Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with N

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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Aired circa 1886 or 1987, Phylicia Rachad (Cosby Show) sung the "Come Home to NBC" jingle to the campaign.
NBC Let's All Be There!
Used to promote the NBC Thursday schedule in 1984, including shows such as The Cosby Show
1979 And 1980 NBC Proud As A Peacock 1981 Our Pride Is Showing 1982 Just Watch Us Now 1983 Be There 1984 And 1985 Let's All Be There 1986, 1987, 1988 And 1989 Come Home To NBC And Come Home To The Best... Only On NBC. 1990 NBC The Place To Be
NBC 4 LA Region (KNBC)
This ad to promote with an instrumental version of the "Let's all be there" jingle. In this ad, there's a sailboat with the NBC 4 Logo, a NBC 4 helicopter, and more.
I loved the spot where there's a "human beat box" playing in the background and Michael comes into the frame in slow mo and does a dunk.
Larry Johnson's Grandmama charcter when he used to play for the Charlotte Hornets. He would always school people in basketball, dressed as a grandma. There was a series of commercials and grandmama even appeared on Family Matters with Steve Urkel
National Arbor Day Foundation
Trees Are Terrific!
National Arbor Day Foundation
This was a cartoon Commercial, featuring 3 kids and a bird (I think it was a "Cardinal" type of bird, considering he's red), singing how "Trees ARE Terrific".
National Safety Council???
A mother and child are in a mall. She tells him to stay put while she goes away. He wanders off to encounter strange people and runs into a department store to escape them (all of this shot from a child's POV). Mannequins are everywhere, store muzak is drowned out by a humming electronic soundtrack. The child finally wanders into the department store back rooms, where he sees a disapproving and scary looking janitor. The kid runs through a set of double doors, through a bunch of mannequins-- we see in reverse angle that the doors have opened up to a vast desert landscape at high noon with nothing around for miles. A mannequin head and torso rock back and forth in front of us as we see the kid running off into the distance. A "National Safety Council" or similar logo comes on. End. I'd really love to find a copy of this.
National Wildlife Federation animal cards
I can vaguely remember this commercial, but they used to show it on Nickelodeon all the time. It was for these animal trading cards from National Geographic. First, the announcer talked about how all the cards had animal facts and information on them. Then they showed a kid, about 10 years old, lying on the floor of what was probably supposed to be his bedroom, looking at the cards with his mom and getting excited over them. Then the announcer comes back and says if you order the cards, you'll get so many each month, plus a free storage container for the cards and so much money from the purchase of the cards will go to help endangered species. This commercial taught me all about what endangered species were, as I was really young when it aired. Pretty sad that I learned that from a TV commercial, huh?
Nelson's Whip Cream
Who can forget little Davey, playing his guitar while mom whips up a batch of her homemade whip cream and strawberry's Mmmmmmmmm
Neon Leons
These were plastic, bendable glow in the dark things that you were supposed to put up to the light, put them on your body (some had wire in them so they would maintain a shape), turn of the lights, and dance. The jingle went: "Shine on. Neon Leons. Shine on. Neon Leons." Then a kid in a monotone voice would say "Neon Leons from Mattel." Then another kid said "what will they think of next?"
Nescafe' Coffee
It's Necessarily Nescafe'!
Nestee Ice Tea
the nestee plunge. the guy is drinking Nestee on a very hot day and takes a sip and falls back fully clothed into a pool. meanwhile saying "i think i'll take the Nestee plunge".
Nestle Chocolate Bar
In the late '80s, Nestle was introducing a new chocolate bar to their line-up. I forget what it was called but I think it was something like "Nestle Dream Bar" or something. The TV commercial had a woman in a breezy, cool, dark background and the jingle went, "Nestle's makes the very best, N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Sweet dreams you can't resist."
Nestle Crunch
I liked that dreamy, New Wave-y "Nestle Crunch" commercial with the "Nestle Crunch it is the best, N-E-S-T-L-E-S."
Nestle Crunch Bar
Circa 1980-81. Featured various kids singing its jingle, "It's music, sweet music to your mouth." Aired mostly on weekday mornings during CBS's Captain Kangaroo.
Nestle Crunch Bar
Chocolate is scrumptious when it crunches. That's why I love Nestle Crunch. That's why I love Nestle Crunch. Scrumptious.
Nestle Quick Shake
I'm not sure if this commercial ever aired in the US but it was a commercial about Quick Milkshakes in a tetra pack and people trying to say "Shake N Sip a Quickshake."
Nestle Tollhouse Cookies
1986--Three children are eating Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies. The oldest child is asks the two younger children, "Do you know what my stomach says when I eat a Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie?" The one child asks incredulously, "What does your stomach say?" The older child replies "Thank you very much for the delicious Tollhouse cookie!" And the little girl asks, "What does your mouth say?" The older child replies "These cookies are so yummy!" It was pretty cute, but kind of cheesy and certainly paved the way for those Life and Kix cereal commercials in the 1990s.
Nestle's White Chocolate
A pretty brunette in a winter coat, walking through the snow as we hear the jingle "Sweet Dreams You Can't Resist, N-E-S-T-L-E-S". The singer was - no joke! - Sophie B. Hawkins!
New Coke
I Got It Off Of My Grandma Lyons Videotape The Winds Of War And My Videotape I Love The 80's Strikes Back 1985. It Was A Screw-Up And In 1986 They Brought In Max Headroom Into New Coke From '85.
New England Telephone
Back in the pre-Verizon, pre-NYNEX 80's, New England Telephone used to end every commercial with the jingle, "We're the one for you New England, New England Telephone." Once bought by NYNEX, they added the line (spoken) "Part of the NYNEX family of companies."
New England Tractor Trailer Training School
Shows a guy who moves boxes around a basement for a living. Voiceover says "Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?" The guy throws down a box in disgust and walks off the job. The jingle goes, "New England Tractor Trailer Training School, this is wheeeeeeere you could be."
New Years Eve
Zsa Zsa Gabor toasting to "the men in her past, the men in her present and hopefully darling the men in my future"
Newmark & Lewis (an electronics store)
This aired in New York (the 5 boros), where I live. The theme was: Dick Lewis is watching, Newmark & Lewis, Dick Lewis is watching, Newmark & Lewis, watchin the store, to save you so much more. Watchin' the price, given great advice. Newmark & Lewis, we always beat the competition, Dick Lewis is watching... This was one of my favorites along with some of my friends.
Bo Diddley plays his guitar and then Bo Jackson attempts the same. Bo Diddley then says, "Bo, you don't know Diddley." Thus launching a ton of "Bo Knows" spin offs as to what sports he did know.
Nike Jordan
MJ was standing in a gym saying "I missed 26 last second shots to Win a game, but that is why I am who I am." I would really like to get the entire words to that commercial if you can help me. Thanks
Nike Air Jordan
I saw 3 commercials promoting the first Air Jordans ever made. This first one was made in 1985. Michael Jordan is shown, bouncing a basketball, then the camera slowly goes down to his body until it stops to his feet, which was worn by the most controversial Black/Red Jordans that was banned in 1985. When the camera showed the shoes, 2 censored plates were on each foot and the announcer said, "Banned". This next one was made in 1986. Michael is on a playground playing basketball with nobody but himself and did a sweet crossover and did the everfamous Jumpman dunk, spreading his legs like he was doing the splits, then dunked the ball. Then the "Air Jordan" symbol was shown, but it was the Winged Basketball design in red and is not the Jumpman. This last one was also in 1986. Michael's yet again in the playground, just standing there. The stewardess says, "Welcome aboard to Flight 23. Please buckle your seatbelt, stay remaining in your seats and estinguish any smoking items." Michael then turns around and winks at you with a smile, the camera goes to his feet, there are engine sounds from the airplane. Then Jordan starts running. As he runs, smoke are coming out of his shoes, then shows the Winged Basketball sign while the announcer says, Basketball. By Nike." I liked all 3 of the Commercials.
This was an ad for the original "Mario Bros." game (not "Super Mario Bros.", but it's predecessor). This ad was live action, and it had Mario looking into a big pipe, and a giant turtle came out. Latter, he looks into another pipe, and a huge crab comes out. A giant fly then comes out from behind the pipework, which Mario quickly ducks.
Nintendo Cereal
How many of you remember Nintendo Cereal? I remember this much of the theme song: "Nintendo- it's a cereal...wow! Nintendo-there's Zelda too!"
Nintendo Cereal
Singing: Nintendo is for breakfast now. Nintendo it's a cereal, wow! Nintendo, Super Mario Jumps! Nintendo - - a fruit flavored crunch. Nintendo, here's Zelda, too. Nintendo - - That's Very Good News! Nintendo - - Mmm, you just can't (???). Spoken: Nintendo Cereal System is a Super part of this nutritious breakfast! Singing (Refrain): Nintendo, 2 cereals in one - - WOW!
Nintendo Power
Nintendo power magazine. The song went "Get the power! Nintendo Power! Higher and higher, (something) away to enemy fire..."
Anyone have seen this commercial in 1987? This showed people dancing by a Nissan.
Any of you guys remember the comercial for the 1987 or 88 Nissan Pathfinder, in which there was a kid eating an ice cream at the back seat. The dad describes how nice it would be if the family quit their jobs and the kids school, then they would travel to South America in the Pathfinder. God I loved that commercial and especially the 80s.
Nissan Sentra
Circa 1983-84. The jingle: "New Nissan Sentra, you need this car!" This lyric was obviously written to make "New Nissan..." and "you need this..." sound alike. I think they did one for Stanza, too.
Two moms have kids thaat have lice. Mom one uses ordinary stuff. Mom two uses Nix. Both kids get better. Shows kids playing together on see saw days a few days later. Girl one begins to scratch her head. Girl two is fine. Announcer says only Nix lasts up to 14 days. Erins protected but Eliz is reinfested. Shows girl one and two dressed in skirt and knee socks uniform later at girl scouts meeting. Girl one is still scratching head. Announcer says Erins protected but Eliz is reinfested. Then shows Erin at cheerleading practice doing just fine while Eliz is at home looking out the window wishing she was out their. She is scratching her head over and over nad over while getting a painful look on her face. She scratches harder as the itching won't stop.
Norwest Banks
This commercial aired around Christmas time during the 80's. It started out with two kids inside watching a snowman dance. They then get bundled up and go outside to see the snowman, only to see it was just a regular snowman. The boy then turns to the little girl and says,"You did see it?" She responds by sayiing,"Uh-huh." The kids then go inside and the snowman turns to the camera and smiles. I believe it was for Norwest Banks, but I could be wrong.
Nosey Bears
Teddy Bears with clear hard plastic half dome noses that had activity like confetti or spinning tops would occur when you squeezed them? they were advertized during Jem a lot Nosey Bears Nosey Bears They have a nose for fun (Nosey bears have a nose for fun) I give 'em a squeeze (Nosey Bears Nosey Bears) And what do I see? (Nosey bears have a nose for fun) They love to share the fun with me (Nosey bears Nose for fun Nosey bears have a nose for fun)
Now and Later
One of the most annoying commercials ever, with a repetitive jingle that still resides in my brain like a prion: "Eat some now, save some for later, eat some now, save some for later."
Noxema medicated skin scream pump
"Beautiful Skin begins with Noxema." A new-wave jingle from the mid-80s!
Noxema medicated skin scream pump
Beautiful Skin begins with Noxema. A new-wave jingle from the mid-80s!
Aired in mid-1988; a hot chick gets ready to go out on a date and uses Noxzema to wash her face. Very 80's music with the slogan "Beautiful Skin..Let it Begin."
I love NutraSweet, Doo Wop!
Nuts N Honey cereal
These were some of the best commercials of the 80's! It featured a husband and wife, and a squirrel who was always trying to get the cereal. The squirrel would try to get the cereal and end up making a big noise, the wife would yell "What are you doing?" while the husband ate cereal, he would reply "Nuttin, honey!". Was great cereal too!
Nuts and Hunny
This cereal had the funnest commerical. A husband and a wife sitting in bed. The husband is eating cereal. The wife askes him shat he's eating and he answers nuts and hunny ony she takes him as saying nothing honey. She askes him several more times and every time he answers the same and every time she thinks he says nothin honey. Finally she gets really mad. Then we see them in bed and this time the wife is eating something and when the husband askes here what she's eating she clearly says nothing honey.
Nuttella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
When there's Nuttella waiting kids can't wait to get home. It's not that special. In fact it's pretty gross.
Nuttin' Honey
There was a man sitting & eating a bowl of Nuttin' Honey Cereal. His wife yelled from the other room, "What are you eating?" And he replies, "Nuttin' Honey!" It was really cute.
Ny Quil
Remember when they had the NyQuil commericals? Man couldn't sleep and he went to the cabinet and took nyquil? It was the night time, coughing, stuffy head, sneezing, sore throat runny nose so you could sleep medicine!
The nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine.
Shows a husband and a wife at home one evening. The wife has a bad cold and goes to the medicine chest and find she is out of nyquil. Sends the hhusband out in the pouring rain for some medicine. Shows him come back with some ordinary medicine. Wife says that not nyquil. Husband says that it will work and shows her on the box what it says. Wife insists and husband goes back out in the rain and gets her nyquil.
Shows a mother comming out of her bed rom wearing a pair of leggings and slouch socks. She sneezes and blows her nose as she heads into the kitchen. The son comes into the kitchen ready for school and sits down at the table. The mother gets out the cereal for him and pours milk into the box and hands it to him. He says thank mom and thats when she notices she poured milk into the ceral box. She groans and heads back down the hallway and coughs.
Shows a mom and daughter at the mall. The daughter is wearing a skirt with leggings underneath and slouch socks and a jean jacket. She also has on her backpack. The mom had on a turtlneck and a warm coat. They start to head up the ddown escalator. As they do this the mother coughs and then talkes her free hand and rubs her forhead and getting a pained look on her face. Then an older couple heads up the up escalator and looks over at them with a puzzled look. Then the mother realizes what she has just done and she sighs and then as then grabs a tissue and sneezes. They then let the escalator take them back down as the daughter giggles.
Shows a woman sitting up in bed while her husband is hurrying around geeting dressed. Woman talks about last night while we see what was going on last night. She says my husband and I had bad colds. We both took some medicine and went to sleep. Then shows her walking up turning on the light and reaching for a tissue. Shows her husband sleeping soundly as goes through the rest of the night sneezing and coughing. Back in the morning she says why me? Then husband comes over and smiles and says goodbye and heads off to work. Wife then stumbles out of bed to begin the day holding a tissue to her nose.
Nyquil (?)
The husband can't sleep and is trying to wake his wife by touching her shoulder and shaking her saying, "Barbara..you up? BARBARA...YOU UP? She finally wakes up and says in a frustrating manner, "I'm up now!" Then after he takes Nyquil, he's sound asleep and shes playing solitare saying, "I'm glad ONE of us can sleep"
Nytol Sleep-Aid
This commercial aired in the late 80's (88-89). It has a catchy jingle "Nytol will help you catch your Z's.

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