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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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E.T. - The Extraterrestrial
He was the principal, in a scene that was cut. There's a new video release of "E.T." that features the scene - but you don't see Mr. Ford's face.
During the asteroid chase you may be able to pick out a tennis shoe and a potatoe but they move by quickly. Also there is a tennis shoe in "Return of the Jedi" during the space battle at the end.
When Lancelot is wounded and in a fever, Gueinevere's hands are shown covering his wound. A moment or two later, at Arthur's bidding to save him, Merlin takes her hands and places them on the now uncovered wound and then we see the same shot again in sequence. At the end, Arthur is skewered through the chest with a long lance and is shown to be at about its middle when he is found by Percival and begins to talk to him. A moment later, the lance is simply gone.

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