Eighties Movie Locations That Really Exist, Movies Beginning with M

This is a list of places that are in movies, but have a real life counterpart. Please try and be as specific as possible in describing where something is and when it appears in a movie. I don't want just city names where filming took place so much as I want landmark type buildings.

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It's Coober Pedy the town that was mentioned! Not Coober Petty.
A disused quarry in St Peters (a suburb of Sydney). There were apparently a lot of problems filming, because St Peters is the next suburb to Mascot which is where Sydney's airport is.
Mad Max Movies
Mad Max was filmed near Melbourne with Road Warrior being filmed in Broken Hill and Silverton, New South Wales. Beyond Thunder Dome was actually filmed in a number of places. Barter Town was filmed in a Quarry near a town called Coober Petty in Southern Australia where as the 747 crash site was filmed near Sydney's Botany Bay in Kurnell. The set was near the flight path of the airport but today is mostly flooded.
The restaurant is the old Gritz Pizazz on Brown Deer Road. It later became Papa Grano's Italian Restaurant. It recently changed hands and names again.
Making The Grade
Rhodes College aka Southwestern at Memphis - this is the college that was used as Hoover Prep. The Peabody Hotel in Memphis is the site for the Hoover Ball and the place where "Palmer" (Judd Nelson) falls into the fountain.
A forgettable Burt Reynolds movie, filmed in the towns of Hedly and Princeton, BC, Canada. Both small towns are still there, close to ghost town status with no greedy land developers interested in the land, as opposed to the movie. However, as Cliff Robertson said in the movie, "this certainly is God's country".
All the school scenes in the John Lithgow movie were shot at my high school, Suffern H.S. in Suffern,NY.
Little Ferry/South HAckensack , NJ. The Burger World Scene was shot at a Burger King on Rt 46 West. I was sitting in traffic when they stopped traffic to film a shooting scene. It was pretty cool to see it being filmed then see it in the movie a year or so later after I had forgotten all about it.
Cher's house in the movie with the raised porch can be found in Movrovia, Ca.
The scene where the cop car is teleported from earth, is uptown Whittier, in Whittier, CA. In fact, most of the movie was filmed in Whittier.
Merlin (released 2000) UK.
North Wales, Gwynedd, Snowdonia National Parc.: NANT GWYNANT. The scene where Arthur shows Merlin where he will build Camelot is shot from a small parking lot overlooking Nant Gwynant lake and valley. The parking lot is found on the road from Beddgelert to Capel Curig. Worth a visit.!!!
It was filmed in Nelsonville, OH, which isabout 20 minutes away from Ohio University.
The Apartment that Hanks, and Long have to evacuate is The Althrop Apartments at 2211 Broadway St. West Side New York
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
IUHS (International University High School) Watford Endland, (just north of London) The sex ed class was filmed there also other scenes.
At the time of the filming, Cammarari's bakery existed on the corners of Henry and Sackett Street in Brooklyn. Now in its place is a restaurant called Red Rail. The house where the Castarini lived is a real address, 19 Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights. Its on the corner of Cranberry and Hicks streets. I remember when the movie was filmed.
My Blue Heaven
The pet shop that Steve Martin goes into is in a shopping center in San Luis Obispo, CA off Madonna Road near the lake. You can also see parts of the Madonna Inn in the movie.
Mystic, CT. The actual town of Mystic, CT has (or at lest HAD at the time of filming) 2 Pizza places. One called "Mystic Pizza" and one with some other name. They used the name of one place, but the actual footage was filmed in the other restaurant.

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