Scenes From Movies of the Eighties, Movies Beginning with V

What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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When Randy is trying to win Julie back and keeps showing up everywhere she goes. At one point Randy is the ticket taker at a movie theater and is wearing 3-D glasses as a disguise. One of the guys in her group says "bitchin', is this in 3-D?" Randy pulls the cigarette out of his mouth, blows smoke at the guy and replies "no, but your face is." Also, when Julie and her friend are driving through Hollywood with Randy, her friend says "I'm not getting out of this car." Randy says "OK, but if they attack the car, save the radio."
When Randy goes to visit Julie at her house, and she answers the door only to turn him down, Randy yells at her for dumping him b/c of her friends, and as he walks away he yells, "Ya know what, Julie? F#ck you, for sure, like totally!" It's so sad yet ironically the most hilarious part of the movie! Haha
The scene where Randy sneaks Julie away from Tommy's party and takes her around Hollywood.
When Randy and Julie are spending all their time together and going from place to place. The soundtrack that played in the background is amazing!

When Julie's father has to smoke a joint to hide the fact that he's nervous about taking a prom photo of Julie and Tommy.

When Randy goes to Julie's prom and fights with Tommy. All the while, a teacher is making a speech about what it is to be a prom queen/king!

When Tommy and Randy burst onto the stage, the teacher faints and throws her speech cards in a dramatic fashion!

Julie and Randy start a food fight, skid out of the hall, only for the whole prom party to follow to see Randy and Julie drive off in Tommy's rented limo! Classic!!

Then you see that Fred finally got it together with Stacy.

The opening scene where Louden is running while Journey's "Only The Young" is playing. Also the scene where he is jumping rope before his big match with Shute while "Lunatic Fringe" is playing. This movie, in my opinion had one of the best soundtracks in the 80's from Madonna to Foreigner.
When Matthew Modine comes out of his wrestling coach's office after being told he can't wrestle in the lower weight class - he crosses the gym and, as his teammates look on, he climbs to the top of the peg board.

What is your favorite 80s movie moment?

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