Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with C

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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C-3PO's cereal (Star Wars) 1984
Interesting commercial starring C-3PO and R2-D2, they were on Tatooine and running from lazer blasts, then they proceed with their cereal commercial. It ends with C-3PO saying the ever-famous cheese ball line, "May the Force be with you. . ."
CHIPS action figures
This ad was for dolls based on the 80's cop series CHIPS. First two little boys argued over who would be Ponch and who would be Jon. Then, it showed extreme close ups of the dolls zooming down a freeway (implying that these dolls would actually be able to ride motorcycles on their own) while the irresistable jingle played... "Roaring down the highway, Danger in every trip. Action is their middle name: CHIPS!"
CLINIQUE facial bar
Christie Brinkley twinkles under a hot bath tub shower, waving CLINIQUE facial bar in her hand and quote: "Beautiful skin starts will water and CLINIQUE, nothing else..."
A cartoon burglar and dog always tried to steal Cookie Crisp cereal and the cartoon cop always caught them.
Cabbage Patch Kids
This was the song for the dolls: Cabbage Patch Kids growing in the garden, Cabbage Patch Kids growng in the sun. And the most amazing thing about a Cabbage Patch Kiddddd......Is that each one grows to be a special one!
Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal
The Cabbage Patch Kids danced around Cabbage Patch Land at breakfast time, singing "We are kids, Who love new Cabbage Patch Kids, New Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal, It's a good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good cereal. It's so yummy, tasty, fun to eat. Low in sugar, too. That's why moms and kids love Cabbage Patch Kids, so good, good, good for you. We are kids, Who love new Cabbage Patch Kids, New Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal, It's a good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good cereal." With solid advertising like that, it's hard to understand why the cereal didn't stick around longer....
Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas
Remember The Koosas? The Cabbage Patch Pets? The commercial had a jingle that went "When A Koosa`s by your side it`s like a little bit of luck so cuddle up cuddle up with a Koosa"
Cadbury Creme Eggs
'Bawk-bakaw!' 'Thanks Easter bunny!' Another Cadbury ad featured several different animals trying out for the part of Cadbury bunny. A friend of mine always found the cat going 'buk-buk-meow-buk-meow' inexplicably amusing.
I remember this commercial where there was this lady who was surrounded by all these demands of being a wife, a mother, a worker, I think a dog was barking and a vase fell down. She shouts "Calgon, take me away". I didn't really understand it at the time, but boy do I understand it now. sometimes I even shout it out myself!
I think it was also Calgon that did the famous, "Calgon, take me away" commericals?
The Calgon in the Chinese Laundromat: Woman comes in and asks how the cleaner gets her laundry so fresh. He laughs and says "Ancient Chinese Secret." The woman in the back says "We need more Calgon" and the customer says "Ancient Chinese secret huh????" and the proprieter smiles embarassingly (very cheesy)
California Raisin Board
The raisins, who had arms, legs and a face [they were clamation figures] danced to Marvin Gaye singing "I Heard It On The Grapevine."
Calvin Klein
An unknown model -- a very young Andie McDowell with a thick southern twang -- told us all about her boyfriend "Snake" and the trailer they shared.
Calvin Klein
Had Brooke Sheilds purring "Know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."
Campbell's Soup
This was back when they actually used to sing the "Mmm mmm good, mmm mmm good, that's what Campbell's soups are, mmm, mmm, good." There were a couple that I remember. In one this bear walked in growling, sat down in a chair, the chair spun around to show the Campbell's label on the back, and the bear turned into a man and his son ran in shouting, "Daddy!" And the tag line was something like, "If you're feeling growly, a hot bowl of Campbell's soup may be just what you need." In another one, there was a little boy planning to run away, and his grandfather stopped him.
Campbell's Soup Jingle
Remembering this commercial from the late 80's is definitely a time in nostalgia. "When you're in to the books and away from the crowd, the Broadway Baby just keep running around. Campbell's Soup are mm-mm good. What kind of Campbell's Kid are you? Good, good, mm, good."
Canada Dry
its not to sweet i repeat its not to sweet canada dry ginger ale its not to sweet
Canada Dry Ginger Ale
In this hilarious spot from 1984, a young (I'm talking around 30 years old, or almost 30 years old) Scott Bakula sings and dances to the praises of "Canada Dry" Ginger Ale. At the beginning he says to an old lady in a sparkly dress: "The taste really gets ya going!" Then he starts singing: "I'm going back, to Canada Dry! (He's going back, to Canada Dry!)" Scott dances around, while singing this crazy song. At the end, he takes a swig from the bottle. The slogan was "Go back to Canada Dry." I saw this on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" in February, and poor Scott Bakula was embarrassed about it, and his wife was cracking up in the crowd, and he said that she always laughs when he dances. What a funny thought!
Canada dry ginger ale
I'm making my move, to Canada Dry. So long to sweet drinks.....she's ready to try...a soft drnk thats light. Ginger ale crisp and light (something else?). I'm making my move to ginger ale so dry, she's making her move and dry is why I'm making my move....to Canada Dry.
Canada dry ginger ale
The tag line was "you don't have to be sweet to be good". I think there were only two variations of this commercial. Both were against a black background. One commercial featured Grace Jones all sweaty drinking a ginger ale and turning to the camera and saying "you don't have to be sweet to be good". One commercial was the Philidelphia Flyers goalie Ron Hextall humming along as he's stopping a slow motion barrage of pucks being shot at him. When the pucks stop he flips up the goalie mask, takes a drink of Canada Dry and says "you don't have to be sweet to be good". FYI: Ron Hextall was the Conn Smythe award for being the MVP in the 1987 playoffs, despite being a member of the loosing team and was also known for his quick temper. Up to that point Grace Jones had played ruthless and physically tough characters in the movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger was quoted as saying (source unknown) that Grace was "too tough" during the filming of "Conan The Destroyer".
Canoe cologne
"C - Come on over. A - Alone. N - Now. Oh. Eeee. Can you canoe?" They played this on MTV all the time around '87.
Capri Sun
Nice little sunny jingle... "Lemonade, apple, orange and new grape, in a take along pouch, new Capri Sun"
Capri Sun
"Theres only one, Capri Sun, it's great tasting fun when you punch open one"
Captain Power XT-7 Jet
Great advertisement for a show that flopped after a few episodes. Your TV would start as snow and "Captain Power" would break in with a "message from the future" to the year 1987 advertising the XT-7 Power Jet as the "key to saving the future." Then they would show a kid with the jet firing simulated lasers at the TV, and the TV firing simulated lasers back that would make the jet top pop off.
This commercial was awesome because there was a guy and everything in his house was stretched out. The song played during the commecial was "Stretch it out, out, out... Caramello."
I was just in the middle of a Caramello when I found gold
"Stretch it out... Caramello.... Streeeeeeeeetch it out... Caramello" accompanied by close-up shots of people breaking apart the middle of a Caramello and the oh so rich caramel stretching..
Stretch it out out out out , Streeeetch it out out out Caramello.
Caramello (sp?)
I remember the commerical where the guy lays on his couch and I guess it was a long day at work or something. So he's laying there and he gets out the roll of Carmellos and puts one in his mouth and as he is doing this on the tv there is a man painting and he goes up a ladder and as the caramello streches so does the area where the guy is working until he climbs off the ladder. I remember hearing at a group of people sing, "Caramelllooo". I think that was one of my favourites.
Care Bear Cousins
A more specific commercial focused on just some of the gang (acted out with kids and the dolls, of course). In it, the CBC's are going to have a play and Gentle Heart Lamb is afraid she'll forget the lines.
Care Bear Cousins
"Kids by the dozens love the Care Bear Cousins!" This came out after sales of the Care Bears started to slack off a little bit. Braveheart Lion lets out a mighty roar, Playful-Heart Monkey likes to play around, Gentle-Heart Lamb is very shy, Swiftheart Rabbit is a speedy sport, Lotsa-heart Elephant is very strong, Bright-Heart Raccoon is hardly ever wrong. Kids by the dozens love the Care Bear Cousins.
Carefree (gum) "Feelin' good about yourself...feelin' Care Free!"
Caress Soap
Probably the sexiest soap commercial on TV. Shows a beautiful woman getting ready for a date, first quite alluringly disrobing to ready for a shower, then softly smoothly stroking her wet skin with Caress soap, and then her date arrives ... then the slogan, "You're not fully dressed, until you Caress" ... the commercial ends just as she is dressed even more beautifully, very classy, and walking out the door with him for her date.
Carling Black Label lager
The Advert where the squirrel would run along that assault course to get to the nuts. Involves walking along tightropes, using slides and going up and down tunnels. This is one of the destinct memories i have of the 80's
Carnation Instant Breakfast
"Carnation Instant Breakfaasst. . .You're gonna love it in an instant!" This was the jingle for Carnation's Instant Breakfast shakes commercial. This commercial showed people drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes for breakfast. Towards the end of the commercial they would always show the different flavors available and then the jingle would would play.
Carnival Cruises
I saw this one every single morning when I was getting ready for elementary school. It's the one with Kathie Lee Gifford. The words might be a little off...keep in mind, I was young at the time! "If they could see me now, right on a fun ship cruise, eating fancy foods doing what you choose, I'd like my friends at home to get a good look, at the first great Carnival cruise that you took. All I can say is 'Wow!' and look at where you are, what a fun ship holy cow, they'll never believe it if my friends could see me now!"
Nothing that special, just the words of the commercial and the set-up. It went something like: Carvel. Ice Cream. Carvel, Ice Cream. We make fresh Ice Cream everyday at Carvel. America's freshest Ice Cream everyday at carvel. This one sticks in my head.
Celeste Pizza
This jingle was practically a ballad -"When Mama Celeste was a young one, waaaay back when, she made special pizzas for one, for family and friends. Ahhhbundanza, it's the pizza from Celeste" [cut from a tv-ready family ecstatically scarfing down frozen box pizza to a shot of Mama Celeste giving her blessing - "Abundanza"] "Ahhhhbundanza, it's the pizza from Celeste.
Centurians Toys
Power Extreme. Man and Machine.
Certs Breath Mints
Male voice over: Certs with retsyn. Because Singing: Fresh breath speaks for itself.
Chams de Baron
I LOVE this jingle! It's from the early 80's, during the beginning of the designer jeans trend. I guess this company was hopinf for a "designer shirt" craze. It was for a cheesy line of men's shirts and showed a sophisticated man walking into a disco, admired by all. It featured this ditty. "Get the look, get the feeling of a man in a shirt by Chams de Baron. The Chams man makes the fantasy real (Chams de Baron, Chams de Baron)" This one still goes through my head.
Chanel #5
The 80's "Share the fantasy" commercial. A man dives into a swimming pool and swims toward a woman at the other end. You see the shadow of a plane fly over. She says "I am made of blue sky and golden light and I will feel this way forever." I would love to have a copy of this commercial. Can you help?
Chanel #5
This was the one with a poolside setting. It began with an overhead view of a blonde reclining on a chaise at the shallow end of the pool on a bright sunny day. The shadow of a plane flies down the center of the pool and over her. Then a man suddenly appears at the deep end of the pool and dives in. He swims underwater to the shallow end slowly rises up the steps. He then fades away as he walks towards her. The lines of this commercial went like this: " I am made of blue sky and golden light. And I will feel this way.....forever. Share the fantasy, Chanel #5." The music from this commercial was an instrumental piece by Vangelis from his album "China" that was slightly modified. I believe it's called "The Little Fete." This commercial ran during the early 80's and was my absolute favorite.
Channel 9
King Kong on top of the Empire State Building slapping those planes with his hands, then all of a sudden the screen zooms in on his face and he says, "Happy birthday Channel 9!"
Channel Six News, Phila region.
A family is videotaping their vacation in Philadelphia, and every time they stop near a recognizable landmark, a Channel Six News van passes by, and the videotaping husband says, "There's that news van again." So funny...
Charmin Toilet Paper used to have a series of commercials with little kids stuffing their clothes with Charmin. The idea was that Charmin is so soft and fluffy that you can use it for padding. One example was this little girl that kept falling off the end of the slide and bumping her behind. So she goes back home and stuffs her pants with Charmin (which probably took a whole 12 pack) and went back down the slide with charmin cushioning her fall.
"Charmkins.. Charmkins.. They love hanging around..." I hated the commercial for these little plastic charm dolls from Hasbro. The jingle gets stuck in my head to this day, yet I can't find anyone that remembers it.
Charms Blow Pops
There used to be an ad for charms blow pops in the early eighties that had a kid sitting on a toilet and his mom would yell through the bathroom door "What do you want for dinner?" and the kid would say "Blow Pops!" I have no idea why he was on the toilet in the ad!
Charms Blow Pops
Charms Blow Pops: Take 1. "Fruit flavored candy on the outside, bubble gum on the inside. That's a blow pop." "Cherry, grape strawberry." ::whispers:: "Sour Apple." (kid smacks himself on the head). "Watermelon." "TADA!" "That's a blow pop. That's a blow pop!." ::whispers:: "Say, from Charms." "What?" "Cut! Cut!"
Charms Blow-Pop
I just remember a commercial for these where the mom asks the kids in the beginning: "What do you want... a lollipop, or bubble-gum?" and they enthusiastically answer "BOTH!!"
I think it was the Cheer detergent commercials where that guy would dirty a shirt and then washes the spot out with Cheer right then and there... *time elapse* the shirt washed in cheer is spotless! And the other guys?? not quite..
If I remember correctly there were two cartoon kids a boy and a girl and they were in outer-space like on the moon or something and the girl was worried about aliens and her guy friend was describing to her what an alien looks like and one suddenly appears....she was like "does the alien look like that?" Well, her brother eats some cheerio's and the cheerio's go to muscles in his arm and he rips the two headed alien apart and throws him into space. It was a lame commercial but it was kind of funny at the time. :-)
It has those Peanuts characters involved in lots of sports, with poor old Charlie Brown getting tired. Linus announces "You didn't have a good breakfast like I did-a Cheerios breakfast!" The announcer says "When you fuel up with a nutritious breakfast like this one with tasty low sugar Cheerios, those O's'll help keep you on your toes!" Charlie Brown fuels up, and a chorus sings "You're on your toes...with Cheerios!"
I remember in the 80's some cheerios commercials. The song went "Toasted O Like Grandma's Sugar Not Enough" At the end kids said "WE DID IT"
You're gonna have a pow-pow-powerful good-good-feelin' with cheer-cheer-cheerios!
I remember the Cheerios spot with the animated blackboard drawings and that stick figure kid (a la Simon in the Land of Chalkboard Drawings) who was running out of energy and needed a good breakfast like Cheerios. That spot started out sometime in the late 70's.
Theme for this particular period was "You've got alot to do before lunch"
Around 1980..Does no one remember the black screen with the little white stickfigure swinging on a vine? CHEEEEEEEERIIIIOOOOOO-IIIIOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!
Scott and Joey, two little boys, who would do anything they could to get some cheese, with their catchphrase, "Cheese please!" (Not sure if it ever aired in the US, or if it was only in Canada)
This is the commercial where the song "Food! Glorious Food!" from Oliver was spoofed. "Cheese, glorious cheese! So [something] and lucious. Cheese, marvelous cheese, makes everything scrumptious. What else is so versatile? Real cheese is always a hit, its cheese, [something] cheese, versatile cheese....GLORIOUS CHEESE!!" A bit much, no?
They re-made the song "Food, Glorius Food" as "Cheese, Glorious Cheese... makes everything scrumptious..." and cheese cubes and melted cheese being poured over broccoli and other food products.
The cheetah who was always trying to snatch cheetos from other characters in the commercial and would always get the short end of the stick!!! "It ain't easy being CHEEZY!!
Chef Blends Cat Food
"Chef Blends has more flavor in one bag Chef Blends has more flavor . . . more flavor! Tasty tuna Lively liver Hearty Beef and cheese too." (I think there was a bunch of cats singing this in blues type style)
Chef Boyardee
Shark Bites Pasta. Three kids appear on the screen next to a boiling pan. The first one looks up and asks, "Sharks?", the second one turns to the pan and says, "Sharks.", then the third one sees the pan boiling over and screams at the top of his lungs, "Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarks!". Then the three kids gather together in song. I can't remember how it actually goes, but from what I heard, it goes something like, "Here comes those sharks and they're so, Hungry. They are the sharks that're made from Chef Boyardee. Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee, SHARKS!"
Chef Boyardee
The infamous song, "Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee!"
Chef Boyardee*
Also we saw in 1986 that the kids were singing "Hot Stuff".
Cherry 7-Up
Aired in late '87. A young man was walking into a 50s-type diner. Everything was Black and White except for his tie (which was pink) and the Cherry 7-Up which was being poured. Slow lyrics, sang "Isn't it a gas? Cherry 7-Up."
Cherry 7-Up
Around Summer,1988. In black and white, except for the Cherry 7-Up bottle or can, which was pink. I think one showed a group of guys cruising in a car, and the jingle was "Isn't it cool in pink?"
Cherry 7-up
Black and white set in a cafe, but the guy's shirt & the 7-up were pink. The guy in the commercial was Matt Leblanc from "Friends". The song went "Isn't it cool in pink, isn't it cool to drink. Cherry 7-up, can't get enough..."
Cherry Coke
"New Ch-ch-ch-cherry coke. Outrageous!"
Cherry Merry (or Mary) Muffin doll
There were a number of these dolls, each of which had a skirt you could flip up and turn the doll into a muffin. The song went, "Cherry Merry Muffin, she looks sweet, she cooks sweet, and smells sweet too!"
Cherry Pepsi
New Cherry Pepsi: Grab yourself a taste of the good life.
Used Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band's "Like A Rock".
The commercial around 1986 or so, the Chevrolet Heartbeat of America commerical. Listen to the Heartbeat of America !! Oh yeah ! Its the feel on the road, its the pulse on the street. City and town, magic sounds.. Its the heartbeat of America, Chevrolet, That's today's Chevrolet !! Bump bump, bump bump..
Most popular jingles from the 80s: 'Today's Chevrolet' and 'The Heartbeat of America'
Chevrolet Corsica
Here's one that I remember pretty well. Today's Chevrolet,Corsica, Going your way. About early-mid 80's in Canada.
Chewels Gum
The jingle goes Smack dab in the middle, Smack dab in the middle, Smack dab in the middle of the gum Is the secret to Chewels long lasting fun. A delicious burst of flavor where others have none. Smack dab in the middle of the gum! (Voiceover about the liquid center) Smack dab in the middle of the gum Is the secret to Chewels long lasting fun.
Chewels Sugarless Gum
The amazing gum with the liquid center! The commercial featured quick images of a almost cross sectional view of the gum and images of people smiling.I'm amazed someone else remembers the great new wavey/pop jingle, "Stuck up in the middle, middle- Stuck up in the middle middle -stuck up in the middle of the gum. Its the Secret of Chewels sugarless gum.Bite down into the middle gum! Right down into the middle of the gum!" AMAZING!
Chewels Sugarless Gum
I still sing this song to this day. "Stuck out in the middle of the gum. Is the secret to Chewels sugarles gum, gum, gum, gum." I don't know if the lyrics are right but that's how I remember it.
Chi-Chi's had this really stupid commercial where everyone in the resturant was saying: "Gimmie a Chimmie" and this guy says: "I'll have a Chimmie!" and the whole resturant stops and stares at the guy as if he said something stupid and then he turns and says "Gimmie a Chimmie" referring to the Chi-Chi's Cimmichanga. I thought it was stupid then and I think it's stupid now.
Chia Pet
Chia Pet was a tacky plant-moss clay thing. It was a little animal- I remember they had a sheep and a few others. When you bought it it was just clay, but when you watered it this little mossy plant would grow out of it. They had a little jingle in the commercial that went "Cha-cha-cha-chia! It's the pottery that grows!" During the commercial they showed clips of the chia pet growing, and they ran them so fast it looked like the plant was growing right out of the thing in like 10 seconds. The only problem is that they didnt position the Chia Pet right and it moved as they were showing the clips. Very tacky thing to buy.
Chic Jeans
This commercial started out in a classrom. The teacher was a guy with a mullet and a white suit who broke into song about jeans and did some kind of spastic dance. "Most jeans come in 27 sizes that's all! But, Chic has a jean in a size to fit you all. (we Like Chic!) Short or tall, big or small, one and all for Chic! The world's best fit!"
Chic Wide Shoes [so. cal local]
the strangest spot ever aired on los angeles tv. the visuals were nothing spectacular. just pan shots of shoes on racks. it was the jingle that made it truly.....bizarre. an off key female singer, a synthesized bass, and a dmx. the lyrics were something like, "chic wide shoes in Anaheim. chic wide shoes in Reseda..." odd.
Chic jeans
This commerical had two ladies dressed in Chic blue jeans and wearing yellow t-shirts with the Chic logo in red on front. The lady on the left did most of the talking and the right said "Me too" a few times. At the beginning of the commerical the ladies were next to each other. Then the lady on the left took a small walk while she talked. And near the end, the ladies were apart finishing talking then more of them popped up and doubled. They also showed the back of the jeans in the yellow logo on the pocket.
Chic jeans
It starts off as a lady having one leg on a chair. Then it goes up yo her showing her Chic jeans from the back. Then she says a few words, then another lady dressed like her and another shows up. Then 3 ladies showed the back of their Chic jeans and the first lady talked again. Finally their were 4 of them showing them and touching one another.
Chicken Tonight
An attempt to re-market spaghetti sauce as "chicken sauce"... The jingle was "I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight". Did it actually show people turning into chickens?
Chicken Tonight
It was a cheesy commercial for sauce to put on chicken. Everyone from small children, to wifes, and businessmen with briefcases were dancing like chickens while singing *i want some chicken tonight, some chicken tonight...chicken tonight!* Also...anyone remember that commercial "...i've fallen and i can't get up!" i think it was an old man. i wish i could remember it. i was 2 years old and i've been told i wouldn't stop repeating that line :)
Chiffon margarine
"If it looks like butter, but it's not...it's Chiffon."
Child World
Played constantly during the Thanksgiving holiday marathon of Godzilla and King Kong movies. with a bouncing sind-a-long ball... "Child World, a world of toys, great for girls, and great for boys, Child World, where prices go, so low low low low LOW."
Child World
The Child World commercial aired in the New York area in the '80's It showed children playing in the aisles and an animated bear with them. The jingle went: (Male chorus) There's no other world like Child World. It's a hap, hap, happy, happy store. With miles and miles of toys. For happy girls and boys. And much, much, much, much more! (Female chorus) There's no other world like Child World. It's nothing like you've ever seen before. Selections out of sight. Prices dynamite! It's a hap, hap, happy store! (Animated bear) Child World. The Happy Store.
The Children's Aid Society
My favorite song in the world: "They help me with my homework when I'm stuck, they help me when I'm down and out of luck...blah, blah....I'M REALLY GLAD THEY MADE THE CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY"
Chippy Chews
An alternative to Chewy Chips ahoy. Around 1985. Very catchy song Video shows the Sunshine baker man. "Who can make the sun shine. On a cloudy day. Yada yada yada yada. The baker man can. The sunshine baker man can."
Chips Ahoy cookies
The announcer would ask "Can you take a bite from a delicious chips ahoy cookie without geeting a chip?" each person would say that they could, but everytime they tried they failed, but were happy because the cookie was so delicious.
Chips Ahoy!
"Betcha bite a chip!"
Chow Daddy
I guess itwas a PSA for food in general. It was this big werewolf dancing around yelling out types of food..."SpagETTI!"..."BurgRRRS!"..."PIZZA!"...etc. And at the end he said, "Chow Daddy gets ya Roarin' ready and Hopsteady!"
The chairman of the company, Lee Iacocca pitches "If you can find a better car, buy it"
Chuck E. Cheese
The Jingle: "You can smile america with Chuck E. Cheese." This had a kinda late 60's/early 70's oldies sound.
Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre
"Happy Birthday, speech, speech! When Mom said where to go for my birthday, I said Chuck E. Cheese's where everyone can go play games or watch a show...some place where the food and fun are all there." "Hang in there Howie!" "You can smile America, with Chuck E. Cheese".
Chugger Fruit Drink
Circa 1982. This was one of the commercials that featured the jingle being done to the tune of the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't it be Nice": "Wouldn't it be nice to chug a Chugger". In the commercial, I remember a bunch of people off-roading in dune buggies on sand dunes in what appears to be the Mojave Desert. The scene in the commercial that I remember most is just as the commercial begins, we see a guy pulling a dune buggy to a stop, but he puts the right front wheel over where the dune begins to slope down, and the wheel is completely off the ground, because you can clearly see that after the dune buggy comes to a stop, that wheel continues to roll freely to a stop.
Chun King
The Voice-Over said, "Good tasting, good for you Chun King. No artificial flavors, no fillers." Then, a chorus sang: "Try Chun King for your beautiful body! Try Chun King for your beautiful taste! Try Chun King for your beautiful body! Try Chun King for your beautiful life", during the camera went back forth between Chun King dishes (chicken chow mein, stir-fry sukiyaki), and footage of people jogging on the beach, a guy hitting a tennis ball (didn't know Chun King improved your tennis game! LOL!), etc. The commercial ended with the sung line, "try Chun King for your beautiful life!" (one of the singers did a Beach Boys-like falsetto "woooo-oooo-ooooh" simultaneously with the other singers).
Chunky Bar
A "Chunky" was a trapezoidal-shaped chocolate chunk with, as I recall a fruity taste. The cartoon of a tug boat pulling a barge containing a very large Chunky was great. As the boat approaches a draw bridge, the slogan plays, "Open wide for Chunky".
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
Classroom of students, and the teacher asks "what did we learn today?" 'don't chop down cherry trees,' one kid responds, while everyone laughs. then: "my teacher told me i should never.. tell a lie." good, because... "a lie will bring you trouble, by and by" then it breaks into broadway type show tune "it's an awfull thing to do, and it's true and true and true" i forget the rest, but i know a girl belts out "NOT EVEN SMALL ONES!" you should never.... never never... tell a lie...... yeah.
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
Setting: Grandfather and grandson are fishing in a boat. Grandson: "Grandpa, yesterday Jimmy said I was "prejudiced." " Grandfather: "Er, do you know what "prejudiced" is?" "No." "Well, "prejudiced" is when you react to someone because of their religion or their culture." "But I don't do thaaat." "Who is Jimmy?" "Jimmy's one of my Jewish friends!" "Well then you are prejudiced, because you think of Jimmy as one of your Jewish friends, and not your "friend.""
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
It was one of the sharing commercials. It had three little girls playing tea party, and the mom comes in with cupcakes for two of them (Who does that, anyway? Wait for one to leave, Mom!) and one girl looks all sad. So the other two cut their cupcakes in half and each give her a half and there was happiness all around.
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
A mother tells a boy to stay in and do his homework,but he goes to the movies instead. He gets away with it, but a certain song playing in the background prompts him to break down. "I feel so dark inside, I feel like I want to cry,...it's hard to live with a lie!"
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
In this commercial, grandson and grandpa are in a canoe fishing on a lake. Grandson is moping about the boat listlessly and is obviously disturbed about something. Grandpa (who is respectable and wise in an Ed Grimley, Quaker-oats-guy sort of way) recogizes this at once and asks grandson what's wrong. "I just got in a fight with my friend Jimmy" says grandson, "He says i'm 'prejudiced'" "Well, are you prejudiced" asks grandpa. "I dont know what it means, I don't think so" says grandson. "Who is Jimmy" asks grandpa, getting to the heart of the matter. "Jimmy is my Jewish friend" replies grandson. After a thoughtful pause, grandpa wisely castigates grandson: "Well, maybe you are prejudiced. Because you think of Jimmy as your 'Jewish Friend' and not just "Your Friend"
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
This commerical starts with a teenaged girl that's looking for her necklace and she asks if anyone has seen her necklace? The dancers that are backstage all tell her no. "I feel so hurt inside, feel like I want to cry, I want to run and hide! It's hard to live with a lie. I feel just like my friends, it must be the reason why, Her-Will always said: it's hard to live with a lie!" Then there's a pre-teen kid that says: "Marry-Anne, I took your necklace, I'm really sorry!" And the other girl says: "That's okay!" The annoucer says: "If you want to be someone special, be someone who's honest!" I'm surprised that I remember the song and the catch prase.
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
A kid tells his parents a lie about where he's going and leaves the house. He starts walking, then all of a sudden a group of guys start singing this song: "If you tell one lie, it leads to another; and you tell two lies to conquer each other; then you tell three lies...oh brother... you're in trouble up to your ears. You tell four lies so folks will respect you; you tell five lies so folks won't neglect you; you tell six lies, and then you collect you - a life full of worries and fears. So you lie and lie, and then keep on tryin'; every lie you tell will be falsifyin'; and you'll be neglected, rejected, disliked, and you should; 'cause when you lie - you're closing the door on everything good." The kid goes running home to his parents scared to death and apologizes to his parents for having lied to them.
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
Remember those commercials about telling the truth...? This is when the little boy breaks Mr. Robinson's window with a baseball, and Mr. Robinson asks who did it, the boy runs away. When the boy gets home, he hears the song, "when you tell one lie, it leads to another, then you tell two lies to cover the other and so on. Then the boy runs back to Mr. Robinson and confesses. The tag line is from the Mormans, Jesus Christ of latter day saints.
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
Kids outside playing baseball....Bat---CRASH Neighbor comes out singing: "Who broke my window" (Telling the truth isn't going to be easy) "Glass- everywhere you look...Who broke my window" (Why is my stomach all nervous and queasy?) "Aah....some kids' ball.....who could the little culprit be, who threw this ball, did someone see?" (He's so mad, I'm really scared) "Aw, kids these days, they don't care" (Mr. Robertson, Mr. Robertson) "What a horrible mess" (I broke your window, with my ball) "YOU??" (And I've come to confess) "You knew I'd be angry" (YES) "Aren't you afraid?" (YES) "You'll have to pay for this mess you've made, but I'm proud of you child, for you have display...HONOR...the stuff from which heroes are made" (I TOLD THE TRUTH) "He told the truth!"
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
Another one of these commercials that I remember very well begins with three kids that are in the midst of making a pizza for an elderly gentleman who has broken his arm. The jingle is pretty catchy and goes like this: When you share a little bit or yourself, without even knowing; when you share a little bit of yourself, you'll find good feelings growing; when you share yourself with someone inside, you share yourself when your heart opens wide. When you share a little bit, without even knowing; you share yourself when you find good feelings growing. Announcer: Share something noone else can......YOURSELF!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Setting: Father shaving in bathroom... Peeps out of window. Sees garbage truck rolling by. Goes into son's bedroom, who is dead to the world. (Classic burly old generation father confronting mop-top hippie son.) "Did you take out that garbage like I asked..?" Son looks up from bed, shakes head, with eyes hardly open. (Tension building..Expecting an explosion of disproval from the dad...) Dad's face softens: "C'mon...(you)" Reaches for son to come with him. Next frame, father and son circling block, face still creamed from shaving, both with trash bags in hand. Running to stop the truck. Commercial ends with father and son having a very happy and animated (and poorly-acted) convo with baffled trashman. "The Church of Jesus Christ ... Of Latterday Saints."
Not a commercial in a sense but came on before movies. Start off showing a space type movie followed by the word Thrills. Next a flick of a man climbing up a rope then slipping followed by the word Spills. Next a graveyard shows a hand coming out the ground followed by the word Chills. Finally a man and woman cuddling with a sign that says Romance. I only remember this because the hand used to scare the crap out of me.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Gingle: Cinnamon 'n sugar, we're bakin' up a bunch, we bake home-made taste into Cinnamon..Toast Crunch!
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Three Chef (whose name ar Cinnamon, Toast, and Crunch) are going around the world trying to catch Crunch...they always sang Cinnamon, Toast..Crunch...They did a contest...never finished it an now they only show Crunch...worst commercial ever...I had so much hope as a small child and they crushed it ; )
Circus Fun
The complete Circus Fun jingle, as far as I can recall: "It's Circus Fun, right in your bowl, and you're gonna wanna come flyin' for horses and hoops, balls and bears, elephants and lions, horses and hoops, balls and bears, elephants and lions"
Circus Fun Cereal
The commercial was in claymation and it was a rign master of a circus and he held up his red hoop and sang "bears, hoops, balls and lions...it's circus fun it's circus fun!" the box was black. and the background of the commercial was too.
Bones and it's Citracal.
The Clapper
Clarks Hardware
These were introduced sometime around the early 80s when I was about seven. I remember they had a computer keyboard style tread underneath and a "heartbeat flash". They originally came in navy with yellow trim and grey with white (I had a pair of these). The advert centres around the story of a boy playing computer games in his bedroom whilst wearing these shoes (how lucky was he that he had them on at the time). He was asked by this face on the screen if he "really wanted to play" and then was told "now we'll see who is boss". Of course the aliens trying to take over the world (how original) had not counted on the fact that the boy was wearing these Hardware shoes that supposedly had their own forcefield. Later bradnds of hardware came along with trainers and even wellingtons. The coolest ones though were the pair I had that used to glow in the dark. Can't find a clip of the ad anywhere though! They were pretty cool (from the point of view of a ten year old back then)!
Clarks Magic Key Shoes
This commercial showed a brand of kid's shoes that was supposed to be special.It shows a little girl being given a map and the voiceover telling us quietly that she is going into a cave and the girl opens up a chest with a magic key to find some magic shoes.They were brilliant shoes and even I had a pair with a Key button on the bottom!!!
The Claw
Sadly I don't remember that much of this one. It was a toy truck called "The Claw" All I remember is "Mess with the Claw and the Claw gets FIERCE!"
Shows a brother and a sister at school. Shows the brother in the boys locker room putting on his tube socks. When he puts one on his big toe comes out a hole at the bottom of them. Some of the kids notice and laugh. He looks embarrased and quickly puts his shoe on. Then in the girls locker room it shows his sister putting on a pair of slouch socks when she puts the first one on her big toe also comes out the bottom as some of the girls notice and laugh and she quickly puts on her shoes.
Shows a soccer team practicing in their purple shirts, shorts, and knee socks. Shows one of the moms washing the teams clothes. Shows as the season goes the team practicing and playing games as the colr in their uniforms start to fade. Shows the end of the sesaon team photo with their uniforms having faded from a dark purple to a very light faded purple color. Shows a new mom washimng the teams clothes the next season and how purple the uniforms are in the team photo.
The children are wearing white clothes and there is a very cool song! A part of it go like this "Momma's got the magic of Clorox2"
Shows two moms buying white slouch socks for their kids. Shows the kids getting the socks dirty. Then one mom washes the clothes with clorox while the other mom uses an ordinary detergent. Shows this cycle repeate itself as the next few months go by. Then it shows the two moms talking as gynastics class ends. The kids come over to put on their socks and shoes. The one mom notices how white the other mos kids are and says got some new socks. The mom says no we've had these for months. The other mom looks at her kids socks which are a dirty white color.
Clorox 2
A woman gasps as an open bottle of Clorox 2 falls into a basket of colored clothes and splatters all over them. Then a woman sings this song "Spill it, splatter it, doesn't matter, it's liquid clorox 2. Keeps colors pretty and whites bright too. Liquid Clorox 2!"
Clorox Bleach
I loved the Clorox commerical that had a kid on it and he sang a song, this is how it went "2 dirty socks of my, of me, lets wash them out with Clorox bleach, this dirty sock, we'll take it home and wash it with detergent alone, she look at these socks see what you mean, there is only one way to get them Clorox Clean". I use to sing it all the time growing up.
Clorox II
The very first Clorox II commercial Where the kids are all in white and on scooters, where two girls one white one black are on a merry go round and where a young girl is running through a sprinkler. I would love to have a copy of this commercial as my daughter is one of the children.
Close Up
I don't recall the exact scenery, but I recall the jingle vividly: "Come a little closer baby smile for me, I've got a close up smile for you I've got a close up smile"
Close Up Toothpaste
Want Love? Get Close Up?
Club Med
I remeber getting ready for school in the morning to this: We are going to Club Med baby, Club Med you do it to me, Fun, Fun baby, Fun, Fun I wanna go. Playing in the sun, yes we're having fun, Playing in the sun, yes we're having fun on a Club Med Vacation, not your imagination. Clowns, Trapeze, Hanging from your knees, you did it, you made it, can't believe you ate it on a Club Med Vacation!
This commercial has a lady wearing a blue shirt button shirt with white teeshirt underneath and blue jeans and a bandana on her head. She sits down on the chair tired her kids want to play. Then she showers then they have a pillow fight.
i really loved the Coast Soap Tv ad " Coast, the scent opens your eyes, Coast lathers, Sprits start to rise, Coast is the way to make you feel alive.. Feel alive with Coast.
My favorite Coast commercial back in 1988 was the cartoon where "Do Not Disturb" was hung on the door. Joe's brother ripped papers apart when he says "Sorry Joe". Joe took his Coast with. Singer voiceover says "gotta go". The robe was stuck in the closed doorway until Joe falls out of the window and onto the geyser of fire hydrant. When he's ready for school, Joe yell out "yo bros!" The students yell "Hey Joe" at Joe. Feel alive with Coast!
Coca Cola
Okay, everyone. Repeat after Max: "C-c-catch the wave! Coke!"
Coca Cola
Used "I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing" Most popular for a coke commercial.
Coca Cola
"Have a Coke and a Smile" if you would have collected this phrase from underneath of bottle caps in the mid 80's, you would have won some type of prize.
Coca Cola
Coca Cola...you can't make your cola heavy duty.
Coca Cola
Back before Gatorade, Michael Jordan was a spokesman for Coke. One of his last commercials for them had a kid in a tree house wanting a Coke. I think he calls out to his mother who asks an off camera "Michael" to get it for him. (I could be way off on this.) Then Jordan recreates one of his more famous 80s slam dunk contest dunks with the six pack of Coke replacing the ball and the tree house floor replacing the basketball.
Coca Cola (Coke Is It!)
1983. Showed kids and adults on a bus going to a small diner. All were drinking Coke with their meal. Went: Coke Is It! The biggest taste you've ever found. Coke Is It! The one that never lets you down. Coke Is It! The most refreshing taste around. Coooke Iiiissss Iiiiiittt! Coke Is It! Shown on the screen at the end of the commercial is: Coke Is It! -Coke Adds Life
Coca Cola (New Coke)
"Bill Cosby Here for New Coke" aired in 1985. Still the best commercial around.
Coca Puffs Cereal
In the commercialit was a cartoon of a boy and a girl who chased around a bird trying to get it to eat Cocoa Puffs. The jingle in the background was "Puff, puff Cocoa Puffs, chocolate tasting Cocoa Puffs. Munchy crunchy chocolatey!" The bird would always say "I'm coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs!"
Have a Coke and a smile. Makes you feel good. Makes you feel nice. So refreshing and light Have a coke and a smile. That's the way it should be and I'd like to see the whole world smiling with me Coca-Cola adds life Have a Coke and a Smile!
This may have been Pepsi.Anyway this ad showed a coke and pepsi machine transforming into Robots and fighting
I liked that Coca-Cola commercial back in 1966 with Freddy Cannon where this guy says; HERE'S MY MAN FREDDY CANNON. Another one of my favorites along with that Heinz Great American Soup commercial with tap dancer Ann Miller.
Red, White, and You! About 1987/88. It's supposed to be a knock off of the American flag, Red, White, and Blue. Actually they were refering to the Canadian flag and the drinker "Red White (the flag) and you" going for the patriotism thing. Worked for both Canada and USA.
It's a part of your life...can't beat the feeling!
Coca-Cola Classic
Red, White, and You! About 1987/88. It's supposed to be a knock off of the American flag, Red, White, and Blue.
Coca-Cola Classic
Robert Plant, formerly of Led Zeppelin, was in this ad, a parody of his video for the song "Tall Cool One". He sings the song, but this time the leggy blonde back-up singer hands him a tall cool...Coke.
Coca-Cola Classic
"Can't beat it. The feeling you get from a Coca-Cola Classic. Can't beat the feeling. Can't beat the real thing."
Coca-Cola Commercials
Doo-Wop Group on an inner city "stoop" singing coke adds life to everything that makes your live nice. Black teenagers singing. Blak girls and grandma and the tenament building steps Coca-Cola Commercials
Cocoa Krispies
An animated commercial featuring a bunch of kids and monkeys playing in a river in a jungle, and everything had a slight brown tint to it. All the while, a tropical-sounding song went: "The taste of real Hershey's cocoa, can easily, make your whole wide world more chocolatey..."
Cocoa Krispies cereal
"Let Cocoa Krispies fill your spoon, and soon you'll be gazing at a cocoa moon. Sitting under a chocolate palm tree, by the cocoa sea." There was some other stuff before that but I can't remember it all.
Cocoa Wheats
"Cocoa wheats, coca wheats, can't be beat! It's the creamy hot cereal with the cocoa treat! To be big and strong, have lots of fun, eat cocoa wheats everyone!"
It was in 1985, and would show different clips of events, people, relationships, and the song sort of went like this (slow) "A kiss, a glass, it is hot it is cool, a smile a ______. its breaking a rule. It's just how feel when you know its for real. Its a kiss, its a _____, its a coke, coke is it."
The sun will always shine, the birds will always sing, as long as there is Coke there's always the real thing. 'Cause Coca-Cola Classic is always the one. As long as there is fun, there's always Coca-Cola.
...Coke is it, the most refreshing way to make the most of every day, and wherever you go and whatever you do there is something there waiting for me and you; Coke is it the biggest taste you've ever found Coke is it the one that never lets you down Coke is it Coke is IT! (or something like that)
Coke is it! The most refreshing way...to make the most of every day...Oh it's good and for real, and there's so much to feel, oh it's part of the fun, oh it's number one. Coke is it! The greatest taste in Canada. Coke is it - The one who's always number one - Coke is it -The greatest taste in Ca-na-da. Coke is it-Coke is it!
Featured an animated electronic character named Max Headroom (who later had a short lived T.V. show). C-C-C-Catch the wave, Coooooooooke.
I know this song because I have a sound clip downloaded on my computer. It's a soul-sounding song. "It's just how you feel...when you know its for real. It's a hit, it's a coke, COKE IS IT! It is needed in you, it's a sign, it's a role. The taste is true, more than ever before. It's the secret to share, it's taking you there. It's a kick, it's a hit, it's a coke, COKE IS IT!"
Remember the slogan "Coke is it!" the was this guy who pours the coke from the bottle horizontally into the woman's glass.
Have a coke and a smile, makes me feel good, so refreshing. Makes me feel nice. Have a Coke and a smile. It's the way it should be and I'd like to see the whole world smiling with me. Have a Coke and a smile...Have a coke and a (pop the can) smile.
I Remember The Whole Coke Is It Song. You're heading where it's fresh and green, To see a world you never seen, There are new friends to make, there are new things to do, and there's something big waiting for you...for you... COKE IS IT! The biggest taste you've ever found! COKE IS IT! The one that never let's you down! COKE IS IT! The most refreshing taste around! COKE IS IT...COKE IS IT!
A COKE commercial in about 1988 with Robin Beck's song "First time".
I clearly remember a very moving Coke ad featuring children of many different nationalities. It started with one girl singing, then many more children joined in. The song went like this: Am the future of the world I am the hope of my nation I am tomorrow's people I am the new inspiration (At this point all the other young people began to enter, united by the Coca Cola they carried in their hands.) And we've got a song to sing to you We've got a message to bring to you Please let there be for you and for me A tomorrow ( tomorrow) If we all can agree there'll be sweet harmony Tomorrow (tomorrow) And we all will be there, Coca Cola to share Feeling so real and so true Promise us tomorrow And we'll build a better world for you."
Who could forget the Coke a Cola Christmas commercial? Carolers singing in the snow. It went something like this...."I like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony, I'd like to buy the world a coke, to keep them company, that's the song I sing.."
"Even moms and dads agree what makes it good is MFP."
Colgate Pump (children's toothpaste)
"we love, the Colgate Pump, we want, the Colgate Pump, We got, the Colgate Pump, She's got, the Colgate Pump... Even moms and dads agree, what makes it good is MFP! (maximum fluoride protection) Something something minty gel, protects your teeth as yooouuuuu, can, tell--we love the Colgate pump, we want, the Colgate Pump....etc..."
Colgate Pump Tooth Paste
We love the colgate pump, he loves the colgate pump, she loves the colgate pump. Even moms and dads agree. What makes it good is MFP (Maximum Floride Protection.) It's a pump with minty jell. Minty taste that you can tell We love the colgate pump, he loves the colgate pump, she loves the colgate pump. Now that's a commercial that I remember pretty well.
Colgate toothpaste (the pump for kids)
Kids marching and chanting to music "Brushing teeth is so much fun, now it tastes like bubble gum! We love the Colgate pump, we love the Colgate pump."
The College of Automation
(guy singing) "I'm through flippin' burgers and fryin' fries. I'm getting it together cuz I realize....that to be a success takes determination. That's why I enrolled in the College of Automation!"
Columbian Coffee
These commercials had Juan Valdez and his donkey appearing in everyday places and when people saw him it reminded them of the label on the lid of the Columbian Coffee cans. At the end of the commercial Juan and his donkey would be shown one last time and then they would fade and it would just be the outline that is shown on the lid. While they were fading, the announcer would say: "100% Columbian Coffee, the richest coffee in the world."
Connect Four
On the second Connect Four entry, there's a little bit more. AFter Sis shows him that she has won "there, diagonally," Brother flips open the bottom of the game rack letting the pieces crash onto the table top, saying, with obvious irritation, "Pret-ty sneaky, Sis."
Connect Four
"One, two, three, four, One, two, three, four. One, Two-Three-Four. Connect Four!!! It's for [something], It's for [something]. It's for [something], It's for [something]. Connect Four!!!"
Connect Four
"Go for it Red, go for it Black, go for it - get off my back! - Connect Four!"
Connect Four
Milton Bradley game I think. All I remember is that a brother and sister are playing Connect Four. The sister inserts a winning piece and says "I Won!".... The brother: "Where?"... Sister: "Here...... diagonally!"
Connect Four
"Got three in a row, go for one more. Go for it. Connect Four!"
Connect Four
A brother and sister are playing Connect Four and the brother thinks he's going to win, then the sister make a cool move and the brother says, "Pretty tricky, sis."
These were always my favorite toys. The theme song went something like "Construx - You build! The power... To Build!" and so on.
Control Data Institute
Famous for being the most boring commercial in the world. At the end of the long ad, the boring guy picks up the phone and says, "Control Data Institute. You future is only a phone call away."
Cookie Crisp Cereal
A song "It's Chip the Dog and Cookie Crook Cookie Crisp is what they took Little Cookies you can't resist Let's all have more Cookie Crisp! Coooookie Crisp Cooooookie Crisp All across the country now. Everyone is doing the Cookie Crisp howl."
Cookie Crisp Cereal
To the tune of Jingle Bells "Cookie Crook & Chip On a 1 dog open sliegh Over the hills they go Laughing all the way Bell's on Cop's house ring "They aren't very bright But being since it's Christmas I will give them some tonight. Oh Cookie Crisp Cookie Crisp..."
Cookie Crisp Cereal
Remember the Cookie Crisp ad campain? The Cookie Crook and Chip the dog are trying to steal the Cookie Crisp cereal and Chip lets out a mighty howl.... "COOOOOOOKIE CRISP!" Annoying but effective. :)
Cookie Crisp Cereal
"If you like cookies.... You'll love Cookie Crisp!" With the cookie crook always trying to get his hands on the cereal.
Cool Mint Listerine
The Cool Mint Listerine is swinging on a rope in the jungle and that song "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora is playing. Maybe this was the early nineties, but I know I played a prank on one of my friends in middle school that involved tying a tiny bottle of Cool Mint Listerine to a her porch light with a Tarzan-like rope.
Cool Whip
People gather around in a house and are singing "Fresh" by Kool and the Gang, but are singing it about Cool Whip.
Cooper Tires
Cooper Tires makes a world look and feel good.
Remember The Coors BeerWolf? There were even huge plastic statues of him used as store displays.You could push a button on the display and hear him talk
Coors Light
"Coors...the silver bullet!"
Coors Light
It's the right beer now.
It went something like "you can do it in your room, but you better lock your door, cuz once you do it once, your gonna wanna do it more....size doesnt mater...BUST-A-NUT BUST-A-NUT.... and then it showed cornuts.... great commercial
Cornell Cooking Ware
My mom actually had these when I was in pre-school. In this commercial, which I remember from 1986, they show the clear cooking ware with a metal pot in it. At a temperature of 350 degrees, the metal pot melts in the Cornell. The commercial aired around the holidays, and told the viewer that this was the perfect gift. Yeah, to a four year old, this is just SO understandable! Interesting commercial.
In 1984. The Commercial was for the 85th Anniversary Edition. And the Announcer says: For a Limited Time, Kelloggs Cornflakes is giving us this 85 Anniversary Edition.
Kellogg's Cornflakes, The Original and Best.
Corning Wear Visionware
This was a great product-testing commercial from late 1986. In the commercial, the testing is done to see if a small metal pot could hold up to Corning Visionware. The metal pot, which is boiled in the Corning Visionware Pot, melts, and it shows corn on the cob being cooked in a Visionware pot. The music is really cool during it, kind of soft, and the announcer is a man. The end of the commercial reminds you that Corning Visionware makes a great gift for the holidays, and plugs the slogan "Look for the blue cornflower." My mom got Visionware in 1986, and we still have several of the small bowls. They really do hold up.
Cover Girl
jingle to Easy, Breezy, Cover Girl lyrics
Cracker Jack
[sing it!] What do you call a kid who can skate like that? You call that kid a Cracker Jack...What do you call a kid who can dive like that? You call that kid a Cracker Jack...When you're really good, they call you Cracker Jack.
Cracker Jacks
Jingle: Cracker Jack is popcorn, inside you'll find more inside Cracker Jack, a surprize, filled with lots of fun, Cracker Jack is fun to have, fun to surprize!
Cracker Jacks
When you're feeling good, you're Cracker Jack.
Cracker Jacks
What about the older (early 60s) Cracker Jack jingle? It started out, "What do you get when you gotta have something, and it's gotta be sweet..." and it ended with, "Candy-coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize, that's what you get with Cracker Jack." Does anyone know the full song?
Whaddaya call a kid who can dive like THAT? Ya call that kid a CRACKERJACK! And whaddaya call a kid who can skate like THAT? Ya call that kida a CRACKERJACK! And what do you call a snack with a secret toy surprise in the pack... Peanuts and popcorn! That make your lips smack!~ Caramel-coated Crackerjack. -Already mentioned but here's the whole song
Crane bathroom fixtures
"Let her have all the Crane time she needs" As if using the bathroom porcelain is that theraputic!
Crave Cat Food
Circa 1982-83. This is an animated commercial in which we see a cat daydreaming about chicken, milk, and tuna as we hear a young lady sing its jingle: "My kitty kat craves chicken, my kitty kat craves milk, my kitty kat craves tuna; so my kitty kat craves Crave, yeah, my kitty kat craves Crave."
Crayola Activity Fun Center
A really young kid uses his Crayola Activity Fun Center to draw a picture of an outdoors scene, all the while asking his dog questions about some previous time, then coming to the conclusion that "You're too young to remember."
Crayola Markers
Fat or thin, fat or thin, just what shape are your markers in? Crayola makes em fat, Crayola make em thin, one does the shape and the other fills it in. Crayola marker box, all yellow and green, it's got magic colours that your dog has never seen "Well, I've never seen that before?" Crayola marker boxes all over the town. It's got magic colours all around town. Fat or thin, fat or thin, just what shape are your markers in? Just what shape are your markers in? "YUP!
Crazy Eddie
"His prices are insane" Actor Jerry Carroll would frantically intone on the commercials....Or was Eddie Antar out of business by the 1980's ?
Creepy Crawlers
They'd show all these boys sticking the little glue, multi-color bugs on things then the dad would lift his paper and have them on his glasses and sceam, then the sister would look in the mirror and they'd be there and scream, etc.
Series of animated commercials featuring the Crest team fighting the Cavity Creeps. "We make holes in teeth!"
Crest Flavored Toothpaste
Circa 1988. The commercial's jingle was done to the tune of "The Name Game": "Berry, berry, blueberry; banana, banana, blueberry...". The commercial opened with an overhead shot of a record player playing a 45 rpm record with a label bearing the Crest logo. Throughout the commercial, there are different kids singing different parts of the jingle.
"Hi, I'm Cricket--and welcome to my world! Let's be friends, we'll DO things together.... we'll have a great old time!" This very expensive and life-like doll was supposed to be your best bud forever, sorta like My Buddy and Kid Sister, only more magical (ha!), like Teddy Ruxpin. And the commercial ends with "Let's be friends, just you and I--I'll be talkin' to ya!"
Cricket Doll
This commercial aired in late 1986, around the time Cricket came about. Cricket would walk down a path and talk to the viewer. Then the commercial shows Cricket in action, talking with her tapes and girls playing with her. I think I speak for all girls my age who were probably convinced that Cricket actually walked and moved her arms and legs. Of course, the end of the commercial said "Cricket does not actually walk," most likely fell on deaf ears. Now, we all know better, but Cricket was still fun and provided me with many hours of enjoyment for several years.
Instead of butter or margarine, use butter flavored Crisco.
Crispy Critters
I though I would fill you in on the reset of the Crispy Critters jingle. "My name is crispy, how do ya do? New crispy critter's cerials' entierly new. It's undubidibly?" and then the kid tries to pronounce indubidubly, but it comes out "In-du-ba-ly! Delicious." The rest goes the way you already have on your webpage.
Crispy Critters Cereal
I remember the commercial with the puppet and the incredibly catchy song. The puppet was a parody of Jimmy Durante with a big red nose. Heh, I'm humming it right now..."Indubitably....Indubitably!...Delicious!!
Crispy Critters Cereal
I cannot believe I still remember the song! It was a peach colored puppet playing the piano in a barber shop hat. He sang,"Its Crispy Critters, a good wholesome bunch. A low sugar cereal, with lots of CEEERUNCH!!! Its indubadably(sp?)?..." Kids yell,"INDUBADBLY!!!" Puppet finishes, "DELICIOUS." A really catchy tune. Sometimes I still hum it.
Crispy Crunch
A guy starts to eat a Crispy Crunch and tells his friends that he will be back in 5 minutes. Then he goes into his Crispy Crunch dream world and starts to sing: "When I bite into a Crispy Crunch I'm off to a world of taste: a crispy crunchity, chocolaty, muchity, peanut-buttery place. A place where nothing else matters, and chocolate covers the ground, and just when you think you're in paradise you've got butterscotch melting around! Crispy crunchity, chocolaty, muchity, wonderful kind of fun! And I've still got 2 minutes left, so I'm not coming back 'til I'm done!" The song was pretty catchy, and I still sing it to myself .. especially when I eat Crisy Crunch bars :)
Crispy Crunch Chocolate Bar
A guy is abducted by aliens, having his walkman suspended in a beam of light, and the aliens wanted to know what music was. He gave them a Crispy Crunch bar, and the aliens smiled. The slogan was "Crispy Crunch: Music to your mouth". (Crispy Crunch was only sold in Canada- it was made by Neilson Dairy)
Crispy Crunch or CRUNCH chocolate bars
Nice looking girl in a school girls uniforum,with crimped hair, with a candy bar .... what year was it brought out, and who is she ?
Crispy Wheats and Raisins
Remember this jingle? There's never been a crisp (crisp) like this (this). It's Crispy (crispy) Wheats and Raisins
There are these two kids playing this game so intensely while in the backround the music plays: "CROSSFIRE! you'll get caught up in the....CROSSFIRE!!"
Crystal Light
Set at a swimming pool, bunch of poeople swimming and diving, one woman in one piece bathing suit says "Hard to believe there's only 5 calories a glass" -moment later she dives into pool from high diving board -nice. Then there's the usual jingle "I believe in Crystal Light cause I believe in me!"
Crystal Light
"I believe in Crystal Light, 'cause I believe in ME!"
Crystal Light
It was a commercial around the late 80's, took place at a poolside, the jingle went: I Believe in Crystal Light 'cause I believe in ME!

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