Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with D

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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D'or Maine D'or
A woman singing to costomers while walking through a fancy restaurant: "Da da da D'or Maine D'or, a wine thats always good to pour, and with good friends like mine, our life, it is so fine!"
DR. Pepper
Scott Baio was in a red satin baseball jacket that had "Be a Pepper" written on the back. He busts into a diner with some chicks and cans of Dr. Pepper and starts singing. "You can be a Pepper...Drink Dr. Pepper.... You can be a Pepper...Drink Dr. Pepper"!!! It came out on the heels of Joanie Loves Chachi and "Zapped"
Dad's Root Beer
Man #1: "I'm Thirsty! I'm Hot!" Man #2: "Try a Dad's Root Beer!" Man #1: "Ahhhhhh!" Man #2: "Great, Huh?"
Dairy Farmers of Louisiana
The commercial was found on a tape I have had for years...a tape with Christmas episodes of various shows. This commercial begins with a little boy and his father going out to the pasture in their winter clothes to give a calf a bottle of milk. The scenery is of colorful leaves and cold looking weather. The two then come into the house to sit down at the table to enjoy Christmas dinner with the family, enjoying the dairy products that make the season special. "Happy Holidays from our family, to yours."
Dairy Queen
The commercial promoted the Steak Finger Basket deal. The announcer talked about the basket with "steak fingers, Texas Toast, french fries." "On sale, just $1.99." At the end he said something about where you get the best deals and all the parents and kids in the parking lot threw confetti in the air while shouting "Dairy Queen! Yeah!" The commercial ends with the jingle: "This is DQ Country."
Dairy Queen
Features Dick Clark(who I might add is recovering as we speak in the hospital after a mild stroke.........Get well soon! ;) ) Jabbering about the "Blizzard" frozen treat. The familiar line of "So thick you gotta spoon it up," is in there. Yummmmmmm. He lists all the different toppings that go with it as well.
Dapper Dan
Autobots don't "rage" their battles to destroy evil Decepticon forces, they "wage" them.
"A diamond is forever. DeBeer's."
DeLorean Motor Cars
The commercial showed a seagull flying by the ocean, then faded to the car's open gull-wing doors with the tagline "Live The Dream."
Delta Airlines
People at an airport said, "YOU could fly delta for THAT?" including Jason Alexandrer from Seinfield and Bob Patterson.
Delta Airlines
We love to fly...and it shows
Denny's (the restaurant)
The two old women (sometimes men i think) would bicker at each other. then one of them decides they should go to "Lenny's" and the other corrects them, saying "DENNY'S!!"
Denny's Restaraunts
Women would say "Lenny's" but corrected and said "Denny's".
Dentine Gum
"Brush your breath, Brush your breath, Brush your breath with dentine!"
DiDi 7
This was a type of cleaner that was advertised constantly on one of those short infomercials where I live. I remember in the infomercial they showed someone using DiDi 7 to whiten a set of dirty lace curtains and they also said it could remove tough stains such as grease, lipstick, grass stains and blood. The one about removing blood always cracked me up, because they always showed a men's nice dress shirt with blood on it.
Dial Soap
Aren't you glad you use Dial? Don't you wish everybody did?
Diet 7-Up
1982. This commercial takes place at what appears to be a beach resort. A beautiful young lady orders a Diet 7-Up. When the waiter serves her, he asks, "Would you like anything with that?" She replies with a sweet smile and a tender voice, "Yes, a straw." Its jingle: "You won't taste the diet in Diet 7-Up." The jingle is performed in a 50s ballad format.
Diet Coke
Just for the light of it, just for the fun of it . Just for the taste of it Diet Coke.
Diet Coke
I remember quite well the first Diet Coke commerical ever. I also recall that I had predicted they would come out with Diet Coke just a few months before it actually happened. "Introducing...DIET COKE! You're gonna drink it just for the tast of it. Livin' good with...DIET COKE! You're gonna drink it just for the taste of it!" There's more I think, but that's all I remember.
Diet Coke
I remember Paula Abdul dancing on piano keys, Elton John playing piano, and them singing a duet for diet coke. Elton: "Just one reason" Paula: "Just one reason" Elton: "Just one reason" Paula: (spoken) "Just one reason" Together: "Just for the taste of it........ Diet Coke!"
Diet Coke
Great ad with Pierce Brosnan when he was on Remington Steele. Set in a bar, he casually takes out attacking ninjas while romancing a beautiful lady.
Diet Coke
"Just for the taste of it..."
Diet Coke
It has Whitney Houston on a stage somewhere signing the theme "Just For the taste of i-i-i-i-t... Diet Coke! Ahhh!" I cant believe you forgot that one.
Diet Dr. Pepper
(Male Announcer) Nothing can be as good as the original. But Diet Dr. Pepper is. Diet Dr. Pepper. Tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper.
Diet Dr. Pepper/Sugar Free Dr. Pepper
Be on the look-out for that Sugar Free Dr. Pepper is changing to...Diet Dr. Pepper. Coming soon to a store near you.
Diet Pepsi
All I can remember is the jingle and a woman drinking the Diet Pepsi w/a red stiped straw. The lyrics went something like: "That great Pepsi taste. Diet Pepsi won't go to your waist, so now you see it, now you don't.Oh, Diet Pepsi just one calorie, now you see it, now you don't!"
Diet Pepsi
This featured 2 cans: Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke. The Announcer says: Read the label: This product contains no saccharin (Diet Pepsi) This Product Contains saccharin (Diet Coke). If You want the taste of 100% Nutrasweet and not saccharin in Diet Coke, Tab, and Caffiene-Free Diet Coke, choose Diet Pepsi, Diet Pepsi Free, and Pepsi Light.
Diet Pepsi
Ray Charles and many other popular singers. This was esp. a radio ad. ...during the Pepsi taste tes craze. Each musician sang the slogan a different way...opera, rock, etc.."You got the right one baby, uh huh!" "ooo....Diet Pepsi!"
Diet Pepsi
In honor of the Late, Great, Ray Charles, you gotta remember "UH-HUH!" These great song and dance commercials featured Ray and "Uh-HUH Girls" drinking Diet Pepsi in various scenes, Ray is Jamin' away on his Piano, The song went something like this "Uh-Huh.....Uh-HUh,You got the Right one baby! Uh-Huh....Uh-HUH......The crisp clean taste, Ray: Diet Pepsi's Special "Uh-Huh" ingredients give it the swing that get you pumpin'." For crisp refeshing taste with just one calorie, There's only one right one, BABY! " YOU GOT THE RIGHT ONE BABY,...................UH-HUH!!! Announcer: "With 100% Nutrasweet. Later change to "With 100% UH-HUH!" It was THAT popular! God Bless you Ray.
Diet Pepsi
This may have been a radio ad, but here's the jingle. "No other taste attracts so much attention. Diet Pepsi, the most refreshingest invention. See that smile, see that look, Diet Pepsi's all it took. Diet Pepsi, have I mentioned? You've gotta be the most refreshingest invention! No other taste attracts so much attention...
Diet Pepsi
Early 80's. Girl in her bathing suit. *That great Pepsi taste, now your Pepsi won't go to your waist, so now you see it now you don't, Diet Pepsi one small calorie, now you see it now you don't
Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Light
From their early days changing it to Diet Pepsi from Pepsi Light days.
Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Light
Pepsi Light is changing to...Diet Pepsi. Coming soon.
Diet Rite (Royal Crown Cola)
People who don't need it is to drink Diet Rite. The one with Nutrasweet.
Diet Sprite
I remember I use to sing this commercial all the time and I'd sit throught commercials hoping it would come on. It's the Diet Sprite commercial. I can remember the tune and here are some of the words. You can beat egg, you can beat a rug, you can beat the heat out on the street but you can't beat the taste of Diet Sprite
Digger Dan Construction Set
The toy was a remote controlled crane that could lift other toys, worked as an earthmover/backhoe and Saturday morning TV would ring with the jingle, "Digger Dan can, Digger Dan can, Digger Dan can."
Digger the Dog
Digger was a plastic basset hound. As you walked you pulled a red string and he followed you. "Digger the dog, Digger will go with you when you explore. Just pull the leash, he'll go for a walk, it's Digger, Digger the dog.
(From around 1989 or 1990) A man (or woman) was sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant. All of a sudden, they let out a huge cough and it looked like there face exploded and they turned into a monster at the same time. Used to scare the crap out of me as a young child.
Dippity Do Gel
Curls in your hair, Dippity Do.
Disney Channel
Aired 1985. A city scene at nighttime is shown. The city is full of lights and people are going around having fun. They are doing things like playing pool, drinking coffee, hanging with their dates, and basically enjoying the night life. One woman wears a Disney hat with Mickey Mouse Ears and the announcer intones, "Don't be left in the dark. Disney Nighttime."
Diurex Water Pills
Diurex. The Bloat Medicine.
Diurex Water Pills
If you feel bloated, your clothes feel so tight you're bloated! Take Diurex.
Dominos Pizza
"Aviod the Noid", had the litte guy in the red suit and big ear running around. I believe trying to steal dominos pizza
Dominos Pizza
Bad andy. Good Pizza.
Dominos Pizza
"If you wanna keep the Noid out, you've just gotta shout, Yo! Dominos! That nasty dude is after your food. Yo! Dominos! Yo! Yo!" Dominos Pizza delivers. One call does it all!
Don't Be A Butthead (Anti-Smoking)
This commercial features a kid whose head is shaped like a cigarette and the other kids on the bus encourage him to stick his head out of the bus window. The nerdy kid is doing better than Butthead is at basketball and he says: "Tommy is a better basketball player than he lets on. Man what a drag?" Then a huge finger comes down on Butthead really hard so as to put him out and a male V/O says: "Don't be a butthead."
Don't Drink And Drive PSA
This used to scare me. Some kids, two boys and a girl, are sitting around in the car and they're listening to American Pie by Don McLean and they're pounding back a few beers. Suddenly at the end of the first verse: "this will be the day that I die" one of the boys decides to try and start up the car and a clap of lighting burns the three kids to cinders and there's nothing left of the kids but their skeletons and the charred remains of their clothes. A male voice over says: "If you drink and drive maybe this will be the day that you die." Whooh. This PSA sent shivers down my spine.
Don't Drown Your Food
"Don't drown your food In mayo or ketchup or goo (yuck!) It's no fun to eat what you can't even SEE! So don't drown your food!"
Don't Tether Your Dog Outside PSA
Man: "Come in and close the door." Woman: "Have a cup of coffee and warm your body." Woman2: "Sakes alive what ever happened to that cute little puppy you had last year?" Man: "He goes for the inzone and a touchdown." Then a voice over person says: "animals need warmth and companionship too." This ad used to scare the crap out of me.
Donkey Kong Cereal
Animated Mario, his girlfriend, and Donkey Kong running around a real box of cereal and bowl. The jingle was "Donkey Kong! Donky Kong Cereal! Crunchy Barrels of fun for your breakfast! You'll love that crunch!"
Donuts/Doughnuts cereal
"New Dough-nuts! Dough-licious!" This was the best cereal ever made. It was discontinued a LONG time ago, back in 83 or 84, I think. There's never been a kiddie cereal since that tasted as good as this one did, I don't know why it didn't last. Does anyone else remember it? It came in regular ("powdered?") and chocolate.
Aired in 1987. A man ventures into a school detention room to determine whether students in detention have any future. He questions a couple of students and dismisses them as future con-men or inside-traders. Then he approaches a male student who is eating a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. He declares the student to be a future President of the United States because of the Doritos and addresses him as "Mr. President." The commerical closes with an announcer intoning, "Nacho Cheese Doritos. They taste as good as they crunch."
Double Chex
A mutated combination of two types of Chex (corn, wheat or rice). In the commercial, little girls playing Double Dutch sang, "I I love love double double Chex Chex, Better better than than the the rest rest."
Double Mint Gum
It went.. "double double your refreshment/double double your enjoyment/oh no single gum double freshens your mouth like/doublemint doublemint/ come on and double it/ doublemint double mint gum!" we used to play hand game to it in girl scouts lol :-)
Double Mint Gum
I also found this on my Christmas 1986 video. The jingle is too memorable. "It's that little mint/Wrigley's Double Mint Gum/Gives that litttle lift/Come and get you some/It's that little mint/Wrigley's spearmint gum." This woman is in a beautiful Corvette and pulls up to watch the marines saluting. One Marine, in his perfect white suit, who is chewing the gum, is shuffling his feet. Corny as anything, but so cute and memorable.
I have this found on a VHS tape which was A Christmas Story in 1994--This jingle may have came out in the late 80's: "It's a double great feeling do you know who/It freshens your Mouth and it freshens your breath/Double Double mmm mmm, Doublemint Gum!"
"It freshens your mouth and it freshens your breath, Double, double, mmm mmm, Doublemint Gum."
"A Double Your Pleasure is waiting for you/A Double Pleasure from Doublemint Gum/A Double Great feeling that makes you realize Doublemint's the one for you/(key change) A Double your Pleasure is waiting for you (Doublemint Gum)."
Two women in swimsuits at a poolside--the jingle: A double your pleasure is waiting for you/A double pleasure from Doublemint Gum/A double great feeling making you realize Doublemint's the one for you/Double Fresh, Double chew, Double delicious to chew/A double your pleasure is waiting for you (Doublemint Gum)/A double your pleasure is waiting for you (Doublemint Gum). Both chewed Doublemint Gum at the same time.
Doublemint Gum
I found on a taped version of A Christmas Story which was taped in late 1989: Double Double your refreshment (oh oh oh) Double Double your enjoyment (oh) no single gum like it in the world (I can't remember if that's right or not) Double good, Doublemint Gum. Double Double your refreshment (oh oh oh) Double Double your delightment (oh) No single gum yes no single gum like it (again, that may be slightly different) Double good, Doublemint...Gum! There's no single gum like it! That's my absolute favorite DM commercial. I don't know how many people remember it, but still, it's great.
Doublemint Gum
A long time ago, I said I had the Doublemint Gum jingle found on a taped version of A Christmas Story in 1989. Actually, it's from 1990, and here are the real words: Double, double, your refreshment, Double, double, your enjoyment, oh, No single gum double freshens your mouth, Like Doublemint, Doublemint Gum. Double, double, your refreshment, Double, double, your delightment, oh, No single gum double freshens your mouth, like Double fresh, double good, come on and double it, Doublemint,Doublemint Gum! There's no single gum like it! This was used until at least 1993.
Doublemint Gum
The commercial features several different sets of twins having fun in the sun. The theme song of the commercial was ' Double Double Your Freshness '
Doublemint Gum
A series of ads featuring different sets of twins. One of them went sort of like this: "Double vision, double decker, a double creature in a double feature, a double play in baseball, that's 6-4 to 3. But the singlemost favorite double in the world is double-good, double-good, Doublemint Gum." Then at the end twin skaters (or any female twins) say: "Double your pleasure, with Doublemint Gum."
Doublemint Gum
What was the song Double your Pleasure, Double your fun, Something..something, With Doublemint gum??
Doublemint Gum
"Double Your Pleasure, double your fun/That's the statement of the great mint in Doublemint Gum."
Hello Mother. Daddy, you too. Love my classes Here at State U. Just one problem, it's my laundry Miss that nice fresh smell, hey Mom I'm in a quandary.
Shows towels blowing in the breeze and the song "Nobody Does it Better" by Carly Simon is playing but at the end of the first line of the song they add "Nobody Does It Better Then Downy." My mom told me about this one, which is why I don't have a lot of details about it. This commercial came out before I was born. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it.
In the Downy commercial, in the backyard, a lady holds a towel, the kids in the sprinkler run and the lady wraps the kids up in the towel.
Downy Fabric Softener
Hello Mother, Hello Father, greetings from Camp Hiawatha. Swimming's cool here--but this place is not like home I miss your nice soft pillowcases. You miss Downy, it's so pleasin', April freshness--that's one reason, Downy softness--that's another. Here's a gift from home we miss you, love your mother.
The Doxidan ballad in particular was sung by Kinky Cowboy Friedman who was popular in the 70s and 80s. I remember that crazy ballad but since I only saw it acouple of times I can only remember part of the last verse, 'When nature needs a helping hand, Doxidan'.
I remember some of the words to the Doxidan song (it was called "The Ballad of a Gentle Laxative"): When I'm irregular, Here's what I do, I take Doxidan because it works when I expect it to; Oh, Doxidan, pure Doxidan, gentle Doxidan... (I don't remember anymore words from this point on. I think the music just continued in the background while the ad man spoke to the end of the commercial.) I'm not sure why I remember these commercials except that even as a kid I thought they had to be the most ill-conceived TV ads... EVER! What's worse is that they had several different commercials using this same stupid song.
There was a cowboy sitting on a barstool wearing a cowboy hat and playing a guitar singing.... "Doxidan, Doxidan"....HMmmmmm don't remember all the words, but Doxidan is a laxitive.
Dr Pepper
the guy that's playing guitar and singing and at the end the people around him start singing
Dr. Pepper
Its just what the doctor ordered! Now the new slogan for this heavenly thirst aid is, "this is the taste."
Dr. Pepper
A girl on roller skates says momma warned me about wolves.
Dr. Pepper
I'm a pepper, he's a pepper, she's a pepper, we are peppers, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?
Dr. Pepper
Neither early, mid, or early-to-mid-80's. Here showed two aliens, and an astronaut gave two bottles of Dr. Pepper each to the aliens. And here's the Jingle (to me, it may be wrong) "Dr. Pepper, It's Miiisuuunnnderrrrstttoood!".
Dr. Pepper
The One with the preppy looking guy who's playing a Cello I think...then he starts playing a take on the Robert Palmer song, Dr. Dr. It went "Dr. Pepper, give me the news I gotta bad case of lovin' you!!" Great commercial!!
It is a little boys b-day and the older brother said that he meet a girl and this time time it love she had brown eyes and the little boy is hoping it is not a dog but it ends up being a puppy
Drug Commercial
I remember one where it was a rhyme and it went "Drugs and alcohol are both the same. They make soup outta your bairn. I don't wanna be pea soup, I don't wanna be potato! I don't wanna be chicken soup, I just want to be me!" And all the whole they were showing pictures of chickens and potatos and messed up things.
Drug Commerical
The Commerical begins; The voiceover...a Mother. Pictures pass by of a Happy Confidant, Pretty looking redhead doing things like Sports, and posing with similarly good looking friends happily holding piles of books,as they stand by lockers. we hear... "A Year ago, Mary was on the Hockey team, Things have changed since then... She has new friend's and stay's out all night...." Mary and her pictures begin to take a turn.. Her clothes now black and tatered accesorized with many safety pins.Her once smooth luxurious red hair, is now Frizzy and worn in a side poneytail atop her head. Her face is stratigicly painted with Dark purlple and garish hot pink tones. Her mouth, a scowl as she poses alone, and then with other bad asses. With a little more dispare and desperation in her voice we hear the mother proceed... "Her Grades, have gone way, way down, and she's Cutting Class..." Cut to Mother in realtime, soft worn face, shoulder length full head of wheat colored hair. She is wearing a white blouse , a seafoam green sweater vest over it, a khaki colored long and loose skirt on her lower half her arms are raised with fists clenched, she speaks so fierecely in your face all of a sudden, as she shakes her angy fists and pleades... "I'm afriad of her! Afraid to set my purse down in my own home. And when I found Pot in her room... She said it belonged to a friend... WHAT'S HAPPENED TO OUR LIVES!?!"
Drug Free World
I just saw this ad on retrojunk.com. It has a bunch of children standing in front of a globe. All the children are different nationalities but they all say the same thing "I'm not afraid to make the commitment." Then at the end a v.o. (voice over) says, "Make the commitment for a drug free world." Then the words "For more information about a drug free world call 1-800-783-6396, Scott Newman Center."
Drug commerical
"This is your brain,(an egg)and this is your brain on drugs.(egg frying)" Any questions?
Drugs (PSA)
Two little boys from an urban area are walking down the street arguing. One little boy asks the other "Why do you hang out with Walter ?" The other says, "Walter's my friend". The first says, "No he's not !" The second says, "Yes he is !" The other says , "No he's not !" He then proceeds to say, "Walter ain't your friend. Walter do's (yes do's) drugs and you ain't gonna DO it with him !"
Drugs (PSA)
A boy is talking directly to the camera while tossing a baseball up in the air single-handedly..."What, you mean to tell me that taking drugs is gonna mess up my coordination...Well, I don't believe that..." (ball falls to ground in the middle of sentence as boy looks on in amazement)
Drugs (PSA)
A girl this time is talking directly to the camera. She says, "What, you mean to tell me that taking drugs will mess up my memory--Well I don't believe it, cause I've been taking drugs Ever since...since...since (commercial blacks out)
Drugs (PSA)
Another boy talking directly to the camera is at work at some sort of factory (maybe it's a wood shop class or something, but he's operating some dangerous looking machine). He says to the camera, "What, you mean to tell me that taking drugs will mess up my concentration--Well I don't believe it." As he says "It" he presses the start button on the machine, not paying attention to the fact that his hand is right next to the blade. The commercial blacks out.
Dubonnet was a wine cooler, I believe. The commercial came on a lot during Saturday Night Live in the mid-'80s. The jingle was very upbeat... a female jazz vocal group over a Big Band ensemble singing, "How do you do-- Dubonnet? " repeated 3 times, then "How do you do what you do-- Dubonnet!" It was the pinnacle of '80s cheesiness. I loved it! Very catchy.
Duncan Hines
2-Fingered frosting tastes even better on your cake. With Duncan Hines.
Duncan Hines Brownies
A brother and sister in the kitchen, the girl yells, "Mom, Jimmy broke my brownie!" The mom comes in, "don't worry, these duncan hines brownies are so moist that you can put it back together." My sisters and I used to act it out whenever my mom made them.
Duncan Hines Cookies
Crispy chewy, crispy chewy, yummy Duncan Hines are crispy chewy. Tastes just like my mom's does. The only one, that's so much fun, the only one that tastes like mom's does! Sometimes this is the first little ditty that comes into my head when.......Nevermind! Just nevermind.
Duncan yo-yos
"If it isn't a Duncan, it isn't a yo-yo." Suweeet!
Dunkin Donuts
Radio Jingle, I think, though possibly on TV. It's sung by little kids and had to have been mid-70s, I'd guess '76-'78? Dun-kin Do-nuts You can't buy 'em in a gro-cer-eee store Dun-kin Do-nuts You can't buy 'em in a ba-ker-eee... I imagine there was more to the song but that's all I remember. (Every time I see a Dunkin Donuts kiosk in my local grocery store the little voices haunt me...)
Dunkin Donuts
How can you have Duncan Hines and forget the Dunkin Donuts Guy? Remember, he had to wake up at like 4am saying "I got to make the dounuts" and be tired as heck lol.
Dunkin Donuts
This ad was used actually with "The Flintstones" and there was Fred Flintstone saying "It's time to make the donuts." and he sees them in the oven and says "I already made the donuts!" and whatever that is, is catchy. (It May not be using "The Flintstones")
Dunkin Hines Commercial
I have ben looking for this commerical in a wav format. All I remember from it is there is a group of people in it that sing Crispy chewy, crispy chewy, Dunkin Hines is crispy chewy, made just like my mom did. The only one made just like my mom did. My sisters loved that commercial and I have not been able to find it.
Dunkin' Donuts
Fred: It's time to make the donuts! Fred: I already made the donuts!
I Can't stand how it lasts, it's Duracell!
In retaliation to this commercial, Energizer launched their 10-year bunny campaign. It originally showed a table full of mechanical toys drumming away until their batteries ran down, and the announcer dared us to guess which one would be last to stop. Eventually she explained that only one had the Duracell Coppertop Battery, and as the toys fell silent one by one, the last one standing was the Coppertopped toy, a pink elephant. This toy later appeared in the first Energizer commercial to feature another product being upstaged by the Bunny!
First in batteries that last.
"You can't top the copper top"
Duracell batteries
It was Robert Conrad looking all angry and daring you to knock the Duracell battery off his shoulder. He would say "C'mon I dare you to knock it off." not sure what the point was.
Yo ho ho Yo ho ho The Little Blue Jug is ... Dynamo!

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