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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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Pee Wee's Big Adventure
In Pee Wee's Big Adventure when pee wee enters the magic shop the name on the window is not backwards. The window says Magic Shop or whatever but if it were written on the inside when people outside saw it it would say pohS cigaM.
Chris Farley is in the biker bar! Chris plays one of the burly bikers in the famous "Tequila" dance scene... Did you recognize him?
When pee-wee pulls out the chain to lock his bike up, you can see the chain coming from underneathWhen Pee-Wee is driving in the middle of the night on the highway he gets disoriented. As you see highway signs "zip" by, you can see the tracks they are on as they are pushed infront of the camera to give the illusion that he is really driving past them.When pee-wee is locking up his bike outside Mario's magic shop you can see there is a hole that the chain is being pulled through
Right before Charlie Sheen kills Tom Berenger, Tom shirt at first is blood soaked but not ripped, second look he is in same position but his shirt is ripped and dry.
When the Freelings are driving away at the end of "Poltergeist," watch Robby. He is wearing red pajamas. During one quick scene when he mutters, "Drive away, Daddy, drive away!" he is wearing blue flannel pajamas. Then in his next shot, he is back in the red ones.
In the ending she was supposed to end up with Ducky. The ACTRESS didn't protest, though. When they showed the movie to a test audience, they did not like it, they thought she should end up with Blane. Which is the whole reason Blane is so skinny at the end of the movie. They had to reshoot the movie after it was completely finnished, Andrew McCartney was doing a play on Broadway that he had lost weight for and shaved his head, so he is in fact wearing a wig.
In contradiction to a pervious post re: this film, Molly Ringwald *did* voice her opinion that she felt Andie should end up with Blane. According to interviews of Ringwald, Deutch, Cryer & Shuler-Donner on the "Pretty In Pink: Everything's Duckie" DVD, the following reasons were given for the film's re-shot ending...1) Screening audiences wanted Andie to end up with Blane; 2) Paramount wanted the ending the audiences preferred, as the company was worried about losing money if the film flopped; 3) Hughes and Shuler-Donner worried about the 'message' the film sent about people from different classes finding love...they feared audiences might take away the thought that people from different classes shouldn't mix; 4) Ringwald did not like the way she looked in the original scenes - she was ill and was noticably so; and 5) Ringwald felt she had no romantic chemistry with Cryer, whereas she did with McCarthy. She said that the original ending "made me feel like I was ending up with my brother." Her real-life attraction to McCarthy also swayed her opinion that Andie should end up with Blane. This is all well-documented in the aforementioned DVD, and is fact.
At the end of Pretty on Pink, you can tell that Andrew McCarthey is thinner, paler and he's wearing a wig.
In the movie 'Pretty in Pink', the character portrayed by Molly Ringwald was originally supposed to end up with Duckie, but the actress protested, and so the ending was changed.
Pretty Woman
in the scene where edward and vivian are having breakfaxt together after the first night at one point she is eating a croissant the next shot she is taking a bite out of a pancake and in the next shot they show her with the pancake but there is no bite taken out of it
Pretty Woman
The next morning when Richard Gere is sitting at the table eating breakfast. He ordered Julia Roberts everything on the menu because he didn't know what she wanted. The next series of clips shows her holding a pancake, then a croissant then a pancake again.
Pretty Woman
In "Pretty Woman", after Vivian and Edward spend their first night together, they are talking and eating breakfast. Vivian is eating a croissant in one shot, and in the next one she is eating a pankcake.
Pretty Woman
when she gets ready to give him a bj when they are watching I love Lucy first his shirt is unbuttoned then buttoned then his tie is losened and then done up it goes back and forth for a while
In the scene when Buttercup and Westley are rolling down the hill, the stunt double for Buttercup is actually a man with a beard. If you watch this part in slow motion you can actually see "Buttercup's" beard.
During the scenes showing Grandpa telling the story to the boy, keep an eye on the action figures as the scenes cut back and forth. Two of them seem to be involved in a big fistfight every time the camera shifts away!
Psycho IV
When Norman Bates phones the radio station he tells the DJ that his name is Ed. This is a sly reference to the real life murderer the original movie was based around, Ed Gein.

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