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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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In the last scene when Brian Flanagan (Cruise) goes to Jordan Mooney's (Elisabeth Shue) fathers apartment the length of his hair changes from scene to scene
At the beginning of the movie Marty meets Doc Brown at a mall with a sign showing Twin Pines Mall. During their conversation Doc tells Marty how much things have changed and the land that the mall is on was once some guys tree farm. When Marty goes back to the past there are two pine trees on the farm and Marty runs over one trying to escape. Near the end of the movie Marty runs past the mall sign again showing the mall is now called Lone Pine Mall.
In the scene when Schwarzenegger and Rae Don Chong are getting in to her car leaving the mall, he drops his wallet on the street. Later, in her car, he pulls out his wallet to show her a picture of his daughter.
The comment that the car in the driving scene is in park it is a 3 speed on the column its actually in 3rd gear
Wild America
When the brother is cleaning the toilet with the other brother's toothbrushes- later you see him brushing his own teeth with the same color brush he was using to clean the toilet.
Irreconcilable Differences
Near the end when they're going to meet Ryan O'Neal and Drew Barrymore are in the front seat and Shelley Long is in the back seat. There's a scene where Ryan O'Neal looks at Shelley Long in the rearview mirror and then in the next scene there is no rearview mirror.
In the Elevator scene where Karl's brother has been killed and his sweatshirt says "Now I have a machine gun too, Ho Ho Ho"...watch close... just as Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) goes to move the dead guy's head - he BLINKS...LOL
Right before Charlie Sheen kills Tom Berenger, Tom shirt at first is blood soaked but not ripped, second look he is in same position but his shirt is ripped and dry.
Robert Redford Broken Bat
Blooper or comment on the car?
When the actor that Tom Hanks and his buddies tie up naked in sheets and hang from a hotel window finally falls, for a split-second you can see several film crew guys standing in a circle holding a net to catch him. (This happens right before you see the couple sitting in the car and they open the sunroof.)
When baby and Johnny are driving back after dancing at the other hotel, you can see that the gear shifter on the steering column is up in the "park" position.
In contradiction to a pervious post re: this film, Molly Ringwald *did* voice her opinion that she felt Andie should end up with Blane. According to interviews of Ringwald, Deutch, Cryer & Shuler-Donner on the "Pretty In Pink: Everything's Duckie" DVD, the following reasons were given for the film's re-shot ending...1) Screening audiences wanted Andie to end up with Blane; 2) Paramount wanted the ending the audiences preferred, as the company was worried about losing money if the film flopped; 3) Hughes and Shuler-Donner worried about the 'message' the film sent about people from different classes finding love...they feared audiences might take away the thought that people from different classes shouldn't mix; 4) Ringwald did not like the way she looked in the original scenes - she was ill and was noticably so; and 5) Ringwald felt she had no romantic chemistry with Cryer, whereas she did with McCarthy. She said that the original ending "made me feel like I was ending up with my brother." Her real-life attraction to McCarthy also swayed her opinion that Andie should end up with Blane. This is all well-documented in the aforementioned DVD, and is fact.
Transformers The Movie
When Kup is blocking off the road leading to Autobot City Sunstreaker, an Autobot car, is clearly seen helping him out but in the scene where Optimus Prime and the Dinobots are attacking the Decepticons Sunstreaker is seen piloting the Autobot shuttle.
Jake makes Ted drive the very drunk Carolyn home in his fathers Rolls Royce as opposed to his Porsche 944 because he supposedly can't drive a stick shift. However, when Jake and Samantha leave the church in the 944, we can see the reverse lights flash as he puts it into gear (Clearly the Porsche is an automatic as well)
when Arnold is in the cargo section of the plane and confronted by the vicious dogs..notice as he passes them they continue looking straight ahead obviously at their trainer giving them the prompt to growl and snarl
Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Near the end of the film. When Indi threatens Beloq (Paul Freeman) to blow up the ark. If you notice when he is reasoning with Indi a fly lands on his cheek and actually goes into his mouth yet even thought the fly goes out of his mouth the editors cut it out as a joke on Paul Freeman and has gone round with him ever since
The license plates frequently alternate between New York (a deep orange color)and California. The premise of the movie is that Kevin Bacon is a stock trader-turned-bike messenger in NYC. This inconsistency is repeated primarily in the hill scenes, clearly shot in Caliornia (SF maybe?) because of the absence of hills in NY. You can see palm trees in some scenes as well.
It's not really "hidden" but the city the movie is set in, Astoria, is in Oregon. What pirates that you know of were off the northwest coast of America? Pirates sailed the Atlantic ocean.
When they're getting ready to leave for the wedding, everyone gets into two cars...or at least looks like it. Watch closely as the second car is leaving, and you'll see the grandmother just stands squatting by the front of the car.

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