Eighties Movie Locations That Really Exist, Movies Beginning with E

This is a list of places that are in movies, but have a real life counterpart. Please try and be as specific as possible in describing where something is and when it appears in a movie. I don't want just city names where filming took place so much as I want landmark type buildings.

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staten island - a whole bunch of locations,his house is nearvictory blvd and alfonsos pastry shop,and hylan blvd
Eddie & The Cruisers
Southern N.J. I remember the Atco junkyard very well were the junkyard scenes were filmed. But there was also a cheap motel scene that was filmed at the corner of Black Horse Pike and Lower Landing Rd. I was driving by at about 2am when some of the filming was going on. I live in Colorado now - so I don't know if the old motel is still there.
Eddie & The Cruisers
The junkyard scene in Eddie & The Cruisers was filmed in the huge junkyard in Atco, NJ. I grew up in Atco, I remember when they filmed it (the only thing that ever happened there). Anyone in South Jersey who has ever been to the Atco Raceway would know the junkyard, it's the one you pass with the giant plane on the way to the race track.
Edward Scissorhands
Lutz, Florida (north of Tampa) & Lakeland, Florida. The neighborhood is just north of Tampa off of I-75 in Lutz. The exact cul-de-sac used as Edward's is called Tinsmith Circle. There is a grassy area at one end of the circle that obviously was used as the spooky entrance to Edward's house. Of course, the gate and house are not there now. The houses are painted in normal pastels and there are no animal toparies but you can definitely distinguish them between being Winona's or Anthony Michael Hall's or the other families. The SouthGate shopping center is the place in Lakeland where Edward gets his hands sharpened. Also this is the same place where they almost opened the Salon. Directly across the street is the restaurant where Winona and family were eating when Edward joined them a few minutes afterward. It has since been closed up. It looks as though it was an old Sambo's or something. Definitely great for a Sunday drive!
Bridge scene at the end was filmed on the abandoned Chain of Rocks Bridge across the Mississippi River near St. Louis. The bridge was once part of old Route 66, and has a unique bend in the middle.
You might be surprised to find that downtown St. Louis, MO (now much more revitalized) doubled for a lawless, ghetto area of a New York city of the future,in this Kurt Russell, Ernest Borgnine movie. Scenes, including exits from real man-holes in the middle of the street, were used.
A lot of the scenes were filmed in St. Louis, Missouri. The climactic fight sequence (between the big bald guy and Snake Pliskken) was filmed inside the then-derelict St. Louis Union Station building.
The cabin where the group is staying was loacted in Morristown, TN; my hometown. Recently cast members tried to find the old cabin, located off Kidwell's Ridge Road, but found that it had been torn down sometime after the movie filmed.
Morristown TN

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