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What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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Ritchie and family and friends have a campfire sing-along, while Ritchie's brother Bob is off in the bushes making whoopee with Rosie--who was apparently Ritchie's girlfriend at the beginning of the movie!
Jareth (David Bowie) is singing "Within you" to Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) as she tries to get to her baby brother Toby, but being in the Labyrinth makes this task much more difficult then one would expect.
The scene where Sarah is back in her bedroom and sees the characters in her mirror. Also how the stuffed animals and books tie-into the sory. ^^
Definately the 'stair' scene near the end when Sarah is looking for her baby brother Toby and Jareth is driving her insane with all the twisted, upside- down staircases everywhere. The song he sings to her (Within You)is absolutely brilliant and it fits in perfectly.
Jareth and Sarah are at a magical masked ball. Jareth is looking for Sarah while he is singing "As the world falls down" Finally they meet and dance together. *sigh* I love the outfits, especially Sarah's.
When Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) eats the poisonned fruit that Jareth (David Bowie) addressed her, she is transported to this great party where everybody is wearing masks and costumes reminding the Venice Carnival. While Sarah looks losts and confused in a great white dress, looking prettier than ever, Jareth stares at her in the sexiest possible way from the middle of the crowd. Bowie's incredible song "As the World Falls Down" plays during the whole scene, and they end up dancing together. For some reason, Sarah remembers about her lost brother and finds her way out of the party, thus ruining the fun for everyone !
All three main characters go to the pharmacy because they have crabs and have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them. They go in and are trying to describe what their problem is but they just won't come out and say it. Finally the pharmacists says, "You've got crabs!". You can just see the embarrassment go across their faces. Absolutely hysterical!
When Lily is with Darkness in his castle and he's trying to appease her with "Eat... Drink..." She snaps, "I do nothing for your pleasure!" Enraged, he knocks stuff from the table and stalks towards her. She laughs while doing a cool turn around the chair and ends where she's crouched down, looking up at him. The tension breaks when the unicorn is heard. Just really nifty!
When Lily, dressed to wed the Devil himself, raises a sword and appears as though she really intends to sacrifice the last unicorn, Jack must judge her with his heart and not his eyes. He is standing on a cliff above her with his bow and arrow and everyone is urging him to kill her. He has a flashback to an earlier scence when she asked, "Don't you trust me Jack?" and just as he's aiming his arrow for her heart he stops and whispers "I trust you, Lily". Immediately after she swings the sword down hard upon the chains holding the unicorn captive and screams for it to run away. The Devil whacks her hard across the face knocking her unconscious, and Jack screams "Lily!" in such a rage it would chill anyone's blood. He swings down from his hiding place and the fight between good and evil ensues....
The Legend of Billie Jean
The scene where Billie jean decides to answer the cops and the charges against her and her brother using a videotape that they shot with the help of there new rich friend Lloyd (the tape gets sent to the cops and every tv and radio station). It is a bold moment in the movie when the character goes from looking like sweet Helen Slater to a modern Joan of Arc.
Riggs (Mel Gibson) is at the office of the bank run by racist South Africans. After Ruud utters a racial slur, Riggs shoots the aquarium and soaks the villians and the office.
License to Drive
Corey Haim goes out driving with his friends after he finds out he didn't get his license. He drives so slow, he actually gets passed by a street sweeper.
During tbe final showdown when Paul (the sexy vampire with the long dark hair) gets shot through the heart with an arrow into the hi-fi and the music comes on while he's twitching and writhing in death, and Sam says 'Death by stereo!'. That part of the film is soooo cool, and is the reason I loved Corey Haim.
At the end, when you think the family is going to be killed by the vampire, all of a sudden the car crashes through the wall and this wooden stake shoots out and hits the vampire in the chest. Then the grandfather gets out of the car and says: "Only thing I don't like about Santa Clara...all the damn vampires." Classic. Pure classic.
When the Frog brothers and Sam walk into the bed room talking about how they each killed one of the vampires and then Lucky pops out from the bed screaming and one of them says "AHHH, attack of Eddie Munster!"
The introduction.
I love when Sam first sees Michael's see-through vampire refection in the mirror, and he cries, "You're a vampire! I KNEW it! A g**damn sh**sucking vampire, just like in "The Hounds of Hell'! Boy, you wait till Mom finds out, buddy!" Then Michael chases him up the stairs and later is seen floating outside Sam's window. Sam says it again: "You're a vampire!" Michael exclaims, "No I'm NOT!" Then Sam says, "Then who are you?!?! The Flying Nun?!?!?" Classic!
At the end where the main vampire is talking about getting the families together and a Frog brother (Corey Feldman) says "Great, the blood-sucking Brady Bunch!" - Fantastic.
When Edgar,Alan, and Sam walk into the church to get Holy Water and there is a Christening going on. Then when they go to leave everyone's staring and Alan holds his fist up like 'rock on!'
After Sam calls his 'connections', you hear that awesome organ music, and here come the Frog Brothers, peddling like mad on their bikes up the driveway dressed in full army fatigues. As they enter the house Edgar asks "Where's Nosferatu?" Sam is confused. Edgar replies "The Prince of Darkness" and his brother Alan embelishes: "The night crawler. The bloodsucker." Edgar;"El Vampiro."

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