Ten Criteria for the Perfect 80's Music Video, Groups Beginning with T

Compiled mostly by Chris Pyhtila with the help of Andy Pachmayer, Chris Burger, and Aaron Fynewever

Further commentary added by ChuckyG and various web visitors...

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The Original Criteria

  1. At least one babe
  2. Poofy hair
  3. Torn clothing
  4. Cheesy keyboards
  5. At least one change of clothing
  6. Stage effects (smoke, lasers, etc.) or visual effects (artist jumping through a TV, disappearing, etc.)
  7. Wild instrumental or record scratch solo
  8. A storyline
  9. A cool car (although any kind of transportation is acceptable, like a plane or a car or a motorcycle)
  10. Sunglasses

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Tears For Fears's, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
  1. Babes? The lady who puts on the helmet.
  2. Poofy Hair? The lead singer maybe? The drummer or the guitarist?
  3. Torn Clothing? Umm...maybe not.
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? The beginning of the song.
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? The lead singer doesn't wear his coat except when he's driving his cool car.
  6. Stage Effects? The light in the background of the stage the band is singing on.
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? The excellent ending guitar solo.
  8. Storyline? Umm...the lead singer goes for a drive in his car to someplace. He stops at a phone to make a call.(He dials "Shout" the name of their other #1 hit)he then drives some more and at the end of the video, he asks some guy for directions and then drives off again.
  9. Cool Automobile? YES!! I want that convertible!!!!
  10. Sunglasses? Yes. The lead singer wears them whenever he is outside.
Submitted by: Taylor Green
Tears for Fears's, "Head Over Heals"
  1. Babes? The librarian--not very babalicious, but nevertheless, a babe.
  2. Poofy Hair? Yes. Major teasing action going on with the keyboarding guy.
  3. Torn Clothing? The monkey
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? The guy plays the keyboard with one hand, and the chimpansy helps him
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? I think the monkey changes clothes
  6. Stage Effects? Oh yeah. The part where the library filing cards mysteriously go flying out of their cabinets--cooooooolness prevails!!!!!
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? The keyboard takes on a whole new sound, and reinvents the synthesizer
  8. Storyline? The guy is wooing the nerdy librarian girl who doesn't want to give him the time of day.
  9. Cool Automobile? Uh--oh... well, there could be one in this video, I just can't recall.
  10. Sunglasses? Yeah, the keyboard guy and the monkey put on some ultra-cool shades.
Submitted by: Katie
Thomas Dolby's, "She Blinded Me With Science"
  1. Babes? Miss Sakamoto, you're beautiful!
  2. Poofy Hair? Dolby's hair is something. It might be called poofy.
  3. Torn Clothing? She's wearing a backless dress when they're dancing - it might have been torn?
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? Sorry, Dolby's keyboards are not cheesy.
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? Miss Sakamoto changes from her lab coat to the hot number for the dance.
  6. Stage Effects? Help me out here.
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? No, Andy Partridge's harmonica solo is on Europa.
  8. Storyline? Dolby goes to the home for Scientists. Mayhem ensues.
  9. Cool Automobile? Hell yeah - the motorcycle/sidecar thing he drives up in.
  10. Sunglasses? Aviator goggles - one step further.
Submitted by: Lisa
Thomas Dolby's, "She Blinded me With Science"
  1. Babes? Miss Sakamoto
  2. Poofy Hair? Thomas Dolby's hair was always screwed up
  3. Torn Clothing? When he's on the psychiatrist's couch it's rumpled
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? The entire song
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? I think he puts on a trenchcoat, also when he's on the examination table
  6. Stage Effects? They push a guy on a wheelchair in a river (a stunt)
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? There is a small solo
  8. Storyline? T.D. is mystified by a girl that's blinded him with science
  9. Cool Automobile? I think he has a rolls royce at one point, also the wheelchair
  10. Sunglasses? Before he gets in the rolls, he's got shades on
Submitted by: Andy Biestek
Tiffany's, "I Think We're Alone Now"
  1. Babes? Tiffany!!! ( HELLO!!! )
  2. Poofy Hair? Tiffany throughout the whole video
  3. Torn Clothing? I believe some her jean jackets are torn.
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? See the video for "Radio Romance"
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? Tiffany has at least 4 or 5 different outfits.
  6. Stage Effects? There is a weird camera effect in a portion of the video. Almost like stop motion or something.
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? During the breakdown of the song- Tiffany dances wildly on the beach with fans in a totally 80's outfit that should never see the light of day.
  8. Storyline? A basic video log of her now famous 1987 shopping mall tour. She performed at various malls across America & in the U.K.
  9. Cool Automobile? She leans the window of a car.
  10. Sunglasses? Wouldn't be a real 80's video without them!!!
Submitted by: Troy Herman
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers's, "Don't Come Around Here No More"
  1. Babes? "Alice", of 'Alice In Wonderland', type charcter. Yes, it's another music video based on a fable like Cinderella's "Shake Me".
  2. Poofy Hair? Alice's bangs, Tom Petty (as the Mad Hatter), and the band.
  3. Torn Clothing? None.
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? Heard on parts of the song. Though not shown.
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? The guy with the sitar (sitting on a mushroom) in the start of the video wore a different outfit.
  6. Stage Effects? Visual effects like Tom Petty (as the Mad Hatter) 'shrinking' and the "baby" turning into a pig.
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? A guitar solo towards the end of the song.
  8. Storyline? A very surreal take of 'Alice In Wonderland' with a teeny bopper Alice entering the Mad Hatter's tea party. She gets freaked out during parts of the video & turns into a cake during the end. A bit shocking, even for MTV in the mid 1980's.
  9. Cool Automobile? None.
  10. Sunglasses? Tom Petty wears sunglasses through out the video.
Submitted by: Music Video Nut
Toto's, "Africa"
  1. Babes? Yes, in the Library
  2. Poofy Hair? Toto brought on the hairspray!
  3. Torn Clothing? oh yeh
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? At the beginning and for the solo
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? Yes, I think, I mean it's told in flashback so the clothing by necesiity changes.
  6. Stage Effects? A whole lot of fades.
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? Those aforementioned keyboards.
  8. Storyline? A sort of "I dreamt of Africa" story where the world weary traveler reflects on the love he lost in the dark continent. (perhaps the love he lost was the dark continent?)
  9. Cool Automobile? There is some jungle transport and I think there's an airplane. If there isn't an airplane I only remember it because it's in the lyrics, but there had to have been a jeep.
  10. Sunglasses? Again, not so sure, but if you've ever been to Africa then you have to have sunglasses (I always lose at least one pair down there)
Submitted by: Jim Gause
Trans-x's, "Living On Video"
  1. Babes? Backup singer, with big hair.
  2. Poofy Hair? Poofy hair on backup singer. Lotsa hairspray
  3. Torn Clothing? I think the lead vocalist has torn jeans.
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? Lead vocalist with keytar
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? none noted
  6. Stage Effects? Monitors in background, and a Commodore PET computer. Spandau Ballet's "True" can be seen on one monitor
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? Bizarre keyboard instrumental
  8. Storyline? No storyline
  9. Cool Automobile? No vehicle
  10. Sunglasses? No sunglasses
Submitted by: British
Twisted Sister's, "Leader of the pack"
  1. Babes? Heck ya the girl that is playing the part of Dee Sniders girl
  2. Poofy Hair? yeah I think one member has poofy hair in the video
  3. Torn Clothing? no but the other stuff takes place for that
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? i think so either that or it was a bass guitar .
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? yeah on Dee Snider
  6. Stage Effects? yeah car explosion the great use of lighting and the living posters of the band
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? yup guitar
  8. Storyline? yes about a motorcycle gangster guy meets a girl the girl falls for him her parents try to tell her that he is not a good influence for her she continues to go out with him until her father tells her to break up with him and find a new guy the gangster asks why they had to break up but she felt too heartbroken . out of heartbreak she takes the car and goes on a joyride ends up in a wreck and eventually drives off a cliff then the car explodes she is blasted into the air Dee Snider sees her in the air and catches her on the motorbike the girl , dee and the rest of the band drive off
  9. Cool Automobile? YEAH SWEET MOTORCYCLES
  10. Sunglasses? duh at least one member of Twisted Sister wears sweet sunglasses in a video
Submitted by: Nathan
Twisted Sister's, "We're Not Gonna Take It"
  1. Babes? Well the whole group seems to be dressed and make up'd like s.
  2. Poofy Hair? definitely they all have poofy hair, Dee Snider probably has the poofy'est hair that ever lived
  3. Torn Clothing? for sure, once again snider is probably the worst.
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? I actually don't think there is a cheesy keyboard in this video.
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? How about changing from a kid to Snider?
  6. Stage Effects? smoke, super imposed video clips, the family changing into twisted sister etc.
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? guitar solo
  8. Storyline? yes the kid wants to rock, the dad gets mad at him, the kid blasts him out the windo with his guitar, turns into dee snider, the rest of the family turns into the rest of the band, and the continue to blast the dad out of the house.
  9. Cool Automobile? no car or vehicle. sorry.
  10. Sunglasses? yeah I think the bassist has sunglasses... well I know someone does.
Submitted by: Martin
Tyger Wolph's, "Demon Of The Night"
  1. Babes? Samantha Fox
  2. Poofy Hair? Curly Long Dark Brown Hair
  3. Torn Clothing? Pants and Red sweater
  4. Cheesy Keyboards? Casio C125
  5. At Least One Change of Clothing? Blue Jeans and a T-shirt and some others
  6. Stage Effects? Flames all around it with devil like creatures running and walking around
  7. Wild Instrumental solo? Black Esp Guitar MH-100 for solid black
  8. Storyline? None
  9. Cool Automobile? Chevy Corvette
  10. Sunglasses? fire in the lens part and lightning shooting above me
Submitted by: Ryan Duniven
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