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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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G.I. Joe: The Movie
Nearly all sound effects were lifted from the Star Wars Trilogy. At one point, the sound of a TIE Fighter was used for Serpentor's Air Chariot, and they FORGOT to edit out Darth Vader's breathing!
In the scene with Sigorney Weaver freakin out and she is in the chair with all the hands grabbing her, one of them pulls down her sweatshirt and you see a quick shot of her breast, you might have to slo-mo to see it.
when they're in the basement of the library, and the shelf falls down, all of the dialogue between Peter and Ray is ad-libbed. The shelf wasn't supposed to fall, and that was their real reactions.its not really something i saw, someone told me that this wasnt supposed to happen in the movie
In a scene of the movie located in Tavern On The Green, look closely. For a second or two it shows a girl having a birthday party. Who plays the girl? None other than 80's teen queen Debbie Gibson!
Stay Puft marshmellows bag next to the self-cooking eggs and a stay puft billboardNot really hidden, but a blunder. Check out the can of Coke in the fridge while Bill Murry is talking to Sigorney Weaver. The can is spun around in the second shot that shows the complete inside of the fridge.
Notice in most of the real dancing scenes, it's not actually Jeff...it's a dance double with quite the bubble-butt and a mini-mullet.
In Janey and Jeff's first rehearsal scene (after she skips Choir practice) they start to fight. If you'll notice Jeff's shirt is red. Then, as he walks out on Janey, it's purple.
It's not really "hidden" but the city the movie is set in, Astoria, is in Oregon. What pirates that you know of were off the northwest coast of America? Pirates sailed the Atlantic ocean.
In the Goonies - there is a deleted scene where they had to survive the attack of an octopus just after they escape from the Fertelis - well when they are on the beach at the end of the movie and they are reunited with their parents Data tell his parents about the octopus, but we thought he was fibbing because there was no octopus. But there really was so he wasn't lying after all.
When all the boys are riding on their bikes up the hill, Chunk asks if anyone has a "Baby Ruth",implying that he doesn't have one. Later on in the movie he's put in a room with Sloth, and Chunk gives him a Baby Ruth!
When they are in the attic and Mouth is translating the map,he is wearing some costume with a hat and then the camera goes to another shot and when it comes back to him, the hat is gone
Mikey asks Mouth to translate the map from Spanish into English, but when he reads it out loud, for some reason it rhymes in English although it's being translated.
When Mikey tries to catch the statue there is nothing in his mouth, but when he comes back up he has the inhaler in his mouth. On the scenes where Sloth rescues Mouth and Stef and the scene where Sloth slides down whith Chunk on his back, those are dolls being used instead of the kids At the end of the movie when the kids reunite with there family, some of those people are their real family: Chunk's mom and sister is Jeff Cohen's real mom and sister, and Mouth's grandma is Corey Feldman's real grandma. Oh and Data's sister who Brand steals the bike from is Ke Huy Quan's real niece
When the gang is in the basement of the resturant,and Brand(Josh Brolin) and Mikey(Sean Astin) are arguing,Mikey goes "There is so,Josh!"
When the Goonies are in the basement of the old resteraunt, Brand and Mikey are fighting, but instead of Sean Astin saying "Brand" he says "Josh" the other actors real first name
There is a scene that was editted. When they are in the scene with the boat, they have an incounter with a huge octopus. That is why at the end of the movie when they are getting interviewed Data says that the octopus was really scary.When Andy is playing the skeleton piano, she says "I can't tell if it's an A sharp or a B flat." on a piano, the A sharp and the B flat are the same key, so either way she would've been right and she didn't have to stress about it.When they are all in the basement near the fireplace, Brand and Mikey are yelling and Mikey calls Brand Josh, which is his name in real life.
Attic Set Error When Mrs. Walsh is showing Rosalita around the house they stop by the pull down steps that lead to the attic. You can see the wall is on the left side of the pull down stairs. When the boys go up in to the attic, you can see the wall is on the right side of the stairs. (as they come up in to the attic, look through the hole they come up through and you can see the wall. At least the wall paper matches.
The attic scene when Mickey has Chunk hold the picture, only to drop it and reveal the map. Both Mickey and Chunk lift the frame to clear the broken glass. In the next scene, notice how they carefully pull the map from underneath large pieces of broken glass. They just cleared all that glass away, didn't they?
In the scene where Mikey thinks there is something under the floor and thet were hitting it with a sharp stick thing, Brand says "theres nothing buried under there" and Mikey says "There is something buried under there Josh" so he says his real name instead. He says it really fast so it may be hard to hear but the commentary on the dvd talks about it
After the Goonies climb into the attic to check out Mr. Walsh's stuff, you see Brandon (the older brother) hit a ceiling beam to get the light to turn on. Then the camera switches to another scene and you see him in the background and he does the same exact thing again to get the light to turn on again. Looks like a filming error.
When Andy walks the plank her wrists are tied together, but when she jumps into the water her arms are crossed.
When Chunk goes to find police, he runs into a car. That just happens to be the Fertellies. As you hear Italian oprea from the driver, you also see side mirror him smoking and singing at the same time!
On a rare movie showing I too noticed at the end of the movie when the kids are made to walk to plank, the girl that goes in first, the cheerleader, I forget her name, is all tied up. I think when she goes under, she sees the octopus...I DO remember seeing one though. I've asked my siblings about it since, and they don't remember ever seeing one in the movie. There must be versions out there...because I too have seen it.
The scene with Chunk getting kidnapped by the Fratellies, the driver is singing. As it shows them putting Chunk in the back of the car you can see the review mirror the driver's lips are not moving.
OK when they are in the attic and they have just found the map do you notice that it did not have any burned edges and then when they are in they are in the caves it does! It is because it happened in a scene that never made it in, it was where the gang was in a convinence store and they are just walking around when Mikey bumps into the bad boyfriend guy and he threatens him and he takes the map and starts to burn it to let him suffer and then Brand the hero takes it and doesn't start a fight and leaves calmly like a good boy should!!!
When the boys are in the attic Chunk walks by a frame and knocks it over, when he reaches down to pick it up it is clearly a grown man's arm. Also when they are in the restaurant Mikey gets a fire poker and slams it on the ground so Brand starts arguing with him and Mikey calls "Brand" by his name in real life..Josh.
When Data turns on his headlights hidden in coat and then they go off he is saying something in the dark but what he says doesn't match his lips
Richard Donner, the director, is one of the cops at the end of the movie
When the Goonies first get ready to climb up the rope ladder hanging down from the Pirate ship and the camera pans to the rope ladder, on the far left of the screen, you can see a man waving to somebody else on the set...
When the are in the attic at the beginning of the movie and Chunk knocks over the treasure map Mikey picks it up and then hands it to him. Chunk then drops it and the glass goes everywhere in the very next scene you see Mikey pulling out the map from the frame and it is covered in glass...
To answer one of the hidden questions on goonies about "how chunk had the babyrooth..there is a deleted scene in the movie that shows them go to a small store and chunk is eating a bunch of icecream and the clerk tells him to pick a candy bar out..also Brand breaks a fight about to happen with Troy and Mikey.
Did you notice when they said "Hey you guy's" When chunk was on the big guys back sliding down the sail with the knife, chunk didn't have on a hat and when they show him hit the boats deck he had a pirates hat on.
When Brand and Mikey are hugging on the porch, if you look down on the street you will see the white directer's trailor and also you can see it again when they are riding theirs bikes down the street!
When the Kids are riding ther bikes down that street, shortly after Chunk asks for some food, Mikey drops the map and crashes into another bike, which wasn't originally planned. He said so in the audio commentary.
When Chunk goes down and picks up the map off the floor it is not his hand it is a aged old mans hand! GROSS!
when all the boys are riding their bikes down the big hill and chunk asks if anybody has something to eat and they say no. Well when chunk gets chained up with sloth he pulls out a Baby Ruth!
Near the end of the movie, when John Candy runs back from the cave... when the bear is running after him after he pulled the bear out of the cave instead of pulling out Chet(Dan Akroyd) and the twins. He runs back to the house and says big ... big ... big bear... big bear chase me and the bear knocks down the door and begins to jump up and down on candy and the door. You can see a stick or something on the bottom of the screen that is waving around causing the bear to jump up and down!
When everyone comes back from dinner, after John Candy has just finished the huge steak, the raccoons have tore up the garbage inside the house. The sight of the garbage, and the smell no doubt, cause john candy , who is obviously full from all that steak, to get sick. he runs into the back room, the bathroom, and the group follows him. when they are out of sight, you can see dan ackroyd waving his arm around, then the entire group runs back into the living room. Dan ackroyd is actually counting to three, and on that gives the cue to run back into the room.
In the scene where the dad is at the inventors convention and he's using the phone, Steven Spielburg is the guy behind him riding that go-cart thing

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