Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with W

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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There goes that Eyewitness News van again!
WANG Corp. TV commercial ( apache gunship with the word WANG on its nose sneaks up behind unsuspecting pencil-neck sitting in his office! )
WCBS 2 NY-Burger King
Was aired in December '86. Used for plugging in New Chicken Tenders, and the sign said "Availible only in NJ, NY, and CT".
1984 jingle about a news station building itself to be Detroits OWN: "Today's a new day, it's happening in Detroit, you're feeling O.K, we're with you DETROIT, No holding Back now, on the right track now, Stand up and tell 'em you're from Detroit. We built it better right here in DETROIT, workin together, right here in Detroit, We're at the heart of it SEVEN's a Part of it stand up and tell em you're from DETROIT. You've got the Spirit, tell, 'em you're from DetroitC'mon Let's hear it tell 'em you're from DETROIT, we're a team that's Home town there's NO TOWN like MOTOWN, Stand up and tell 'em you're from Detroit. Tell' em you're from Detroit" (the vid showed people having fun and living i Detroit. Apparently this works because when I took a leave and was living down south, there ain't no one gonna mess with ya, when you tell em you're from DETROIT!!!!
"There goes that news van again!"
Wacky Packages
This went like this: All-New Wacky Packages! Based on the 1970's version, this is All-New! Includes Muggies, Beak, Everdeady, Velaphants, and more! Pick up All-New Wacky Packages Today!
Waffle O's
Please send me pictures of Waffle O' Bill.
The waffle cowboy (he was a waffle) chasing after the blue berrys. He had a lasso, and he was saying "I'm gonna round up them critters!" It was a cartoon commercial.
Breakfast cereal with a cartoon cowboy, Waffelo Bill, and a talking horse. Eventually they introduced blueberry style. Waffle-o Bill sang "Get along little blueberry critters, git along".
Wagon Wheels
They were a chocolate covered cookie with marshmallow inside. Wagon Wheels, wheels you've gotta have wheels.
Walgreens Drugstores
Walgreens had the commercials in the mid-1980's with the smiling and talking computers ("Intercom") over a map of the United States that beamed back and forth to each other signing the praises of how prescriptions were on file at ALL Walgreens Drugstores. Then at the end, an announcer said "Walgreens... Your Intercom Pharmacy" and the word "Intercom" printed on the screen in a dot-matrix type maneuver.
Walt Disney World
Remember the cast of The Cosby Show in this T.V. spot? They sang this: It's a zip-a-dee-do-da-zip-a-dee-day!
Walt Disney World
It's a zip-a-dee-do-dah-zip-a-dee-day!
War Amps Play Safe Program

I remember this comercial vividly. It's about a robot names "Astar" and he plays around dangerous things in city of Danger. He comes across a machine and it cuts his arm off. Astar puts his arm back on and he says: "I am Astar. A robot. I can put my arm back on. You can't so play safe."

They're still airing that commercial on TV in Canada. I don't have a clue if those that are in the States ever saw this one but it just scared me so much that it encouraged me to not to play in the streets. It was about 1984 that this commercial aired.

"Weebils wobble but they don't fall down."
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.
Weight Watchers Fudge Bar
A woman eats a whole Weight Watchers fudge bar in front of a boy (probably the woman's son) and gives him the popsicle stick. The announcer then says "It's the ice cream bar for grown-ups"
Welch's Juice Drinks
"Welch's quelches your thirst".
The commercial for crispy chicken nuggets, a song sung to the tune of Kool & The Gang's "Celebration". It Went: There's a party going on right here Wendy's crispy nuggets-they're new and here this year so bring you're good friends and your family, too Wendy's got crispy nuggets for you come on now (Crispy nuggets) let's all celebrate and have a good time.
I think it was Wendy's, that had the old ladies in a line, and they kept saying "Step aside", "Step Aside?" "Step Aside!" in reference to having to wait to have your burger fixed at other restaurants.
It takes place in Germany somewhere during the World War 2 era. They're having a kind of fashion show and there's only one big-boned German model who keeps wearing the same dress every time she comes out and then the narrator-a guy-says "Having no choice is no fun" and then he goes on to talk about how many different thing you can get on a Wendy's burger and it shows all those things (lettuce, tomatoes, onions) and a Wendy's burger and at the end it shows the Wendy's logo and below it it says "Choose fresh, choose Wendy's". It aired sometime in '85.
I've Been Waiting On The Heat Rack, In this commercial we see a bunch of hamburgers that have been waiting to be bought and they start to sing: "I've been waiting on the heat rack, all the live-long day. I've been waiting on the heat rack just to pass the time away." It's a fresh quarter pound burger cooked to perfection and topped anyway you want. Then the burgers continue to sing: "I've been waiting on the heat rack. That's fresh, that's class, That's Wendy's!"
1985. Russian Fashion Show. Overweight women in drab gray one piece outfits stroll down a runway. A heavyset female announcer announces the next model in a Russian accent: "Next up--swimvear. Very nice." "Next up--eveningvear. Very nice." It was so unusual and so funny. The ad was promoting that Wendy's burgers are not like the competition, unlike the models in this ad.
What was the character's name that asked "Where's the Beef?"
This was around 1985-86...Wendy's rolled their burgers back to 99 cents and did some sort of silent movie type commercial, with an antiquated caption that kept reading 99 CENTS (perhaps subliminal, who knows). Another steal of a deal
"Where's the beef?"
(Ca. '86) It was when Kool and the Gang sang "Fresh" talking about Wendy's, and played with no changed lyrics (I think it was Wendy's).
Wet N Wild Water Park Prudholmes Landing.
I remember Wet N Wild's advertising very well. It had all kinds of people riding down the water slides and a male V/O singing Wet N Wild water park and then another male V/O announces where the park is. Of course Wet N Wild Ontario closed sometime ago because it couldn't compete with Splash Works at Canada's Wonderland.
Wet Ones
Aired 1980. The setting is a carnival. "In every little messy face and hands, there's a beautiful child".
Really catchy jingle from the 80's, went like.. "Whatever it is Whatever it was What's it's name? Whatchamacallit"
Two guys driving in a pickup with one of them eating a chocolate bar. The other says "What cha eatin?" "Whatchamallit". "What do you call it?" "Whatchamacallit."
The song was "Chewity, Choclatey, Crunchity Flavor Whatchamacallit ahh ahh" Now that was a fine jingle
The chocolate bar, the jingle went,"Sugary, chocolaty, munchy, crunchy...doo dah, skina mirink...mmm, what a mouthful! It's Whatchamacallit...ahh..ahhh.."
The original commercial I remember was someone doing a Lou Costello impersonation and asking for a Whatchamacallit at the counter. It ran like an old Abbott and Costello routine, and ended with him saying, "I musta been a baaaaad boy."
Wheat Thins
"Thin and square, and light as air. Wheat things--for you snackers!" The slogan: "For you snackers!" Nabisco (ping). Hey, remember that?
Gingle: CTMmon in, have a seat, (ch ch ch ughh) weTMre gonna show what the big boys eat. Name is Wheaties, crunchy wheat, now you know what the big boys eat. Hello milk cTMmon in, jump in berry have a swim (shows clip of Darryl Strawberry sliding into base). Wheaties, Wheaties crunchy wheat, now go tell your mama what the big boys eat.
I still remember that old "Wheaties" jingle so well. "Go tell your mama, now, what the big boys eat?"
Wild Life Cards
This was a commercial shown in the mid to late eighties on Nickelodeon and I also believe USA. At that time, from what I recall, USA was aimed at a more younger audience than it is today. Anyways, this commercial featured some kid dressed in safari clothes opening up his Wild Life Card kit and reading facts about different exotic animals. Parents could call a 1-800 number to order these cards. I remember the kid pulling out the platypus card and saying, "The duck billed platypus has feet like a duck but its furry."
Wildlife Treasury cards
the Wildlife Treasury cards.... I saw this commercial about 200,000 times. Some little kid was talking about his Wildlife Treasury cards he got in the mail. I remember the last line: "This monkey holds up his long nose when he eats. And the duck-billed platypus has feet like a duck, but it's furry! They're all in my Wildlife Treasury!!!" The kid was WAY too excited about it.
Windsong perfume
High upon a balcony, a woman with long windswept hair and a flowing dress looks down rapturously at her suitor and he longingly returns her gaze. As this oh-so romantic scene unfolds, I believe a guitar plays and a male voice sings "I Can't Seem to Forget You, Your Windsong Stays on My Mind."
People are shown dirtying their clothes, then people shake their fingers at them and sing "Tsk, tsk, tsk! Wisk Wisk Wisk!"
Wisk Detergent
This ad started in the late 60s but lasted almost until the end of the 80s. It would usually show a group of people standing around having a coversation or something to that effect, then zoom close to a person's collar, covered with dirt, sweat, etc. The rest of the group would then taunt the victim: "Ring around the collar! Ring around the collar!" (sung to the tune of Ring Around the Rosy"). Effective advertising, but high on the annoyance scale.
Wisk Detergent: Christmas Theme
I saw this commercial around the same time as the Campbell Soup sequence mentioned earlier: Christmas 1988. I can't every little detail, but I remember most of it like yesterday. "On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...12 muddy mittens, 11 messy napkins, 10 sweaty stockings, 9 dirty dishrags, 8 legs of dancing, 7 took some skis, 6 brought it in...5 brotherlies, 4 of folding shirts, 3 French jeans, 2 of turtle mess, and 1 wisk for the laundry." This was one of my favorite commercials upon growing up and I beseeched to see it again; it would bring back the fondest childhood memories.
Wittnauer watches
Two rich women dressed in furs are sitting in a Mercedes convertible waiting for their husbands. The one woman states all of the nice things that the other received for her bithday (the fur coat, diamonds.) It ends with the woman stating that she would have preferred a Wittnauer. It was a really pretentious commercial!
Wonder Bread
"Just a little slice of America, Wonder Bread, Just a little taste of America, Wonder Bread. Wondeeerr Bread"
Shows a man and woman palnning a date. Woman says she will wear her little black dress. Shows woman putting on dress and noticing that the dress is no longer black but has faded to gray. Man arrives and notices but pretends not to notice.
No Shrinking, Stretching, Fading.
A woman is seen walking down the street in a white short sleeved sweater. As she walks toward camera, we hear this jingle..."You'll look better in a sweater washed in Woolite. Washing in Woolite makes your sweaters look alive!" A swxy whistle ends the song.
Wrigley Freedent
"Freedent Gum Won't Stick To Most Dental Work"
Wrigley's Double Mint
There were two identical twin women in green swimsuits, mini green beach wraps and beige straw hats walking by the pool side of the hotel in California.They were chewing Wrigley's Double Mint gum. They went past two identical twin men who were checking them out. Suddenly the women's hats blew off by the wind. The men caught them and next thing you know were couples, double couples that is! The theme song goes like this: A double pleasure's waiting for you. A double pleasure from double mint gum. A double great feeling making you realize double mint is the one for you. Double fresh. Double smooth. Double delicious to chew. A double pleasure's waiting for you. A double pleasure's waiting for you. A double pleasure's waiting for you.
Wrigley's Doublemint Gum
(1986)--Two identical twin women in green t-shirts and white shorts with blonde hair stroll on a pier past two identical twin men. The men pop gum into their mouths, and two dolphins hit two white and green balls up to the men, who then give the balls to the women. The catchy jingle: "A Double pleasure is waiting for you/A double pleasure is waiting for you/Double fresh feeling/Helps you realize/Double pleasure is the one for you/A Double Pleasure is waiting for you...(Double Mint Gum)." SLOGAN: Double your pleasure.
Wrigley's Freedent Gum
Freedent's the one that won't stick to your gums.
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum is Pure Chewing Satisfacton.
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
(Aired in 1986)--A young man in a marine uniform is suiting up in his crisp white uniform. He pops a piece of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum into his mouth, nods to the mirror (Camera), then does this PERFECT pivot in his shiny white shoes. He flashes his cheesy grin to the camera as well as a thumbs-up, then strolls out of the room. There is a girl in a gorgeous red car watching the marines (obviously the main focus's love interest). The camera then goes back to showing the marines saluting. Our friend, the goofy-smiling marine, smiles as he salutes, and a shot of his feet reveals his "happy feet." JINGLE: That clean fresh taste of spearmint/Puts a sparkle in your eye...a spring in your step...confidence for you/It's that little lift/Wrigley's Spearmint Gum/Get that little lift/Go on and get you some/The clean, fresh taste Wrigley's Spearmint's got/That little look that means alot/It's that Little Lift, in Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. SLOGAN: Get that little lift. This is ad is PRETTY cheesy, but's it's very creative. I analyzed it for an paper I wrote about television commercials for my media writing class last fall, and it was pretty funny.
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
"It's that little lift of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum/Gets that little lift/C'mon and get me some." SLOGAN: Get the little lift.
Wrigleys Spearmint gum
A male cashier at a quick mart and a woman are getting ready to close the store and the boy asks the girl if she wants a peice of WRIGLEY's Spearmint Gum, and the cash register scanner starts talking. "Wrigley's Spearmint? What is Wrigley's Spearmint?" Girl replies "Well...it's pure chewing satisfaction" Computer responds "Please Register....scans.....OOO it's cool and refreshing (scanner shows old digi pic of a person diving in a pool) chewing enjoyment goes on and on(has number counters spinning on register) Guy responds "Total..." Computer responds "WRIGLEY's SPEARMINT IS Pure CHEWING Satisfaction" boy and girl are wowed and girl responds "everyone outt CHECK THIS OUT!!!!" I beleive this was in 1986
The Wrinkles were Stuffed Dog puppets. You could Put your hand in a slot in the back of their head and move their mouths. The Jingle on the TV ad went like this "Oh please don`t pick up Wrinkles I`m telling you right now, cause If you pick up Wrinkles you`ll never put em` down. Wrinkles are so cuddly they love to play all day and if you ask them questions they have so much to say:I`m Dog-Tired....Yawwwwwnnn every Wrinkle`s different no two are quite the same" And the rest had something about the name sewn into their ear or something like that and there was also a second commercial that had an announcer saying "I`d like to introduce Wrinkles"or something to that effect and then he says "Speak Wrinkles Speak" the Wrinkles dog says"okay we can be happy or sad or bashful and we love to cuddle"and then the announcer says"sooner or later everyone will have Wrinkles.....uh....the loveable Kind"
Wyler's Drink Mixes
It had the theme with a doo-wopping 70's type. And the lemon with the word "Wyler's" flew up. At the end, the chorus sings "Drink it up!".

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