Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with H

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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It aired in '85. There's this one black chick at the beginning singing the theme, "HBO, Shine!" on a rooftop in a city somewhere at night and then a bunch of people start coming out and dancing and all the while a few people are putting together a lighted HBO logo sign using yellow and white light bulbs that you don't see until the end then at the end the camera backs up so where you can see the dancers and the sign.
HEINTZ ketchup
This maybe a commercial from the 1970's but I recall it carrying over into the early 80's Heintz ketchup had an ad that shows how SLOW the ketchup flows from the glass bottle ( as a close up ) with the audio over ( song ) "Anticipation; its making its way" Sounded similar to Carole King Very memorable advertizement
You can feel good, good about hood...
HP sauce
Started out with a cow standing in a field and all of a sudden he starts singing, "Can you imagine how much I love you? Moo moo moo moo..." Then they cut to a scene of the Sauce and the announcer talks about how good it is. Then we cut back to the cow and is says, "Thank you, you're beautiful." I remember this commercial mainly because it was one of the first commercials where I saw an animal talk or sing, using CGI.
The Hair Club For Men
Remember those commericals for the Hair Club For Men? The one that featured a man in his early 40s swimming in a swimming pool with his new growth of hair and his wife/girlfriend says: "I can't even tell it from his real hair" to the tune of the Cowsill's song "Hair!" There's a man at the end who says: "I'm not only the Hair Club president but I'm also a client." That's the commerical that haunts me to this very day.
"When you care enough to send the very best"
Hallmark Cards
It shows a mother and a girl, showing how much she's grown. The woman sings the jingle: Years go by so quickly, now you're grown and on your own, but you'll always be my little girl, to walk from home, so I'm sending you this Hallmark, and I hope that you will see, what I'm really giving you is a part of me.
Halls cough tablets
"Halls Vapor Action penetrates deep to make your stuffy nose feel clearer, while Halls soothes your throat and helps your cough."
Hamm's Beer
Land of Sky Blue waters...Hamm's the beer refreshing, Hamm's the beer refreshing, Haaaaaaam's!" With the animated Hamm's bear bouncing from lake to lake on a map of Minnesota.
The Inspector 12 ads. Inspector 12 was an older, very stern lady who'd inspect the Hanes underwear, stamp them "inspected by 12" and say, "They don't say Hanes until I say they say Hanes!"
The guy is pulling price tags from suits to point out that Hanes has the lowest prices
Hanker for a Hunck of Cheese
On Saturday mornings, there was a public serfice announcement about eating healthy snacks. A yellow guy (Timer) in a big cowboy hat, with spindly legs talked about nutrition. When he was week, his skinny legs wobbled; he suggested carrot wheels and juice-ice cubes or peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast. He started the piece with "Howdy, it's time for Timer"

He was first debuted in a afterschool special about the innerworkings of the human body. "On some weekend when its raining and your mother is complaining cause your hanging around just tiddling your thumbs" "Tell your mom that you've been itching to do something in the kitchen and oh yes the mess will be a minumum" "And the thing that's going to please her is that you make it in the freezer and nothing could be easier to fix." "Now just watch while I go through it. All you really need to do it is some kind of juice and just a few toothpicks" "Now all you need is some juice and ice cube tray. pour the juice in the tray and cover it with a plastic wrap. carefully place the toothpicks through the plastic and in a few hours stacks of snacks." "Don't wait until it rains before you try this healthy trick. You'll have a fun time having sunshine on a stick" I remember it so well cause me and my mom did it.

Hanker for a Hunka Cheese
"When my ten-gallon hat's feelin' five-gallons flat, I hanker for a hunka cheese." "When my get-up-and-go has gone up and went, I hanker for a hunka cheese." It had this skinny guy with a huge cowboy hat and boots with spurs kind of walkin along. Another time he says "...or when I'm feeling a little weak in the knees..." and his knees wobble all around. It's very funny. It was always on during Saturday morning cartoons.
Are you ready for some real food?.....Hardee's!
Hardee's Rise 'N Shine Breakfast Biscuits
This Hardee's commercial aired in the summer of 1983, and it concerned their then-new Rise 'N Shine Breakfast Biscuits (sausage, bacon, ham and/or eggs between two biscuits). The song went, "you're gonna love 'em when ya GOT 'em! You're gonna WANT 'em when you don't! Har-dee's Rise 'N Shine Breakfast Biscuits, gonna love 'em when you got 'em, gonna want 'em when you don't." One of several catchy (and unjustly forgotten) Hardee's jingles of the '80s. Classic!
Hardee's--Turkey Club (Tackle A Turkey)
This Hardee's commercial aired around 1984-85, and if featured this jingle about their then-new Turkey Club sandwich: "C'mon and tackle a turkey, a Hardee's Turkey Club/ Turkey, lettuce and mayonaise on nat-u-ral grain bun! It's a big-sized portion of turkey breast/a whole lotta turkey to say the least/Lettuce, tomato and mayonaise/and sizzling bacon as a centerpiece! So c'mon to Hardee's and get yourself something exciting for lunch/C'mon on and tackle a turkey, the brand new Har-dee's TURKEY CLUB!" I remember two Hardee's commercials that used this jingle--one showed close-ups of the sandwich and its' ingredients while the jingle was sung, and another showed a couple inside a Hardee's asking the counterboy to recommend something. The counterboy, employees and customers in the Hardee's then break out into the "Tackle A Turkey" song, choir style! Classic!
It's Christmas, and a little boy comes downstairs. He sees these little pound puppies and pound purries. This was Christmas 1987 when Hardees advertised the stuffed pound puppies. The slogan was "Were Out to Win You Over".
A husband, wife, and 2 kids are looking into a box, then they get this weird look on their faces. The announcer starts advertising the Hardees chicken sticks. Then, when the family has the chicken sticks, they display a more satisfied look on their faces. Is it just me, or does that red-haired boy look a little like Seth Green in the face? circa 1987.
Hawaiian Punch
Bunch of bored kids sitting around when the little Hawaiian guy appears and says "How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?" After which he punches someone and drinks some of the punch himself.
Hawaiian Punch
This was a beautiful jingle by Hawaiian Punch: "Sailing away, go Hawaiian! Risin' away, Hawaiian Punch sail away! Nothing tastes like Hawaiian Punch. You only have to taste it once. Taste of a place ooh far, far away. Come on and go Hawaiian, Hawaiian Punch.
Hawaiian Punch
There were kids and this big giant red face glass guy (the hawaiian punch guy) sitting on the steps in a city and some woman comes by. The hawaiian punch guy goes WANT A PUNCH? ANd he punches her and everything is all hawaiian punchy....i remember a tag line was something like "Want a punch? A HAWAIIAN PUNCH!"
He Man
"Who's the big guy with the muscles?" "That's He-Man: the most powerful man in the universe!" HE-MAN.... HE-MAN...
He-man & Masters of the Universe İMan-E-Faces
Masters of the Universe evil İSkeletor figure prys around the Castle Greyskull playset, trying to get in. Advertisement is for a face-transforming action figure called "Man-E-Faces" - who has 3 different heads you can spin around. Kid narration: Skeletor doesn't know that İMan-E-Faces is a super-strong man, and a robot. Man-E-Faces peers thru the castle window (robot face) looking out. Skeletor: "That's TWO castle guards!" Kid narrator: And his monster face makes 3! "Oh no, we're outnumbered!!" Because of this very commercial, I always thought this character WAS these three creatures (person/robot/beast). He changed to a monster, he became human again, etc. The cartoon later suggested that he simply made different faces for deceptive purposes. I like the commercial's multiple-identity translation better.
Head & Shoulders
This commercial was mocked even at the time it came out. A man and his overconfident friend are walking down the street. The first man says to his friend, "I have a date tomorrow night, and I don't know what to do about my dandruff." The friend says, "Here, use what I use," and hands over the bottle. The first guy goes, "But you don't have flakes." The confident man slaps the other guy on the head playfully and says, "EXACTAMUNDO!"
Head Shampoo-Organic Shampoo, L.A. Area Mktg
People lathering up their hair while voice sings,"Head shampoo is squeezy, so clean and easy, the natural thing to use... ... I know my hairs would rather have organic lather so I wash them off with Head shampoo!! Kind of a crooner, corny tune, but oh so memorable!
Heath Toffee Crunch Bars
Where Do You Hide To Have Your Heath? Showed poeple in closets, teachers under desks etc.
Hefty Cinch Sak Garbage Bags
This commercial shows a split screen of one woman each split, a total of two women in this ad. One woman in one split said "Why buy Bargain Bags that are so wimpy?" (Squeaky Voices) "Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy". The other woman in the other split says "While you should use Hefty Cinch Sak Garbage Bags" (Macho Man Voice) "Hefty Hefty Cinch Sak".
Hefty bags
A macho voice would chant: Hefty Hefty Cinch Sak! The other brand would have squeaky voices chanting: Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!
Heiney Winery
A fictional winery that played on the word Z"heiney" ... it was very popular & funny during th 80's? Thnaks, phil Cole
Heinz Gravy
This commercial was just and old man and his wife. He is eating his dinner and an announcer is saying that Heinz gravy is so good that it's just like you would make it. And the old man laughs and say "oh yeah - where are the lumps?". His wife gives him a dirty look and he says "oh my!"
Heinz Great American Soup
I remember Ann Miller in that commercial so well. She was tap dancing on top of a soup can. One of my all time favorites.
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
Everyone remembers the guy holding the bottle of ketchup on the top of a tall building, and running downstairs to order a hot dog just in time for the ketchup to land on it. It got shown on talk shows in the mid 90's so we could all go "Oh my god! The guy from Friends,and I remember that ad!"
"Bring out the Hellmann's and bring out the best".
The cowboy overlooking the valley eating a Hershey bar.
(Circa 1983)Kids dancing, including breakdaning, in an apartment building. Very catchy tune, my favorite in fact: Hershey, Hershey, Hershey (Oo so fun fun) Hershey, Hershey, Hershey: Pure milk chocolate fun. Pure milk cho-co-late, delicious and smooth, (ah, if you don't believe it, I'll prove it to you) When you take a bite,(take a bite,Oo you'll see I'm right) Hershey, Hershey, Hershey (Oo so fun fun) Hershey, Hershey, Hershey Pure milk chocolate fun! That's not it exactly, but close. It's absolutely one of my all time favorites. I sing it to my kids frequently. Thanks for your time.
I remember Wile E Coyote in an Ad for Hershey Bars.The Jingle went:Hershey`s,one of the All Time Greats
"Hershey is... the great American chocolate bar!"
Hershey Syrup
The commercial featured a cute little boy named "Messy Marvin" making chocolate milk. He looked just like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" and was known for making a mess.
"H-H-H-Hershey's...chocolate bar...One of the all time greats!"
Hershey's Chocolate Milk
A blank white screen was shown - and the narrator said, "Have you ever wondered where chocolate milk comes from?. . .A chocolate cow?" and a claymation chocolate-brown cow appeared on the screen. "By a chocolate stream, in a chocolate field, on a chocolate farm?" as each mentioned thing appeared in the picture. The cow mooed and the narrator said, "Nope." And then the new screen was a chocolate milk carton and something like, "It comes from Hershey's, the chocolate people." A little door appeared on the carton and a little guy looked out and said, "The chocolate milk people too."
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
I remember this one commercial in which they would show one kid playing at a time. When the mother would ask the kid if he/she wanted milk, the child would comply, but when the mother mentioned Hershey's syrup, the kids would make a B-Line towards the house. Sounds like me.
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
I'll never, as long as I live, forget Messy Marvin flooding his bedroom, wrecking his house, but never spilling a drop of his Hershey's chocolate milk
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
the jingle: "New cabbage patch kid cereal, the crispy crunchy cabbage patch kid cereal. it's crunchy tasty good to eat, low in sugar too. each smilin' cabbage patch kid has a crispy taste that's good good good for you. new cabbage patch kid cereal, the crispy crunchy cabbage patch kid cereal"
Hershey's Whatchamacallit
No Way, Whatchamacallit? YEA BONES!
Hersheys candy bars
I just remember the jingle, possibly taking place inside of a chocolate factory: H-E-R-S-H-E-Y, its pure milk chocolate with nothin inside, can ya handle it can ya handle it?
Featured Alyssa Milano in one of her earlier rolls with a bunch of kids dancing in the street: "Hi-C (hi-c), it tastes so wonderfully (wonderfully), and all that vitamin C, shooby-do-waaaahhh, you're gonna love Hi-C!"
The 1st Hi-C cmmercial I saw in the 80's went like this: "They call it the box, drink box. They put it in a box" "B-b-b-b Box!" "Hi-C, the Hi-C drink box," "You take the straw off the rear," "And you put it in here" (Oo-ahhh) "They call it the box, drink box. The Hi-C drink box, whoa-Whoa!!" The next version added a line after the straw part: "You'll get a great taste, great taste! From the Hi-C drink box!" Really fun ads to sing!
There's a bunch of very excited kids and a "hot" young teen who is their Hero, leading them in song... he looks suspiciously like Val Kilmer. They all dance as Kilmer sings something like, "Who put the straw in my Hi-C fruit drink, a new cool straw that wriggles and bends? Who put the straw in my Hi-C fruit drink, with Vitamin C for me and my friends? Who was that man, I'd like to shake his hand, he made my Hi-C cooler than before!" (Yeah)
1987 Kids getting out of school. Something something when the clock strikes three. I can touch it taste it I'm finally free. When it's my time my time up to me. HiC Hic when its up to me"
Hi-C Drink Box
"It's the box, the box, the Hi-C drink box, you take the straw off the rear and you stick it in here"
Hi-Pro Dog Food
These teenagers or early 20-somethings, roller-skating down the street, a dog running with them, and they are taking turns singing the lines, the tune is to that song the armed forces sing when marching, "I don't know but I've been told...." tune. "My dog's healthy and it shows, cause he's got the Hi-Pro glow! Healthy, the Hi-Pro glow, energy, the Hi-Pro glow!"
Highland Appliance
A regional chain of appliance stores in the Midwest, Highland spent serious money on doing really high-quality TV commercials. Best of all time featured a crew of Russian submariners surfacing at a Highland. Captain tells the salesman "We require big savings, please, you're welcome." After being dazzled by a stereo's 50 watts per channel, one of the sailors tries to hit on a woman shopping by saying "50 watts per channel, babycakes." An absolute classic!
Hill's Department Store
Around Christmas time in the mid-80's, Hill's ran an annoyingly catchy add that featured elves singing the jingle: Hill's is where the toys are!"
Hills Department Stores
This commercial ran almost every christmas time and it went: "According to legend, little folks know: Hills is where the toys are!"
Hire's Root Beer
Hire's Root Beer This commercial aired in the late 80's. It was a real catchy tune it went something like - "Hire's is creamy and luscious, a flavor so good it's a smash... Hire's truly the taste will convince you to put on a luscious creamy mustache, this is your year for a Hire's mustache!" and then a guy would come on afterward and say "And Sugar-Free Hire's will look great on you!"
Hires Root Beer
The jingle(an old-fashioned sounding tune)went like this: "Hires great taste is a luscious, creamy new taste.... And that's just as plain as the foam on your face!"
Hires rootbeer
Featured an elderly man fishing at the end of the dock with his can of rootbeer as someone sang "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" in the background, adding the verse, "I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay, drinkin' Hires."
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn is a better place to be!
Holly Hobby Oven
My sister had one. Classic cheap toy with a light bulb as the heat source. The jingle went, "When you're planning a party with good things to eat, you can use your Holly Hobby oven to bake lots of treats."
Home Pride
The kids are finally out for the evening-husband and wife give each other a knowing look. Then it's off to the kitchen to make sandwiches with Home Pride bread! The following ditty plays as you see the loaf's baking process "Home Pride, butter top wheat, with the goodness of whole grain, and honey so sweet. And just before they bake it, the best is yet to come; they split it down themiddle, and pour the butter on." Just as the parents are done with their sandwiches, and getting ready for some post-prandial necking, in come the kids with "Mom! Dad! We're home!" I always admiredthe subtle way the ad implied that the bread was more enticing than sex - at least between husband and wife.
Homemade Brand Ice Cream
Circa summer 1982, this commercial was a treasure trove of sentimental images that harkened back to the turn of the last century, and after the camera panned past a child's tree swing, and a red and white checked table cloth spread on the ground for a picnic, the camera focused in to show a half gallon of "UDF Homemade Brand Ice Cream" and all the while a lady with this calm, soft, lulling voice sang a jingle that went, "I remember home made ice cream...I remember the taste back then...UDF makes Homemade Brand Supreme ice cream that takes you back AGAIN..." I was really little and I'd always hear that song just before my noontime naptime and it made me sleepy, cause the singer had this voice that was perfect for a lullabye...
"Follow the leader, he's on a Honda." I think this commercial was only for Honda motorcycles. I find it inexplicably running through my head sometimes.
Honey Bunches of Oats
New Honey Bunches of Oats...you're gonna love 'em a bunch!
Honey Combs brand breakfast cereal
"Honey Comb's big! Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's not small...no, no, no!"
Honey Nut Cheerios
"We're gonna tempt your tummy, with the taste of nuts and honey, its a honey of an o, it's Honey Nut Cheerios."
HoneyComb Cereal
It was Andre the Giant who played with kids at the HoneyComb tree house!
A series of "Honeycomb Kid" ads featured various Honeycomb Kids in adventurous activities, while somebody sang "He's/She's a Honeycomb Kid, Givin' all he's/she's got. He's/She's a Honeycomb Kid, Givin' his/her best shot." The one I remember most vividly featured a girl riding a bucking horse.
Honeycomb Big. yeah yeah yeah. Big not small. no no no. Honeycomb's got a big honey taste a big big crunch and a big big bite. Honeycomb's got a big big bite!
Honeycomb Cereal
I recall a robot that looked vaguely like the one on 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse' chanting 'Honeycomb! Honeycomb! Honeycomb!' like an alarm...
Honeycomb Cereal
Remember the Honeycomb Hideout? For honeycomb cereal- they had a bunch of kids in a clubhouse in the woods, and there were always some celebrity trying to eat their Honeycomb- at the end they always shared with them. Had people like Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.
Hooked on Phonics
Overwhelming evidence indicates that the cure for the disease of illiteracy, is the restoration, of systematic phonics in every classroom. Hooked on phonics, worked for me!
Hop a Long Hoopster
Like Strollin' Bowlin' the ball was a wind up toy that hopped. This ball had a little hand that hooked on to a post. When it caught it, it would hop around it, eventually going over a part of the board that you could launch toward a basket. (Or, you could pass it by lowering the post at he right time to get toward a farther post.) The song went "Hop Along Hoopster, Hop Along Hoopster, hop, hop. It's a game where you shoot the balllll, over the top, top. Hop hop hop!"
Hostess (snack cakes) "Great taste to go!"
Hostess Cupcakes
This was around 1982-84. All I remember is a little girl describing how to eat a cupcake. "First you lick the top", Then she breaks it in half, says words I can't remember. Her last word was a quick "Um". I was probably only 4 or 5 but remember this for some reason.
Hostess Potato Chips
I remember the little Munchie guys. They were red, orange and yellow and I recall one when they are driving in the car and you see them drive away and off in the distance up a mountain all the while hearing "Cause when you got the munchies, nothing else will do, Hostess Potato Chips" It brings back many memories for me.
Hostess Potato Chips
Cause when you've got the munchies nothing else will do.
Hostess cakes
This ad showed a neurotic mother taking three or four children to the beach with a picnic basket on a cold, windy day (everyone was in jackets and scarves). She nagged, "Stay off the rocks! Don't go so near the water!" She then explained to the camera how over-protective she is, but that she feels totally confident giving her children Hostess snack cakes. She then orders the children to stop running around and come eat. She unpacks the basket revealing Ding Dongs, Twinkies and fried pies for everyone! I always wondered a)why go the beach on a cold day and b)why go the beach if you're not allowed to climb on rocks, go near the water or run around and c)why such a mean mom would bother packing an all-dessert picnic.
Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum
This commericial always took place in the wild wild west. Where the sheriff and the bad guy have a bubble blowing contest. The bad guy's bubble use to pop first, because he did not use Bubblelicious gum. It was set up to look like a gun battle.
Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum
The Hubba Bubba ad was the 'Chewdown'! (Bubbleliscious was another brand name!) Mostly talking and narration, the good and bad guy have a chewdown (bubble blowing cowboy showdown) and the narration explains that "HubbaBubba let's you blow amazing bubbles" then both guys' bubbles pop, but the good guy peels it off and adds, "that won't stick to yer face." The bad guy covers his face and runs off saying "Dad-gum mah bubble gum!", and the good guy says the slogan "Big Bubbles, No Troubles." Finally the only jingle is heard, "Ooh-woo, Hubba-Bubba-Bubble gum!" (with 'Hubba-Bubba-Bubble' sang quickly as 1 word)
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape
The jingle went: "Bubble Tape Bubble Tape Bubble Tape/6 Feet of gum, 6 Feet of fun!/Bubble Tape Bubble Tape Bubble Tape Bubble Tape Bubble Tape Bubble Tape Bubble Tape". I find it to be much more interesting.
Hungry Hungry Hippos
There was a family playing the game. The best part was the theme song: "Hungry Hungry Hippos! Open up and there it goes. It's a race! It's a chase! Hurry up and feed your face. Who will win? No one knows. Feed the hungry Hip-Hip-os."
Hungry Jacks
In 1985, a Hungry Jack commercial came out with a really neat jingle. I can't really recall it but words like "black eyed peas" and "peanut butter & jelly" pop in to my mind when I think about the commercial.

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