Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with E

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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E.F. Hutton
That one when a teacher asks a girl named Ann to recite the alphabet. she goes "A,B,C,D,E,F,(paused)E,F..." Then she finally says "E.F. Hutton. then the class gathers around her. Then a girl says, "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen."
EF Hutton
Two people in a crowded area and one says to the other "Well my broker is EF Hutton and he says" at which point everyone stops and leans in to listen.
EF Hutton
There were a few ads. One has a woman telling that her broker is EF Hutton. She Says "I have my broker. And It's EF Hutton." Another With a Man, holding a baby, and has a flat tire in the car. He Says "EF Hutton. It's My Broker." The 3rd, a woman at a car dealer, she says "EF Hutton, is my broker. And I Listen." The final, a man, and the mother, said: "I have a broker called EF Hutton."
EF Hutton
"When EF Hutton talks, people listen" ads from the mid-80's.
EF Hutton
Is That It? ABCDEF EF Hutton? I knew that.
Eagle Brand
This was a great commercial. This one started with a man and a woman using Eagle Brand evaporated milk. Then the Announcer says: Eagle Brand evaporated milk makes good food and desserts. Eagle Brand evaporated milk. Because If It's Borden, It's Got To Be Good.
Eagle Insurance
"Do you have insurance on this car?" "NO!" "It must be Eagle Man!" "I've got something for you"...
Eastern Airlines
This is a 1986 commercial for the now-defunct airline. In it, a sun ascends from the horizon, and people slowly step on the white sands toward it, and kneel before the red sun. A voiceover explains "Since the beginning of time, man has worshipped the sun." the voice over goes on to explain Eastern's non-stop flights to the Carribean, all while showing arial shots of clear blue waters and white, sandy beaches. I found this on a Christmas cartoons tape, and just wanted to be on those beaches.
Eastern Motors
At Eastern Motors, well charge your credit, At Eastern Motors, we'll charge your credit...Ford, Chevy, Beamer, Hondas and Minivans over 600 cars trucks SUVs are you listenin' man? At Eastern Motors, put you in a car today, at Eastern Motors, finance it all the way...Yeah it was a tight beat and everything.
Easy On. Easy Off.
Eddie Murphy Raw
Commercial for the 1987 stand-up comedy film. Shows him imitating Mr. T, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, and Richard Pryor.
Educational Commercial
It was a very ditinct commercial. It was meant to encourage kids to learn science. It had a catchy song. "Astronomy Biology Chemistry Zoology, science and technology, it's fun you'll see!" I think that they still played it until recently.
Efferdent. Cleans your dentures like mother nature.
I can't believe I'm the first one to mention Eggo Waffles!! Always a commercial where the dad or the big sister or whoever tries to snatch the Eggo as it pops from the toaster before the kid can get to it. "Hey! L'eggo my Eggo!"
Elio's Pizza
A grade-school aged boy sits at his kitchen table, "I love Elio's pizza because it's square. You stick in the toaster thingy and the cheese goes, Blub Blub Blub. And the best part about it is that my brother has to make it for me, which is very convenient!" Ludicrous dialogue, but obnoxiously funny.
Trust Emery and it's as good as there.
Using the "Nine to Five" theme song, it had some changed lyrics.
"Why american business trusts Emery". This commercial was used as a fashion designer, video tape editor, and a lawyer.
Empire Carpet
I think this was a regional commercial in North Central Illinois..who could forget the phone number for Empire Carpet at the end.. 5-8-8-....2-three hundred.......EMPIRE!
Encore Coffe Crystals
Get mellow. Get Encore.
Encyclopedia Brittanica
There were actually two commercials. The first was the best with the blond teenager with glasses and wearing an acid washed jean jacket talking to an "invisible" narrator. The narrator would say HHmm yes. They exchanged "witty" banter. It was the commercial people loved to hate. I have seen people getting worked into a lather thinking of the blond guy.
"Jacko", that obnoxious Aussie, who screamed "Oy", and advertised for energizer (energize me!), before having his series "The Highwaymen."
Shortly after the "Energizer Bunny" was invented, he kept appearing in commercials for fake products, such as the Cherry Coke knock-off "Chug-A-Cherry" ("It's extraordinary!"), "Alarm!" soap, and a Mexican restaurant chain called "Cuca Racha." (The latter featured prominent rock singer Ted Nugent. Don't ask.)
The Energizer bunny, began in 1989, scary!
Song: "Energizer.. Energized for life -- long life. ENERGIZE ME!"
Energizer Batteries
The first commercial in 1989 with the Energizer Bunny (and the They keep going and going and going... campaign). Setup: Bunny, Pink Fur, Drum, 2 Drumsticks, Glasses, C-Sized Battery. Announcer: If you want a battery that keeps going, get Energizer. They keep going, and going, and going...
Energizer Batteries
Im thinking late 80s (88-89) Energizer had a memorable commercial in which some scary blonde spiked hair guy sung: "Energiza....will surprize ya!" Will be ingrained in my brain forever.
Energizer Batteries: REO Speedwagon
This was a few years before the bunny. REO Speedwagon sang a song. It went: Energizer keeps it up, Energizer keeps you wild, Energizer Keeps the ddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooo ruuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnninnnnnnnggggggggg.
Energizer Plus
It shows Mary Lou Retton doing a flip at the beginning and a male announcer says "New Energizer Plus batteries are supercharged!" and he says "Now radios play so-and-so more hours longer" and "Cameras take so-and-so more pictures" and then it shows Retton holding up a pack and after the announcer says "New Energizer Plus batteries" she says "It's supercharged!". I think it aired in '86.
English Leather cologne
This was a 1980's tv/radio commercial for English Leather cologne. A sassy African-American lady sings about how appealing the men in her life are when they wear it. The tagline is: "All of my men wear English Leather, or they wear nothing at all!"
I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan. And never let you forget you're a man. Because I'm a woman, Enjoli.
Epic Waves
It was around 1989, it showed a poodle representing "Poodle Perm", and a blonde came behind it. I don't remember the middle, but the last one had a clown(?) representing, "Perm Droops" farewell. and I remember the slogan, "New Epic Waves, now learn to perm....(the girls say)FEARLESSLY!"
Ernest and Julio gallo Wines
In the late 1980's, maybe EARLY 90's, Gallo had these commercials that had lots of people in a party-like or wedding reception like atmosphere. The music featured was of a classical nature. My wife says it was Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. I say it's not Pachelbel. I admit that it it sounds CLOSE, but it is NOT the same song. Please help as this is driving me crazy. I have been hunting for this song on and off for the last three years with no success to date. Somebody help me with this please. thank you.
Eveready battery
A big, burly guy puts the battery on his shoulder and says, "I dare you to call it regular."
"I've got an Excedrin headache THIS BIG" where the people would hold their hands out to show "how big"
Extra Sugarfree Gum
Extra sugarfree gum In tese comercials they had people doing a whole bunch of different things and jingle to match: Extra flavor for that extra long ride (people were in a farris wheel), extra flavor for that extra long glide (people were hang gliding), when your chewing Extra, the extra fresh flavor lasts an extra extra extra long time!
Extra Sugarfree Gum
In 1985, Extra Sugar Free Gum had ads that said 'new' around. Ads with people who were horseback riding, and the announcer says "Now with Nutrasweet Sweetener that lasts an extra, extra, extra long time".
Extra chewing gum
We saw this one time only: A man riding a horse comes to a stream, gets off the horse, puts a stick of gum in his mouth. Camera pans around to scenery and then (with the "lasts and extra, extra long time" going in the background) camera comes back to the horse which is now HUGE, belly all the way to the ground, and the stream is dry. I thought my wife was going to die laughing. We'd love to see this one again, it was hilarious..

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