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This is just a simple list of various trivial items about eighties movies. Feel free to send me additions you think would be interesting. I'm not really looking for goofs in particular, although I'll add them if they're fairly interesting and not overly trivial.

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When Tony Montana is betrayed in the appartment in Miami. And Hector, the betrayer jumps from the stairs to the street, you can clearly see that he's landing on a mattress.
Secret Admirer
In the end credits, Corey Haim's name is spelled wrong!
In a scene where Shelley Duvall is pacing in their hotel room crying and smoking a cigarette and trying to plan out something involving the snowcat, when she runs into Danny's room after she overhears him saying "Redrum!", she does not have her cigarette, which the timing between overhearing Danny and running into his room would have not left her anytime to discard the cigarette.
When Caroline is in the car with the geek at the end, she has the chunk of hair she got cut off in her hand. How did it get there, as it shows Jake and the geek putting her in the car and there is no sign of her hair piece then.

Also, why doesn't Ted remember that he didn't cut Caroline's hair?

When they're getting ready to leave for the wedding, everyone gets into two cars...or at least looks like it. Watch closely as the second car is leaving, and you'll see the grandmother just stands squatting by the front of the car.
In both of the two movies, the same house is used for both parties. The housebelongs to Wyatt in Weird Science and the house belongs to Molly Ringwald'ssoon to be boyfriend.
As I recall Ted was complaining about driving the Rolls Royce because of how expensive it was Jake said "you said you couldn't drive a stick" thats why he had the Rolls Royce- not the porche so its really no suprise for him to put the automatic equipped Rolls Royce into drive. If he could drive a stick he would have had Jakes Porche
In the scene where the family leaves the house for the wedding, keep your eye on the grandmother (the little one) she heads for the passenger side BUT she never gets in the car! You can see her duck down behind the car! I think next time they cut to the car after Long Duck Dong falls out of the tree you can see grandma getting out of the car!! Doh!Not really hidden, but on my copy of Sixteen Candles the Sex Test that is given to Molly Ringwald's character Samantha says "Confidentail" not "Confidential" which is the correct spelling of the word. Jake asks the Geek if he can drive a stick, referring to his Porsche. But later on when the Geek and Carolyn are at the churching parking lot and Jake drives by, you can cleary see Jake shift the car in drive, hence it's an automatic. In Sixteen Candles on the credits for Antony Michael Hall's character it just says: the geek. But in the part where they are in the dance and on the bleachers, Molly Ringwald says "this is farmer fred..." and Anthony Michael Hall says "farmer TED". So instead of his name just being "the geek" he is really Ted.
Jake makes Ted drive the very drunk Carolyn home in his fathers Rolls Royce as opposed to his Porsche 944 because he supposedly can't drive a stick shift. However, when Jake and Samantha leave the church in the 944, we can see the reverse lights flash as he puts it into gear (Clearly the Porsche is an automatic as well)
Samantha's grandparents' car has the license plate that says "V58" which references to "Vactation '58," the original story that John Hughes wrote for National Lampoon's Magazine which inspired the movie "National Lampoon's Vacation."
Sixteen Candles / Pretty in Pink
In Sixteen Candles - when Molly's character comes down the stairs (in the beginning of the movie) her denim notebook has the band - "Rave-ups" written in pen. In Pretty in Pink - (in the first night club scene) that is the name of the band is the Rave-ups (its also the song they are singing.)
in the scene where the boys are walking on the bridge, it shows a shot of Teddy (corey feldman)'s shoes. in this shot, they are white, but in any other shot, they are black boots.
When Chris pulls Teddy away from the tracks and after the fight and they start walking away you can see Verns radio flopping from his left foot.
After Chris and Teddy are finished fighting when Teddy wanted to dodge the train, the boys walk to the railroad tracks to follow them again before the scene with mailbox baseball comes on. If you look at the bottom of Vern's pants, you can see his microphone has fallen out and he was dragging it.
when billy and ace are playing pool you can obviously see the boom mike hanging over their heads. When chris and teddty are having their fight near the rail track you can see the camera in his glasses. There are 80's cars in milo pressmans junk yard. After ace and eye ball leave after taking gordies cap you can see the camerea man waving his arm in the reflection of the window. Also you can see the boom mike just before the boys cross the bridge, its floating above their heads.
In the clubhouse scene, the cigarettes disappear from Chris's sleeve.
When they are in the treehouse playing cards, there is a scene where Teddy lays his arm on the table and when he picks it up, there is a card stuck to it
In the scene when they are in the water, before they notice the leaches, Cory Feldman's hair is different each time they show him.
when gordie is in the water when they fall in his hair is still dry when the camera passes him.
Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan
When the cadet in sickbay is dying, he touches Captain Kirk's shirt with his bloody hand, leaving a large blood stain. In a subsequent scene, you can see that the stain is still there, but it has moved considerably.
Star Wars
In the original film(I haven't seen the THX versions) when Obi-Wan and Vader are having thier lightsaber duel, and OB1 pauses, points the sword at Vader and starts faking stabbing thrusts at Vader's midsection. At several points, the glow from the saber dissapears revealing a spinning rod.
Star Wars IV: A New Hope
After destroying the Death Star, when Luke and Leia greet each other, he calls her Carrie instead of Leia.
Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back
Did anyone notice after Han Solo was captured and about to be frozen in the chamber, he has his vest on, the camera moves to Leah and back to Han, not wearing his vest, then back to Leah and back to Han, again wearing his vest?
StarWars IV: A New Hope
After the millenium falcon is dragged into the death star, Hans and Luke go in search of Leia. The two droids are left in the comms room. A few scenes later, storm troopers force their way into the room. As they march in, one of the storm troopers at the back nearly knocks him self out when he doesn't quite manage to duck under the door. Fantastic.
when bill murray is attempting to go a.w.o.l. and harold ramis takes him down in one scene murray has a winter cap and then the next its gone and then its back again.
Harold Ramis' character (Ziske) bets Bill Murray's character (Winger) $3 that Winger can't do 5 good push-ups. After doing 5 arduous push-ups, Ziske throws the money at Winger. The money flies all over the place. As Winger responds, the money is in a neatly configured half-arch on his chest.
The scene is Bill Murray trying to go awol and Harold Ramis tackles him in the parking lot. While Murray is on the ground and Ramis is sitting on top of him, watch the duffel bag. It moves from under his head in one shot, down near his feet in next, back under his head and finally off to the side.
In the scene where John Winger(Bill Murray) is going AWOL he is tackled by Harold Ramis' character and he has his bag packed laying beside him. When they cut back and he is laying on the ground the bag is under his head and then it isn't and then it is!The beginning of this film was shot in downtown Louisville, and at one point they are actually heading the wrong direction on a bridge (toward Indiana). Forgive my ignorance of geography, but since when was Fort Knox moved to Indiana?!
Early in the movie, Clint Eastwood is having target practice. The sceen cuts to a vehicle. Inside the vehicle is a frind of Eastwood's. When the frind gets out of the car and shuts the door, you can see a reflection of a cameraman in the driver side door window.

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