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What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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Indy comes face to face with a rather nifty Arab swordsman' twirling his sword around. Indy, looking bored, just gets out his pistol and shoots him.This is by far the coolest scene in movie history-it makes me crack up every time.
The classic chase sequence when Hi is running from the police (as well as the store clerk with the shotgun) with the pantyhose on his head, diapers in hand, every neighorhood dog on his tail. He's going through houses, stores, yards, and over fences, with the hillybilly music going full steam. ("Heeeee-heeeeaahhheee, heee heeeeeeeeaaaeee!!)
The fight scene between Gale and Hi is the most hilarious fight scene ever. Hi raises his fists to club Gale but screams out in pain when his knuckles drag across the too-short ceiling of the trailer home. Gale throws Hi up against a wall but Hi flys right through it since it has the strength of cardboard. Hi gets Gale in a head lock and Gale twirls around - the camera pans to Hi's feet and you see them flying around breaking everything they hit.
Rambo 3
The whole Russian Army is standing in front of them: "What do you say John..??" "....F*ck them...!!"
When they're all ice skating in the hallway and the dorky guy asks "what is this" and val kilmer says" this is ice, this is what happens to water when it freezes"
  • One word: Popcorn!
  • The scene is basicly a montage of shots from around the campus over some time. The scenes to watch for in particular are the ones in the lecture hall. The second time the guy comes back, a few tape recorders are on the desks. The third time he shows up, more tape recorders are on the desks. Finally, the guy shows up and every desk has a tape recorder on it and a large tape player is on the teacher's desk.
The young teenager is notching the wooden stock of his weapon, tallying the kills he has made against the occupying Russian force. The downed air force pilot laments,"All that hate is gonna burn you up son." The young man replys,"It keeps me warm"...
After the Death Star is destroyed and the Empire is defeated, the celebration of the rebels and ewoks on Endor, as Luke looks away he sees the ghosts of Obi-Wan,Yoda, and Anakin and he smiles knowing everything has been set right.
Darth Vader's turn back to the good side of the force followed by his unmasking and very brief reunion with his son. In the scene you see in Vaders eyes a gentleness and profound sense of regret for the man that should of been and could have been.
When they get to the sheild generator on Endor, Han Solo runs behind a biker scout imperial troop and taps him on the opposite shoulder. Trooper actually falls for it and looks the other direction. This is a classic example of how cheap tricks look funny on screen.
When Gilbert comes through the lunch line and tells Louis he met a girl, Boger says,"Big deal, did you get in her pants?" And Gilbert replies,"She's not that kind of girl Booger." And he says,"Why, does she have a penis?".
Coach Harris (John Goodman) is standing before his freshly beaten team of Alpha Beta's, a sign on the wall reads "Only The Strong Shall Survive".He has a look of bewilderment on his face, and then he delivers his speech, THE SPEECH. Coach Harris: "Y'know When you were a baby, in your crib, and your father looked down at you, he had but one hope, someday my son will grow to be a man. Look at you now, you just got your asses whhhipped by a bunch of god damn nerds, NEEEEEEERRRRRDDDDDS.Well if I was you I'd do something about it. I would get up and I would redeem myself, in the eyes of my father, my maker and my coach." This leads to the Alphas going on a rampage and trashing the Nerds house.
My favorite part is where Takashi looks at Booger and says "Excuse please but why do they call you Booger?" And while picking his nose, Booger says "I don't know."
The scene where Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) is dancing in his underwear.
The bit when RoboCop busts the drugs warehouse is great!! He slams on the door while the bad guys inside take up positions with guns quickly. Then on the 5th slam BAM! the door falls down and RoboCop walks in with the cool "doop doop" noise when he walks. Then the view switches to RoboCops vision, and he targets all of the guys positions in the factory. He then says "Come quietly or there will be... trouble". the chinese guy then says "Oh F*** You!!!!" and fires at RoboCop. All the guys start shooting at him but he stands still with cool music in the background. Bullets bounce of his metal body then he starts to walk forward. Suddenly he raises his arm and shoots a bad guy in the shoulder from close range! The guys screams and falls. Then RoboCop walks around the place shooting EVERY single bad guy. He shoots a guy behind him without looking! then shoots a guy above him without looking as well! After killing 22 guys in the coolest way ever puts his gun away and grabs Clarence Boddicker, the head honcho. He reads him his rights in between throwing the guy through loads of glass windows. He then strangles the guy nearly killing him, but stops when Clarence tells him that the senior officer is the one organising the crime! What a cool scene! Make sure you see it!
When Rocky is about to fight Thunderlips, & they're face to face but Rocky's head only comes up to Thunderlips' chest!
Rocky is cradling Apollo Creed in his arms after Ivan Drago killed him in the ring and Drago says "If he dies, he dies", then Drago chillingly stares down Rocky as if to tell him "You're next!"
The scene where our two heroes escape by sliding down the chute and Michael Douglas' head lands in Kathleen Turner's lap.
The chase scene with the "Little Mule". Thrilling and funny at the same time.

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