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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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In the movie Die Hard his shirt color changes half way through the movie.

During the scene where they find the first terrorist dead in the elevator, Hans goes to move his head and the dead terrorist blinks.

when john goes into the nakatomi building and tries to look up his wife's name in the computer, under the M's there are several Mac names and the last two names on the screen are MacDaniels, Helen and the last is Man, M.R. John then hits the next screen button, even though MacClaine is obviously not going to be there
In the Elevator scene where Karl's brother has been killed and his sweatshirt says "Now I have a machine gun too, Ho Ho Ho"...watch close... just as Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) goes to move the dead guy's head - he BLINKS...LOL
In the scene where Neil, the boss's grandson, comes in and interupts Baby and Johnny's "lesson" to tell Johnny what the last dance will be. Johnny puts the record away once, but when the camera is focused on Baby, you can see Johnny putting it away again.
In the second sex scene between Baby and Johnny you can see Baby's underwear for a split second when Johnny climbs back on top of her to kiss her right before he asks what her real name is.
When Baby goes for a wander around Kellerman's at night, she spots Billy going up some stairs with three watermelons. They both then proceed to walk up the stairs together with the watermelons just as the introduction to the song 'DO YOU LOVE ME' begins to play in the dance hall. The weird thing is, the rest of the song seems to stop until they get to the door of the dance hall, and they still have about 10 to 15 steps to walk up! Did they sprint up them stairs, or did the record player momentarily stop playing whilst the dancers caught their breath???

When Johnny and Baby are driving back from doing their routine at the other hotel, if you look behind Johnny as he is driving you will see that the trees are moving the wrong way and they are really driving backwards!

During "I've Had the Time of My Life" at the end, they show the band playing in the background. But the song is on record so the band shouldn't be playing!

In one scene that takes place at night, Baby is running down a pathway. She is wearing shoes that have straps which cross on them. These shoes did not exist at the time of the movie. They came out and became popular in late 86 or early 87.

When they are going out to the water to practice, and he realizes that he locked his keys in the car, he turns around and get a a pole out of the ground, but it is raining and when he gets the pole it is completely dry.
Did you notice that in the scene where Johnny comes up to Baby and his cousin at the employee party and she says that she carries a watermelon. Well,she says it twice, once she mouths it and then in the next shot she says it aloud. Also, in the end where Johnny and Baby are on stage, Johnny takes off his jacket and takes it to the back. Well he actually takes off his jacket twice. Also, in the danicing on the log scene, the soundman can be seen covered by a blanket. Lastly, when Baby and Johnny are about to go to the lake and try lifts, it's raining outside. When Johnny sees that his keys are locked in the car,he goes and gets that stick. well it's rainy on part of the set by the car, but not raining on the side with the stick.
If you notice, when the Baby and her family get to Kellermans, they say they will be there for 3 weeks, but throughout th movie they spend close to a week instead, the rest is cut out...wonder what they were doin!!!
When baby and Johnny are driving back after dancing at the other hotel, you can see that the gear shifter on the steering column is up in the "park" position.
The comment that the car in the driving scene is in park it is a 3 speed on the column its actually in 3rd gear
Dogs In Space
In one of the beginning scenes of the movie (when they first show the house),you can see the tracks that the cameraman uses to move in close on the scene.Since this wasn't a big budget movie,I guess they didn't care to edit that part out.
Dragnet (1987)
During the scene in the strip club, listen to the song playing in the background (it seems to be called "Just the Facts"). At one point during the lady's dance, she bends over in a rather friendly manner and smiles at Friday (Dan Aykroyd). Listen carefully to the background music -- you'll hear the words, "All I really want to know is... Just the Facts," followed immediately by Friday nodding at the lady and greeting her with, "Ma'am." Hence, "Just the Facts, Ma'am." I can't tell if this was planned or not, but it would almost have to be since it's the main quote from the series. Note that the quote itself isn't spoken in its pure form in the film -- the closest is when Friday says, "Just the facts if you don't mind, Ma'am."
Well, not necessarily hidden, but rather it's curiousity. Did you notice that Bobby Keller's parents are ALWAYS wearing bathrobes??? The mother finally isn't wearing one at the end of the film.

Corey Haim's hair is a few different colors. He must dye his hair alot, huh?

In Bobby's room there is a poster of the Lost Boys, another movie that both Corey's were in
Drop Dead Fred
In the scene where the mother cuts the hair of the little girl playing Phoebe Cates in a flashback, her hair is short, then long, then short throughout the scene.

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