Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with S

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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All the kids are out in the blacktop of the playground and the announcer would sing "skip it skip it" "but the very best thing of all, theres a counter on this ball" and girls and boys would take there pink, purple, and blue skip its and like show each other how many skipits they had done
It had rapper Heavy 'D' and his back up crew and dancers singing and rapping about the illustrious Sprite Soda. It ended with something to the affect of... "talkin' 'bout the one that's right, Now more than ever it's Sprite!!!" It was great!
Safe Step Ice Melter
Doesn't anybody remember the commercial for Safe Step Ice Melter? They used to show it all the time on The Weather Channel during the wintertime. Several times during the commercial they'd say the phrase "Walk Like a Penguin" in kind of a robotic, monotone voice, and it'd show some penguins marching. The idea is that if you didn't use Safe Step Ice Melter, you'd Walk Like a Penguin :-)
Lena Horne singing the Sanka jingle to the tune of "Java Jive" by The Ink Spots: I like coffee and I like tea, I love my Sanka 'cause it loves me, my Sanka and me I'm glad we're caffiene free, a cup a cup a cup a cup a cup - ah! Sanka and me!
Sasson Jeans
The New York Rangers wearing their hockey jerseys, Sasson jeans and skating around singing "OOohh La La Sassoon" (I guess Vidal Sassoon got on the jeans company to later change the pronunciation to Sass-ON instead of Sassoon)
Schaeffer Beer
Circa early 80s. Two single guys are at what appears to be some type of social gathering at a bar. A third guy introduces the single guys to this beautiful woman: "This is Marci. Marci Hopkins." The camera pans to this beautiful woman who gives the single guys a sexy, shy look. She wears a shoulder-length hair perm (typical 80s hairdo). The jingle: "A - ha, sittin' pretty...all together in Schaeffer City."
Schaper toys
End of the "pop o matic" game commericals, the Cootie would say "Schaper always leaves you laughing...ha,ha,ha,ha ha HAAAAAAA!" So annoying it's amusing!
Shows several differnt families. In the first one an a man and woman are getting out of bed in the morning. They say we don't have morning breath or we wouldn't do this. Then they give each other a short kiss. Next it shows a mother in a skirt suit cooking breakfast while her husband and two daughters who look like they are in their pree tens or early teens and her son who looks about the same age sit at the table waiting for breakfast. She says "I have morning breath but it dosen't bother anyone." The announcer says "don't be so sure" while the kids and father look at the mother with suprised looks at the what she just said. Then as she turns around to bring the food to the table and notices them they change expressions quickly and smile. The last scene shows a father saying "the bus will be here any minute." Two daughters appear. They stop in front of their father and he kneels down to help his about 8 year old daughter put on jean jacket while his about 12 year old daughter waits. As he is doing this he says "if I had morning breath my daughters would tell me." The young daughter begins to say that he has morning breath. As she says "dad you" the older daughter puts her hand over her sisters mouth and she turns and looks at him looking uneasy at the akward moment and smiles. then the announer finishes the ad.
Scoundrel perfume by Revlon
"How to Build a Fire." by Joan Collins Joan at her best giving seduction pointers. location: Joan's hi-rise condo. It takes something black- (Joan's evening gown) Something brilliant- (her diamond earrings) Something cool- (champagne) Something hot- (fire in the fireplace) Something. . .Scoundrel. It's my favorite fragrance. It's sophisticated, and elegant, and there's something sexy about it, too. So, when something happens--and it will--(doorbell rings) you can always say, "It wasn't me, it was my Scoundrel." (Joan opens the door and her date is wearing a tuxedo and a firefighter's hat.) He says, "Somebody here report a fire?", and the closing shot is of Joan giving him her best "Come-hither" look. Classic 80's glamour.
Sea Breeze
"Beautiful skin can be a breeze with Sea Breeze" Cool Jingle! from the early-80s
Sea Breeze
The skin cleanser that makes every woman feel clean & fresh And that's why "Beautiful skin can be a breeze with Sea Breeze"
Sea Breeze Astringent
During the mid-late 80's and early 90's, a teenager gets home, uses Sea Breeze with a cotton ball with cartoon-like blackheads and bacteria. Her boyfriend picks her up in his car and she is smiling. Cannot remember the exact slogan, but something with "The Sea Breeze Tingle".
Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers
This ad was out in the late 80's while Moonlighting was popular. It had Bruce Willis in several singing the little jingle "Seagram's Golden Wine Cooler. It's wet and it's dry...my, my, my, my...."
Don't forget the commercial where Bruce Willis is sitting on a porch and, using the Seagram's bottle as a microphone, he starts singing the song to a dog and the dog takes a lick off the bottle. "It's wet and it's dry. Love-love-love it all the tiiiiiime. . ." (Don't ask me why I remember that one.)
Seagrams Golden Wine Coolers
There was a bunch of twenty sometings just laying around in hammocks and on blankets in a park when one of them blew into the bottle. This started one of them singing "Seagrams, Golden Wine Cooolers" Before the commercial was through, they were all around a piano singing the theme.
Sealtest Parlour Ice Cream
The name is on the tip of everybody's tongue.
"There's more for your life...at sears."
The After-Christmas Sale commercials that aired briefly after each holiday season throughout the 80s featured a fast-paced jingle that went, "Almost everything you wanted--but didn't get for Christmas--is on-sale-now-at-Sears."
It's all inside.....Sears!
Sega Genesis
Japanese video game manufacturer Sega pulled no punches in their Genesis ads. Each commercial had a jingle that went: "Genesis does! You can't do this on Nintendo! Genesis does! You can't do this on Nintendo! Genesis does what Nintendon't!" When Nintendo relesed their Super NES later, they should have had a commercial that went, "Super NES is what Genesisn't."
Selson Blue
Someone washing their hair one side with Selson the other with Head and Shoulders I think and after that it shows the Selson got rid of the dandruff more than the other.
Sergio Jeans
Kids look over their shoulder and say "I love you Sergio!' or something like that...
Sergio Valente jeans
Another early 80's designer jeans ditty. It showed a fierce, wind-blown model striking a pose, glaring at the camera while this jingle played, "Sergio Valente... survival of...the fittest!"
Serta Beauty-Rest Bed
Features a woman waking up and singing the jingle "Oh, it's a good day-a Beauty Rest day." Then people from different countries sing the rest of the song in their native tongues.
No Caffeine, never had it, never will. Also the "Un-Cola", I remember some guy with a very deep voice, possibly Jamaican accent saying this.
Seven-Up Christmas 1988 commercial. Santa is seen stuffing stockings at the beginning, then Spots jump off a 7-Up can. The Spots then begin climbing the chimney to catch Santa, but a toy firetruck falls out of his bag. They see Santa and his reindeer flying off in the night, and then they take a ride in the toy firetruck. As the Spots scream, the firetruck rides through a tree and into a family's house, past a cat, and finally into a Christmas tree, knocking the Spots into that tree. A little boy sees the truck, runs up to it and says "Wow". It shows a 7-Up Spot hanging upside down and he puts his finger to his lips telling us to be quiet so the boy won't notice him.
Shake 'n' Vac
It's all you have to do... you do the Shake 'n' Vac 'n' put the feshness back, do the shake 'n' vac 'n' put the feshness back!
Hot, very hot guy sitting on a beach with his shasta saying "I want a pop pop pop I want a Shasta". That was a great commercial, was it in the late 70's or early 80's?
Actually, the Shasta theme song plays over and over in my psyche..."Don't give me a so so soda, the same old cola, I wanna rock and rola..I wanna pop..I wanna SSSHHHAAASSSTTTAAA!"
Lyrics in detailed description are close, but not completel: "Don't give me that soso soda, that same old cola, I wanna pop. I wanna, Shasta. I wanna taste Pizzaz all the great taste, Shasta has, I wanna Pop. I wanna, Shasta. I want a thrill I want a wow, taste it all I want it now! I want a pop. I wanna Shasta." I've been singing this one around the house since the mid-80's. Very sad.
I loved this one Shasta commercial commercial that played its music theme but the setting was like this (remember, the commercial and tune would normally pass by fast - probably 30 seconds - but I remember the commercial in detail so well! Here We Go!!! The setting: a gentleman (dark brown curly hair) on a black classical piano on stage with a Shasta soda can already opened and is playing piano. He plays simple harmonic chords and sings, "Don't give me that so-so soda...that same old cola..." He takes a drink and in a second, suddenly, the stage magically has flashing lights, the pianist turns into a professional musician, the piano turns from black to white, and the keys on the piano glow a rainbow of colors (the black keys remain black)and some electronic 80's voices take over singing the chorus: "I wanna rock and roll'a..." (a triplet of penguins with shades are now dancing on the top of the piano in front of the pianist who now has cool shades on is moving his shoulders to the song) The electronic voices keep singing: "I wanna pop...I wanna...<*electronic squeal> SHASTA!" with an electronic arpeggio in the background The man continues singing, "I wanna the of that great taste... Shasta, yeah!" The electronic voices keep singing and the penguins with shades keep dancing as he takes another sip and the keyboard plays by itself for him: "I wanna pop...I wanna...<*electronic squeal> SHASTA!" with electronic arpeggio The man does a Michael Jackson spin then sings: "I wanna thrill, I want a wow! (very quick and subtle whisper of woman's background voice says: "Taste it!") Then the man and electronic voices harmonize, "Oh, I want it now!!!" He takes another sip again! Then a separate white scene with one of the penguins dancing to the song that is still playing dances in front of a can of Shasta as the electronic voices sing: "I wanna pop!" I wanna... <*electronic squeal as penguin takes a sip from the straw> "SHASTA!" with the electronic arpeggio in the background... music fades... commerical fades out... =============================== NOW THAT WAS A REAL ROCK'IN COMMERCIAL!!! I WANNA SEE THAT AIRED AGAIN! TELL SHASTA I'd EVEN BUY THE SONG OR A CD or a VIDEO of that ONE!!!
Shasta Cola
I wanna "pop, pop, pop" I wanna SHHHASTA, SHASTA. I want a great tastin' cola.....
Shasta Soda Pop
The theme song was quite catchy, maybe from early 80's? "I wanna thrill, I want it now, I wanna pop, I wanna wow! I wanna shhhhh-asta!"
Shasta soda
Two hay trucks driving on country roads - one carring shasta pop the other carring chickens. They constantly just miss each other (i.e. playing chicken) The comercial ends with the two trucks having crashed and chickens walking around & kids drinking shasta pop!
Mi mi mi mi....Shield, protection, feels so right, keeps you fresh from day till night, you're gonna feel, fresh, the whole day through with Shield...[end song] The commercial featured guys washing a fire truck and the main one dancing around as he does it.
Showbiz Pizza
"Showbiz Pizza, where a kid can be a kid." Later changed to Chuck E. Cheese's, and they just changed the jingle to "Chuck E. Cheese's, where a kid can be a kid."
Shower to Shower
Shower to Shower Just a sprinkle a day, helps keep odor away. Have yourself a sprinkle today
Signal Mouthwash
Signal if you feel more mint!
I just remember the advert that went with my first ever sindy doll it was so cool. Picture it, Cindy is walking down a path lined by rose bushes and then some dodgy lady that looks like Cindy comes on the screen and starts dancing, aaahhhhhh Cindy.
This commercial is for sinus pain. In the commercial some one screams "What do you need for sinus pain?" The response is another person screaming "Sine-Off Sine_off. So funny for my whole family.
Sine-Off sinus medication
Sergeant: "What do you need for sinus pain?" Recruits: "Sine-Off, Sine-Off!" Sergeant: "What do you need to breathe a-gain?" Recruits: "Sine-Off, Sine-Off!" Then the commercial ends like this Recruits: "Sound off for Sine-Off! SINE-OFF!"
Move over bacon!!! Now there something meatier!! Try new Sizzlelean.
Skip It
Here's some more of the Skip It song: "But the very best thing of all, there's a counter on this ball! Try to beat your very best score, see if you can jump a whole lot more! Skip it, Skip it, Skip it!"
I actually have a tape of this one. A beautiful lady in a pink dress said "I love chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips." (turns sideways) "but I don't like tummy bulge, so I wear Slenderalls." As she was talking, her waist magically turned smaller and sexier. Call me crazy, while other guys get turned on by seeing a scantilly clad lady, I get turned on with those Underalls commercials. Weird, huh?
Slime Time Watches
Fun/Gross boys wristwatches from the 80's. You'd flip up the watch's face cover (shaped like a bat, a rat, etc.) to show the time, flip it back down to terrify girls, the elderly, etc. In the jingle, a bunch of unruly boys yell like marine recruits: "WHATS THE TIME? SLIME TIME!!"
It walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound. A spring a spiring a marvelous thing. Everyone knows it's sliky. It's Slinky It's Slinky for fun it's a wonderful toy.It's Slinky It's Slinky. It's fun for a girl or a boy
What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound? A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it's Slinky. It's Slinky, it's Slinky, it's fun, it's a wonderful toy. It's Slinky, it's Slinky, it's fun, it's a wonderful toy. It's fun for a girl or a boy. This one dates back much further than the 80s... but was still around during the 80s.
A waterslide that was essentially a plastic sheet that you unrolled on your lawn and put sprinkler next to. The theme to this one went "Slllllliiipp, Slip and Slide" There was also a competitor that included a sprinkler shaped as a bannana.
I lived in Sydney in the 80's and I remeber the Smarties commercial. I can see it playing in my head! I am trying to find it to download somewhere, but the words go something like this: "Someone took our Smarties, and left us feeling blue. They took all the red ones and the color, too. (They are) a rainbow of of colors, with chocolate drops inside. Now we found the colors, we want the red ones fast. 'Cause when we eat our smarties we eat the red ones... eat the red ones... eat the red ones last." I hope that is the same commercial! Cheers
"When you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last, do you suck the very slowly, or crunch them very fast, they are candy-coated chocolate, so tell me when I ask, when you eat your smarties, do you eat the red ones last?"
Smith Barney
John Houseman always ended this commercial with "They make money the old-fashioned way. They uhhhhhhhn (earn) it. When Houseman died, they used someone else and the line just wasn't as good.
Smurf Berry Crunch
New Smurf Berry Crunch is fun to eat, a smurfy, fruity breakfast treat made by smurfs so happily, it tastes like crunchy smurf berries, it's berry shaped and crispy too, and very red and smurfy blue!
Smurfberry Crunch
This used to stick in my head ALL day. "SmurfBerry Crunch is fun to eat. A smurfy fruity breakfast treat. It's made by smurfs so happily, it's ate by smurfs so happily. It's very great and nifty too and very *something* and smurfy blue!"
Smurfberry Crunch Cereal
Jingle to the tune of the Nutcracker Suite: "Smurfberry Crunch is fun to eat; A Smurfy, fruity, breakfast treat; Made by Smurfs so happily; It tastes like crunchy Smurfberries; it's fun to eat and tasty too; in berry red and Smurfy blue!
Snake Drug Dealer PSA
This IS the scariest drug PSA ever, hands down. It starts out with a harmless looking black dude walking down street towards you and he is talking about drugs, however if you look closely so can kind of see him morphing into something else and then at the end he comes out in full snake costume, which believe or not, is really, REALLY scary. I think then the v.o. says, so is a drug dealer really scary or something along those lines and the snake says, Yessssss.... and it freeze frames on his face, which is the scariest shot in Public Service Announcement ever. This PSA is on www.retrojunk.com but I refuse to watch it, because it scared me so much, so I'm sorry if some of the details are wrong.
This big dog (whom I recently discovered his name is 'Snocrates!') is looking every where for Snausages, these little dog treats. Wherever he appears, it's usually out of sight one way or another (i.e. he pops up underneath a manhole and it's on the cover, slams the door on them, etc.) and says the word 'Snausages!' Eventually he finds them and at the end he says 'For Dogs!'
Snazz Flakes
This cereal was only around for a year or two -- it wasn't very popular because the mascot looked like a big ball of lint. His name was "Razzy Snazz," and on the commercial he sang a little song: "Yo yo yo, this is Razzy Snazz here/I come to offer you biscuits and beer/My cereal's kickin'/My Snazz tongue is lickin'/because Snazz Flakes are the tastiest cereal this year!" And then he climbed into a little helicopter and flew off into a building.
There was this girl walking out of a college building. She starts talking about how she was studying for her history final but then she got the "hungries." So she ate a Snickers and then she was "ready to face the 15th century again" or something like that....SNICKERS SATISFIES YOU!
Snoopy Brusha-Brusha Toothbrush, Kudos
I always wanted one of these Snoopy electric toothbrushes..."Snoopy Brusha Brusha Toothbrush, When you wake up in the morning, It's a really nice touch, Snoopy Brusha Brusha Toothbrush, Start your day the Snoopy Brusha Brusha Toothbrush way!" (Batteries sold separately, of course!) And I'll really scare you with this useless info...how about the Kudos granola bars? "Nutty crunch, chocolate chip or peanut butter, Kudos you won me over any other, Electrifying, Granolafying, Simply nutritious, Outrageously delicious, Kudos I'm Yours"...Yikes!
Snoopy Snow Cone Machine
(song) Its yum yum fun and its cool and clean and its name is the Snoopy snow cone machine. You drop an ice cube in and get a snow cone out yum yum fun is what its all about.
Snoopy Snow Cone Machine complete lyrics
Snoopy Snow Cone Machine (song) Its yum yum fun and its cool and clean and its name is the Snoopy snow cone machine. You drop an ice cube in and get a snow cone out yum yum fun is what its all about. announcer: you mix the ice in with the fruit puch flavor two girls: yummy snoopy! (song):it's yum yum fun, and it's cool and clean. And it's name is the snoopy snow cone machine.
This commercial is just too memorable. The bear, "Snuggles", falls into a pile of freshly washed clothes. He's so cute in a plesant way, and appealed to little kids. I had a stuffed Snuggles bear when I was little, and in December 1986, there was a glass Christmas tree ornament that you could get on the display at the supermarket. This campaign began in 1983, and continued for many years, into the 90s. I'll never forget this commercial.:*)
Snuggles Bear Christmas Ad
Shown at the end of the Snuggles commercial in 1986. Snuggle Bear is in a supermarket and says "Hey ,it's me, on an ornament. It's free for you tree." The pretty glass Christmas ornament had a picture of Snuggles Bear (back when he was cute and friendly and had that sweet voice) with "1986" below it. I wish we had one of those, because they were really pretty.
Soft 'N' Dry
Soft 'N' Dry your new roll-on. Because you never felt soft.
Soft 'n' Dry Deodorant
A group of 4 or 5 young women share a bathroom getting ready for dates. The female singer in the voice-over sings "If you wanna be cool, Soft 'n' Dry".
Soft Whip Yogurt
A bunch of kids on a school bus singing over and over "Soft Whip is soft; and creamy too-oo...Soft Whip Yogurt is the one for you!" They sing it 4 or 5 times. Sometimes I still hear it in my sleep.
Sony Betamax
1980. Commercial stars a family of a man, his wife, and their young daughter, who watch a playback of a home video they made. In the video playback, we see the daughter skipping across an open field while carrying some helium-filled balloons, well in front of a group of other people. The commercial's slogan: "Sony. The one and only."
South Central Bell's Real Yellow Pages.
This commercial featured Dixie Carter in a wide variety of situations. The most noticable was her, sitting in her large house, and all of the sudden, her roof falls in. She then says in a very proper souther accent, "When I need quality work done", as she pulls out the Atlanta version of the Real Yellow Pages, "I use the REAL yellow pages". She then opens the book and points to the ad for a fake prestiguous-looking skylight contractor.
Southwest Airlines
"Why don't you come along with us 'cause we gotta lot of things to do now. And we'll have fun fun fun flying Southwest on a fun fare today!!!"
In 1981-82 it featured Minnie Pearl going "Howdee"
Sprinkle Spangles Cereal
This one was great. I think this cereal lasted for maybe a month. Anyway, it was for Sprinkle Spangles cereal and featured a genie and two kids. The kids said, "I wish we could have sprinkles for breakfast" and the genie said "You wish it, I dish it!"
Sprinkled Chips Ahoy
In a classroom with Ben Stein as the teacher droning, "Our solar system is made of nine planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth..." then a kid reaches into his desk and pulls out a package of Sprinkled Chips Ahoy while the announcer dude says, "There's a party in every bite!" and the kid bite into the cookie and the whole class turns into a big huge party and then turns back into the normal boring class. Then the kid asks, "Could you repeat that?" and Ben says, "Certainly. Our solar system..." then the kid bites the cookie again.
Sprite commercial from the 80's. It went something like this: You can beat an egg and you can beat a rug, but you can't beat the taste of diet sprite, you can beat a drum to the beat you hum but you can't beat the taste of diet sprite....I loved that commercial. I was really young then, but I can still hear the commercial as if were yesterday.
This was a Christmas commercial. I remember it having still shots of people at a party. The lyrics, to the tune of Good King Wenceslas went: Sprite makes brighter holidays, Limon is the reason. Sprite goes well so many ways to bring good cheer this season." I don't recall the rest of the lyrics, but I always thought this commercial was neat.
I don't remember what exactly the people in the commercial were doing, but I remember them drinking Sprite and being quite happy. The song was something like: I like the way you make me laugh; I like the funny things you do; you've got a style that's all your own....I like the Sprite in you. Only Sprite gives you that lymon; the lemon-lime's the twist! And lke you it's different, lively, special, full of unexpectedness! You know you make me wanna dance; you know you make me sparkle too; you're such a kick to have around...I like the Sprite in you.
It was a spin off of the Cola Wars, with 7up and Sprite. The rap went something like, "great lemon taste and lime taste, great limon taste is tops, without limon it's not happen, so sorry 7up, now, now, now, that's the trend, your drinkin' with a friend and your chillin' out with the taste that's in, now more than everrrr, now more than ever, IT'S SPRITE."
Squeak Shampoo
This commercial showed people washing their hair with Squeak and when it started to lather up you kept hearing a squeaky noise! Squeak- When you want your hair squeaky clean.
...tastes like... mouthwatering orange, strawberry too, luscious lemon and tangy cherry refresh your breath the moment that YOU... bite into a Starburst fruit chew, a breath of refreshing fruit flavor for you!
Starting Lineup Baseball Figures
This tv ad showcased "Starting Lineup's--Baseball Greats" figures such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio. The ad played video footage of Yankee Stadium, Ruth rounding the bases, Gehrig on the microphone, and other memorable moments in baseball. The jingle, "...racing along, I was chasing a dream, I was feeling a mess but I guess there were times that it seemed, it seemed.....that I could fly over walls....I really could win'em all, and summer would go on forever." I haven't seen that commercial in over 14 years!! I'm looking for it on the internet, but haven't found it. This recap was all from my memory, and still THE BEST Startng Lineup commercial.
Static Guard
Wow. You mean you forgot about Static Guard?! Those commercials in the 80's were catchy. In one ad a beautiful woman steps out of a limo, but then looks down....and the camera zooms in on her skirt....mired in static cling. There's another women( a fashion model I think), she opens her fur coat and lo and behold...more static cling on her dress. OOOOhhh! The embarrassment! Anyway, what I remember most about these ads were this catchy female singing trio. I think they were known as the "Static Gurad Girls." They, I believe, were a trio of attractive black singers. Kind of like a T.V. commercial version of The Pointer Sisters.
Commercial that used to play on MTV a lot. It's the story of two brothers separated from birth. One goes through a very banal childhood, lots of grey-ness, the other parties throughout his childhood and eats "Steak-umms" sandwiches.
Stella D'Oro Breadsticks
This spot starts with a man's wife listening to music 2 hours before dinner, and the man's so hungry, he needs a snack. He wants somethig other than peanuts, pretzels, or potato chips. So, his wife found Stella D'Oro Breadsticks which will not spoil his dinner. Voiceover claims "it's not just for meals!".
Stella D'Oro Breakfast Treats
I remember this Breakfast Treats spot. It started out with the wife sitting at the kitchen table at 3:00 a.m. eating "breakfast". The husband walked into the kitchen and caught her eating "breakfast" treats. Wife claimed it wasn't breakfast. they were Stella D'Oro Breakfast Treats. At the end, the slogan was "There's no wrong time to eat them". That had to be from the early 80's.
Stetson's Cologne
I saw this commercial several times between the late 80s and early 90s. A lovely woman on a horse riding behind a cowboy. "Eeeaazzy for youuuu, Stetson is, eeeaazzy for youoouuu. Stetson, is eeaazy, for youuuu."
"This looks like a good place for a Stick-Up!"
I vaguely remember this one, as I was a wee child when it was out, so my description is a little sketchy. This was a commercial for Stick-Ups, the little round air freshener thingies that you could put on the wall, ceiling or just about anywhere imagineable. The one I remember takes place in a locker room and a big, gigantic walking smelly gym sock or sneaker comes in and gets knocked out because it can smell a Stick-Up on the wall or in someone's locker. At the end of the commercial, a group of people would sing the jingle, which was "Stick it to 'em with Stick-Ups!" I believe there were other Stick-Ups commercials like this one.
Sticklets Gum
"Skinny Sticklets, fat with flavour, skinny skinny, thats the shape of. Skinny sticklets, fat with flavour, see how skinny, taste how fat!" with a couple doing the tango.
Stove Top Stuffing
"Stove Top Instead" Tag Line from The Late 80's.
There were many different kinds of people in school. (most of the time) They would break out the starburst and the whole room would turn into a pool and the person eating the starburst would be all swimming around. Then the person would come out of their "daze" and they would be drenched. I remember the slogan was "The juice is loose!"
Strawberry Shortcake dolls
For Strawberry Shortcake dolls, the jingle went something like this: "Strawberry Shortcake, my you're looking swell! The cute little doll with the strawberry smell...."
Strollin Bowlin
I saw one of these for sale in a store and the commercial instantly popped in my head. There were some words: Well you open up the game. it's got a little bowling alley right there. You wind up the ball, it's got little bowling shoes to wear. Strolling Bowlin, Strollin Bowlin, Strollin Bowlin (for the rest of the commercial) I can't believe I remembered this!
Strollin' Bowlin'
This was a great game, with a wind up hopping bowling ball. The song basically was just "Strollin' bowlin', Strollin' bowlin', Strollin' bowlin', Strollin' bowlin'...." for the entire commercial.
Suave Deodorant
A woman explains how it is the day of her brother's wedding, but she has run out of her anti-perspirant, so she borrowed some of her brother's Suave and was amazed by the deodorant's results, and the price, so she switches to Suave. There is also a similar Suave deodarant commercial where a lady runs out of her regular anti-perspirant getting ready for her first job interview.
Two nerdy twins being told how wonderful the "Soooo-ba-ruuuu" is, and they keep asking "Does it have a motor?"
A wife and husband in bed late at night. Husband: Barbara you up? Barbara you up? Barbara: I'm up now. Husband: I can't sleep. My throat is sore and I have a headache. Barbara: Well, I'll go get the aspirin and sucrets. Husband: Aspirin? Sucrets? Barbara: Yes, aspirin for your headache and sucrets for your sore throat. Cuts to husband sound asleep while Barbara is sitting up in bed playing solitaire. Barbara then says, "I'm glad one of us can sleep now.
Shows two mom give their daughters medicine for a cold. Then they go to school. Shows two daughters from family one with medicine head on the school bus and during school while taking a test and at cheerleading practice. While other girls from family two are feeling fine because they took sudafed.
Sugar-Free Dr. Pepper
Can't believe this one isn't mentioned...Sugar-free Dr. Pepper tastes fattening but it's not. How can sugar-free taste so sugar-ful? What a great taste this one's got! How do they make so few calories taste like such a lot? Sugar-free Dr. Pepper tastes fattening but it's not!
Summit Candy Bar
The jingle went, "new summit bar, puts more snap in your break, it's totally new, snap, summit bar, puts more snap in your break, two long slim chocolate snacks in every pack, milk chocolate double milk chocolate, (something) put more snap, in your break, new summit bar, puts more snap in your break, SNAP!
Sun Country Wine Cooler
From circa 1985, from what I remember this commercial had a big dancing bear singing "Give me the fun, give me the one, give me, give me, give me, give me, Sun Country Wine Cooler." There was also another commercial for Sun County about a year later featuring Ringo Starr.
Sunbeam Bread
It was a song at it goes like this.................. I like bread and butter I like toast and jam I like the taste of sunbeam bread and its my favorite brand.
This is one I saw during the 1987 sunkist Fiesta Bowl between Miami and Penn State. It was an animated commercial of the sunkist factory. A boy's voice says " Grandpa, where do you oranges come from ". Sweet commercial !!
Sunkist had a commercial with the Beach Boys singing to the tune of Good Vibrations " I'm drinking up good vibrations Sunkist Orange Soda taste sensation . . . "
Sunkist soda had a bunch of people playing beach volleyball, and the Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations" would play.
Sunkist Orange Pop
"Good! Good! Good! Sunkist give me that good vibration..." with dirt bikes doing jumps in the background.
Sunny Delight
The jingle wentlike this: Sunny Delight good from morning till night, three kinds of juices refreshing and light, Sunny Delight, the juicy new taste of the town. Orange Tangerine and lime, Sunny Delight, good any time!
Sunshine Family Dolls
The jingle went something like "...there's a mommy and a daddy and a little baby; you can put their house together easily." Another verse said '...there's an idea book to make more furninshings..." And we DID make their beds out of little cardboard boxes and other things our of TP rolls and Big Mac styrofoam cartons.
Super Gobots
Okay I just downloaded this ad from youtube.com. In this ad there's a little boy who's doing homework and he falls asleep only to find that his bedroom is being invaded by Super Gobots. Then he starts to play with them and the Jingle goes "Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles, Gobots" and a male voice over says: "You'll never forget the day your home was invaded by Super Gobots. Each sold seprately from Tonka." And this boy was surrounded by Super Gobots with the camera kind of panning out to see them all.
Superman Hot Cocoa
A bunch of kids are playing in the snow, building a snowman, etc., until Mom entices them inside with a tray containing mugs of piping hot Superman Hot Cocoa. In the background, the kids sang "Real great taste, Lots of fun, Superman Hot Cocoa! Superman Hot Cocoa!"
Shows a woman putting on her deodrant and then putting on a black turtleneck sweater. Notices white powder from her deodrant on her sweater. Takes it off and puts on another black sweater same white powder shows. Repeates trying on a couple of more black sweaters each time white powder gets on it. Finally reaches for another sweater and realizes she dosen't have any more. She then brushes the powder off as best as she can and heads off fustrated.
Had a GREAT jingle: "Raise your hand, raise your hand if you're Sure!" It showed all kinds of people lifting their arms, and finally closed with an image of the Statue of Liberty.
Sure deodorant. "Raise your hands, if your Sure"
It had the jingle, "Raise your hand, raise your hand if you're sure". It consisted of a school student, a person on the subway, etc. who were afraid to raise their arms up because they're deodorant wasn't working.
Sure Deodorant
For some unknown reason, I remember all of the lyrics to this jingle: "Raise your hand! (You've got it.) Raise you're hand! (You know it.) You feel confident and secure. Raise your hand! (You know why now.) Raise your hand! (You feel dry now.) Raise your hand if you're sure. Confident, confident, dry and secure. Raise your hand, raise your hand if you're sure!
Swanson Frozen Dinners (I need some home cookin')
This commercial aired around 1986-87. It had a Willie Nelson soundalike singing and extolling the virtues of Swanson's Frozen Dinners as good "home cooking!" (wait a second--how can it be "home cooking" if you didn't prepare it yourself from scratch? Guess you just have to suspend disbelief...) Anyway, the jingle went (roughly) like this, with a down-home, funky-sounding guitar and harmonica playing in the background: "I need a dog and a cat and a baseball bat/I need a frog and a log and a wrestling mat/I'm gettin' tired of fast food all through the day/I want some new, different food the homestyle way. I need some home, hohhh-mmm cookin'! I need some, home, hohhh-mmm COOKIN'!" The whole idea of Swanson trying to associate their dinners with just-plain-folks was so stereotypically laughable (and the singer's fake southern accent so hokey) that this commercial probably made more TV viewers laugh than intended! An instrumental version of this jingle still sometimes pops up on AM radio, w/ the guitar playing and a man whistling the melody while a voice-over man just talks about Swanson's dinners. No singer or harmonica, though. A "so-corny-it's hilarious" classic!
Sweet Pickles Books
Was I the only kid who thought if my mom order me some Sweet Pickles Books, they would arrive at my house via the Sweet Pickles Bus, hand delivered by the Sweet Pickles characters? Well, thats what the commercial showed. I guess that was to make kids beg for the books, hoping to get a glimpse of a Sweet Pickles character. It didn't work on my mom. She never ordered them for me. Anyways, this is how the jingle went: "Smart moms know how kids' minds grow....upon Sweet Pickles!"
Swiss Miss Pudding Bars
The Swiss Miss from the cover of the hot chocolate box comes to life (or was it animated?)at some chalet and yodels "Swiss Miss Pudding Ba-ars"

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