Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with I

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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Charlie Chaplans "Little Tramp" character starting his own business, buys an IBM PC (Remember the PC XT ?) to help run the business.
(Jingle)"IN-N-OUT...IN-N-OUT...That's what a hamburger's all about!"
Ice Cream Cones Cereal
"My name's Ice Cream Jones (ding-a-ding-a-ding) I"m bringin the kids my Ice Cream Cones. A crunchy new cereal for breakfast, with the great taste of ice cream cones."
Ice Cream Jones Cerial
It was this cartoon character who was an ice cream man, and he ran around singing "I love ice cream jones/ with the delicous taste of icecream cones/ It's a brand new cerial for breakfast, with the great taste of ice cream cones" or something like that.
Ice Teasers
This commercial had a pop-song to it and a red parrot featured in it. "A tease of lemon... oooooooh... a tease of lime... ahhhh... a tease of oraange.... NEW... ICE... TEEEEEEEEASERS!"
obsenely catchy retail fashion store jingle..."If you've got a passion for fashion, but also a craving for savings...grab the wheel of your automobile, and swing on down to IDEAL!"
Imodium Anti-Diarrheal
Stop before it starts with Imodium.
Imperial butter
The commercial was set-up so that who ever ate the bread with the imperial butter on it would magically have a crown appear on their head...da,da,dah, Imperial!
Impulse Body Spray
"When a man suddenly gives you flowers, that's Impulse."
The Evil That Lies Within.
Instant Insanity
This was a puzzle game consisting of four multi-colored cubes you had to line up in a specific sequence. The commercial had kind of a creepy 'They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!' jingle, as they showed people breaking down trying to solve it. It ended with one guy being taken away by the guys in white coats.
George Plimpton runs a series of commercials comparing the Intellivision video game system to Atari games. Atari later struck back with a commercial featuring a nerdy kid pointing out that the arcade favorites could only be found on Atari.
International Paper
International Paper...makes it from innovation to results.
Irish Spring Soap
AArgh! Ah, yer a strong man, John. Aye, but a mite stronger than I care to be! That's why I use Irish Spring, the Deodorant Soap!
Irish Spring Soap
I loved the song too: There's somethin' 'bout Irish Spring, oh yes! It makes me want to sing! It is the most refreshing thing the scent of Irish Spring! With conditioners for me skin! (It's got conditioners for his skin!) The lather makes me feel like a king! I love Irish Spring!
Irish Spring Soap
When the company changed its cover to the one we see today (this was around 19986 or 1987) the ad used to show a soapy shower literally coming out of the soap!!! I was so tempted to buy the soap, because of that commercial.
This commercial featured a guy who was quite geeky buying Isotoner gloves for his "eight girlfriends" (well, seven and his mom). By the time the commercial is over, he asks the saleswoman for nine. She says, "I thought you had eight girlfriends." He says, "Well, you never know when you can use another pair." Wow, what a pick up line!
David Leisure plays a guy at a car dealership looking at the manufacturer's name on a pickup truck and trying in vain to pronounce it. "Eezoozoo." "Eyesuezoo", then shakes his head in disgust. Finally a little Asian man walks up, pats him on the shoulder and says, "That's ok. I can't say Chevroret!"
"Hi. I'm Joe Isuzu" David Leisure was the actor, he would then begin to lie with sub-titles explaining what the truth really is.
Then he gets in the car and checks his hair he then starts driving and it shows the car weaving in and out of cones. He then stops the car and gets out and he catches the bullet with his teeth.

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