Eighties Movie Locations That Really Exist, Movies Beginning with H

This is a list of places that are in movies, but have a real life counterpart. Please try and be as specific as possible in describing where something is and when it appears in a movie. I don't want just city names where filming took place so much as I want landmark type buildings.

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Halloween I & II
Filmed mostly in South Pasadena on Mission st.and Magnolia. The Myers House is at these two street corners,and the high school from Halloween part 1 is South Pasedena High. Also,the final scenes of Halloween 1 was shot in the North Hollywood Area (Off of Sunset bl, near the Virgin record store and Blockbuster video to be exact ).
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
The home form The Hand That Rocks The Cradle is located at 810 Yakima in Tacoma, Washington. The glass greenhouse is STILL THERE!!! There's an alley behind the house and you can look right into the kitchen and up into the nursery room at the top of the turret of the house.
Harper Valley P.T.A.
Lebanon, Ohio
Globe and Anchor Bar is Carls Tavern at 1565 W Vista Way Vista, CA. The bar was still open the last time that I checked, but was being threatened by the family fun establishment nearby. I have no idea how they got it to look as big as they did, but it's a pretty small place. Where Clint would've slept is a mystery. It would be a shame to lose this place, with all the Marine Corps history inside, to politcal correctness about family atmosphere.
"Training scenes" were shot aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA, at Ranges 314 A, B, & C. The dirt road leading from the rifle range has been paved, and the path that the platoon are resting by (where you see the LVPT7A1) is at the foot of Mount Mother. The rest of the "field work" is done in the training areas between the School of Infantry and Camp Horno (home of the 1st Marine Regiment.)
The medical school scenes were filmed at Santa Fe Christian School in Solana Beach, CA. The school is right off I-5, and you can actually can see the famous Del Mar race track down the valley from the school.
High School USA
Excelsior High School in Norwalk California
Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie, West Higlands was used for the castle exterior scenes. Most of the local villagers were asked to grow beards and pose as clansmen! Further shooting was filmed on the Cullin mountains on the Isle of Skye.
Home Alone
Home Alone Pharmacy is Panera Bread on Green Bay Road, and Gage Street in the Hubbard Woods section of Winnetka, Illinois.
Home Alone
The Home Alone Railroad Track Bridge, is behind the Hubbard Woods Metra Station in Winnetka, Ill.
Home Alone
The church the kid hides in is in Wilmette IL on the corners of Lake and Wilmette Avenue (pretty sure those are the streets)
Home Alone
The Christmas Choir Scene, is located at: Haven Middle School, 2417 Prairie Avenue. in Evanston, Ill.
Home Alone
The Home Alone House is located at: 671 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, Ill.
Home Alone
Mitch Murphy's House is located at: 656 Lincoln Ave. in Winnetka, Ill. Right across the street in Kevins House.
Knightstown, IN
The Hickory Huskers home gym is locatd in Knightstown Indiana, east of Indianapolis. It has been remodeled to resemble the movie set and is now a Rec Center called The "Hoosier Gym".
The gym scenes were shot at a gym in Nineva, Indiana, a small farm town south of Indianapolis. The gym was burnt down about 5 years ago.
State Championship was filmed at Hinkel Fieldhouse at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN. This was the actual site of the Indiana High School Athletic Association basketball tournament at that time. Film was based on a real small school that actually won the championship over state powerhouse Muncie Central (South Bend in Hoosiers.)
Your information is incorrect. The school was in Ninevah, and was burned down. The gym scenes were shot in Knightstown, and the gym is still standing. Knightstown is only about 20 miles or so Southeast of Indianapolis.
Hot Dog ... The Movie
Squaw Valley USA Fantasy Inn, Lake Tahoe. Everyone knows Squaw Valley is real, but that tacky adult motel is real too.

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