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This is a list of places that are in movies, but have a real life counterpart. Please try and be as specific as possible in describing where something is and when it appears in a movie. I don't want just city names where filming took place so much as I want landmark type buildings.

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This movie was filmed entirly in Cochrane Alberta. Except for the opening and ending credits, which were filmed at "The Pipeline" in California, which sadely is no longer there.
Kauai, Hawaii - In the beginning sequence when you first see Indiana and there's a waterfall in the background, that's on Kauai. When I was there a few years ago we walked a mile or two into the woods and came upon the georgeous waterfall. (which I jumped off of) The scene was actually filmed at the bottom of the waterfall, on the other side of the shore. Very hard to get to.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The university scenes in the beginning of the movie were filmed in the library and around the campus of the University of Chicago, in Chicago, Illinois.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
"Raiders of the Lost Ark " outdoor college locations were filmed at the University of the Pacific in Stockton,Ca., not in Chicago.
The hotel where Charly (Cruise) and Raymond (Hoffman) stayed the night of the "hot water burn baby..." scene is the Big Eight Motel in El Reno Oklahoma on Route 66. It still looks the same, and you can stay in "The Rain Man Room."
the bar where Raymond waits for a date with "IRIS" the hooker is located in CEAZARS palace next to the viking ship. it is still there, as seen in the film.. the viking ship has live entertainment. you can see a band playing in the background while raymond waits patiently.. he has his little tv with him.
The place where they eat breakfast with the pancakes, and Raymond drops the toothpicks is located at 600 Washington Ave in Newport Kentucky.
Despite that it supposed to be set in Tempe, most of the movie was filmed in Mesa or Apache Junction, AZ. The grocery store that Nicolas Cage runs into after robbing the Short Stop was an old Safeway store on Main St. in Mesa. It has since been closed although the building may still be there. The picnic scenes with Sam McMurray's family were shot by the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction. And the "bank" that is robbed at the end is actually the Reata Pass Steakhouse in North Scottsdale. The restaurant and buildings across the street are still there, but a lot of the desert area around it is now expensive new homes.
The gas station Cage robs (or at least parts of the scene) was actually filmed at the Short Stop that was on Deer Valley Road just East of I-17. It's something else now. I think a Circle K. (I know, I watched it being filmed)
The gas station Nick Cage robs is in Mesa, Az.
The House that the Arizonas live in is next to Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Az.
The Police station was filmed at Tempe Police station located on 5th st. right next to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Az.
The bridge on El Dorado street seen when they are taking him to jail. The mental hospital on California street. His home is located near the corner of El Dorado st and Alpine.
Much of this movie was shot at Pomona College, in Claremont, CA. The scene where the laser bounces around is in an Academic Quad surrounded by the Crookshank (English), Pearson (History, Philosophy, Religious Studies), and Mason (Psychology, Foreign Language) buildings.
Del Norte County, extreme northwest corner of California. The forest of Endor scenes were filmed in the redwood forests.
Return of the Living Dead
Uneeda Medical Supply Warehouse located in Burbank California
The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA according to the Internet Movie Database, but it doesn't look like it from their web site.
Hamilton AFB in Marin County, CA. Used for hanger scenes and interiors
At the end of the film, Joel and Lana dine on the 95th Floor of the John Handcock Building in Chicago, IL.
Joels House is located on Linden Ave. in Highland Park, Ill.
The exact address of the Highland Park, IL house where Joel, the Tom Cruise character, was supposed to live in.
Joel, meets Lana in the Palm Court of the Drake Hotel 140 East Walton Place Chicago, IL.
The scene where Tom Cruise's character picks up the porche after its been fixed is shot at a real porsche dealership in Highland Park, Illinois.Its called The Exchange and its in downtown Highland Park. Also, in the movie Tom Cruise says he is from Glencoe and thats an actual suburb in Illinois.
The River
The River was shot mainly on location in Hawkins County, Tennessee. The town of Surgoinsville is where the scenes with the farm was shot. Rogersville is the location of the auction scene on Broadway and Depot Streets.
Most of this film was shot on location on a stretch of outback highway between Broken Hill and Silverton, NSW. I was visiting the area at the time and we used to pass by the compound they were using to keep the vehicles in, which was about 10 miles west of Broken Hill. Every day there was fewer and fewer cars in the compound.

For photos and other details of the locations used in the Mad Max films, both from the films and as they appear today, this is a great website: Mad Max FAQ. Also contains information about the cars used.

Robocop 3
Most scenes were shot in or around the south side of downtown Atlanta, Ga. Highway car chase scenes were shot on 75/85 Northbound in downtown Atlanta.
It was filmed in Nelson B.C. Just a few hours North of Spokane Washington. They even have a mural to him on a building on one of their main streets.
Follow Up. The part of the movie filmed in Tenafly is in the house they start out in and have to run away from.
Highwood Avenue Tenafly, New Jersey 07670
The Shootout Scene With Gregory Hines,billy Crstyal And Jimmy Smits Was Shot At The Thompson Building On Randolph And Jackson In Chicago Il.
A House in Bel Air, CA. was used for Danny Devitos home.
Ken & Helens House is located on Grand View St. in Mar Vista, CA.

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