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What was the most memorable scene from an eighties movie? Was it when the Blues Brothers make an impossible leap over the drawbridge, or was it when Bender in the Breakfast Club leads the group through the deserted school corridors while trying to avoid getting caught? Whatever the reason, whatever the scene, let me know and I'll share it with everyone else.

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When Camp North Star is trailing in the camp Olympics, Bill Murray tries to boost morale, leading his team in a chorus of "It doesn't matter if we win or we lose! It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!" (And somehow, they do win.)
Rick Springfield stars as a rocker who falls in love with an uptight child psychologist who is unimpressed by his wealth and fame after meeting during a fenderbender. Cute love story, especially for Rick Springfield fans who get a pretty good look at him.
When the badguys try to stick up the place and everybody starts pointing their guns at them, that was hilarious.
At the end of the movie when Friday is telling Streebeck that he had the pleasure of spending the night with Connie Swail...Pep says "don't you mean the virgin Connie Swail?...Friday looks at Pep with a raised eyebrow which makes Pep do a double take...Friday got laid!...That part made the movie.
Take me to bed or lose me forever!
Second Chance
The end part where there competing in a rodeo and a horse named Steel comes up lame.
Loved the whole movie but the final scene where he waves goodbye really gets to me. John Candy, in my opinion, was the greatest comedy actor of all time.
"Elihu...will you please come here and loofah my stretchmarks?"
The scene at the end where Richard Gere's character, Zack Mayo walks into the factory where Paula works. He walks around the corner, cradles her in his arms and walks out of the factory.
White Water Summer
Alan, Chris, George,and Mitch were heading for the canoe to head home from their camping trip to get away from the trouble Vic was doing. Vic cut them off and told them you're not leaving. He chased Alan away from the canoe and the others followed them. Chris start beating Vic with a paddle and followed him to the cliff. George tried to stop Chris from doing more by getting the paddle from him and lost it. Chris threw a rock at Vic's face causing Vic to fall off the cliff and break his leg when he hit the bottom.
The scene where Steve Martin walks like himself on his right side and Lily Tomlin on his left (or vise versa, I vaguely remember).
(The) Untouchables
The train station scene where Elliot Ness (Kevin Costner) is waiting for Al Capone's accountant to show up so he can be arrested but a gun battle ensues between Ness and Capone's goons. Andy Garcia's character's underhanded toss of the pistol to Ness before saving the toddler always has me cheering inside!!
nine in a half weeks
Kim Bassinger was doing a sexy dance behind the blinds an the other scene was her and mikey rouke making love hot love
I'm totally mesmerized by the scene when John Bender mocks the all-sweet family life of Brian and then goes on to acting out his family life - "No, dad, what about you - f*** you!!!". then, after showing the gang the cigar burn on his arm, freaks out and struggles to sit upstairs in the library. Judd Nelson's absolute talent!
I love the scene when Bender falls down from the ceiling and detention teacher runs in and asks "What was that rukus?" and Anthony M. Hall responds "Can you describe the rukus, sir?" That makes me laugh every time.
When Gilbert comes through the lunch line and tells Louis he met a girl, Boger says,"Big deal, did you get in her pants?" And Gilbert replies,"She's not that kind of girl Booger." And he says,"Why, does she have a penis?".
The handicap Italian brother's name is Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli. Not Loff
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
When Marion is kiddnapped in Egypt and in the ensuing chase Indy is confronted by the sword master who shows off his move at which point Indy pulls out his gun shoots him and walks away.
When Claire is waiting for Blaine to pick her up and Iona turns on Try a little tenderness by Otis redding and Duckie lip synches it. I thought it was amazing.
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
The part where Indiana is trying to escape from the Nazis, and the Indian swordsman does this elaborate routine with his sword to challenge Indiana Jones. Indiana just pauses for a moment, pulls out his gun, and shoots him.

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