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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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Tango & Cash
In the scene where Sylvester Stallone barges in on Kurt Russell getting a massage from Sly's sister (Teri Hatcher), they notice a person standing on the porch and bum rush him by diving through the screen door to tackle him. We clearly see the screen rip from the frame, but then they cut to the intruder (their captain I think?) pinnened under the screen door, with the mesh screen still in tact.
Teen Wolf (Part 1)
Michael J. Fox wins the basketball game. Everyone runs off the bleachers to celebrate. Michael is kissing his girlfriend in the background there's a guy (an extra) standing on the bleachers, he's wearing a red sweater, exposing himself. The actor then proceeds to tuck himself back into his jeans and zips his pants back up.
The scene in the hallway after MJF finds out he's a wolf-(he's talking to Pamela and Bouf)-he was standing in front of his open locker, closes it, then the camera goes back to Pamela and Bouf. When the camera goes back to MJF, his locker is open again and he is standing in front of it!

When Styles is "surfing" on top of MJF's van, check out the background--how many times do they pass that K Mart and the Sir Speedy and the Yellow-roofed building????

Watch the basketball scenes--you can see the strap to MJF's wolf costume (you'll notice that the blue stripes on the other players' sleeves are very thin--why is MJF's so wide??)

At the school dance-when the wolf dance is played and the stunt dancer for MJF dances, he jumps up into the air, flings out his arms, and throws back his head-now, isn't a wolf supposed to be hairy all over? Then why can you see the wolf's neck and chin up to the jawline???!!!

Did you notice in the Terminater two when they were looking on survailance and said thats the guy from last time, did you notice when they were making reference to part one that his hair is cut different
Not hidden...another editing problem. In the scene where Arnold talks with the police sergeant at the window, he says "I'll be back." Moments later bright headlights cause the sergeant to look up and see a car about to ram into him. As the camera angle switches, however, and the car comes crashing through the wall, its headlights are off.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
When the guy with the plate in his head hit LG, there was blood squirting out of the hammer.
Okay, I stole this from the rec.arts.movies.past-films.faq: There is a rumor that if you watch TMATB very closely you will see a ghost in it. The scene in question is the one where Ted Danson's character meets his mom in his apartment. If you look near the window you can see an image resembling a small boy. This is supposedly the ghost of a boy who was killed in the house where the movie was filmed.

First of all, the movie was not filmed in a house, but on a Toronto soundstage. So the whole premise is hokey to begin with. But here is more evidence provided by: Brian Enright):

I then rewound and ran it through super slow mo. When they pass the window on their way in, you can't see the boy but it looks like there is a bed post sticking up. When they pass the window again it looks like a two-dimensional cut-out but not of Ted Danson. It's a little boy with a baseball cap, a white tee-shirt and a blue unbuttoned button-down shirt in my opinion. Hmmmm. I had to investigate.

After further investigation of other scenes in the movie I found there were no bed posts on the bed. Then I hit the clue that gave it away. This particular scene is almost at the end of the movie. In this scene Ted Danson walks to a window where there is a cut-out of him in a black top hat and a black tuxedo with a white shirt. If you examine this cut out closely and go back to the scene in question, you will notice that they are the same cut out. You can see that the boy *is* Ted Danson and he is wearing a top hat and even his shoulders hidden behind the curtain are noticeably not a little boy's but a man in a tuxedo.

I hate to burst any bubbles but it *definitely is* a cut-out of Ted Danson in a *tuxedo*..

A boy on the set shot himself while the movie was being recorded and in the scene where the dad is holding the baby in front of the window, you can see the shadow on the curtain of the boy hold the gun to his head
In reference to the Ted Danson ..its a cut out of Ted..the directors put it there as a joke to Ted during shooting and the editing department didnt catch it till it was already released.
There's an editing mistake towards the end of the movie when they break the large glass wall down, revealing the castle. Wally had taken the map from Randall, but Randall takes it back from Wally...twice. They show the same scene two times, but from different angles. It shows Randall taking the map out of Wally's hands two different times.
At the end when Maverick leaves or walks away from the bar he leaves his hat on the counter and never takes it with him.
Something I noticed after I watched my favorite movie of all-time for like the 500th time, in the last major fight sequence when Maverick and Iceman are working together as a team, Maverick's Co-Pilot is Merlin who wears a purple colored helmet. In some shots of Maverick as the front man, you can see in the background someone in the Co-Pilot's seat except the helmet color is red like Goose's, not purple. Obviously, the takes on those shots must have occured while "Goose" was still in the pit.
On the cover of the movie the side Kelly McGillis is hanging on that patch on the brest of Tom Cruises jacket that looks like a red diamond that is a Marine Air Wing patch not a Navy Patch I dont think Mavrick was ever in the Marines
In the scene where Maverick and Goose are in the water (when Goose dies) you can see a wire holding them when the rescure chopper comes in to get them.
Ever notice that when Charlie gives Maverick her address for their first 'date' the paper she writes on is not blank but the paper shown is.
In the opening minutes of Top Gun, the Captain walks into the carrier's Combat Information Center (CIC) to see what's going on, he's wearing only a pair of gold pilot wings above his left breast pocket. The scene cuts away to Maverick & Goose in their jet. When we return to the CIC, the captain is now wearing SIX rows of ribbons, in addition to his gold wings. The most obvious one is the Porsches moving mirror. In the scene where Maverick and Charlie are talking in the car, the car's mirror moves from the dashboard to the top of the windshield several times.For the record there is no such thing as a MiG 28. The Russian planes are all odd numbered, and the plane that is supposed to be the MiG 28 is acutally an American F-5.
wehn charlie goes with maverick to make love you can see a cast member hiding behind the couch. then the camera pans away and he is gone
Sidewinders do not get fired that close - they don't have time to arm. When the engines "Flame-Out", they are just turning off the afterburners.
When maverick and goose eject. goose hits his head on the canopy when he ejects this is not possible because on f-14s and all other navy jets the canopy is explosively removed before the seat fires. i am in the navy and i work on ejection seats
Not really hidden but when they are being chased through the hills Maverick and Goose pull the allyoop move on Jester,you see the mountains behind. When they pull it again, apparently 100's of miles out to sea you see the mountains again!
In one of the final scenes, when Maverick is being hugged by everyone after successfully defeating the "enemy," one second, he takes off his shades, and in the next shot (of a hug) his shades are back on.
In the movie Trading Places, there is the scene where Winthorp (Dan Akroyd) find out that Billy Rae Valentine (Eddie Murphy) is the person who "ruined his life" when he opens his eyes he yells "you're a dead man Valentine" and proceeds to jump out of bed and choke him. The camera angle is off and you can see Dan Akroyd's hands shaking as if he were choking Eddie Murphy, but he actually isn't.
Transformers The Movie
When Kup is blocking off the road leading to Autobot City Sunstreaker, an Autobot car, is clearly seen helping him out but in the scene where Optimus Prime and the Dinobots are attacking the Decepticons Sunstreaker is seen piloting the Autobot shuttle.
Transformers: The Movie
There are other editing mistakes that really make you think. Mistake #5: In the scene where Unicron is introducing Cyclonous and his "Armada?" Oops where's the Armada? Mistake #6: In the Autobot City battle sequence we saw Arcee pulling the dead Autobots inside, in particular WheelJack and Windcharger, and in the scene where the Autobots are trying to get away from Galvatron Wheeljack and Windcharger are standing on their own and breathing comfortably. Mistake #7: Daniel sees his dad and the other Autobots about to be dumped into a vat of acid it looks as if Bumblebee and Cliffjumper have already taken the plunge but in the next scene they're unharmed ontop of the acid cover. :(
Transformers:The Movie
I seem to have noticed nummerous editing mistakes in Transfromers:The Movie that Hasbro seems to have overlooked. Mistake #1: In the scene where Optimus Prime is letting Grimlock and the Dinobots loose on Decepticons Sunstreaker, an Autobot, is clearly seen with Kup. Then in the next scene Sunstreaker is seen exiting the shuttle stage left. Mistake #2: a very bad editing job left some video copies of TF:TM with Spike's famous words: "Oh S**T what'll we do now?" instead of "Oh no what'll we do now?" Mistake #3: The writers also had Grimlock saying: "Me Grimlock kick ass" as a joke but that was cut out! Mistake #4: They left out Kup saying: "That's something you'll never be if don't pay attention lad!"
Trick or Treat
The Guy on the television set talking about the evils of music is played by Ozzy Ozzbourne.
Turner & Hootch
During the shot where the dog is tearing up Tom Hanks apartment, the dog knock's over a big shelf structure. If you watch the at the bottom of the door next to the shelf you will see the light from underneith the door change.
When Dannie davito and Arnold are at the dance club with there girls, Dannie and Arnold go into the bathroom to pee. After the go the say something to each other. Look in the background of this scene. First there is a Beer bottle then the cut to one of the brothers and cut back and there is NO beer bottle.

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