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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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At the end of the movie Lynn shows up at the ballpark wearing what looks like a wedding dress under a jean jacket, did she just skip out on her wedding?
The movie was actually shot at County Stadium in Milwaukee.
In the scene which has the devoted fans in the bleachers argue after a homerun was hit, watch the guy who ends the scene with 'who gives a s**t, it's gone!' The movement of his mouth does not jive with the comment, and I don't think that was his voice either.
In the motel room, above the bed is an inscription in Latin. "Vini, Vini, Vini" A take on the Julius Ceasor quote, "Vini, Vidi, Vici" or " I came, I saw, I conquered"
When Angela (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Tony "The Tiger" (Dean Stockwell) are on the balcony of their hotel room, you can see the boom mic at the top of the screen.
When a raccoon jumps on Shelley Long at the start of the movie, somebody' hand is seen putting the raccoon on her.
When Tom Hanks is filling the tub with water it is half full when it falls through the floor. When the tub breaks on the floor downstairs, there is no water anywhere.

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