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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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The Vampire movie that was once going to make Jim Carrey a star back in 1985.
In the scene when Pony, Dally and Johnny drive up to the church, Johnny opens his car door twice.
in the movies when cherry asks ponyboy his name he tells her, he never ever told her or marcia johnnys name. they had no way of knowing what it was. but later, when pony and cherry are getting cokes and popcorn, cherry and pony have this conversation- cherry-your friend with the sideburns is he okay? pony-yea, hes not like dally if thats what you mean cherry-well he sure scared johnny. how would she know johnny's name if they never told her?????
For the first half of the movie, ponyboy's pants are obviously much too short for him. when he and johnny walk into the church, they are noticably longer. He never changed his pants in the movie, though he did change his shirt when they went to see Dally.

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