Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with F

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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Hit it Al! Ok, it's the big Fig Newton, here comes the tricky part, it's the big Fig Newton, ok one more time, it's the big Fig Newton.
Woman cleans the floor and gets interrupted by her husband, son and daughter walking in the kitchen and saying goodbye before they leave. Script goes: "Goodbye, Don, hurry up John, oh come on Yvonne it's time I was gone, but there's the floor to be done"
Fashion Plates
It was a toy paper doll kind of thing that had clothes you could cut out and put on the paper/cardboard dolls. The commercial went something like this.."It's got all those wonderful plates, and they call it faaashion plate.." A cheesy voiced guy would sing it.
Fast Track
This was a commercial for a vitamin called "Fast Track" that only lasted for a couple of years. Went: Fast Track. The vitamin that does an exersise in 1/2 the time.
Federated Group (local So.Cal?)
I believe the Federated Group was a fairly small electronics chain. The commercials featured an utter madman named Fred Rated, played by Shadoe Stevens, and the jingle 'the group...the group...the Federated Group...' repeated unto fadeout.
Fidelity Investments
I can't think of the name of this 80's song in this Fidelity Investments commercial where they talk about "Jack" and his investments. Please Help!
Fifth Avenue Candy Bar
Rocky & the Rockettes singing in 50's style: Do you girls know why I like Fifth Avenue candy bars? Da-da-da-dump "Is it the creamy mi-ilk chocolate?" "No, no, no" "Is it the crunchy peanut but-ter?" "No, no, no" "Then why do you like - Fifth Avenue - Candy Bars Rocky?" "Because, it's the bite, that's right" "It's the bite that's right" "Fifth Avenuuuuuuue" "Candy Baaaaar"
Fig Newton
I believe this was the 80's. There was this guy dressed up like a fig and he sings something like "Chewy chewy rich and gooey inside, golden flaky tender cakey outside, etc....
Fig Newton
Ooey gooey, rich and chewy inside. Golden cakey, tender flakey outside. Wrap the inside in the outside. Is it good? Darn tootin'! It's the big, Fig Newton!
Fig Newtons
A boy was looking around the house for his sister, and he's saying "Jaime, I know you have the Fig Newtons. And you're in the closet." he looks in the closet, no Jaime. "Ok, you're not in the closet." then he keep on talking to Jaime, saying he knows where she is, but isn't able to find her, and all the while he is describing Fig Newtons as well as looking for Jaime. he sits down on the bed and looks underneath it, where Jaime is hiding with a plate Fig Newtons, and she gives him one.
Fig Newtons
In the early-80s. Went "Fruit Chewy, Fig Newtons."
Fig Newtons
A young English child is sitting in his four-poster bed eating Fig Newtons. His mother walks in and chastizes him for eating cookies in bed. Then he says "mummy, it's not a cookie, it's a fruit newton." And she says "well, then. carry on, dear. carry on."
The shampoo was a clear blue gel that lathered well and the conditioner was a frothy weightless white conditioner, both had a pleasant scent. The commercial features a woman playing tennis, washing her hair with Finesse, a close-up of her hair, a diagram of the hair follicles, a spokesperson explaining why Finesse is the best, and her getting ready for a big night out. Throughout the whole commercial there was a song that went ' Sometimes you need a little Finesse! Sometimes you need a lot!'
There was a woman who was playing tennis, she was finished, her hair was all tangled up. She went home used Finesse, afterwards went out boating with her boyfriend and in the evening went out to a cocktail dinner. The song in the commercial was ' Sometimes You Need A Little Finesse, Sometimes You Need A Lot!'
Finger of fudge
Finger of fudge is just enough untill it's time to eat, a finger a fudge is just enough , it's very small and neat it's full of cadbury's goodnes! What is the rest of the song?
Fire PSA
Don't take chances for a fire. Take a bit out of crime (Crunch).
First Alert
"Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!"
Five Alive
I live five alive its the one for my drink.
Does anybody remember the falkies commercial, where the woman is sitting on the steps of her house talking about the crazy day she had, you know, late for work, locked the keys in her car, forgot to pick up the kids from school, so she sits and has a flakie, I kinda always thought she was a flake!
Fletcher & Oaks Wine Spritz
People would be sittinh at an out door cafe. Some one would order the FLetcher & Oaks and when they opened the bottle someone would yell "SPRITZ" and then everyone would pull out an umbrella.
Flex Shampoo
I remember there was a woman jumping around like a crazy person in what appeared to be a busy New York sidewalk dancing to the song for the commercial "Get Flex-ability!" Do they still make this shampoo?
Flexi Blocks
Just like legos, but flexible! Flexi blocks, the blocks that move. Dinosaurs grab, cars race, and bulldozers roll. You can even make things to wear!
Flinstone Vitamins
We are Flinstone's kids, 10 million strong,(littler kid voice) and grooowwing!
Flinstone Vitamins
I remember this ad as a kid( and I still remember it today). I think it was just before the "Flinstones Kids" Campaign we all know and love today. (And one could say it inspired the ad campaign all together) Anyway, in this ad, there was this kid, who was probably no more than 8 or 9 yrs. old. At the start of this ad he sat on a bench, all dressed up. ( I think he had a cap on, too.) Then he stood up and faced the camera. Then all of a sudden, strange things began to happen to him. Well, it wasn't really that strange, ( as the announcer described) he was growing up. As well as growing out of his clothes. The kid looked down, and his pants legs began rising up. Then they cut to a close up of a Flinstone Vitamins Bottle and then back to kid. The growing process continued as he now became too big for his shirt, buttons began poping off his shirt. Another shot of Flinstone Vitamins, followed by more shot of the kids rapidly growing body, as other parts of his clothes became outgrown and began to rip and tear. In the end, the kid came out again and he wasn't a kid anymore, he was a teen now.( I think ) A very unique Commerical, indeed.
Flintstones Children's Multivitamins
They were commercials throughout the 80's, 90's, and also the 2000s, the decade known as today (as leftovers). The commercials had the "Flinstones Kids" campaign. The jingle went like this: "We are Flinstones Kids..." Announcer: To help kids get the important vitamins, pediatritians know that good nutrition is key. Flinstones, the pediatritian's number one choice for healthy, growing kids. Jingle: "Ten million strong, and growing!". One ad had 2 kids, on one a scale, the other trying to get weighed and measured but couldn't try to reach it, so he was using a chair, book, etc. Another had a girl, the sign said "You must be THIS tall to ride" and wasn't tall enough, then a boy wanted to go on and he was tall enough. Another had a boy, I believe, who was on the bus, and also getting off, wasn't a tall boy. Each were switching to Flintstones Multivitamins (or whatever it was at the point). When I saw those ads since I was born, I was always in the mood for them, and the "Flinstones Kids" campaign, pediatritian's number one choice, the commercials, and the jingle were so catchy, that I nearly think they are going to be still in place. So catchy about those ads, that I nearly think of growing at the point. Those are the ads that I remember seeing, I couldn't remember the rest of the ads and I couldn't remember the amount of commercials that had the campaign and jingle. So who thinks about those ads that nearly made crap? It wasn't as cheesy and corny, but thinks that I want to grow because of the ads seen briefly. So I really wanted to grow, but nice that the children in the ads were swithing to Flintstones Multivitamins. How do I know about them? I don't know which ad with the campaign aired first, because I wasn't born when they first came out, but they were still there since I was born and it is still used today. I can't think "cheesy" because of the ads, It was good and creative but briefly I wanted to grow. So nothing was pretty cheesy about the ads, it was pretty good and creative, but I still wanted to grow until I turn 21. So pretty much I wanted to grow, nothing I think about horrible imitations. The ads were used when I was a baby, when I was in kindergarten and they are still used today. I don't know anything, but I was thoughtful about those ads until I went to middle school and are still in place to what I know today. The complete catchy jingle--"We are Flinstones Kids (Instrumental break and announcer telling about the product) Ten million strong, and growing!". Who could forget about those ads?
Florida Orange Juice
Florida Orange Juice's tagline during the early 1980s was "Orange You Smart:" "Orange you smart? For drinking orange juice? You drink it to your body's content, the only way that nature could invent. Say orange aren't you smart for drinking orange juice, orange you smart."
Folger's Coffee
From about 1984, it starred Scott Bakula in one of his earliest television roles. I saw pictures of this ad, and heard it didn't air very much in the US. I believe he was drinking coffee in the snow. Possibly a Christmas ad.
This is the justly classic Christmas commercial where Peter comes home. He's got a big toothy grin as he comes from college and he and finds his little sister up and about and she's happy to seem. Peter! Then, to wake up Mom and Dad, they make a pot of Folgers. The parents come downstairs(Peter!) and there are hugs all around and everything is right with the world. After a long absence, Folgers finally reran this commercial this past Christmas.
Folgers Coffee
A married couple is sleeping in a bed with the clock radio showing "6:29 AM". A couple seconds later it changes to "6:30", and the announcer comes on and says, "Good morning!... It's Monday again... Traffic's tied up." The man pulls back the covers, shakes his head as if to say, "I don't feel like going to work this morning", then goes to the kitchen to make the Folgers coffee. His wife follows shortly after, and they enjoy hot coffee together, then they are in a cheerful mood, almost as if they feel like going to work. Then you hear the jingle "The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!" After seeing this commercial, I have decided that coffee should only be served on Mondays. Otherwise, if you you drink it every day, you won't appreciate what it does for you on a Monday morning.
Folgers Crystals
"Hi. We're here today at (insert name of restaurant), where we've switched these diners' regular coffee with Folgers Crystals. Let's see if they can taste the difference." 'Nuff said.
Folgers coffee
A college aged girl comes into her parents house. Everyone's asleep. So she makes some Folgers. Everyone wakes up from the coffee smell. They come downstairs and are incredibly happy to see the daughter. Then they drink coffee. "The best part of waking up - is Folgers in your cup!"
Slogan: "Have you driven a Ford... lately?", lasted til about '93.
Fraggle Rock Books
A little boy was watching Fraggle Rock on television. As the show ended, his mom comes into the room. This was the dialogue: (don't laugh) Jimmy: Shows over. (in a sad voice) Mom: Hey Jimmy. Why don't you read something? Jimmy: Do I have to? Mom: Well, dinner's not ready for an hour. Jimmy: But the Fraggle's are really fun! (Fraggle Rock books start flying out of the televison) Jimmy: WOW! FRAGGLES!
Freak phone
They played this on MTV a lot in '86 or '87. There was a weird puppet (Freddy Freaker) dancing, and I still don't know what the phone line was all about. But I still remember the jingle (although I don't know what order the verses go in). "1-900-490-FREAK. Freddy Freaker, the dancin' new sensation headin' up the nation, doin' the freak. Call Now 1-900-490-FREAK. Join the party, the fast and easy way, to hear what's jammin' from New York to L.A. Call now. 1-900-490-FREAK. What's happenin' what's jammin', party 'til you drop. Dial and hear the action, what's hot and what's not. Call Now. 1-900-490-FREAK. Two dollars a call, grrrr."
The Freedent jingle listed here isn't complete. It went "Freedent's the one that took the stick out of gum, and Freedent moistens your mouth, yeah, moistens your mouth, and freshens your breath while you cheeewwwwwww."
Freedent Gum
(Jingle)...Freedent's the one that won't stick to your gums. Freshens your breath while you chew.
Freedent gum
"Freedent's the one that takes the stick out of gum! And Freedent moistens your mouth - YEAH, moistens your mouth! And freshens your breath while you CHEW!"
Freekies Cereal
A bunch of mini monsters advertising the Freekie Cereal singing "We are the Freekies, we are the Freekies, and this is our Freekie tree. We never miss a meal (oh, no) 'Cause we love our cer-e-al." A fade in to the announcer telling all the kids how great this fruity cereal is. Then a reprise of the song. The monsters all dancing around the bowl. A pink female, a green (snorkledorf?) with a long nose, a purple one. They all had names and were revised later but did not sell well.
Freezy Freakies
Sometime in the 80's there were these winter gloves that when worn in the cold would suddenly change color and show designs in the horror genre. The vioce over would end every segment with a drawn out chorus of "freeeezeee freakies". I unfortunately bought a pair in the summer for some reason and I remember testing them in the freezer when I first got them- just to make sure they worked- and they did.
French's Mustard (I think )
The sandwiches would pucker and such when any other mustard was tried to be put on them.
French's mustard
My favorite commercial ever made me a lifelong consumer of French's mustard. Its where all the sandwiches are garnished to look like faces and they are scared because someone is trying to put a different mustard on it. One sandwich said "No! That's not Frenchs". It ended with "Frenchs... Be good to your food."
"I follow my nose, it always knows. For flavors of froot, I follow my snoot. Orange, lime, lemon, cherry taste... I can smell my Froot Loops anyplace." Or something like that anyway. I was 13 when I last heard it. I'm now 34 so I don't remember the lyrics too well.
Frosted Flakes
Hey tony i like the things you do HEY TONY if i could i would be you your the one and only tiger your th one and only.... you know how to make me go FROSTED FLAKES ARE MORE HTAN GOOD THERE GRRRRREAT
Frosted Flakes
They're Grrrreat!
Frosted Flakes
Hey! Tony We love the things you do. Hey! Tony I love the things you do. The one and only tiger that makes only for you. So it's frosted flakes
Frosted Flakes
Show'em you're a tiger, Show'em what you can do The taste of Tony's Frosted Flaaaaakes, Brings out the tiger in you, in you!
Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal
They would show a adult eating the miniwheats and say " The adult in me likes the wheat side" (or something like that) then "But the kid in me likes the frosted side" and it would be a little kid in big clothes sitting there instead of the adult.
Fruit Bars
Fruit Bars, so good and ugly...make your taste buds shout, looks so ugly gonna knock you out! ... what a pity, we think their rather pretty! New Fruit Corners Fruit Bars, so good!
Fruit Bars
A fruit roll up/fruit wrinkle type of snack that was in the shape and size of a candy bar. "Fruit bars, so good thier ugly".
Fruit Corner's Fruit Bars
"Made with real fruit, so your taste buds shout! Look so ugly - gonna knock you out!" "They did that to fruit? What a pity!" "Fruit Corner's Fruit Bars" "We think they're rather pretty." "New Fruit Corner's Fruit Bars - so good!" "And ugly." It's a commercial with different groups of people singing about the Fruit Bars - some saying how good they are, and some saying that they're ugly, etc...
Fruit Corners Fruit Rollups
This is the one with a bunch of monkeys on a bus... It starts with a voiceover "This is our bus. And this is our bus driver" (a monkey) "And these are our fruit rollups!" (monkey "kids" singing and dancing in the bus) "We love our Fruit Rollups! They make our fingers flip! Fruit Corners Fruit Rollups, we love to let 'em rip! Real fruit and fun, rolled up in one, we love the crazy things they do! We love our Fruit Rollups, Corners Fruit Rollups!"
Fruit Fresh
Poorly lit, and shot in video, this commercial, presumably for some kind of food preservative, features the sing-songy line "Your peaches: brown and yucky; mine with Fruit Fresh: fresh and yummy!" Sometimes a mother-in-law has to regulate!
Fruit Island Cereal
I was actually paid to be in some sort of Fruit Island Ceral focus group. I was in the Gallaria in Dallas when some guy with a clipboard asked me to watch some commercials. I agreed and they showed me the Fruit Island Cereal commercial and asked me tons of questions about whether I would eat such a cereal. Being a chubby little 9 year old at the time, I guess I was their target audience. I remember that the commercial had a bunch of the "Islanders" rowing Hawaiian-style boats and I remember the Fruit Island volcano erupting.
Fruit Island cereal
Ok, Fruit Island cereal came out in the mid 80's and it didn't last but a year. The makers of Cookie Crunch made it. It was a cartoon commercial and they were on a island. And there was this fat "hawaian" looking guy with no shirt,he was just wearing palm fronds that covered his private ares.And then a volcano errupts and the cereal comes out of it and lands in a bowl, or in the cereal box. And the jingle is this:"fruit island cereal, uh yumma, yumma!!!!"-
Fruit Roll Ups
Part of the song went something like this: "Time to get up and get going...its the best part of the day now... just my friends and my fruit roll ups... having fun were we can say wow!.. fruit corners fruit roll ups..." thats all i can remember and I can't get it out of my head for the past 20 years. i usually think of it in the morning when I am having trouble waking up.
Fruit Roll Ups
Does anybody remember a fruit roll up commercial with a bunch of kids in a haywagon?
Fruit Roll-Ups
The commercial with the haywagon had a creepy farmer-type guy, who called out to the kids: Ras-berry! Red Apple!
Fruit Roll-Ups
The theme song went, "you can rock em, you can roll em, you can really get to know em, fruit corners, fruit roll-ups!!! Yummy!
Fruit Rollups
They always seemed to have a wacky commercial, and there was a tree in it, for the other product that is by the same people who do Fruit rollups, i forget that particular product name. I just know that they always showed them in like a forest or a jungle and a talking tree. I don't know can you remember that?
Fruit Stripe GUm
"Yikes Stripes ..Fruit Stripe Gum" Crazy Striped Cartoon Animals
Fruit Stripe Gum
The classic "zebra" with the colored stripes that matched the gum "It's fun to tickle your tongue with fruit stipe gum"
Fruit Stripe Gum
Yipes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe Gum!
Fruit Wheats
As a teen in the 80s I had a massive crush on the guy who sang in the "piano" version of the Fruit Wheats cereal commercial. I used to leave the TV on while doing my homework in the hopes that I would catch this ad and see the object of my affection (and hear the song, which at the time I thought was pretty catchy). I even cajoled my poor mom into buying the cereal once or twice. I still wonder who the heck that guy was and what became of him. If I remember correctly, he sort of looked like the bastard love child of Clay Aiken, Punky Brewster, and Greg Evigan in "My Two Dads" mode. Scary stuff.
Fruit Wheats Cereals
"Fruit Wheats, the IN cereal, Fruit Wheats, Whoa! An incredible taste in each bite that you get (I'm really not sure if those are the words to the part of the song), inside you'll get: Strawberry, Apple or Raisin, Fruit Wheats, the IN cereal".
Fruit Wheats cereal
A very annoying commercial that aired a million times in Summer of 1987 where some kid goes to some wise old sage in a castle and says a bunch of things like, "I am here to ask a question", and the old guy replies "I know" to everything he says. Then, when he asks how they get the fruit into Fruit Wheats brand cereal, he replies "I don't know." and slams the door. At the end of the commercial, it said "To be continued...", but it never was. Instead we got bombarded with "Fruit Wheats...The IN Cereal...Strawberry, Apple, or Raisin; Fruit Wheats! The IN Cereal!" commercials.
Fruit Wrinkles
Do NOT feed the Fruitrons the flavor is too big for them.
Fruit Wrinkles
Wrinkles were little raisin shaped snacks -- like condensed fruit roll-ups maybe. the song went: let me get wrinkles! let me tear loose! with my fruit wrinkles... let me have that fruit. fruit. wrinkles. let me get wrinkles! taste so fine, my fruit wrinkles the wrinkly ones! let me get wrinkles! ow! real fruit wrinkles!
Fruit and Fibre Cereal
A commercial where it looked like they were interviewing people on the street. The people were eating bowls of cereal. The cameraman or voiceover would say "That cereal looks good. What is it called?" and the person would always say "Oh, it's Fruit and....uh...... fruit and....." And then the slogan at the end: "Fruit and Fibre. Tastes so good, you'll forget the fiber."
Fruit and Fibre Cereal
Great commercial series where people rave about the cereal and always remember only half of the name Fruit and Uh....Um....I always screamed at the TV Fruit and Fibre FIBRE
Fruity Marshmallow Krispies
Sung to a tropical beat. Fruity Marshmallow Krispies, lots of fruity marshmallow taste. Eat them snap, crackle, pop.... the rest I don't remember.
Fruity Marshmallow Krispies
Song: "Fruity Marshmallow Krisp-ies, lots of fruit-y marshmallow taste"
Fruity Marshmallow Krispies
Branded with Rice Krispies around 1986 or 87. Basically Rice Krispies with Lucky Charms style marsmallows. The song went "Fruity marshmallow krispies, lot's of fruity marshmallow shapes. Gets you snap, krackle, poppin' over lot's of fruit taste" to a reggae style beat.
Fruity Pebbles
There were lots of Fruity Pebbles commercials in the '80s, but the one I'll always remember is the one featuring Barney Rubble as a faux rapper, singing, "I'm Rapmaster Barney and I'm here to say, I love Fruity Pebbles in a major way!"
Fruity Pebbles (Christmas edition)
This commercial was to the tune of "Deck the Halls" and went like this: (chorus) "Season's greetings in our souls," (Fred) "Yummy Fruity Pebbles in our bowls." (Barney, disguised as Santa, prepares to go down Fred's chimney and you hear the sleigh bells ring from Santa's sleigh) (Fred) "Uh-oh, here comes you-know-whoo-oo--" (Santa arrives and sings) Yabba dabba froooo-ty-licious doo." (Barney, going down chimney) "Ho, ho-ho, I'm hu, hu-hun-gry," (slips and falls into Fred's house, beard comes off, and oops, Santa is already there anyway!) (Barney) "SANTA? My Pebbles!!!" (Fred) "YOUR Pebbles???" (Santa) "'Tis the season to be sharing, Fred...." (Fred gives Barney a bowl of Fruity Pebbles) (Barney) "Awwwe, Fred...." and then they say something about part of a complete breakfast, and the commercial ends with Santa riding off into the night.
Fruity Pebbles cereal
I remember the whole commercial, how Barney was trying to trick Fred into gettin some fruity pebbles cereal....and i remember the lyrics as well...it went like this.... "i'm the master rapper and i'm here to say, i love fruity pebbles in a major way" (Fred)" He loves fruity pebbles in a major way!" (Barney) The Bedrock yellow orange purple lime and red, but to get that fruit taste i gotta trick Fred...." Barney and Fred trade a bowl of FP for a turn to scratch on some stone age turntables...after Barney takes a spoonful Fred comes to his sense.... (Fred) to get that fruity taste he's gotta...TRICK FRED!!!!? BARNEY!!!! (Barney) guess thats a rap! I've been lookin for the commercial to download but to no avail any help on locating it somewhere would be awesome....
Fruity Pebbles cereal
I remember Barney rapping as well. The last line was "...but to get that fruity taste, I gotta trick Fred." To which Fred responded: "To get that fruity taste he's gotta...... TRICK FRED???" And then the jig was up.
Frusen Glage
husband and wife are lying in bed. The wife makes a confession "I ate all the Frusen Glage"
Fun Fruits
Squishy pellet-like fruit blobs that came in various "fruit flavors." The only thing commercial wise to remember were the Fun Fruit trees, where the Fun Fruits came from, and their laugh: "ho-HO-HO-HO-HO....[et. al]" Whereupon the tree would shake and kids underneath seized the candy and nibbled it gone...Sunkist, I believe.

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