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What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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One Crazy Sumer
I usually crack up laughing when I think of the scene with the pool party.William Hickey throws his cigar into the mouth of the Godzilla suit BobcatGoldthwait is wearing and Bob comes running out of the bushes and stomps allover a group of miniature buildings.
Towards the end, the last leg of the sailboat race uses the motor. The guys blow the hatch and the rear of the Ferrari can be seen. The guy on the other sailboat says, "that's my car!"
When the one guy is buried in the sand and the fat guy sits right over him. He starts swinging a piece of chicken, and the guy buried in the sand tries catching some. Then when the fat guy starts eating the beans. I also like the part when neither of the paramedics would perform CPR.I like the part where Hoops is drawing on the beach and the Egg brothers ask if he needs some inspiration and offer their naked bodies for him to draw.Scene when Bobcat Goldthwait is telling the story about a fat kid that got picked on and his "twin" brother asks him "Was that little kid you?" HE responds, "No man(uneasily), I used to grab him and scream, "Why are you so fat, why are you so fat?"
After being rescued from the burning church, Ponyboy waits in the hosipital waiting room and sees Johnny (looking very burnt and unconcious) and Dallas go to their hospital rooms. BUT the best bit just HAS to be see his brothers. He gets a BIG hug from Sodapop and both him and Darry tearfully apologise to each other.
After learning about Johnny's death and being shot during a failed robbery, Matt Dillon's "Dallas" crawls through the street moaning, "I did it for Johnny, man... I did it for Johnny".
Sodapop Curtis (Rob Lowe) getting out of the shower the day after Ponyboy came home.
The scene when Dean comes home and the boys say "There is something wrong with her dad, she cut the scarecrow in half and she just sits there....buh,buh,bbuuhh."
When Dean tries to claim Joanna from the hospital, he has to think of an excuse for the panties and how she met him, he renames her Annie, says that she was his wife. When questioned about her maiden name, he makes one up by saying Goolihy, he says she's from Goober, Idaho & she was a Navy soldier. When asked about verification, he remembers the birthmark for proof and is suc

What is your favorite 80s movie moment?

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