Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with A

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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A&S One-Day sale (new york)
God, these were irritating.. two sexy women's voices advertising this midtown shopping center's annual "one day sale." Both women would speak in low voices, overlapping each other.
A&W Rootbeer
A & W Root beers got that "frosty mug taste . . ."
A-1 Steak Sauce
This one aired around '83-'84. A family's sitting around the dinner table eating burgers, and this blonde-haired kid who looks to be about twelve gets a nauseated look on his face, and blurts out, "Mom!!! Uncle Barney's putting A-1 Steak Sauce on his HAMBURGER!" Uncle Barney then counters, "my dear nephew: what IS hamburger, chopped up ham? NO! It is chopped STEAK! And what tastes better on steak than A-1? Here, have a bite!" The kid then tastes it, and Uncle Barney continues, "A-1's blend of spices combine with the meat's natural juices to make a hamburger a steakburger!" The rest of the family follows suit in pouring A-1 on their burgers. The father tastes his and replies, "this is good!" The mother adds, "yeah, it's really juicy and tasty!" The blonde kid then says, "that's because it's a steakburger," to which Uncle Barney warns, "hey! Your UNCLE's steakburger!" The family breaks up, and the voiceover man says, "A-1 Steak Sauce. It makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers." A little whitebread (I personally prefer some of A-1's early '90s' ads), but appropriate for the early '80s.
A-Team action figures
"You can pretend that you're Hannibal, Murdoch or Face, or even B.A. Barrackus, each one is an ace! Each is sold seperately with rifle and gear, when there's trouble to face you know the A-Team's here!"
A-Team figures
(They're the A-Team) You know they're soldiers of forture (They're the A-Team) Helping people in need. You can pretend that you're Hannibal, Murdoch or Face, or even B A Barachus; you know each one is an ace. Each is sold separately with rifle and gear. If there's trouble to face, you know the A-Team's here (They're the A-Team).
A.1. Steak Sauce
(Waiter) Peter, do we ever cover steak with ketchup? (Peter shakes head for a NO answer) Hamburger is steak, chopped steak, so we use... (Peter) A.1. steak sauce. (Waiter) It makes hamburgers taste like... (Peter) Steakburgers! (Announcer) Don't cover it, discover it with A.1.
Two people comparing their wash. "I can't tell the difference, can you tell the difference. No, I can't tell the difference, can you tell the difference. Why pay more. ABC."
AC Delco Spark Plugs
The camera pans in on a honkey-tonk bar, we hear country music, all is calm, and then there is a HUGE crash inside the bar and the sound of raised voices, angry shouts, and then door to the bar bursts open and a man comes running out for his life. He leaps into his truck and turns the key and....and the commercial goes into a pitch for how reliable AC Delco spark plugs are and how they're your brand for when you need them in a pinch. The commercial concludes as the man's truck instantly starts and he peels out of the bar's driveway, just as an angry mob of men with pool cues in their hands shoves through the door, looking angrily after the truck as its driver--presumably someone smart enough to use AC Delco sparkplugs--hurries off to enjoy life and limb in safety. I loved that comemercial!
A little girl with bouncing blonde curls says 'A-L-L spells ALL'. I only remember this because I went to day care with the little girl (in Washington) and she had a separate room for nap time because she was a 'star'.
The laundry detergent. A little boy has a puppy. All I remember is that the boy was 'teaching the dog how to spell' his line was "I'm teaching Abecrombie how to spell... A-L-L"
ATT distance bill
It started off with a Black american couple in their 50's or 60's the wife received a phone bill. The husband asked her if their son called he was a way in college. The wife was crying, the husband asked did he say how he was doing " yes" did say how much he missed us "yes" and she still crying then the husband says did say how well he is doing in school. Then the husbands says All those things are wonderful, then what on earth are you crying for. then the wife says have you seen our Long Distance bill. and the husband starts choking.
Absorbine, Jr.
Aired around '82/'83...It showed a waitress and bowler from the ankle down. The bowler was getting ready to roll the ball down the alley, and all of a sudden began hopping up and down on his foot like a idiot, because his other foot had an itch! The waitress spilled her trays of food for the same reason...all along, there was a song playing which went: "ditch the itch, itch, itch, ditch the itch, itch, itch, with Absor-BINE Junior!" Hilarious!
Adirondack Soft Drinks
A man in a white suit and top hat dances and sings and a montage of cola being poured is shown while this jingle plays: Great-tasting soft drinks at the price that is right You won't believe! You won't believe the taste, you won't believe the price. Say Adirondack When you say it you're saying great taste Say Adirondack You're not the kind who has money to waste, no no. Great-tasting soft drinks at the price that is right. Say Adirondack.
Adopt A Pet PSA
This ad started to air about 1985-1987. It's sort of like a "what animals are thinking when people adopt" A cat saying "I've found a new friend" and an older dog saying "On behalf of all of us." The jingle went something like this. "Adopt from your local humane society, sweeheart don't be hesitating, cause a new friend is waiting for you. Dog: Howdy do!"
This had a man who had a headache and the woman takes him to the Doctor and the doctor prescribes to take Advil, and says it works better. The man goes "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" with a voice of a drink.
Aero Bar
This is a Canadian chocolate bar which is just milk chocolate full of little bubbles (full of nothing). The commercial had three scenes of kids disregarding figures in authority saying "Hey kids, what are you doing?", and the kids brandishig Aero bars and shouting "Nothing, nothing!"
Aero Chocolate Bars
"What are you doing?" "Nothing! Nothing!"
Aero Chocolate bars
I think the commercial was to help us all realize that a MILK-chocolate Aero bar is easier to handle than plain old milk. It shows someone tossing an Aero bar onto thier breakfast cereal. Then it shows someone pouring milk into their purse. Cracked me up every time!
Afrin nasal spray
I remember several spots. In the first one men and women are standing in line waiting for the bus to arrive wearing suits and skirts for work. A man is standing on his head with a bottle of nasal spray next to him. Someone he knows walks up behind him in line and they exchange hellos. then the other man opens his briefcase and gets out his bottle of afrin and sprays it up his nose. At the end everyone is on the bus and it is pulling away except for the man standing on his head. Another one shwed a man using an ordinary nasal spray then tieing his dog to the bottom of a jungle gym. Then he climbs up the jungle gym and then hangs upside down. Kids are playing all around him. At the end we see his dog get lose and run off with the man shouting the dogs name and saying come back. A third one showed two women arriving with their daughters for a soccer game. Aftr their kids head over to their team the two women open up their purses and take out a ordinary nasal spray. They use it and then they stand on their heads. A third woman arrives with her daughter. After her daughter heads over to the team she reaches in her purse and pulls out her afrin and uses it. Then she sits down at the end of the bleachers to watch the game. The ad ends with the game ending and the girls comming over to their moms as the two women turn right side up again. The last one I remember showed tennage girls and their moms with their noses all cloged up. It showed a whole street of homes. In all the homes the teenage girls and their moms are getting ready for bed. The teens and their moms all use and ordinary nasal spray except for one house. Then it hows the teens and their mom in the house where they used afrin all in their beds. In the other houses the girls are in their closets and the mothers are in their closets hanging upside down as they all say goodnight to eachother and the lights go out.
After Eight Dinner Mints
A 30ish strikingly beautiful single woman is at a chic party and an extremely handsome but likeable fellow turns around. It's Skip Flannagan, her still-single high school boyfriend. The pair seem to fall in love again with the announcer saying something like, "Things just seem to be better with After Eight Dinner Mints."
Agree Shampoo
"Turn it up the volume with Agree", a very cool new wave jingle from the mid-80s!
AirCal airlines
From the long-defunct AirCal airline, I still remember two commercials. The first was with a convict arrested and getting his one phone call, chose to call the AirCal 800 number, to the great surprise of the desk sergeant. Then the narrator piped in abou the great customer service on last-minute flights, and the convict said, "AirCal? Hello there, I'd like your next flight out of town." And the desk sergeant said "Nice try, buddy, take him away." The second one was about AirCal flying to many other countries, and was a series of shorts showing people stereotypically dressed in garish festival costumes of the destination saying phrases in their native languages, always ending with the word "AirCal" with "Welcome to ______" subtitles as "translations." There was a Hawaiian woman in a hula skit and lei, a Parisian mime artist, German beer drinkers in Leiderhosen, and an English Royal guardsman...the last phrase being a mere "Ahem, Jolly ole England AirCal."
Airwick Stick-Ups
The commercial for this freshening disc involved a man in prison saying "This is a good place for a Stick-Up".
Ajax Dishwashing Liquid
A chef at a restaurant (played by the late Eugene Roche) shows a busboy that Ajax cleans dishes "as spotless as possible".
I just remember the tagline: Oooh Alberto, you do have style! (spoken in a french accent with rolling r's.)
Alberto Styling Gel
Whoah, this commercial EPITOMIZED the strange hairstyle epidemic that was prominent in the 1980s. This spot, which aired in late 1986, featured a hair stylist surrounded by women with strange hair styles. The commercial showed various women using Alberto Styling Products, which had fabulous hold and made styles look great. The women had really SCARY hair styles, and the dorky guy, possibly Alberto, just had to be gay. My best friend and I were watching this ad on my Christmas video two years ago, and we were cracking up!
Alberto VO5 Hot Oil
There is a woman with long, messy hair, then the slogan,"Don't be so mean to your hair, get hot" is sung.
Alka Selzer
You work to hard, you ate too much, the cheesecake made you greedy. but your aching head and stomach ache, this message form old SPEEDY!! ALKA SELZER, PLOP PLOP FIZZ FIZZ. Oh what a relief it is. PLOP PLOP FIZZ FIZZ. oh what a relief it is. watch as those alka selzer bubbles burst into action to relieve upset stomach and aching head fast, use only as directed. OH what a relief it is! WHAT A RELIEF!
Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz, Oh what a relief it is!!
Everytime stains on my favourite shirt fall! Mamma gets them out with: ALL! That's All, the stain lifter, that's all!
Almond Joy and Mounds
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't Peter Paul Almond Joy has nuts, Mounds don't because sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't.
Had the jingle that was sung to tune of the alphabet song and went like "A B C D E F G, Alpha-bits for you and me. You can spell 'Rock' you can make it 'Roll" take a swim in your milk or bounce in your bowl. A B C D E F G Alpha-bits for you and me"
I memorized this silly Alpha-Bits commerical because my brother and I thought it was so silly. I can't believe I mostly still remember it: "Take a bite, take a bite, take an Alpha-Bits bite. You can make a game out of eating...every letter in sight. A, B, C...X, Y, Z. You can chomp 'em every night. You can take a bite. Yikes! The big pig! You can get away from that pig. You can bite the word "big," to beat the pig at his gig. You can bite the words "big pig." You can take a bite. If you wanna start the day with a breakfast you can play, you can take a bite. Post Alph-Bits cereral...you can take a bite! Oooooink!"
"See What We Have Done For You"
I rembember a few of them. One showed a young woman having a good time at a party. Then she gets embarrsed and heds for the bathroom. Then She voices over how she had to leave the party with her jacket tied around her waist as you her doing this at the party. Another showed a woman and her two friend in an aerobic exercise class. After the class they are in the locker room. The one girl turns to one of her friends and says what a workout. Her friend replies ya 60 situps. I din't even make it past 20. Her friend says I didn't see you quit. The friends replies not me my pad. Her friend replies when we got to the the jumping jacks my pad bent out of shape and bunched up. The third friend hears all this and says to herself That why I use always. nother one shwed two teenage girls saying how all growing up they enjoyed runningin track then they got their periods and their pads did everything but stayed still. So they didn't participate in track in middle school for fear of what might happen. Then the one girl says she discovered a way to avoid acxcidents by using always pads. Then she rejoned unning in track. The other girl says she wanted to run again and she found a solution by buying the biggest most absorbant maxi pad her brand offered and wearing a pair of skin tights bike shorts under her leggings An announcer said which solution would you choose?
America's Diary Producers
Milk it does a body good, milk it does a body good, pass it on.
American Airlines
Before they were "something special in the air", they were "doing what we do best".
American Dental Association
Captain Cursefield on a ship, and a couple alligator pirates with southern accents jumped aboard. "Ahoy! Captain Cursefield! Hand over the tray-sure. (sees dental floss in the treasure chest) Why, this ain't no treasure!" "Wrong you are, lads!" Capt. Cursefield then goes on a bit about floss, then wraps the alligators up in it and throws them off the ship, saying "But don't go overboard!"
American Express
Dana carvey and Jon Lovitz of "Saturday Night Live" fame leave frigid New York City and head for sunny Miami for the Super Bowl. Carvey has an American Express Card, and can purchase many great suveniors, while Lovitz has a maxed-out credit card and can only buy schlocky suveniors. The thing I liked about this ad was that Carvey and Lovitz, who are former "SNL" castmates, worked together.
American Family Insurance
This disturbing but memorable ad for their "Gold Star" protection plan aired a lot on midwestern TV during the late 1980s. It showed a dark house where every room had been vandalized ("the Johnsons had an open house tonight, but the guests weren't invited") while the narrator was saying how this plan was the best protection a homeowner could have against these "uninvited guests."
Anbesol Ointment
The announcer would tell how Anbesol gets rid of sore gums, (man rubbing some on his gums), "Before you can say:" Man: "Anbesol." Situation 2: "It gets rid of teething pain." (Toddler crying) "Before you can say:" (Mother rubs some on the toddler's gums.) Toddler: "Anbesol."
The animal was a toy truck with claws that came out of its tires. The commercial featured a cartoon version of the truck climbing a mountainside, then switched to kids playing with the actual toy with the jingle "The Animal. The Animal. Nothing can stop the Animal."
Answering Machine
I remember that for some reason that one alway stuck in my head: I'm glad you called but I'm not home, you got to leave your name on the telephone You got to wait for the beep, you got to leave your name, got to leave your number You got to wait for beep....BEEEEP
Anti Drug PSA
This one was bizarre and was only on late at night. It showed a guy going in and out of a bathroom stall, saying, "I do coke so I can work longer so I can earn more so I can buy more coke" The phrase kept repeating, getting faster and faster until it was in a chipmunk voice. Finally, a voice sang, "I'm forever chasing rainbows, waiting for the little bluebird to fly." I'd love to see that one again!
Anti Drugs PSA
I remember it was a Concerned Children's Advertisers PSA and it showed a body bag on a strecher and the voice over (I think) was: "This year alone...over 2 million people died from taking crack. Think about it." Then the big exclamation point would come on and it would say A Message from Concerned Children's Adverstisers. I remember the voice sounded suspicously like Demi Moore.
Anti- Drug PSA's
I remember two of these.... one of them shows this guy running and sweating and a little kid voice-overs :"When i grow up, i want to be a track star" then the camera zooms out and you can see he's being chased by cops and an older male voice chimes in "Nobody ever says 'i want to be a junkie when i grow up'" The other one is pretty much the same thing but it shows this girl dancing and the young voice says 'when i grow up... i want to be a ballet dancer' then the camera pans back and she falls...
Anti-Drug Commercial
it shows this guy in a bath robe taking a hit of coke in a bathroom in some rehab place. When he walks out he looks like shit but his brother who is visiting with his family gives him a hug anyways and while thats happening in the back ground its singing He ain't heavy, he's my brother. I haven't seen this movie since i was about 5 so i don't really expect this to be a ery accurate discription.
Anti-Drug PSA
One of the best commercials ever, released in 1987. The classic, dubbed "Fried Egg" and directed by Joe Pytka (Space Jam), they showed and egg, "This is your brain." They then cracked the egg into a pan and the announcer says, "This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?" In the 90's, another commercial was like a sequel: A teen smashes around the dishes about drugs and she says "Any questions?" at the end.
I know everyone growing up in the 80s remembered this one...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A boy is at his locker at school and this other boy offers him pot "you know, marijuana?" The boy hesitates, and the other boy quickly says, "What? Are you chicken? Bawk Bawk Bawk..." CUT to the Turtles...they say something to the audience...then but back to the boy and we see the boy say, "I'm not chicken. You're a turkey!" Then he walks away. Tell me, I'm not the only one who thought this was the corniest ever...but it sure brings back memories.
Anti-Smoking PSA
In this commercial they show all kinds of animals (cats, dogs, birds, pigs, cows, etc.) and they all have one thing in common: they all have a cigarette in their mouth! (I think this is correct, I have not seen this PSA since I was very young.) I think the point of this commercial was to show that animals look ridiculous with cigarettes in there mouths and so do we when we smoke.
Who can forget the legendary "1984" commercial for the Apple Macintosh? If you've seen it--and who hasn't?--then I don't need to describe what it is.
Apple IIC
Features Alan Greenspan in the ad. Talking about money, this by Apple Computer is sold.
Apple Jacks
"A" is for apple "J" is for jacks, Cinamon crunchy Apple Jacks. Fun to eat an appley treat! Kellogs Apple Jacks!
Apple Jacks
New Kellogg's Apple Jacks, Apple good for breakfast or snacks. Cinnamon toasty, apple tasty! A bowl a day keeps the __________ away! I can't remember what it keeps away?!!!
Apple Jacks
Apple Jacks Apple Jacks Cinnamon toasty that's what it packs? Apple tasty crunchy too. Kelllogs Apple Jackks
Armor Hotdogs
The song: "Hot dogs! Armor Hot dogs! What kind of kid likes armor Hotdogs? Big kids, little kids, kids who climb on rocks! Fat kids, skinny kids, even kids with chicken pox like hotdogs! Armor hotdogs! The dogs kids love to bite!" (fat kids, huh? Not very PC, is it!)
Army Ants
I remember the jingle for the commercial. Always thought it was a neat commercial and toy.Here it is. We are bad we are boss, we've got guts that squish and squash, Army Ants we go marching along. Over hill over dale as we hit the dusty trail, Army Ants we go marching along. For it's hi hi hee to the Ant Artillery. Shout out your orders loud and strong! "GRAB THE EGGS!!! For where we go, kids will always know, army ants we go marching along. I know that's pretty close to the lyrics though it might not be spot on.
Army Ants
This toy was out temporarily, and it showed combat-fatigue wearing ants in different positions and with different weapons. About all I can remember of the audio portion of the commercial was the saying "Grab the eggs!". I still carry that line with me, but it's obvious no one understands where I got it from. Well, you do now.
Arnold Brick Oven bread
A father and daughter sit at a table for lunchtime. Father asks daughter where his squishy bread is. Daughter claimed she switched to Brick oven bread. Brick Oven is a really firm bread, you can't play with it. It's the honest bread!
This commercial featured couples being nervous around each other and finally being confident after using Arrid XX-Dry anti-perspirant. The song in the commercial was ' Get A Little Closer, Don't Be Shy! '
Arrid Extra Dry
Get a little closer again with Arrid Extra Dry!
Arrid XX Dry Anti-perspirant
The commercial features several men and women couples getting a little closer, well not e-rated( I mean it was daytime tv, and I don't think people want to see that on tv, but they sure like to do it) but you get the idea. The theme song was ' Get A Little Closer! Don't Be Shy'
Atari 2600
"The fun is back, oh yessiree! It's the 2600 from A-ta-ri." I'm surprised that nobody here mentioned this commercial.
Atari Video Games
This debuted in movie theaters in 1983. This commercial was in the previews in a movie before a Star War movie came on. It had a guy that worked for Atari inc. trying to think of a new game to make. Then he comes up with an idea, using one of Atari's famous video games, "Yar's Revenge". The guy that worked with Atari said, "A fly.........I'll have....a mutant fly." The "mutant fly" known as Yar shows up. The guy said to him, "Hello, Yar".
Aunt Jemima's Frozen Pancake Batter
Jingle is sung: "Aunt Jemima's Frozen Pancake Batter, for Aunt Jemima's that taste just great! No measurin', no mixin', just real easy fixin', 3 minutes from package to plate."
Aussie Bear
Aussie Bear Candy: "Aussie Bear (Aussie Bear) / Aussie Bear (Aussie Bear) / The candy bear / made here in America / Aussie Bear (Aussie Bear) / Aussie Bear (Aussie Bear) / The milk chocolate treat / from Australia to America"
Look How Good You Look Now

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