Scenes From Movies of the Eighties, Movies Beginning with Q

What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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Quantum Leap: Genesis (1989 2-hour pilot movie)
The last moments of the pilot (and certainly the most pivotal) involved Sam (Scott Bakula) as a baseball player in 1968. He is confident about hitting the ball and winning the game, but when he strikes out, the catcher doesn't catch the ball, and Sam is able to run. He just keeps going, and winds up scoring the winning run, thus not ending the career of his persona, Tim Fox. This was a well-done ending.
Quantum Leap: Genesis (1989 2-hour pilot movie)
When Sam is getting out of the bed at the beginning, he has this cute little clueless look on his face, and he's wearing boxers. Answers my underwear question. His facial expressions go perfectly with the voice over track playing during this scene. God, he was so handsome!

What is your favorite 80s movie moment?

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