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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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When the actor that Tom Hanks and his buddies tie up naked in sheets and hang from a hotel window finally falls, for a split-second you can see several film crew guys standing in a circle holding a net to catch him. (This happens right before you see the couple sitting in the car and they open the sunroof.)
This is in the scene where Marty visits his dad in the night to convince him to go to the dance. In one scene Marty has a hair dryer in his belt, the next take it's gone, the next it's back.
At the beginning of the movie Marty meets Doc Brown at a mall with a sign showing Twin Pines Mall. During their conversation Doc tells Marty how much things have changed and the land that the mall is on was once some guys tree farm. When Marty goes back to the past there are two pine trees on the farm and Marty runs over one trying to escape. Near the end of the movie Marty runs past the mall sign again showing the mall is now called Lone Pine Mall.
When Marty is trying to out drive the Libyans in the mall parking lot, the mileage on the DeLorean keeps changing. The first time you see the spedometer with the mileage below it, it's one number, and the next time you see it, the mileage is lower! They obviously filmed it out of order and didn't check for this mistake!
In the scene where Marty is hanging the clothes on the line one of his pockets on his shirt is tucked in, on the next camera angle it is out!
Back to the Future II
In the scene where old Biff from the future is handing over the Almanack to young Biff in the fifties - look at the rear view mirror in young Biff's car - it's there to begin with, but vanishes during the split screen shots only to reappear later in a chase sequence.
Following on from the first movie there is a lack of continuity, HarveyDent in the first movie is played by Billy Dee Williams - a black actor. WhenHarvey Dent crops up much later in Batman Forever he is played by Tommy LeeJones - a white actor.
In the scene where Axel Foley "Wrecks the Buffet," they accidentially got the stunt double's face in the shot where Axel manhandles and throws the guy into the buffet table. (Axel's double also appears to be at least 6'4", 250 lbs; clearly not Eddie Murphy!) I showed this scene to my friends and they had never caught it before.
Beverly Hills Cop 2
In the first gun club scene, when Axel Foley interviews the gunsmith he give the undercover name "Richard James". This is an inside joke because only a year before this movie was shot, Eddie Murphy was working with the real Richard (Rick!) James. Rick produced Eddie's first album of music, which featured the smash hit "Party All The Time". Did anyone else catch that?
The role of Alex (the dead friend around whose funeral the movie is based) was played by Kevin Costner but his only on-screen time got cut from the final edit/release. He was to "appear" to his friends all gathered together one evening.
Bill ANd ted's excellent adventure
the camera man kept on slowing when shooting. There are so many times you see a part of bill or teds face and only after some dialogue does the camera come to his face. Most evident in the scene when he says his dad will ship him to Alaska
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted pick up Genghis Khan in the year 1209, but in the report they said they picked him up in 1269. Not only that, but Genghis was dead by 1269. Oops! -- When the music store owner in the mall turns on the automatic music on the keyboard, Beethoven laughs as if he heard. He couldnt have heard it or anything else because he was deaf. -- The person that played Joan of Arc is Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go's.
When their apartment building is blown up by Camille (Carrie Fisher), they are laying in a pile of bricks and their suits are all dirty. As they walk up the stairs, their suits are perfectly clean.
Appearances include: Pee-Wee Herman As A Waiter, Steven Spielberg As The Cook County Clerk, Carrie Fisher As Jake's Former Bride To Be
Several times throughout the movie, after a major bit of destruction or police car pileup, someone can be heard complaining "hey! they broke my watch!"
After Vernon says "I expected a little more from a varsity letterman," Andy gives him the finger. It's really slight, he just barely raises it, and when you notice it you wonder why you didn't see it before!
1- During the film, John Bender is wearing an earring in his left ear. At the end of the movie, Claire gives him one of her diamond earrings which he puts in when she leaves... in his left ear. 2- After they smoke marijuana, Bender is going through Claire's make up. He uses her eyebrow brush to clean his teeth with. Towards the end of the movie, when Claire is helping Alison with her make up, she uses the eyebrow brush on her.
When the teenagers are dancing around and walking in the library, one of the windows shows it is dark outside. This is supposed to be a Saturday afternoon.
The license plate of Brian Johnson's father is EMC2 (aka Einstein). In the movie the breakfast club in the beginning you'll see in the introduction of the cast members the production supervisors name is Richard Hashimoto. If you watch in the beginning when it is showing little things of around the school the guidance counselor's name plate on his desk is "Dr. R. Hashimoto". In the beginning, the man of the year's picture is Carl the janitor
Brian Johnson's father (in the last scene) is played by John Hughs and it is the only movie that Hughs appears in according to the Internet Movie Database. If you look closely, Molly Ringwald's character Claire actually puts her lipstick back twice, and later when Brian lashes out and knocks over the stool (or whatever that was that he hit), we hear it fall, yet it is shown standing up when the camera focuses again in his direction.
The scene with Turbo in front of the store dancing with the broom. It was to give the impression he was all alone out there that night. During a lower body shot while dancing with the broom, you can see a bunch of people standing across the street on sidewalk watching. You must be quick to catch it because it's about 2 seconds and they blurred the background to keep you from noticing it.
When Turbo falls down the stairs and gets hurt, you can obviously see the stunt man doing the falling is white, not black like Turbo.
When Ozone & Turbo are at the store, Turbo goes outside to sweep.While he's dancing with the broom, if you look close enough you can see the string or fishing line attached to his wrist.
In the movie Breakin'there is apart when special K's friend take her to the beach where everyone is breakdancing. So when Ozone and Turbo was dancing, there is a guy in the background with a black outfit on, and that is Jean Claud Vandamn.
Several things a devout baseball fan will notice, but the casual observer might not: 1. Single-ear flap batting helmets have never been allowed in the minor leagues, but that doesn't stop Kevin Costner and other extras from wearing them. 2. All of the baseball scenes had to be shot after the actual baseball season was over. Notice the night games where the players breath can be seen. My parents were extras at Durham Athletic Park and said that temperatures were sometimes in the low 40's but that they were required to wear summertime clothing. They said people were freezing and had to stash their jackets while filming. 3. One of the team shown playing the Bulls are the Billings Mustangs. A team from Billings, MT would not travel to Durham, nor would be Bulls travel to Montana!

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