Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with P

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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P.J. Sparkles
It had a little jingle with some little girls singing: "P.J. Sparkles, shine a light on me. Shine! Shine! Shine!" Solo girl: "When I give you a hug, you light up with love." Background girl: "Awww." Solo girl: "And all through the night, when I'm holding you tight." The commercial ends with the chorus: "P.J. Sparkles, shine a light on me. Shine! Shine! Shine!
PBMax Peanut Butter Treats
P.B. doesn't stand for...Paul Bunyan...Plow Boy...Portly Ballerina, etc.
This avert has the song 'Something inside so strong' by Labbi Siffre.It shows the differences of what people go through in life. I want to know who that dark haired guy is that kisses a woman, both of which are standing in front of a peugout 309. This ad is really recent, but if anyone knows who this guy is, please let me know, thanks.
I'm from San Diego, California, so I'm not sure if there was another toy store, anywhere else but where I'm from, there was a store called Play CO! AND THE SONG TO THE COMERCIAL WENT , P.L.A.Y.C O.O.O. PLAY CO !
My favorite 80's PSA is the one where the "Professor of the Rap" raps an anti-drug message to a classroom of students. It went: "I'm the Professor of the Rap and I've come to your school 'cause I don't want to see you be a fool". The students sing "One dumb move, and loose your cool". Prof. Rap "alcohol may cause you no alarm, wake up and find that you've been harmed, you may think cigaretts are a joke, but is it worth bad breath and health to smoke, It will soon be 1999, some of you will never use your minds". The ad ends with the some students singing "One dumb move, and loose your cool", while the others chant "smokes! drugs! alcohol! I wish I'd followed his advise.
The pot starts talking and boiling.the iron cord starts swinging like a snake.(animation)then the pot says:keep pot handles turned in.
The dummies (Vince & Larry) were riding in a blue car and hit the wall and CRASH! And the dummy yelled "OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And lyrics to the song goes: "We are the dummies Crashing on through, Busting our heads just for you. My name is Vince, my job makes me sore, If you buckle up I wouldn't do it no more. They called me Larry, I'm a dummy, too, If you don't buckle up the dummy is you. Buckle that belt!" And the Voice said "These are the professional dummies do not attempt this at home!" And again: "Buckle that, Buckle that, Buckle that belt, That's What we say and we know we're not wrong, when you go for a ride put your safety belt on!" And the seatbelt goes CLING!
I remember another ad that featured Dave and Vince. Dave and Vince are pulled up at an intersection. Dave is explaining that even in short distances you should buckle your safety belt. Vince is trying to get Dave's attention that something is going to impact the car from the side. After Vince finally gets Dave's attention a huge log comes in from the side and Dave says: "even at short distances accidents can happen." Then a male voice over says: "You could learn a lot from a dummy. Buckle your safety belt."
PSA Anti-Cigarettes
A song with a bunch of very 80's Aerobics people doing a kinda twist while stomping out cigarattes. The dance was called the Cigarette Mash.
PSA - Anti Drug Commercial (ABC Saturday Mornings)
I just remember a bunch of teenagers in a dark alley skateboarding and hangin' out and stuff. Most of them were wearing stone washed clothes and neon colored Chuck Taylors. I remember someone opening a trash can and flipping the lid over and there were either joints or lines of cocaine on the other side. He was offering the drugs to some of the other kids. Then, some guy comes out and starts singing: "GETTIN' INTO DRUGS AND GETTIN' HIGH IS THE STUPIDEST THING TO DOOOOOO! BE AN ORIGINAL! TAKE A STEP AND PLEASE JUST SAY NO! DON'T LET YOUR FRIENDS TALK YOU IN TO TAKING DRUGS, YOU'VE GOT A RIIIIIIIIIGHT TO SAY NO! NO! YOU'VE GOT A RIGHT TO SAY NO!" This commercial use to air Saturday mornings on ABC in like 88, 89 and 90...somewhere around then. If anyone has any info on how to obtain this commercial, please let me know! Peace Out.
PSA - Scruff McGruff
There were many different "Scruff McGruff" commercials. They mainly depicted a cartoon dog detective fighting crime. It always ended with "write to Scruff McGruff, Chicago Illinois, P.O. box 60652 and help me take a bite out of crime."
PSA - Smoking
It was this cartoon with a human-sized cigarette called "Butthead". He'd be picked last in sports, would smell bad, etc. the catch phrase at the end was "Don't be a butthead"
PSA Anti- Drug
I just remember a theme song that went a little something like this: "Users are losers, and losers are users... so don't use drugs.... don't use drugs..."
PSA(I think)
Cross on the cross on the green, not in-between. Cross on the cross on the green, not in-between. Cross on the cross on the green, not in-between. There is a shrill sound of screeching tires--Stop. The camera then pans in on some school books, a brown bag lunch and some fluid pooling on the ground.
PSA(Stop Using Words That Hurt.)
A male V/O says: "Kids will believe anything that their parents tell them."
A woman says to her child: "You're pathettic. You can't do anything right."
A man says to his child: "You disgust me. Shut up just shut up."
Another woman says to her child: "You can't be my kid."
Another man says to his child: "You're worthles."
Another woman says to her child: "Hey stupid don't you know how to listen?"
Another man says to his child: "you'll never amount to anything."
The first woman says: "Why don't you go find another place to live?"
Then the male V/O says: "Words hurt like fist. Stop and listen to what you're saying. You might not like what you hear. In this seen we see a young girl who looks indignant and starts to cry.
Then it ends with the first woman saying to her child: "I wish you were never born."
Then the male V/O says: "Take time out. Don't take it out on your kid."
PSA--Stop the Madness
This aired on CBS in late 1986. One of the stars of the show "Capitol" talks about crack. "Crack kills. So if anyone offers you crack, just crack a smile and say 'no thanks.'" the guy seemed just a little too loud and hyper--Wow, you gotta wonder if he was on crack?????? Just a thought.
PSA-MAAD (Mother's Aganist Drunk Driving)
(Might have came out in the 80's, I don't know but I've been seeing it for years on TV and it's still on) Shows someone driving really fast, and putting down glasses of alcohol as they are driving. Each time they put down a glass we see though the glass and everything gets blurrier and blurrier until finally the person put down the last one and see a truck headed straight for them. The screen goes black and the words "Don't drink and drive" appear on the screen.
PSA/The Munchies
This had to be one of those Saturday morning public service announcements like Yuckmouth, I don't think I saw it mentioned here yet...it was these animated monster type creatures ganging up on a couch potato kid & a woman singing: "When you're feeling bored or blue, watch out for the munchies, they find ways of making you munch when you're not hungry. Here, munch this! Here, munch that! Soon you're not just bored, you're fat! Heeheeheeheehee!(<--maniacal giggling by the creatures)Go on outside, there's stuff to do, get munching off your mi-ind, soon you'll see you're feeling great, the munchies left behi-ind...."
PSA/Zack Shows You What Works About
I remember an animated PSA where there was an african-american superhero named Zack and he's there encouraging people to follow their talents and think about what they can do. The other one was about a job blob or something like that and Zack turns the job blob into a sewing machine for this girl so she can realize her talents.
PSA: Anti-Drug Commercial
This commericial from the 80's started out with a close-up on a young women's face. The "Happy Birthday" song is in the background, and someone sings "How old are you now?" The woman's face gets older and older as the music starts to become distorted, and then she is covered by a sheet. This commercial was so scary that it sent my sister and me screaming to our room everytime it came on!
Pac-Man Cereal
You can do it, you can do the Pac-Man. Pac-Man Cereal, open up wide. Gobble up the ghosts and hide em inside. Ghosts that are orange, pink, blue and red, and look Mrs Pac-Man has a bow on her head! You can do it You can do the Pac-Man! Pac-Man cereal is part of this good breakfast You can do the Pac-Man.
Pac-Man cereal
"Now Pac-Man isn't just a game you play, it's a crispy corn cereal that's coming your way! New Pac-Man! Chomp! Chomp! Delicious! Thery chomp crispy snacks(?) but they chomp ghosts too! We're marshmallow bits that you can chomp too! New Pac-man! Chomp! Chomp! Delicious! There's Inky, and Pinky, and Blinky and Clyde! We're marshmallow bits you'll find inside new Pac-Man! Chomp! Chomp! Delicious!"
Pacer Punch Chews
"Pacer Punch Chews, made to make your mouth water."
Palmers Cocoa Butter Tanning Lotion
This was from 1981. They show a beach where a few gorgeous tan women are putting on Palmers Cocoa Butter Tan Lotion and the jingle went like this: "Who is the sexy one, the number one in the world, be a golden woman, let Palmers beautify you." Chorus: Palmers Cocoa Butter "Moisturize" Palmers Cocoa Butter "Revitalize" "Be a golden woman, let Palmers beautify you." Chorus: "Palmers Cocoa Butter" fade out....
Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent
Does anyone remember Madge? "You're soaking it it!" (dishwashing liquid) (lady pulls her hand out and exclaims in horror) Then, Madge replies, "Don't worry, it's Palmolive".
Pam cooking spray
I can't believe that one's not on the list! Who could forget this "corny" commercial with a farmer, decked out in plaid shirt and jeans, standing in the middle of a cornfield holding up a can of Pam and declaring "I'm outstanding in my field." I can still see my late aunt (who was then in her mid 50's) imitating this commercial and breaking all of us out into hysterical laughter. This one was probably on the air around the mid '80s.
Pam cooking spray
Two tough New Yorker type guys are sitting at a table eating dinner that one guy made. The friend tries the food, looks surprised, and says something about it being good. The first guy goes "I made it with Pam." The friend says "Yo, this Pam...she got a sistah?" LOVED IT!
"You got a wet shirt and that's too bad/You could have a dry shirt if you only had/Brand-new, brand-new Paaampers." I remember my sisters and I singing along with it sometime in the 80's. I don't think they do this jingle any more though.
Kelly LeBrock saying "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Then cuts to a shot of her with her hair wild and frizzy. "My hair used to be a joke. Then I tried Pantene..." Needless to say, she was absolutely gorgeous.
A lady at the grocery store is sang to by a bunch of emphatic Parkay Packages insisting they are "Butter butter butter Oh yeah"
Parkay Margarine
Wasn't this the ad when a man was singing this jingle: "Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi/Butter, Butter/You, You Parkay Margarine/Butter/Parkay/Butter/Parkay/Butter/Parkay/Butter/Let me taste (Tastes Parkay Margarine)/So light, so creaaaamy/Um, butter!/Parkay!
Parkay Margarine
Involved a guy talking to the Parkay container calling it margarine until he tastes it, then he calls it butter at which point the container would say "Parkay"; the Parkay container would talk by opening and closing it's lid like a pair of lips. This was a 70s leftover.
Partnership for Drug Free America
The woman is climbing up a diving board about to take a dive into the swimming pool. As she dives a male voice announces "Thinking about getting high? You better know what you're jumping into." Then we see that the pool has no water.
Partnership for a Drug Free America
Boy meets girl. The setting is a high school hallway. A boy with the help, encourangement and advice from his crowd of male friends is finally walking down the hall to meet this girl he has a crush on. The girl is on the other end of the hallway with her crowd of female friend giving her help and advice on how to look attractive to the boy (she has a crush on him too). However, one of her "friends" give her a joint to smoke, and she takes a puff. The boy, who is still walking, sees her smoking the pot, gets turned off (the music slows down) and he slowly turns to a locker and opens it. The girl stand there upset, regretting her last move.
Partnership for a Drug Free America
I'm surprised no one mentioned this before: This commercial featured the claymation character Penny from "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" and she explained how bad drugs are. All I seem to remember is at one point she said that if you do drugs you could go to the principal's office (it shows her in a chair in front of the principal's office and then the principal comes out and steam comes out through his ears), or go to jail (it shows her getting put behind bars). She concludes by saying that drugs are bad. This is one of my favorite commercials! It seems like claymation is the only thing Craig Bartlett is best at.
Partnership for a Drug Free America
A doctor snorts cocaine before going into surgery. The patient is laying on a bed and the doctor prepares for the surgery. The patient is sweating and crying that he has tonsilitis. The deranged, drug-crazed doctor insisted the patient had appendicitis and proceeded with this surgery. The commercial was hilarious, yet very frightening.
Partnership for a Drug Free America
The one with the kid listening to rock music on his Walkman. Someone else was not sure about the narration. The narrator tells this beginning adult that he is now free to make his decisions. He got to choose his clothes, and his music. He even got to choose his funky haircut. You are making own decisions. So don't blow this one. Someone offers him a joint, the rock music stops, and "Partnership for a Drug Free America" appears at the bottom of the screen. The narrator then says, "Don't smoke pot!"
Partnership for a Drug Free America
Who could not forget the Public Service Ad which used an egg (your brain) and a skillet (drugs)? And lucky for me I haven't done drugs. "This is drugs (the pan). This is your brain (the fried egg) on drugs. Any questions?"
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
This has got to be one of, if not THE scariest anti-drug commercial...ever. It opens with a head shot of a man just standing there in profile in front of a white background. Then...the top of his head burns away to ash, like a cigarette. This happens twice more, going a third of the way down each time while some very eerie music plays. Cue a voice: "Keep smoking crack, and eventually you'll end up with..." *the ashes blow away suddenly* "...nothing."
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
It starts with a shot of a kid's feet and some faint rock music playing, then it pans up slowly so that we see he's wearing a walkman and headphones, all the way up to his head. Then a hand comes in from the left holding a joint and the kid moves his head away as his music echoes out. The narration escapes me, except for the last words: "Don't smoke pot." Anybody got the rest?
Pearl Cream
The commercial starred Nancy Kwan better known as "Suzie Wong" from the film The World of Suzie Wong. It in a very "Ancient Chinese Secret" way with Nancy sporting a very thick accent saying "Do you notice how hard it is to tell how old most O-wee-en-tal Wee-mon ahh? That's because we use Pearl Cweem!" It also featured her hand smoothing a jar of pearls into instant age- defying creaminess. Classic 80's political incorrectness, milk come out of my nose just thinking about it!
Pearl Drops
Guy drops by to see a woman and she says something like "Give me 20 minutes to shower, shave, and shine" And he says "shine?" She smiles, then they do the voice over with her brushing with "Pearl Drops Tooth Polish"
Pearl Olives
Scene is an orphange, and a little boy is sitting in the headmasters office with black olives on the end of each finger. The Headmaster says in a lecturing tone, "No one wants a boy with olive fingers", and then through the window, we see a couple get out of a fancy car with olives on their fingers.
Pearson Ford
In the '80s there was an auto dealership in San Diego called Pearson Ford that ran radio ads (which actually sounded like they were recorded in the '60s) with lyrics that went, "See Pearson Ford, they stand alone/At Fairmont and El Cajon." Classic. I still rememver those ads.
Pebbles Cereal
Try Fruity Pebbles for a fruity taste! And Cocoa Pebbles for a chocolatey taste!
I don't really remember any specific ones but there was the guy on the computer screen or arcade screen that would pop out. His hair was blond like and he wore sunglasses. I remember that guy coming on in serveral commericals and I think he was from 3 2 1 Contact? Something like that!
1984: Michael Jackson burned in Pepsi ad
I'm surprised out of all the Pepsi commercials listed on there, you forgot the one where a small city is paranoid about hearing strange noises coming from outside. There are two men who sit on top of a satellite, open a can of Pepsi, gulp it, and then they say, AHHHHH! That is my all-time favorite Pepsi commercial.
I know this commericial, because it appears in the VHS tape of 'Coming to America' before the Paramount movie previews. The narrator announce that the US has just introduced Pepsi to what was once the Soviet Union. The Russian boy, Mickey, starts behave like an American teenager, and so do his friends. His conservative father, Yuri, asks "Don't you have any normal friends?" At the end of the commercial, his wife says "Yuri, have a drink," offering him a glass of Pepsi.
A gorgeous woman knocks on the door of Michael J. Fox's apartment, asking if he has a Pepsi she can borrow. He invites her in, and she sits down while he checks his Pepsiless refrigerator. Wanting to grant the woman's request, he jumps out his kitchen window, runs down the fire escape in the pouring rain and crosses the street, where there is a Pepsi machine. He repeats the same path back to his kitchen, soaked with rainwater, then rejoins the woman, handing her the Pepsi, at which time she says, "I hope it wasn't any trouble." His response: "None at all."
"Mary Me Sue". The guy proposes to his girlfriend by skywriting Mary me Sue in the sky. While she slowly mouths the words then finally gets the message is for her.
I'm pretty sure this was a Pepsi commercial (but it may have been Dr. Pepper); it showed M.C. Hammer at a concert singing his "Hammer" song (Uh oh.. Uh oh, here comes the hammer..) He went backstage for a minute to grab a drink but all they had was Coke; when he came back on the stage he started singing "Feelings... nothing more than feeeeeelings.." and the audience was confused. Someone said "Hammer!" and handed him a Pepsi.. he drank some and said "Proper!" then started rapping again.
From 1989. Showed Robert Palmer in this commercial. Sang "Simply Irresistable" in the ad. It returned in 2002 with Britney Spears in the ad.
Michael J. Fox is trying to buy a pepsi, but the machine isn't working, so he goes over to the copy machine, and sees that it has printed out the pepsi can logo on to a piece of paper. He rolls it up, as though it were a can, and then rips the top off of the paper. You see the carbonation fizzing at the top. He drinks the soda out of the piece of paper.
A girl practicing batton twirling and kept dropping it when she would throw it up into the air. I believe she was in a parade and was affraid to drop it. She drank a Pepsi and the "Catch that Pepsi spirit" came on, she throws the batton up into the air and turns around and catches it and the crowd goes wild!. Love that one.
A bunch of kids are dancing in the street imitating Michael Jackson. All of a sudden Michael shows up, dances with the kids, and sings "Billie Jean". Except, the words are changed to, "You're a whole new generation, lovin' what you do,put a pepsi in the motion ,the choice is up to you. Ahh, hey-hey! You're the pepsi generation,guzzle down and taste a thriller today,and feel the pepsi way. Taste a thriller today,and feel the pepsi way. You're a whole new generation, you're a whole new generation..."
At first you think its a coke commercial with this kid doing dance moves with a coke and saying positive things and he sits down with another kid and a girl and the girl leans over to the kid with the pepsi and rests her head on his shoulder and says "got any pepsi for me"? and the kid with the coke looks at the screen and says "who knew"? great 80"s
From 1986 - Michael J. Fox, trying to grab a girl's attention in a library, is "shooshed" repeatedly. He finds an empty can of Pepsi, and xerox's it at the copy machine. Fox takes the xerox picture, folds it into a cylinder (a can shape), tears off the top of the paper, as fizzling bubbles rush out. Fox guzzles Pepsi out of the xeroxed can of Pepsi, grabbing the girl's attention.
I remember it being on the "Home Alone" VHS. This kid scoots on the screen with a Pepsi, and there is another kid there too. They both start break dancing and then a girl sits next to the boy with the Pepsi and says "got a Pepsi for me?" and the boy give the girl his Pepsi.
Pepsi 21
A contest than ran in the summer of '88. The commercial showed a couple of guys on a beach drinking Pepsi and collecting the cans, and adding up the numbers of the cans to 21. "Another $21!". Personally, I must have drank 1000 cans of Pepsi that summer, and found that the "catch" was that there are very few odd-numbered cans (I never found *one*!)
Pepsi Cola
Classic from 1986 but set well into the future where a teacher and his students are on field trip exploring a 1980's "split level ranch". All the kids are drinking Pepsi and one student finds an empty Coke bottle and asks her teacher to tell her what it is. He says in a puzzled voice "I have no idea!". Commercial ends with "Pepsi...the choice of a new generation.
Pepsi Cola
Setting: an MC Hammer concert... Hammer needs something to drink so he takes a few swigs of coke.... the concert comes to a complete stop as Hammer croons "Feeeeeeeeelings... nothing more than feeeeeelings.." a concerned fan in the audience (sporting a high-top fade) hands him a Pepsi, to which Hammer replies "Proper!" and he starting dancing and singing in normal Hammertime again...
Pepsi Cola
Michael Jackson is preforming 'BAD' on a stage outdoors at night, and the words are switched around ( instead of saying the word "BAD", he says "COOL"
Pepsi Free
In 1982 when Pepsi Free came out. People would extend their arms out towards the camera.
Pepsi Light
Stunt Doubles on Stage singing One man "we hate getting paid less than the stars.. Next man :and we hate the way we drop into bars, Chorus with a bunch of stunt men: but we LOVE Pepsi Lite, Refreshing Pepsi Lite.. Guy who picks up his head from being crushed (yet in a deep voice): "that little touch of lemon makes it taste so right, Dorky guy in high pitched voice: yeah, we really hate re-takes but we love Pepsi Lite!"
Pepsi Lite
This Pepsi Lite commercial took place on a ship out at sea. There were either pirates or rough looking sailors that sang the jingle..."and we love pepsi lite, and the little twist of lemon makes it taste just right!"
Toothpaste. "You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent."
Put the pieces into the slots, make the right selection. Must be quick you're racing the clock. POP goes Perfection!
Perfection Game
A bunch of kids are playing the game perfection while the catchy jiggle goes: "Its the game called Perfection. Here's how it goes. You have to be quick. So keep on your toes. Press the plunger down, set the timer, put the pieces in place but don't be slow. 'Cause for perfection you got to move real fast. move real fast! Before the pieces popup before you put in the last. And that's Perfection."
Perk Floor Wax
Circa 1982. Another commercial in which I love the jingle: "Make it sparkle, make it shine! Perk it up, perk it up! Perk up your no-wax floors with Perk!"
Presumably trying to appeal to a broad age group - the theme went "Never say water, say Perrier! Never say soda, say Perrier!"
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
It was a tongue twister where different people would "sing," "Picky people pick Peter Pan Peanut Butter, It's the peanut butter picky people pick."
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
Pick your peanut butter, anyway you can, only if it's Peter Pan!
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
I remember this one ad that had Mark-Linn Baker, who was in Perfect Strangers with Bronson Pincho, and in it and he sang: "Pick you peanut butter anyway you can. Only if it's Peter Pan!" Such a great comerical from a guy who's TV sit-com only lasted four seasons.
An old lady is vigorously pushing a big vacuum cleaner back and forth across the carpet when suddenly the light bulb in the room burns out. The screen goes black, and you immediately hear the screech of a cat.
The two boys in a kitchen fixing the Pillsbury's Ready to Microwave Fudge Brownies. They both say " Here's Whatcha Do". At the end one guy says only thing you have to clean-up is Timmy.
Pillsbury (Anything)
I cannot believe no one mentioned the Pillsbury Dough Boy (aka "Poppin Fresh"). The ads would usually show Poppin Fresh help Mom make whatever Pillsbury bakery product, and the jingle at the end would say "Oh Oh Oh! Poppin Fresh Dough." And then the lovely young mom would poke poppin fresh in the stomach, who would proceed to rub his tummy and giggle. One of advertising's most enduring images.
Pillsbury Plus Cakes
I remember this bouncy little jingle from 1980: "She's a 1980 lady, but with Pillsbury Plus, she bakes like an old-fashioned girl..."
Pip Squirt Pen
It was a pen that also squirted. (WHY?) The lyrics were to the tune of "Sit Right Down and Write Yourself a Letter" and went something like this: "Sit right down and write your friend a letter, and squirt it with a Pip Squirt Pen!"
Pitfall! by Activision
This ad from the early 80's shows a salesman telling us that Pitfall is a "Smash hit that everybody wants", and did we want it badly! To show that Pitfall's a cool game for the 2600, the kid's hand snatches a few copies, interrupting the salesman's pitch. The salesman will do anything to secure the copy till the end of his pitch. Here's the ad I've transcribed for a website. Salesman: This is... (Kid's hand snatches it, and the salesman shows another copy) This is Pitfall, the smash hit... (Same thing as before, but is handed another copy and plans to cover it)...the smash hit video game by Activision that everybody wants for the Atari Video Computer System. (Shows Pitfall loaded into the Atari 2600) (Show screenshot) With scorpions, tarpits, and rolling logs. (Kid trying to snatch it) With...uh-ah! (Show screenshot) With underground passages and cobra rattlers. With... (Kid goes for another tough to get snatch) naah! (Show screenshot) With swamps, hungry crocodiles and lots more. (Salesman finishes covering the game, and holds it on his left hand, with superimposed card saying "COMING SOON FOR YOUR INTELLIVISION") Don't miss Pitfall. The smash hit that everybody wants. Get it before they are... (Kid's hand succeeds in snatching it) ...all gone. (Goes to the standard Activision logo with the game box on the left side) Pitfall. Designed by David Crane. Don't... (Kid's hand does it again!) ...miss it.
Pizza Hut
May, 1984: It showed a butler-type man holding a pizza I think, and a Male voice singing: "1,2,3... I'm here to tell you that your...Pizza is Free...And you can do it too, it's easy (it's so easy) It was advertising that if your pizza wasn't to your table at lunch time within a certain amount of minutes, you got it for free.
Pizza Hut
Priatza Italian Pie, a Pizza Hut pie from 1986 that was unjustifiably a flop. The ad showed two picky old Italian ladies in the Old Country looking thru tomatoes and spices at an open-stall market, picking out only the best ingredients for their priatza Italian pie. The voice-over said, "Looks like the Viola sisters are making their Italian pie again this week. Now you can sample this delicacy, too, at Pizza Hut!"
Pizza Hut
It was at Christmas time circa '85/'86 and the song was sung: On the first day after Christmas my true love gave to me...left over turkey...and this turkey was being served to a husband by his wife and he just had this dumb look on his face, you could see the Christmas tree in the back ground becoming just stick and at the end it was "Flaming turkey wings fa-la-la-la, etc.
Pizza Hut
A commercial during kids' shows, advertised for the former Kids Night at Pizza Hut. The voice over said "To remind your parents that Tuesday is kids' night at Pizza Hut, try magic." (Then showed kids lifting a cape and a sign appearing that told about Kids' Night.) "And if that doesn't work... call cousin Norman!!!!" (Then cousin Norman appeared, who was a strange, nerd boy, who made a funny sound "EEE-OIK, EEE-OIK EEE-OIK!" Then it showed the Pizza Hut logo and said the slogan "Makin' it great."
Pizza Hut
Perhaps this was just a local campaign, but there was a series of commercials in the 80s for Pizza Hut that featured Minneapolis blues band Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers singing the jingle "Call 4-8-8-8-8-8-8, Pizza Hut delivery is really great". It was to promote that you could dial one phone number that would automatically route you into the correct Pizza Hut restaurant for your delivery area. That dumb jingle sticks in my head every time I see a Pizza Hut commercial, even well over a decade later! Aargh!
Pizza Hut
A little league baseball team with a little song that goes, "Off in the distance, the game's dragging on. There's strikes on the batter, some runners' gone home. But suddenly everyone's looking at me. My mind gets to wondering what could it be? They point to the sky and I look up above, and a baseball falls into my glove! I play right field, it's important you know. You gotta learn how to catch. You gotta learn how to throw. That's why I play right-field, way up where the dandelions grow!" And when he catches it, they win the game and everyone runs in to eat pizza.
Pizza Hut
I don't remember the beginning of it, but I know it's a preview on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.. It's a kid playing little league, and the song goes "(something) the game's dragging on. There's strikes on the batter, some runners are on. Then suddenly everyone's looking at me, (something) wondering what could it be. They point to the sky and I look up above, and a baseball falls into my glove. I play right field, it's important to know, ya gotta know how to catch, ya gotta know how to throw, that's why I play in right field, way out where the dandelions grow!" And, of course, he wins the game for his team, and they go to Pizza Hut where he's being congratulated... "Making it great!"
Pizza Hut
In the Glory days of the "Personal Pan Pizza"(used to love those as a kid, but obviously as an adult today, I want the whole PIZZA!;) there were some commercials with a clever campaign for a "personal Pan Pizza within five Minutes." These adds had some guy in a trench coat discribing ad campaign and in each restaurant there was a clock at each table that timed the order. He says "Get your PPP in 5 minutes or it's free!" He gets excited at first because the clock is 4:23.........but then the waitress comes from behind him and says "Your pizza's here." He turns to see it served to him, he's a little embarassed but is glad he got his pizza. LOL
Pizza Hut
1989--a mother drops her son off at a pizza bithday party, and tellsher son some rules. The rules are a voice over during the montage of the little boy at the party. He basically disregards everything his mother says in the voice over. When the overweight redhead mom picks him up, she asks how it was, and he replies "It was GREAT!" Big red mom gets all gooshy and says "My little man is growing up!" The slogan is "Makin' it Great!" This commercial is on the VHS copy of the original "Land Before Time"
Pizza Hut
From the early '80s, Pizza Hut had commericals used a phone and their slogan at the time "Pizza Hut, Pizza to go." and when they said that, someone's dialing the phone.
Pizza Hut--A Swede's first Pan Pizza
This commercial probably wouldn't air in today's PC climate, but in 1984, it was one of Pizza Hut's "Your Hometown Pizza Hut" ads, which would end w/ the singers saying "AAAAAHH" (remember that). Two young American males and three American girls walk into Pizza Hut with Sven, a blonde male friend presumably from Sweden (two of the girls are holding his arms). Guy #1 says, "bet you don't have Pan Pizza back in Sweden, huh, Sven?" Sven replies, in the thickest, most cliched Swedish accent possible, "Zeee pahhhhn Peeeezzza? No-oh-oh-oh-oh!" The singers sing: "your first Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut/Pan Pizza made with AAAAAAH! cheese..." Guy #2 says, "YOU are NOT going to believe this," after which Sven and the girls laugh before sitting down. The singers continue: "All your favorite toppings! Oh please, can I wait just a minute for that..." Guy #1 then says, "for you, Sven, we OR-dered: a LAAAAARGE!" Sven says, "oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!" The voiceover man says something like, "the first time is ALWAYS the best time for a Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut, whether it's a Supreme, Pepperoni, or whatever your preference, everybody loves Pizza Hut Pan Pizza." While the VO man speaks, the camera shows close-ups of Sven eating his first pizza slice w/ a goofy, Gomer Pyle-ish grin on his face, and the two guys and three girls smiling at him in wonder. Then, Guy #1 asks, "so, Sven, what do you think of American cuisine?" To which Sven replies (don't laugh), "goooood, YAAAAAAH!!!" The singers conclude the ad by chiming in: "at your hometown Pizza Hut! Yaaaaahhh!" (instead of "aaaah!" Get it? LOL!)Nowadays, people would complain about an ad like this, but it was hilarious back in '83! Classic!
Pizza Pizza
Phone 967-1111. Call Pizza Pizza hey! It varied from call Pizza Pizza hey to call Pizza Pizza right away.
Planter's Peanuts
Two young boys are at home during the holidays. One boy notices a container of Planter's Peanuts on the table and says to the other (with a strange sounding voice) "Planter's Peanuts, it must be Christmas!".
Playtex bra
Mom and daughter are sitting in classroom waiting for teacher to return for parent teacher night. Moms bra is uncomfortable after long day. Mom reaches one hand down her back and trys to fix her bra. Several secods later teacher walks in and mom is still trying to fix her bra. Daughter looks embarrased.
Playworld, a world of toys, Great for girls and great for boys, Playworld, where prices goooo So low low low low loooow
By late 80's, Plymouth had "The Pride Is Back" campaign.
Pocket Rockers
Sort of like a Game Boy thing, where you put a cartrige with some music like Bon Jovi,etc. into a portable machine and you walk down the street with it Like a tiny walkman. I remember the commercial because their jingle was an 80s intensified version of CCR's "Down on the Corner"
Poconos vacation
This aired on NYC TV, and I think it was also for "beautiful Mount Airy Lodge". The jingle went "Have a fine winter time in the Poconos. It's your host with the most in the Poconos." It was a fantastic ditty!
Poconos vacation
This aired on NYC TV, and I think it was also for "beautiful Mount Airy Lodge". The jingle went "Have a fine winter time in the Poconos. It's your host with the most in the Poconos." It was a fantastic ditty!
Pogo ball
"Pogo ball is what you call it when you're hoppin and a boppin' everywhere."
"Pogo-Ball is what you call it!"
Polaner All Fruit
These people looked like they were at a grand ball and they were very upscale. They had some Polaner(which was like a fruit jelly). One of the guys at the ball, asks, "Can you please pass the jelly" and everyone shrieks, because its Polaner All Fruit and not jelly and plus he had that down south twang when he asked.
Polly-O String Cheese
Kid skateboards his way into the classroom with a pizza box in his hand. Teacher asks the kid if that's a pizza. The kid opened the box and there was a huge supply of string cheese in that box. "No sauce, no crust".
Polly-O String Cheese
Scene: Pizza Parlor. Three kids come in. KID: Hey jimmy, gimme a pizza with extra cheese. PIZZA GUY: Extra cheese. KID: But hold the tomato sauce. PIZZA GUY: Hold the tomato sauce?! KID: And hold the crust. PIZZA GUY: Hold the crust?? Hey jimmy, gimme a cheese with nothin'. JIMMY: Nothin'?? [Interlude about Polly-0 string cheese] KID 1: Bellisimo! KID 2: Magnifique! KID 3: Ce ce bon! ANNOUNCER: Polly-O String Cheese. The best part of the pizza- without the pizza.
Pollyo String Cheese
"It's the best part of the Pizza."
"We build excitement, Pontiac!"
Pooch Patrol
Opens at night with a thunderstorm. Jingle goes: "When the lightning starts to flash. You've got pooch patrol" cue: crappy dog toy that barks. "Puch patroll RUF RUF RUF they're so strong they're so tough" Probably the campiest thing ive ever seen.
Pop Tarts
A very catchy song starts off with a bunch of dancers clad in bright colours on an ocean liner. The lyrics were "I'm movin my feet for a taste so neat.. the Kelloggs Pop Tarts taste.. Pop pop pop tart we can't stop.. Because it tastes so good!" The rest is something about real fruit on the inside, great taste all around. It was a really infectious song!!
Short lived "Peanutbutter & Jelly" PopTarts involved girls in sparkly "A Chorus Line" purple and yellow style leotards tap dancing with top hats and canes on two large jars of peanutbutter and jelly.
This commercial aired in the fall of 1987 and was for one of those things that you have to call a given number to order it. Popeet was a kind of collapsable jar that was made to seal in freshness and save cabinet space.
Pop go the Popples.
I don't remember the images in the commercial, but I remember the jingle: "Popples pop in. Popples pop out. Poppin's what Popples are all about!"
Pork Industry: America, You're Leaning on Pork
Before telling us that pork was "the other white meat," those crazy folks from the Pork Industry gave us "America, You're Leaning on Pork." This is a little-remembered but catchy gem from 1981/'82. The ad showed shots of various people running on the beach, playing sports (i.e. volleyball) and eating pork (including a stud who was barbecuing some pork chops while surrounded by a bunch of gorgeous babes! He knew what women liked, didn't he?). Some "Up With People"-type singers sang a jingle extolling the virtues of pork. I don't remember all the words, but the beginning went, "it's time to get lean, Amer-i-ca/it's time to start eating more pork," and it ended with the phrase, "A-mer-i-ca, you're leaaan-iing on PORK!" After which you saw a very slim woman in ballet clothes putting a tape measure around herself, glancing downward at her waist, and then looking back up with the goofiest "wow" look on her face (eating all that sausage and bacon paid off, I guess)! I also remember seeing an actual butcher on the USA network's health/fitness/cooking show "Alive & Well" wearing a red apron with the phrase "America, You're Leaning on Pork." Classic stuff!
Pound Puppies
This 'Pound Puppies' commercial went to the tune of "Lets go to the hop", for some reason, I remember the lyrics: "Lets go to the pound! (Pound Puppies) Lets go to the pound! (Pound Puppies) Coooooome on, lets go to the pound! You can love 'em you can pet 'em but you better not forget 'em (At the pound). They're fluffy, they're furry, all the puppies and the purries (at the pound). There's a pet sensation, sweepin' the nation (at the pound! Bobobobobobo)" Peace, Lauch.
Pound Puppies
The Jingle went "Pound Puppy you were sad and lonely but you`re home now you`re my one and only.Pound Puppy you`re my one and only puppy love" It showed Kids going to the Pound to get Their Pound Puppies and them playing with the Dogs
Pound Puppies
I still have a Pound Puppies commercial on videotape. This is the one where the boy and the girl are at the "puppy pound." Here's how it goes: Boy: Those lonely Pound Puppes REALLY need to be rescued! Chorus: Pound Puppy I'm so glad to find you, Put that lonely puppy pound behind you... Girl: You need a name. I'll call you Freckles! Announcer lady: Lot's of Pound Puppies need your love. Boy: Oscar, meet Petey! Announcer Lady: And when they're this lonely and this loveable, one more is always welcome. Chorus: Come share in all the cuddlin', carin' puppy love! Announcer Lady: Pound Puppies, from Tonka.
Pound Puppies Yuppies
It's hard to beleive that 20 years after the Pound Puppy phenominon I still remember the "Pound Puppies Yuppies" jingle: "Pound Puppies I know what you're missing... Lot's of love and hugs and lots of kissing. Pound Puppies Yuppies you're my one and only puppy love." Even 20 years after the phoenominon I still have my Pound Puppies Yuppies and my Pound Puppies Furries. I think I named him "Bixbie" after a story that I saw on the Polka Dot Door. I'm laughing even as we speak.
Power Wheels
"Pow pow Power Wheels...pow power wheels...Power wheels..." (kid's voice) "Now I'm driving for real!"
Power Wheels
I think that it might be late 80s early 90's but it went "pow pow power wheels pow pow power wheels pow pow power makes it go"
Prell Shampoo
"Go from flat to fluffy!" They also did a commercial with two women, asking you to guess who washed her hair yesterday, and who washed it that day, but I can't remember it exactly.
Prell Shampoo
Shows a pearl dropping thru a bottle of Prell shampoo. Something about how rich their shampoo was.
Pringle's Potato Chips
Once you taste the flavor, it's the deep-fried taste, then you get the fever, it's the crispy crunch, then you've got the fever for the flavor of a Pringle!
Pringles New Fangled Potato Chips
Pringle's new fangled potato chips! They're the perfect potato chips! They're not broken, they're fresh and they're crunchy too ... The canister keeps 'em that way for you!
Pringles Potato Chips
I think I've got the fever for the flavor of a Pringles
Pro*Stars cereal
Remember Wayne Gretzky's friend Joey Moss, equipment manager for the Oilers, who shouts "GETZKY!". Man that still makes my sides ache from laughter!!!!
Proline Kurly Kit
This was a 1980's ad campaign (t.v. and radio) for a jheri curl product, the Proline Kurly Kit. The jingle went like this: You can curl it--you can curl it yourself. You can curl it--you can curl it yourself. Because it's easy. You can curl it yourself. Come on and try. You can curl it yourself. Kurly Kit. Kurly Kit. Proline! Kurly Kit. This is it!
Promise Margarine
The commercial "It's not nice to fool mother nature.", is for Promise Margarine.
Propa PH facial cleanser
First girl on phone: "Wow, he's hot. How'd you get a date with him? Second girl: "I did the propa thing!"
Public Announcement
This was an anti-drug commercial that showed a girl walking on a diving board getting ready to dive into a pool. The narrator starts talking about drugs and how they alter your perception about life. The girl starts to take a dive and the narrator says "Before you do something you never done before, think about it first." When the commercial ends it shows that the pool is empty, and it show's a message that says "Don't do drugs."
Public Safety
Before the days where wearing seatbelts was law they used to have public saftey commercials promoting seatbelt use. I remember these kids in a car getting buckled in and the family goes on a car ride. A song sings "Goin for a ride in the car car car, buckle up to go near or far far far, so you'll be safe when you ride in the car!" And then the commercial shows the car riding off on a rainbow through the clouds.
Public Service
Usually was played on Saturday morning cartoons. Started out with pictures of healthy foods and a kid saying yes, yes, yes, yes, and everytime a picture of a piece of cake or a candy bar would come up the kid would say no, no, no. It was to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb.
Public Service Announcement
It's been like, 20 years since I saw this public service announcement commercial, so bear with me. These commercials always used to come on PBS. There was a pit bull with some sort of a cap on and a horse and they used to talk about morals and doing the right thing. One time either the pit bull or the horse knocked over a vase and the other one urged him to tell what they did because it was always better to tell the truth. They did other ones too, like lying or stealing, but the vase one always stuck out in my head the most.
Public Service Announcement
A little boy takes out a chair in the small closet. He climbs on top, and reaches a shelf. Then u hear someone say, "Your kids know where you hide the Christmas presents." The boy (looking for Christmas presents) finds a gun. Looking at it weirdly, he holds it, turns it towards him, looks into the hole, and presses the trigger...you hear a gunshot and the screen turns black. Its supposed to discourage having guns in the home.
Public Service Announcement
There was once a commercial that really terrified me. In the commercial, a woman comes up to a car, and the man inside says: "Going my way?" At this point we see a skeleton hand with its thumb up. Then the woman says: "Going my way?" At this point the skeleton hand reappears and then the woman is seen getting into the car. The commercial is meant to discourage hitchhiking.
Public Service Announcement
Shows a father and son walking around - dad picks up a rock and throws it - his son does the same - dad picks up straw and chews it - son does the same - dad sits under large tree - son does same - dad lights up a cigarette - son picks up the pack. Announcer says "like father, like son".
Public Service Announcement
A fire safety PSA starring Dick Van Dyke as a magician-type character (with a black satin cape). He's with two kids in a plain white, stylized cutaway of a house. He says, "I am the Great Vandini, and I must escape this burning house. Luckily, we've planned an escape route ahead of time." He opens up one side of his cape to reveal an escape route map. "Plan one says, use the stairs." The three of them step on the first stair but a big puff of smoke shoots up in front of them. "[gasp!] Blocked by fire! What do we do now?" He opens up the other side of his cape to reveal a second escape route map. "Voila! We'll just follow this plan out the window, to our meeting place." They disappear and footprints appear going across the floor to the window and then outside. Vandini and the kids reappear outside. Vandini says, "If everyone plans two ways out, you don't have to be a Vandini to escape a burning house."
Public Service Announcement
This had the characters from the movie "The House." The characters are telling these two kids not to drink and they're giving them all kinds of reasons why they shouldn't drink and drive." There was a little kid in this commercial that was really cute and he sang: "Mommy said don't drive and drink. Now I'm dead and that really stinks."

Then one of the characters says: "From all of us at The House. Please don't drink and drive." It kind of sends a chill up your spine doesn't it?

Public Service Announcement
Remember the kid with the trumpet. It was a commercial about drugs. He blew the trumpet and said "drugs just aren't my style." Btw, if anyone knows where I can view this again please email me. ;)
Public Service Announcement
I just remembered the whole song from the "You Are What You Eat" spot. I thought I would share.... You are what you eat from your head down to your feet things like meat and fish and eggs you need to build up muscle tissue (Shouting)Uh Oh! More Protein!! Playing tennis today, you know. You need alot of fuel to go on. Things like carbohydrates fats and proteins, vitamins and so on. What's left over forms the building blocks you need, indeed, to grow on!
Public Service Announcement
Little girl talking, says "I want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up," shot of a ballet dancer all strung out who falls over, voiceover: "No kid ever says 'I want to be a junkie when I grow up.'"
Public Service Announcement
Two Beer glasses come towards each other and a narrator says, "Don't let friends drive drunk" Then as the glasses hit each other they shatter and it sounds like a car crashing.
Public Service Announcement
This one is one of the Smokey the Bear ads. It starts out with a close-up of a dummy who says "You know, people who start forest fires are really dummies! Isn't that right, Smokey?". Smokey the Bear says "You took the words right out of my mouth!".
Public Service Announcement
A pile of singing pills advertising that they "are not candy" (despite the fact they look "so fine and dandy"). An adorable ad, even better with a handful of Xanax!!!
Public Service Announcement
You see a well dressed "executive" type gentleman. His back is toward the camera. You then hear him snort "something." A voice comes on and asks in a gravelly and genuinely inquisitive tone, "Hey buddy...why do you do cocaine?" The man answers, "Well, so I can work more hours...so I can make more money....so I can do more coke." He starts to walk in a circle as he explains the addiction situation he has gotten himself into. Trying desperately to justify his expensive habit. He goes faster and faster until he disappears. The voice then announces, "Cocaine....the big lie."
Public Service Announcement
It was a cartoon of various foods crying out "Don't drown your food." Meaning don't use a lot of catsup, mustard, and other condiments. I believe there was supposed to be a health-purpose for this commercial, but since when has catsup killed anyone? Tomato, water, sugar.
Public Service Announcement
"When you smoke pot, nothing happens, absolutely nothing. It should two kids lazing around doing nothing all day long. One of the few anti-drug ads that I felt was accurate.
Public Service Announcement
A little boy gets caught doing drugs in his room and his dad gets really upset and asks him where he learned how to do drugs. The kid said "I learned it from you alright, I learned it from watching you!" Then a voice over says "Parents who use drugs have kids who use drugs"
Public Service Announcement
It involved some penquins and this catchy song... "IF you want to be cool than do what I say You've got to go to school every school day Cause if you want to get a job it's a very simple rule You got to get an education got to go to school You got to get it all together if you want to make it pay you've got to stay in school til graduation day. So be cool stay in school BE COOL STAY in school. Announcer: If you want to be cool stay in school. than one of the penquins would take of his sunglasses and say ohh!
Public Service Announcement
Dave and Vince...The Incredible Crash Dummies! These guys were featured in a looong line of commercials, stressing the act of buckling up when driving/riding a car. Their popularity warranted plush toys, a cartoon series, action figures [based on the cartoon], even videogames! [space] "You could learn a lot from a dummy - buckle your safety belt."
Public Service Announcement
There was a narcotics PSA that I remember from around the mid or late eighties. Instead of the usual narration about staying off drugs, this one had a catchy pop song playing while a skateboarder pulled off some rad moves. I can't believe I still remember the lyrics to this song! Well, at least I think I do. While I don't recall the whole commercial very clearly, I can hear the tune in my head just like it was yesterday. It went something like this:
Public Service Announcement
A bunch of foods dancing around in a yellow-tinted cartoon (I think it was cheese that was singing). To promote good eating habits, I suppose. "You are what you eat, from your head down to your feet"...
Public Service Announcement
It started out with a group of friends coming out of a bar. One friend asks the other if he is going to drive. All along the Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is playing in the background. The driver responds with the comment, "Ah, whats a few beers?" He starts the car , a bolt of lightning flashes and the next thing you is a burned out car with 4 charred skeletons and the wind blowing. The commercial ends with the message "Don't drink and drive". To this day it is the most graphic commercial I've ever seen on T.V.
Public Service Announcement
A cartoon figure called "Yuckmouth" he would sing aboutwhat happens when you don't brush your teeth and why he was called yuckmouth. His song went like this: "They call me Yuckmouth cause I don't brush. Yes I like my teeth like this. They call me Yuckmouth, how's about a little kiss? I got some beef in my teeth and some chicken too. Ow!!! That's a cavity, hey that's new. So if you don't brush your teeth thenn I guess you too can be a Yuckmouth."
Public Service Announcement
A PSA telling kids not to eat medication (sounds funny) The set up is simple. there were these blue puppets that looked like pills...about 6 of them kinda stacked as if they had fallen out of a bottle (and there was a large bottle tipped over that they fell out of). They sang this song: We're not candy Even tho we look so find and dandy When you're sick we come in handy But...we're not candy... oooohhhh no
Public Service Announcement
When I lived in colorado during the early eighties, I saw a comerical where people in cat suits were milling around until somebody started smoking. Since the set was already dark, the Cat's monotone chanting "Someone's smooking over there....listen to cats you men and women....take care of your lungs....they're only human. Because I was at that young and impressionable age, had cats, and somehow knew the ad was strongly implying that smoking killed living things, it scared the living daylights out of me. When I moved down to Texas, I could not find it, but still remember it to this day. Maybe every city should air it on every station!!
Public Service Announcement
In this animated commercial, the tin man from the Wizard of Oz dances around the woods and interacts with birds and squirells, while singing: Be careful what you do - make sure it's proper for your heart. Watch out that you don't get too fat - don't smoke - don't start. Get out and exercise - exercise each and every day. If the doctor says its good for my heart, I do it right away.
Public Service Announcement
Two kids are sitting at the table trying to figure out what to eat, when all of a sudden four guys dressed up as food items (a la the Fruit of the Loom guys) appear in the kitchen. "Look", one of the kids exclaims, "It's Big Cheese and the Food Groupies!!" The guys start harmonizing, "When you think of food don't be a bore, think 'one-two-three-four'... Eating food together is so good for you. It makes you healthy and it tastes good, too. So, the next time you open the refrigerator door, think 'one-two-three-four'. Eat Smart." And then the guy dressed up like a chicken leg with big black framed glasses sings, very deeply, "Ye-e-e-ah." And one of the kids goes, "Mom's never gonna believe this!"
Public Service Announcement
C3PO (from the Star Wars movies) realizes that there is smoke coming out of his little buddy R2D2, and he exclaims, "R2, you're on fire!" Then we see that R2 is actually holding a cigarette and there is a conversation that goes something like this: C3PO: Why R2D2, you've found a cigarette! R2D2 makes some noises. C3PO: Well, I don't think smoking makes you look grown up at all. It does dreadful things to your lungs and its very bad for your heart. R2D2 makes some noises. C3PO: Well, I know I don't have one, but humans do, and I think we should set a good example. R2D2 drops the cigarette and retracts his little robot "arm". C3PO: Well Done R2!! Then C3PO notices us, the viewers, and speaks directly to us - something like, "You know smoking's bad for you and it doesn't make you look grown up at all. So, please, don't smoke." Then, as their image is floating off into the starry outerspace background, we hear C3PO ask, "R2, do you really think I don't have a heart?"
Public Service Announcement
There's this kid in his room with his guitar, just sittin down and a cigarette burning and his friend calls and asks him to do all this stuff and he keeps just saying "No" then finaly says "I think Ill just sit around" And then they say something like "Smoking makes you tired"
Public Service Announcement
There was this PSA that used to air with a little light bulb/lightning bug thing called "Louie," who warned kids not to play around power lines and things like that.
Public Service Announcement
"Users are losers and losers are users. So don't use drugs. Don't use drugs!"
Public Service Announcement
"I'm Captain O.G. Readmore. Readings what I do. Read a book a day, and soon you'll say O.G., I'll read more too!" and "I'm Captain O.G. Readmore. I'm a reading kind of cat. Read a book like me and soon you'll see that reading is where it's at!"
Public Service Announcement:Don't Drink and Drive
I think this one aired in the early to mid 80s. Around the time the musical Cats was real big. Anyway, some of the cast from the musical were in costume and sitting atop a car. One of them says, "Cats have nine lives, people don't. Don't let you life be just a memory. Don't drink and drive." I believe the song Memory was playing in the background. (Not sure.)
Public Service Anouncement.
I remember those ads telling kids to say "no" to drugs. There was a teenaged boy skate boarding and a teenaged girl who's going to the movies. The song was catchy and went like this:

Getting into drugs and being high

is a stupid thing to do.

Being in control and saying "NO"

is not the easiest thing to do.

Be an original and take a stand.

You have the freedom to say "NO!"

Don't let a friend push you into taking drugs.

You have the ri-i-i-ight to say "NO!"



The right to say "NO!"

Public Service Anouncement: Adopt a Pet
I remember when Humane Societies and Animal rescue groups would use animals and voice actors to appeal to people to adopt a pet. Adopt a pet, adopt a pet, adopt a pet, and a catchy little jingle at the end that goes: "From your local humane society, sweetheart don't be hesitating, cause a new friend is waiting for you. Howdy do?"?
Public Service Anouncement: Don't Start Smoking
This ad featured a cigarette butt that was lit and other kids. He got picked last to be on the basketball team. He exclaims that the nerdy kid is a better basketball player than he lets on. Then the commerical ends "Man what a drag?" Then the V/O says: Don't be a butthead and butthead gets put out.
Public service announcement
The details are kind of hazy, but I remember an old man talking to a young girl, we can't see their faces. They have a conversation, the old man talks about how there used to be trees when he was a kid. The girl asks if there will ever be trees again, at which point they cut away, and we see that they are both wearing gas masks and standing in a vast, barren wasteland. Scared the living crap out of me.
Public service announcement
It was about education and it came on everyday before I went to school: "Astronomy, biology, chemistry, zoology. Science and technology, it's fun, you'll see."
Puffs Tissues
This featured a series of people and it went like this: Woman #1: I use Puffs Tissue because it is softer than any other tissue. Man #1: I use it for my runny nose, it's softer. Woman #2: 'Cause I use it for my smeezing, Puffs is better than any other. Announcer: Because Puffs Is so soft, one tissue can take care of runny nose and sneezing. Puffs. Naked No.
"I've got a dog named Ziggy Zamboni; what he wouldn't do to get a pup-a-roni; Pup-pup-a-roni, Pup-pup-a-roni..."
Puppy surprise
There was this toy called Puppy Surprise, which I guess was this female stuffed dog that had baby puppies inside you could remove. I know part of the song went "Suprise, surprise, Puppy Surprise! How many puppies are there inside? There could be three... or four... or five!"
(song) Push a push pop, push it for flavor. Push a push pop, save some for later!
(Bickering children in a playground, perhaps on swings) Don't push me, push a push-pop!
Putt-Putt Golf & Games
"Bring a date and your brother or your mate and your mother and putt-putt a hole in one! A Putt-putt putter is a much better putter cuz Putt-putt makes it fun! So, Putt-putt for the fun of it, Putt-putt for the fun of it, Putt-putt for the fun of it Putt-PUTT for the FUN of IT!"

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