Scenes From Movies of the Eighties, Movies Beginning with B

What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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Back To The Future Part 2
Marty comes running out of the "Cafe 80's" towards 2 girls scootering. He grabs hold of one of them and says "Hey! Hey, little girl, I need to borrow your... Hoverboard?" He then throws it on the ground in awe that it really floats on air, then jumps on.
Marty is playing "Earth Angel" in 1955, and he is beginging to disapear. Then George says,"Excuse me", and he kisses Lorraine and the timeline is restored.
Back to the Future 2
Marty Mcfly is being chased by Biff Tanon in the year 1955 while riding a girl's hoverboard. Marty is subsquently forced into a tunnel where he then rides the wall as if it were a wave. This scene inspired me to be resourceful and thoughtful in even the most intense situations.
Bad Taste
When the alien gets cut in half by the car, (still alive though), he has no way to fight so he throws pine cones at his attacker.
At the end, the title character is in the afterlife waiting room, with "Shake, shake, shake, seniora" still playing in the background. He switches cards with a head shrinker. BJ: Well, guess I'm up next... HS: (silence) (sprinkles dust on BJ) BJ: What're ya doin'? (his head starts to shrink)Hey, wait-- you're messin' up my hair! (head completely shrunk) Whoa. This might be a good look fer me.
I love it when Lane is doing a math problem on the board and he's thinking about the first time he and Beth slept together and the things he says in the car are classic. Then he comes back to reality and he drew a bear on the board that was pregnant and the word baby was pointing at it.
When Monique starts to complain to Lane in English about Ricky, and mistakes "testicles" for "tenticles"
When Ricky gives the present to Monique and it's a framed 8x10 photo of him.
The scene at the dance when the fat guy (I can't remember his name, it's been too long) starts dancing with Monique. When she runs off and the way he keeps dancing is hilarious.
When the paper boy chses Lane down the ski slopes on his bike, (which has skis attached to the wheels)screaming "Two dollars!!" The scene where Mrs. Smith is explaining Christmas to Monique, and helping her say the word, "christ-mas. Christ-maas!". "Do YOU have Christmas in France?"
When Tom Hanks character touches Elizabeth Perkins breast for the first time he does it with such awe and wonder it seems as if it is his first ever doing that. What an actor!
The scene where Tom Hanks is at the party and starts eating the corn likes its real corn lol. And then he takes Elizabeth Perkins back to his apartment to stay the night. He replies, "Ok, but I get to be on top." As it turns out, he was on top - the top bunk of a bunk bed!When Tom Hanks starts dancing on the big toy keyboard and the other guy jumps on and Tom says "CHOPSTICKS!"
When the sisters get separated from each other and run into their sisters' counterparts. And then when they go to the bathroom and finally realize that there are 4 of them.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
When Ted's little brother and his friends take Napoleon to the bowling alley, he comes up and throws the ball down the alley and slides down with it. The ball rolls into the gutter and he says the french word for "shit" and "shit" appears on the screen as he says it over and over.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Scene where Bill & Ted go to ancient Greece, and meet Socrates always makes me laugh. They always said So-crates. And then Ted tells Bill, "Look up So-crates. It'll be under Socrates." when he askes him to his name up in a history book. this scene always makes me laugh.
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted are in the armor and Bill says " These are heavy" and Ted goes "Yeah, heavy metal" and do the air guitar and almost fall over-then they are trying to walk and keep running into each other and swordfight and Ted says " I TOTALLY CONQURED U DUDE"
My favorite scene is when officer Frank Murphy (actor Roy Scheider) stole Blue Thunder and flew over Los Angeles to find the tape that him and Richard "JAFO" Lymngood (actor Daniel Stern) recorded when they discovered that the helicopter was used more than stopping urban violence. He shot down one of the two helicopters that were chasing him, played a game of his "Follow Of My Leader" until the other one crashed, shot a police in half, shot down one of the F-16s' wing off, and did the impossible 360 degree loop over the his old war buddy from Vietnam turn down-right-evil Col. Cochrane (British actor Malcom McDowell) and blasted his sole surviving ass out of the sky and said "Catch You Later" to him. Last, he put the gasoline exhausted B.T. to the train tracks and the train destroyed it.
When in the diner getting Mat Murhy in the band. I love the slice of white bread and four whole fried chickens bit.
When Elwood picks jake up from prison and they get stuck in traffic and Elwood goes "you don't like this do you?" and Jake says "no" and they just jump the bridge.
My favorite scene is when Jake and Elwood Blues were being chased through the mall by the cops.
One of my favorite scenes in "The Blues Brothers" is where Jake and Elwood are being chased through the mall. Cars are crashing, stores are being destroyed, it is such a kickass ride. Favorite line from that scene- in the toy store, a man is purchasing Sesame Street dolls. The man answers after being asked if he wants anything else- "Yes, do you have a Miss Piggy?" It is just done so deadpan!
The chase scene on the bridge when the Nazi's are following Jake and Elwood. The scene starts with a green and a red stationwagon chasing our heroes down a freeway which ends in a drop off. Jake and Elwood manage to stop the car a second before it drops, and then flip it (ridiculously high) over the nazi cars. The one of the Nazi cars flies off the bridge, and somehow (<-this is in self-parody, not bad continuity) flies upwards over the skyscrapers in Chicago... Then, just as the car starts to fall, the nazi passenger turns to the driver and says 'I've always loved you'. This scene cracks me up every time
I'm totally mesmerized by the scene when John Bender mocks the all-sweet family life of Brian and then goes on to acting out his family life - "No, dad, what about you - f*** you!!!". then, after showing the gang the cigar burn on his arm, freaks out and struggles to sit upstairs in the library. Judd Nelson's absolute talent!
When Bender sits next to Brian during lunch and says " Well, Brian all this is a very nutritional meal. All the food groups are represented. Who did your mom marry? Mr. Rogers?" and Brian says "No, Mr. Johnson."
One of my favorite scenes is when Bender is locked in the closet - type thing and Claire sneaks in and gives him a kiss on the neck. Bender asks: "What did you do that for?" Claire says: "Because I knew you wouldn't." Classic.
When Bender is saying how he'll kill Andy and he stabs the knife into the chair and without anyone noticing Alison struggles to steal the knife
First off: Judd Nelson ruled this classic! But, one of my favorite scenes is with Carl the custodian. He srolls into the room with his waste bin doing his usual duty on Saturday. Then John,(Judd)seemingly friendly, asks him "How does one BECOME a janitor...?" Realizing that he is being made fun of, Carl responds: "You guys think I'm some kind of peasant, serf, to pee on? Maybe so. But following a broom around after a**holes like you for the last 8 years, I learned a couple of things. I look through your letters,I look through your lockers,I listen to your conversations;you don't know that,but I do. I AM THE EYES AND EARS OF THIS INSTITUTION MY FRIENDS...!" (There is stunned silence in the room)..As Carl walks out the room,he looks at his watch,then up at the clock on the wall and says: "Oh, by the way,that clock's 20 minutes fast..." John (Judd)awed by Carl's wit,knowledge and great confidence,quietly grins,as he and the and the other detentioners sit motionless... (that scene was very powerful and thought-provoking if you think about it)! CLASSIC WRITING! CLASSIC ACTING!
I love the scene when Bender falls down from the ceiling and detention teacher runs in and asks "What was that rukus?" and Anthony M. Hall responds "Can you describe the rukus, sir?" That makes me laugh every time.
When the guys are eating lunch and Allison throws the pickle-loaf (meat) at the statue unintentionally and it peels off!
Near the end of the movie when Claire goes to the closet where John is being locked up, and he asks her if she is lost, and she responds by kissing his neck. I love it, he says "why did you do that" and she says back "Because I knew you wouldn't..." it is classic and it gets me every time!
The teenagers are taking a break. They are chillin' out, smoking their wacky tobaccy away, when suddenly the camera switches to upstairs. We see a smoky room. Andrew emerges, and starts dancing around the place. Quite comical, really!
Picture it: 1985 High school Library. The cast is sitting around talking about what it would be like after they leave that day. You know the whole scene where Anthony Michael Hall cries and Molly does that trick with her lipstick? What a scene form start to finish. I was watching it yesterday and was just mesmerized by the scene. A great scene.
When Dick comes into the Library from the bathroom and he turns around and there is a paper tiolet seat cover tucked into his pants.The scene where Andy describes how he got into detention and how he can't even relate to his father any more. Emilio Estevez's finest moment. I was almost in tears during this scene. When they first get into detention and Bender gets up and Johnson says "Hey he said no monkey buisness" and Bender turns around and goes "Young man have you finished your paper?" and then takes the screw out of the door and Rich comes back in and goes "WHY'S THAT DOOR CLOSED?!" "Why's that door closed!!??" and Bender goes "How are we supposed to know we're not supposed to get up right?" and Rich goes "who closed that door?" and Bender goes "I think a screw fell out of it"
My favorate scene is when they are all sitting in the library and they are all quiet and then one of them starts to hum, then someone else joins in and pretty soon they are all humming that song.
My favourite scene was near the beginning when they were doing attendence and when they called Allison's name, she made a squeaking-lie noise and quickly puts her head down on her arms.
At the end of the movie, after the kids are released from detention. John and Claire became a couple and Andrew and Allison became a couple and are saying their good byes in the parking lot. At first I didn't really care for the ending (after all the mean things that Bender said about Claire!), but then I realized how powerful it was for these kids from different social groups to come together the way that they did. And then there was "Don't You Forget About Me" playing in the background. Best ending to a movie ever!
The scene when Bender falls through the ceiling.
I LOVE when the kooky "Breakfast Club" kids are all trying to cover up Bender's noise from falling through the ceiling, when Dick walks in, and says, "What was that ruckus?" and everyone replies, "What ruckus?" Dick demands, "I was in my office and I heard a ruckus!" Claire says, "Could you describe the ruckus sir?" Bender coughs and everyone joins in, and Claire says, "Was that it? Was that the ruckus?"
When everyone is dancing around the library to "We Are Not Alone". That makes me want to get up and dance with them!
One of my favorite scenes is when John Bender is lecturing the rest on how belonging to a school club is rediculous and Brian timidly announces that he's in the physics club. When Bender asks him what it is that they do in the physics club, Brian replies "We study physics...and properties of physics."
When Claire is with Bender in the broom closet, she asks, "Were you really disgusted by what I did with my lipstick?" And Bender asks, "The truth?" then nods his head yes and says "No." That's classic.
My favorite scene in the breakfast club would have to be when Bender and the principal are yelling, and he keeps on giving Bender detentions. Then, Claire turned around and said "stop" and mouthed it again.
At lunchtime when Claire takes out her lunch and it's sushi. Bender goes, "What's that?" and Claire says, "Sushi". Bender says, "You won't have a guy's **** in your mouth, but you'll eat that". Heeheehee!
One of my favorite scenes is when Claire (Molly Ringwald) has just finished giving Allison (Ally Sheedy) a makeover and she is walking towards Andrew (Emilio Estevez). The music starts playing in the backround and they just stare at each other in a way that seems magical.
After they've all gotten high and are rocking out to the music...when Allison (Alley Sheedy) starts freakin out with her crazy dance.
The scene where the gang runs amok in the barren school hallways, hoping that the principal wouldn't find them. One of my friends and I tried that several years ago when we were waiting to go onstage during an after-school play rehersal.
When Allison is making the sandwich with Capn' Crunch and Pixie Sticks, and starts the loud crunching sound. I love the look on Bender and Andrews faces.
The scene where Turbo dances with the broom. "unforgettable classic for all eternity"
Ray and Art were digging in the basement of the Klopeks house hoping to find their missing neighbor Walter. They thought he was dead. When they hit a metal object in the ground, they thought it was him in a coffin or crypt. But when Art went outside the house Ricky and Rumsfield warned Art to look at Walter's house and saw he was alive. Then the Klopeks showed up with the cops, Art told Ricky to distract them so he can get Ray out of there. But Art went to tell Ray that Walter's alive and the Klopeks are back. Ray yelled "I HIT THE GAS LINE ART, RUN! GET OUT OF HERE" While Ricky and Rumsfield talked to the cop and Klopeks, Art ran out and the house blew up.

What is your favorite 80s movie moment?

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