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What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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Fast Times
Where Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn)is with Mr. Vargas' class at the morgue or hospital and Mr. V asks "are you in this class?" and Spicoli says "I'am today.".
When Brad is fantasizing about Linda while looking at her through the window. Then she walks in and catches him. CLASSIC!!!!
Spicoli and Jefferson`s(the football player)brother are driving in Jeffersons car and Spicoli says " people on ludes should not drive" and then wrecks the car. Then they're sitting in the car and the kid says,"My brothers gonna s***, he`s gonna kill us,, he`s gonna s***, he`s gonns kill us. then Spicoli say`s "well make up your mind dude , is he gonna s*** or is he gonna kill us"
When Judge Reinhold has to drive somewhere with his goofy looking work hat(looks like a pirate's hat) and the girl is laughing at him even though he thinks she's flirting. Then he looks in the mirror and realizes he forgot about the hat!
One of the best parts of that movie is when Spicoli (Sean Penn) is in his room and his little brother comes barging in, then Spicoli kicks him out and tells him to knock, when he does, he answers with "Entreey" I laugh everytime.
When Brad day dreams a fantasy in which his dream girl-Linda [Phoebe Cates] takes the top of her red bikini off.

The scene where Spiccoli orders a pizza delivered to Mr. Hand's class is a classic moment!

When the geeky guy takes Stacy out to that goofy German restaurant and forgets his wallet, and has to call his friend to bring him money, and it takes him so long to get there that they have like 50 soda glasses on the table. And the friend tries to act all nonchalont like he just happened to come in there.

The scene where the Gallagher family (Michael Douglas and Anne Archer) come home from a visit with family, and their daughter's brand-new white bunny is found in the pot, bloody and boiling. Who can forget the wife screaming at the hideous site, and the daughter screaming "Daddy! My bunny is gone!"
My favorite scene is: When Ferris gets home and he's looking for the key to get into the house, but Mr. Rooney has it. You think Ferris is in trouble, but then Jeannie saves his skin by coming out and demanding "What are you doing out of bed?". Then after he goes in, she turns to Mr. Rooney and says: "By the way, Mr. Rooney, you left your wallet in the kitchen." Then she gives him this little smile and throws it, and you hear it splash into a puddle.
The best scene is at the start when he is setting the rules for faking a day off.
The scene where Cameron is prank-calling Ed Rooney's office, claiming that he is Ferris's father. He is talking with that cool voice, and Rooney insults Ferris's "Father" by saying that he wanted proof that the Grandma was really dead.
When Cameron is on the phone with Rooney pretending to be Ferris' girlfriends' dad, and Rooney thinks it's Ferris so he says all of these rude things. When Rooney thinks it's actually the girlfriend's dad, he starts apologizing and Cameron shouts, "Pardon my French, but you're an a******!!!"
Jeanie answers the the door, assuming it's the police. A nurse is singing: "I heard that you were feeling ill. Headache, fever, and a chill. I came to help restore your pluck, 'cause I'm the nurse who likes to.... Before she says the last word, Jeanie slams the door in her face!
Cameron is in his car, trying to decide whether we wants to visit Ferris or not. Then he gets into a trantrum, socking the car seat and shouting. Then he starts the car and revs the engine, leans on the horn, and screams his lungs out all the same time!
The parade scene when Ferris starts singing and then everybody starts dancing to Twist and Shout.
The parade scene, possbily the most unforgettable scene in any movie ever. Ferris gets up on the float in the middle of a parade and lip-syncs Danke Shoen and Twist and Shout. His dad up in his office hears the music and starts dancing. At the end of Twist and Shout everyone cheers and balloons go up.
Cameron's off-the-wall exercise in self-pity while sick in bed. "When Cameron was in Egypt's land..let my Cameron go..." I suppose Ferris was Cameron's "Moses"!
I found it totally hilarious when Cameron was talking to Rooney in that funny voice over the phone, making Rooney look like a complete ass, then I also enjoyed the line that one girl made about Ferris passing out at Thirty-one Flavors. I loved the scene where Cameron is in bed ill, and Ferris called him wanting to pick him up. Cameron sounded all saracastic when Ferris told him if wasn't over in 15 minutes, he could find himself a new best friend. Cameron's response: "Ha! You've been sayin' that since the 5th grade!" That was a great moment. And last but not least: I LOVE Ferris's method about faking out the parents and how to go about doing that. The whole movie has CLASSIC scenes, and those are just a few that I named. PRICELESS!!!!
The phone call that Rooney makes ends up on an answering machine for the funeral parlor. "Hello, this is Corally Brothers Funeral home. We deeply regret that we cannot take your call at this time, but if you leave your name and number, we will get back to you as soon as it is humanly possible." Yeah, that's something you wanna hear.
Ferris Buellers Day Off
When they are in the downtown chicago restaurant, and the waiter won't believe that he is Abe Froman "Sausage King of Chicago" and asks them to leave before he has to get "snooty" and Ferris mocks him.The scene where Ferris,Slone,& Cameron leave the Ferrari with the parking attendant who says "Don't worry Im a professional"....and later of course Cameron flips out when he discovers the miles!!! Man you feel for the guy.
Ferris Bulers Day Off
I love the scene when Ferris talks to his parents like a little kid when he fakes sick that one day. Another part that made me laugh was when he was changing his absences on the computer while the Principal was looking at them. I also like the part where his sister stands up for him in the end. It just goes to show that siblings aren't all that bad!
Ferris Buller
When the teacher is taking attendence, Ben Stein keeps saying "Buller, Buller, Buller"
At the end of the movie, when Ray Kinsella turns to his dad and says "Hey, dad, would you like to have a catch."
When Ray (Costner) first meet Shooless Joe (Lyotta)... when he goes to pitch and says to Shoeless Joe : "See if you can hit my curve..." And then, Shoeless drives one right on the bag of balls next to Ray.
The scene where the manhunt has just started and Teasle and his men are sweeping through the forest. One of the cops (Mitch?) ducks under a fallen tree takes one step forward and a camouflaged Rambo springs up from the ground about 6 inches to his right and stabs him in the leg before racing off for his next victim.
The scene where she is seated and takes off her bra - that's the best scene of all them all!!
When the Navigator is on his way home after escaping, he stops at a out-of-the-way gas station to grab a map and a drink. A family stops to gas up and while the parents don't seem to notice anything, the kids stare at the ship in amazement. Everyone clues in when he climbs into the ship and takes off.
Following a botched teleportation/fusion attempt, the creature, in pain and near death, crawls to Veronica's (Geena Davis) feet, seemingly to do her harm, but instead guides the muzzle of her shotgun to it's head and begs her (with a mournful groan) to put it out of it's misery. Call me sentimental, but that scene NEVER fails to cause a lump in my throat.
The scene where "Heaven Helps the Man" by Kenny Loggins starts to play and Ariels father is preaching in church about how they have to allow their kids to make choices and to trust them. And is basically saying that he will allow them to have the dance but is worried. Then they all are so happy and looking at at each other and the next scene begins with them decorating for the dance. Goes perfect with the Kenny Loggins song playing!
Friday the 13th part 8
When Jason comes barging down the sidewalk and knocks those street thugs stereo to the ground and one of them draws a knife and says "You are dead meat slimebag" Jason turns around and lifts his mask. The guy says "Yo, it's cool man, it's cool" and they all run away.
Friday the 13th, Part 5
The first murder in the movie. It's where that fat, annoying guy gets killed with the axe. This was the first movie I ever saw and it brought back a lot of memories when I watched it again.

What is your favorite 80s movie moment?

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