Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with K

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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There were a number of commercials run in 1996-1997. They featured an African-American family celebrating, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Memorial Day. African-Americans identified with this family. I was hoping for more commercials with them featured but they stopped.
Circa early-to-mid 80s. Another commercial in which I remember its jingle rather than the scenes: "Get the brand name that you want--at the price you're looking for; K-Mart is your brand name-saving store."
K-Mart Christmas Commercial
There is a little bot looking out of his window asnd seeing a snow covered K-Mart with all these little elves in them and he sees all them working while this big voice is narrating and in the end he say, "I have a feeling I'm gonna get something good this year." and then the song comes on "... K-Mart , we've got it and we've got it good."
Summer 1981. KFC adds potato wedges to its menu for the first time, introducing them as "Kentucky Fries". There was very little to remember about its commercial, except that it featured an uptempo jingle and the words went something like, "Oooooh, Kentucky Fries". I remember various people in different scenes singing the jingle, including a doo-wop group and an office full of secretaries.
1987 - I got in trouble singing this doo whop harmony with my friend in study hall. "New Chicken Littles - wup wup wup wup oowadda - New Chicken Littles, you taste so very nice. I love your chicken flavor, and your little 39 cent price. I found you at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and little darling, you taste so grand, I love to hold you in my hand" just as the back up singer finishes up with "oh ohnleee youuuuuu!"
"Hit the road Jack Kentucky Fried Chicken's got more got more got more got more."
KMart-The Night Before Christmas
This commercial aired in December 1986, and I found it on an old video of Christmas cartoon specials that my parents made when I was 4. Anyway, there is these two brothers, Mikey and John. They sleep in the same room. The younger one, Mikey, says: "John, I can't sleep. Can I sleep in your bed?" And John, the older one, says nicely, "Ok." the commercial then flashes to a few hours later, and Mikey wakes up: "John, where did you go?" and John replies: "In YOUR bed." This is such a cute commercial, and says something like "Happy Holidays from K-Mart."
KRS computer and business schools
It's an office scene, with workers telling the viewer why they should join their team. The phone number given is nnow not the current phone number, so I wouldn't reccommend calling it. Here's the Transcript: (Male) I needed a job, a chance to finally get a real career, that's why I called (Female #1) I'm a single parent; I needed to get some skills so I could support my family, so I called. (Female #2) Life's too short, if you don't like what you're doing, change it, make the call. (Announcer) You can enroll immediately at KRS Computer and Business Schools, and graduate in just 6 months. This could be the opportunity you've been waiting for, so call KRS at 938-8823, that's 938-8823!
Kahn's hot dogs
This commercial aired around 1988/89. In it, a bunch of kids and a dog were running around at a picnic. Through the commercial,everybody sings,"Kahn's is the old fashioned hot dog, the one that's made with good old quality,Kahn's is the old fashioned hot dog, the one that is made just for you and me."
Kay-Bee Toystores
Hey, remember this one? It was on television, featuring non-Henson Muppets singing "Where ya gonna find a Kay-Bee toystore, where ya gonna see... Kay-Bee? Where ya gonna find a Kay-Bee toystore, come take a look and see!" "Under a rock?" "Nooooo!" "On the moon?" "Uh-uh!" : The only place YOU'RE gonna find a Kay-Bee toystore is at your local shopping mall...
There was this weird Keds commericla in the late Eighties. I remember it was in a warehouse at night, and the Keds shoes got out of their boxes and started goofing around, while this song was playing in the background with a high voice saying "Keds.... Keds.... keds..." which was the only word in the song. Then they heard someone coming, said "uh-oh!," jumped back in the box and turned off the light, just in time to miss being seen by the night janitor/security guard dude, who was strolling down the hallway and whistling.
Keebler Suncheros
Some snack chip that never really caught on. Old West-looking porch with Native American man wrapped in a blanket. Jingle: "But now there's new suncheros. Suncheros light and crispy, 'cause they're made by pequenos keebleros (Keebler elves)."
Kellog's Pop Tarts
The string of commercials that have arisen from the one that loooks like it was an outtake. At a car show a pop tart starts dancing on the parking lot (like it has hydros) and random bling blinger goes "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM" This has spawned a couple of follow up adds featuring the same dude, saying the same catch phrase. This commercial OWNS!!
Kellog's Raisin Bran
The commercial is all about a tugboat crew that has to turn around for Raisin Bran- "This tugboat crew has a plan, and they begin by digging in to those two scoops of plump juicy raisins in Kellog's Raisin Bran. Something and in command, they're working now but they're thinking how they love two scoops of golden flakes of bran, two scoops, they're turning back again, for two scoops of plump juicy raisins in Kellog's Raisin Bran- Now with even more raisins, even harder to resist. Two Scoops!" You can see it here- www.80stvthemes.com
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
A kid wants to be second base on his baseball team. "I wanna be second!" He's stuck out in outfield. He goes home and the next morning eats a big bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. That day, during the game, a ball is hit to him. He takes a huge and makes the catch, opening his eyes and his glove as he lies on the ground, discovering the baseball nestled comfortably inside. Jingle: "You can't be your best, you can't be your best...iiiiiiiiif... you don't eat a good breakfast." The end shows a spoon spinning around a bowl with some milk left over inside.
Kellogg's Nut 'n Honey Crunch
Seemed poised to be a classic commercial...and then unexpectedly wasn't. Ads had one person eating a bowl of Nut'N Honey, and someone would come along and ask what they were eating, and they'd be told: "Nut 'N Honey." (Which sounded like "Nuthin' Honey.") And the person who asked, often like a drill sergeant to his recruit or a cop to a prisoner or a football player to his coach, would look freaked at being called "Honey." C'mon, surely everybody over age 25 remembers those ads, right?
Kellogg's Raisin Bran
"2 Scoops of plump juicy raisins in Kellllooooggg's Raisin Bran!"
Kellogg's Rice Krispies
I think it was in the late 80's, but the Rice Krispies guys try to get the kids to say, "Pop pop crackle snap, crackle crackle snap pop snap!"
Kelloggs Morning Start cereal where the family is all running out the door and argues over who fed the dog, Muffin-everybody did-and the huge pig like dog looks at them.
Kelloggs Raisin Squares
It's New Wave baby! The song showing several different people enjoying the cereal, smiling, and taking in the new wave tune which featured the jingle 'raisin in the middle.' One lady says "you're gonna like it there." It aired during the pre-game show of game 6 of the 1986 World Series. The Bill Buckner error bwahaha! Go Yanks, but for that one night & series Mets.
Kellogs Frosted Flakes
Tony the tiger saying "They're greeeeeeaaat!"
Kentucky Fried Chicken
You've got a right (I've got a right!) You've got a right to chicken done right! At Kentucky Fried Chicken, We Do Chicken Right!
Kentucky Fried Chicken
I remember these various cartoons involving Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk, the chickenhawk. Foghorn would always tell Henery about KFC, and then something would happen to poor Foghorn Leghorn! At the end, we'd hear the traditional jingle: "Kentucky Fried Chicken, we do chicken right!"
Kentucky Fried Chicken
In later 1987, KFC (when it was still Kentucky Fried Chicken) was advertising Chicken Littles. In the series of these commercials, they played 50's songs such as "Little Darlin'" and "Come and Go With Me".
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Who can forget? "Kentucky Fried Chicken...we do chicken right!"
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Right after the Colonel's chicken chain begain shortening its name to a monogram, all its commercials ended with the jingle, "Nobody's cookin' like today's KFC."
Keypers, Keypers, what inside those Keypers? Keypers, Keypers, what'd you hide inside?
Kibbles and Bits
I remember an old commercial for Kibbles and Bits dog food. It had dogs dressed up in Army uniforms and they were "marching" to get to their Kibbles and Bits. Somewhere in the song the announcer would sing "Kibbles and Bits and bits and bits" as the dogs were "marching." That commercial will be burned into my mind forever.
Kids World Wearhouse Clothing Store
Kids World, Kids World, the Wearhouse store.
King Vitaman
A breakfast cereal with a picture of a goofy looking man with a crown and robe on the box; the theme song went "King Vitaman, have breakfast with the king, with a sweeeeeeet corrrrnnn taste, and all the vitamins you neeeeeeeed."
Kit Kat Bars
Someone sits down on a bench and starts going through their bag. They pull out really large objects, too big to fit in the bag, until they pull out a Kit Kat bar which is what they were really looking for.
"Gimme a break, gimme a break, Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!< You could keep it to yourself but it wouldn't be fair, 'cause that chocolate crispy taste is loved EVE - RY - WHERE! Gimme a break, gimme a break, Break me off a piece of that KIT KAT BAR!"
Kix Cereal
It was a little jinle about Kix Cereal. There would be a mom and her young son and they would be in the kitchen with a box of Kix and the boy would start singing, "Kids like Kix for what Kix has got", and then the mom would sing, "Moms like Kix for what Kix is not", boy: "Kix has corn and that's enough", mom: "Cause Kix doesn't have any fancy stuff. No added flavors" boy: "Kix doesn't need em'", mom: "No added colors", boy: "Kids love to eat em'", boy: "Kids like Kix for what Kix has got", mom: "Moms like Kix for what Kix is not".
The Kleenex commercial I remember most features a Navy sailor coming home from battle and his wife and welcome him home. The song at the end of the commercial is Kleenex says bless you.
This particular commercial will be etched in my mind forever. A young woman, probably in her 30s, has a husband who is in the Service. He must've been deployed or went away for awhile or something. They have a son, who is probably about two. In the commercial, the wife/mother and son have to go to the airport to pick up her husband. Before they leave home, the wife/mother stops and grabs some Kleenex and puts them in her pocket or purse or something. When they arrive at the airport, she sees her husband and the two of them start crying. She remembers all about the Kleenex she grabbed from home and takes one out and wipes the tears from her eyes. She then gives one to her husband. The commercial ends with a woman singing the Kleenex jingle, "Kleenex says bless you." There is also a similar Kleenex commercial with a little girl at her birthday party with her friends and family.
"What would you do for a klondike Bar" set to music, and then an interviewer asks them if they would, say, bark like a dog?
Klondike Ice Cream Bars
"What would you do for a KLONDIKE bar?" "Would you play patty cake?" "No!" "Would you do it for a Klondike bar?" "Peas porridge hot!" "For that chocolaty coated; ice cream loaded, big and thick; no room for a stick! What would you do for a KLONDIKE bar?" "Okay you can stop now!"
This a very old commercial for Kodac and about taking pictures. It is a song that repeats the words,"Turn around" and shows a child from infant to married.
Kodak Disc
I'm gonna get ya with the Kodak Disc, I'm gonna get ya and I ain't gonna miss. Not when it's easy, easy like this. I'm gonna get ya with the Kodak Disc.
Where this boy is on roller skates and right when he's falling down he says "I'm gonna fall!"
Two little kids outside playing. One says, "I'm hot!" The other says, "I'm thirsty!" Out of nowhere pops this glass pitcher with a smiley face and legs yelling "This is a job for Kool-Aid! OH, YEAH!!!" Then MOM pours everybody a glass of Kool-Aid and they live happily ever after.
Kool-Aid man crashes through the bowling ally wall and serves the kids Kool-Aid?
A 5-second ad with the band singing: "America Spells Cheese K-R-A-F-T".
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
Who could forget Annie? the little girl who loved her macaroni and cheese and always exclaimed "It's the cheesiest"!
Krazy Nails
Before there were Lee Press On nails there was Krazy Nails by Lee. I remember the commercial featured a woman getting dressed up for an evening out with her husband when she exclaims, "Oh No! I broke a nail, why tonight? Then she used the Krazy Nails to fix it. My Mom and I used to laugh everytime this commericial came on.
Kudos Granola Snacks
I still catch myself singing this TV jingle from the 80s: "You'll love the first bite, outrageously right new kudos granola snacks. Tease'em. Please'em. Kudos I'm yours. Nutty or fudge. Chocolate chip or peanut butter. Kudos I love you over any other. Electrifyin'. Granolafyin' (possibly the best word ever used in a commercial) Simply nutricious. Outrageously delicious! Kudos, I'm yours! (I'm yours!)
Kudos Snack Bar
A girl drummer and girl guitar player are in a garage. The drummer is playing lathorgic and men in control tower send a Kudos bar flying through the street and through open window into the mouth of blond drummer girl and she goes off on a drum solo.

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