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This is a list of places that are in movies, but have a real life counterpart. Please try and be as specific as possible in describing where something is and when it appears in a movie. I don't want just city names where filming took place so much as I want landmark type buildings.

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The bar scene in the Top Gun (when Anothony Edwards plays the piano and sings 'Great Balls Of Fire' ) was filmed in a resturant called the "Kansas City Bar-B-Q" located in Long Beach, California (off on the coast, near Sea Port Village) I visited the resturant when I was in Long Beach, and the place looks quite different - but the cool thing is this that the actual piano is still sitting in the corner (collecting dust) and the resturant walls are full of framed glosseys of Tom Cruise and the Top Gun cast (all autographed) - Very cool place to visit. I loved it, 'cause at the time, I was really into film. They have good food there, too. - Julie
Roscoe's Chicken and Wings is in CA.
In the movie the guys go into town. That town was the center of Wayne in Wayne PA. The actual store you see is a Dairy Queen on a corner across from the Wayne Train Station.
"Taps" the film starring Sean Penn, Timothy Hutton, George C. Scott and a little known actor named Tom Cruise was filmed at Valley Forge Military School and Junior Collage in Wayne, Pennsylvania.
Teen Witch
The school scenes were filmed at Hoover High School in Glendale, California. The exterior shots were filmed in Glendale, as well.
Teen Wolf
it was filmed in Pasadena, California. The part were Scott is riding on top of the van was shot going down Colorado Blvd.
Teen Wolf
The scene where Styles (Scott's friend) surfs on top of the van was shot on Sherman Way in North Hollywood, CA by the North Hollywood K-mart.
Teen Wolf 2
Claremont, CA - most exterior scenes were shot in and around the campus of Pomona College in Claremont California.
The opening scene where a nude Arnold takes clothing from a couple of LA punks was filmed at the Griffith Park Observatory overlooking Los Angeles.
The factory were the Terminator was crushed is called Kerns of California located at 13010 East Temple Ave. Industry, CA.
The Gas station at the very end in located in a tiny town called Sun Valley, in the outskirts of Palmdale, CA.
The Alamo Gun Shop 14329 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys, Ca. It is currently a Car Lot. Also across the street is where they filmed Arnold throwing the Biker from the Phone booth.
The parking Garage is called the Department of Water and Power located at 111 N. Hope st. downtown Los Angeles, CA.
"Big Bens" Restaurant, is auctally called Carrows Restaurant and is located on 815 Fremont Ave. South Pasadena, CA.
The Tiki Motel is located at 7301 Santa Fe Ave. Huntington Park, CA.
This was not filmed in Houston... the majority of the film was actually taped in Lincoln, NE, despite the movie's setting at the start in Texas.
To be more specific, the houses where Shirley and jack lived in River Oaks in Houston are on Locke Lane, in the Avalon Place subdivision.
Mostly filmed in Houston. Jack and Shirley's houses are still in the fancy River Oaks part of town, although they're slightly remodeled.
From Amie: It was filmed in, Tulsa, OK. The "big pink hotel that looks like a castle" (across from which Tex uses the phone, having been shot) is still there, but has fallen into disrepair and is probably going to be torn down soon.

The school where Tex was filmed was my high school, also. Bixby High School is south of Tulsa, and the room where they shot the scene where Tex pits caps in the typewriter is still there too, complete with glass window (which was built for that particular scene) The sandy place where Tex and his friends ride their motorbikes is gone, however, having been washed away in a flood in 1986.

That was then, This is now
Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota The scenes with them driving around were filmed at Calhoun Square in Minneapolis. The house they live is in St Paul, but they hang out in Minneapolis. Kind of odd, but good movie.
It was filmed in Ogden Utah at Ogden High.
New Orleans. The chase scene at the end is so funny. If you know New Orleans you know why. They run from one end of town to the other. The cemetary scene is Cypress Grove at the foot of Canal Street, next to the other cemeteries, Odd Fellow's Rest and Greenwood. All are very old and very creepy. They end up behind the old Jackson Brewery on the railroad tracks. The Brewery was closed down at the time, but now is an elaborate shopping venue with million dollar condos and a giant Virgin Records store.
Tin Man
Parking lot where Devito and Dreyfus "fought" was the parking lot of the old Westview Cinemas on Rte 40 just west of the Baltimore beltway. The parking lot is still there but the theater has been torn down and replaced by a Circuit City store. The drive-in movie playing in the background is now a Home Depot
Tin Man
Part Of Movie Was Filmed In My Friends House In Waverly In Baltimore Maryland Scene Where Danny Devito Throws Money On The Floor And Memorial Stadium Is In The Background
The Sleazy Bar Scene in "Top Gun" was filmed in San Diego, not Long Beach. All of the other information is correct. The location where Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise pull over on the side of the road is on Laurel Street, downtown San Diego.
The graduation/ pool scene was actually filmed at the Inn Suites aka Imig Manor off of El Cajon Blvd., San Diego. Sidenote: that pool was designed by Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller)
"Kansas City BBQ" is in downtown San Diego, not Long Beach
the Kansas City BBQ is in is actually San Diego, CA.
Kansas City Barbeque is in San Diego. It is across the street from Sea Port Village, in San Diego also. The air scenes were filmed at NAS Miramar which is now MCAS Miramar. Home of the El Toro VMF 85 that Will Smith was at in Independence Day.
Kansas City Barbeque Voted best barbecue last 6 years, filming location for the hit movie "Top Gun," 610 W. Market St. San Diego, CA 92101
The bar scene where Kelly McGillis finds Tom Cruise after he quits was shot in the restaurant/bar above the old Jimsair private aircraft terminal at San Diego's Lindbergh Airport. The bar counter used to have brass plaques with Tom's and Kelly's names at the positions where they sat. The entire building was torn down in 2002 to make way for a brand-new terminal.
Some of the military base and aircraft scenes were shot at the Naval base near Pensacola, Florida. I know this because my wife was stationed at the base during filming and was used as an "extra" in an outside shot/scene on the base.
You say in your notes that Top Gun was filed at "Kansas City Bar-B-Q" located in Long Beach, California (off on the coast, near Sea Port Village)...but that is actually in SAN DIEGO (not Long Beach) near Seaport Village. I know it's just an oversight but wanted to clarify it for you. Thanks.
The tower and runways are actually the ones at Miramar, however, the hangar that was shown in the movie as the Top Gun hangar was actually the hangar next to it. The Top Gun hangar didn't face the runway. I was lucky enough to be stationed in Hangar 3, so every morning I'd have the awesome view of the hangar bay opening on to the runway.
The Kansas City bar they taped at is not in Long Beach, but in San Diego. Near the Sea Prt Village there. Kelly's house is now run down house across the street from the peir in Oceanside, CA (Near SD). Top Gun school used to be in Mira Mar North of San Deigo (10miles), along the I-15.
Kansas City Bar-B-Q is in San Diego. Not filmed in Long Beach as stated on this website.
Kansas City Barbeque is located in San Diego
The exterior shot of the O'club at Miramar is actually the exterior of the O Club at North Island. The Graduation / Pool scene was also at the North Island O'Club. While I'm not sure, I believe the inside O'club bar scene was filmed in a small part of the O club at Miramar. The Vollyball scene was filmed next to the enlisted Barracks at Miramar which have sense be torn down.
Top Gun
When Tom Cruise Goes to Charlies house he goes up a hill to get there but that hill really leads to a parking lot and a narrow road you can only go 10 mph on which leads to another parking lot for the beach in Oceanside, CA
Parts filmed in Boonton, Jersey City, and Rutherford, New Jersey, as well as Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York.
That big house the rich kid lived in, where Richard Pryor was supposed to look after him is on Old Perkins Road in Baton Rouge, LA. If you drive down the road (away from Highland Road), the house is on the right behind a huge wall...but you can catch a glimpse if you drive real slow
The entire movie was filmed in my hometown city of Philadelphia. Most of the action took place in center city philly. One scene was at the college im attending now, the part when the hooker and woody be on the steps after she kiss him and his girlfriend gets mad.
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles
El Rancho Motel is in Gurnee, Illinois on Rte.45
Twin Peaks
Snoqualmie, Northbend, and Fall City Washington were used heavily for the filming of the Twin Peaks TV Series (1989) and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk WIth Me Film.

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