hands with french girl of the high school were all filmed at Clark Junior High School located at 4747 New York ave in La Crescenta California. The school is now called Clark Magnet High. And the scene of the street with the huge church where John Cusak almost hits the Nuns in the crosswalk with his car was filmed on Crown St. In La Canada Flintridge, Ca
The French foreign exchange students House is located at: 1633 Virginia Ave. Glendale, CA. right across from Lanes House.
Lanes High School is Hollywood High School located at: 1521 North Highland Ave. Hollywood, CA.
Lane Myers House is located at: 1636 Virginia Ave. Glendale, CA.
A lot of the movie was shot in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, including the school Tom Hanks attended and the house that Tom Hanks lived in. I was a student at Cliffside Park High School during the filming. A lot of the students were used as extras.
Young Josh's House is located in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.
When Tom Hank's character is actually a kid in the beginning of the movie, he put a quarter in a machine that looks like a fortune teller and he wishes to be big. This scene was filmed at the Playland Amusement Park in Rye, New York.
The St. James Motel where Josh stays for a night is located on W. 45th St. between 6th & 7th Ave. in New York City.
The Pizza Restaurant that Josh goes to for his b-day is called "Asti" located on 12th St. in New York City.
The Toy Story with the floor Piano is FAO Schwarz at 745 5th Ave. New York, NY.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
The exact location of Sam Dimas High School is located at: 800 West Corvina Blvd. San Dimas, CA.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Ice Cream Parlor was filmed at Chuck E Cheese located at: 8039 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix, AZ.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
The water park is Golfland/Sunsplash located off the 60 freeway in Mesa, AZ. The mall scenes were shot in MetroCenter which is actually in Phoenix. It has since been renovated so the interior looks different now. The Oshman's sporting goods closed a few years after the movie was made. The underground icerink was converted into a video arcade for awhile, and then changed to a movie theatre with a regular food court overhead. The Circle K where "strange things are afoot..." is on the corner of Southern Avenue and Hardy Drive in Tempe.
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Bowling Alley was filmed at: Tempe Village Lanes 4407 S. Rural Road Tempe AZ.
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
The famous Circle K is found in at 1010 W. Southern Ave at South Hardy Drive in Tempe, Arizona.
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Circle K that the crew used was actually at 35th Ave and Union Hills in Phoenix as is the bowling alley that was used. They shut down that Circle K for hours at a time to shoot and it was right near my house. A bunch of us from the area got autographs from Keanu while they were filming. The shots of the high school are Coronado High in Scottsdale, AZ and most of the students that you see in the auditorium are students from the school.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
The water park, Waterloo, is actually called Sunsplash and is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
The mall scenes were shot at MetroCenter in Glendale,Arizona. The Icerink is now a movie theater, but as far as I know the sporting goods store and the music store, and food court still exist.
The army post in Biloxi Blues is not in Mississippi. The film was actually filmed at Fort Chaffee, near the city of Fort Smith, Arkansas. This was also the location for Soldier's Story. Van Buren, AR stood in for downtown Biloxi.
The Bradbury Building, 304 South Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles ( http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/Bradbury_Building.html )
Abbeville, Louisiana
Part of the big chase scene was in the old Chicago Heights mall, the movie cut to a street chase which led them to Devon and Talcott Ave in Park Ridge, IL, proceeding past Nelson's Funeral Home on Talcott and Cumberland. They also chased under the "El" (Elevated/Subway Train) in the Chicago Loop. I watched them film at the Wabash Avenue and near Jackson.
The scene where Jake and Elwoods car comes to a stop on the edge of a section of expressway was filmed in Milwaukee, WI. That section of I94 was left unfinished for many years, but is now connected up to the Hoan Bridge by Summerfest at the Milwaukee lake front. There are many familiar buildings in the background if you know the Milwaukee area, most notably the 1st Wis. bank now called Chase Bank.
City Hall is located at 121 N. LaSalle Street downtown Chicago, Ill.
Park Ridge - The first time Jake and Elwood are pulled over by the State Police is the corner of Cumberland and Gillick (just north of the Nelson Funeral Homme, still there) mentioned by someone else. The chase scene also includes the 6 corners of Talcott, Devon and Courtland. The pharmacy is gone; Sebastian Real Estate is still there. They also chase down south Courtland between Devon and Higgins.
The 15100 S. Dixie Highway address is essentially correct, but the mall is mostly obscured from view due to recent redevelopments. I live three miles from the location and I strongly advise against visiting the area. Most of the western side of the mall parking lot has been redeveloped into the Harvey Police Department's new location, a former bill payment center for Con Ed, and a facility for the Department of Children and Family Services. If you drive past the area faster than 35 mph, you'll miss seeing the mall.
Ray's Music Shop Was Located At 63rd And Martin Luther King Drive In Chicago.and The Church Scene Was Located At Tabenacle Church On 43rd Michigan Avenue.the Diner Scene Was Located On Maxwell Street(it's Now Gone)in Chicago.
The Palace Hotel is located at South Shore Country Club 7059 South Shore Dr. Chicago, Ill.
The hair salon that Carrie Fisher works at is called Curl Up And Dye which is still open in Chicago on Clark St near Century Mall.
Jake and Elwoods Apartment was filmed at 22 W. Van Buren Street Downtown Chicago, Ill.
The scene where Tom Cruise returns from the war and meets up with Kyra Sedgewick is supposed to be Syracuse,NY (Cruise's hometown). But the film was actually shot in Dallas, Tx. In the subsequent scene of the campfire/candlelight vigils, the school they are supposed to be at is a college in Syracuse. It was also shot in Dallas at the campus of Southern Methodist University.
Dallas, TX. Bar used in the movie is a place called "Milo Butterfingers" on Yale, near SMU.
Gravenhust, ON (look for HMCS Seguin and Modern appartment in one scene) and Toronto Islands
The last scene of the movie where Judd is walking across the football field is actually Maine South Highschool's football field.
The Breakfast Club was actually shot at Maine North High School in Des. Plaines Illinois. The football field at the end was actually the Maine North Stadium that has been since torn down.
Breaking Away
Filmed entirely on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where the annual Little 500 bicycle race is held.
Junction City, Ohio - The prison & warden home used were of the old prison still standing in Junction City, Ohio. Most of the out buildings are no longer standing. A watch tower still stands, as does the water tower & generator across the street.
The bar where Crash challenges meat is Mitch's in Raleigh.
The batting cage scene where Susan Sarandon gives Kevin Costner hitting advice was filmed at Par Golf in Garner, NC. The four batting cages were taken out just a few years after Bull Durham because they didn't generate much business. Par Golf still does well with a driving range and Par 3 golf course, though....All the home baseball scenes were filmed in Durham, NC in the Durham Athletic Park.
Asheville, NC -- some of the movie was shot here - I believe some of the ballpark scenes. I remember I lived in the area during that time and there were calls for movie extras from the area.

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