Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with misc

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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This was a commercial for a long distance number that never really got off the ground but the commercial was setup as a business conference with white guys all in suits on the podium and stuff and speaker tells us about the company and the whole commercial turns into a rap music video cool it was done in a rap and here's some of the lyrics "1-0-1-6-7-8-9! Dial it! Trial it! Put our service to the test make a big ol bunch of Phone Calls let us do the rest. In fourteen days your proof would be sent You'll see it right in black and white how much you haven't spent we got an 8 cent a minute rate big savings you'll see try it right now for no monthly fee. So call your aunt and your uncle your sweetie and your bro just dial these little digits and you'll be good to go! .... any questions?"
It started like someone above said with a young woman and it would start off singing the happy birthday song and then it would start singing How old are you now and the music was distorted and her face got older and older until they just threw a sheet over her. That commercial scared me so bad that everytime it came on I would hide my head and cover my ears and sing loudly until it went off. It came on in the 1980's and I have searched the internet for it and can't find it. That is the scariest thing I have ever saw on TV, and I still don't think I could watch it to this day and I'm 25 years old now.
409, grease cleaner, yeah, it's the one 409, this cleaner puts grease on the run 409, 409, put grease on the run
Flip Wilson was at a roller disco rink advertising 7-up in 1981 wearing a shiny jacket. It aired on TVland retromercials.
At the beginning it's a dry, hot, miserable day in a city somewhere and then you see a woman lying on the beach with sunglasses on and then she opens a can of 7-Up in slow-mo and then it starts raining-not storming, just like a light rain, just enough to cool everything down-and then you see scenes of everybody in the city happy, laughing, and sometimes dancing in the rain, each with a can or bottle of 7-Up in hand and the entire time the theme is being sung by some guy, "Feels So Good Comin' Down!" and at the end all you see is a can of regular 7-Up and a can of diet 7-Up and at the bottom you see a caption that says "Feels So Good Comin' Down!" It aired in '86, I think.
There was a gorgoeus guy driving in a hot car at full speed. He gets pulled over by the police. The officers were reading his rights. The female officer starts checking him out, grinning at him as she takes of her hat and goes up to the guy. Then she gets in the car with him! The other police officers were flabbergasted! The theme song throughout the commercial was ' Are You Up For It '
7-Up Gold
This was a cinnamon-flavored soda that wasn't around for very long... they used the Steppenwolf song "Wild Thing" as a jingle.
The Unnnnnnnnnnn-cola
In late November each year, there was always a commercial played that ushered in the holiday season: the dancing 7-up snowman. From what I can remember, a little boy looks outside and sees a sad snowman, all alone. He creeps outside and gives him a 7-up, and the snowman drinks it and dances around. It's been about four years since I've seen this, and it doesn't feel like Christmas without it.
The Jamaican guy saying "crisp and clean and no caffeine"
7Up was the "uncola" I recall the commercials ( whole bunch of them ) with a heavyset balding man ( not Kojack ) And he would laugh & sip the beverage & say "7up; the un-cola....ah ha ahhhhh"
Never had it, never will hahahaha.
With those little red circles with sunglasses who would push the drink towards someone then disapear onto the can or bottle when they came.
alaska airlines
i believe it was alaska airlines. but it was showing you how much better they are compared to other airlines by parodying some other bad airline called "sky high airlines" and i remember the jingle was "sky high airlines, sky high airlines.." it was really funny...
answering machine clips
Do you remember the infomerical of the pre recorded answering machine clips on audio tape? I'm looking for an audio clip of it or who sold it etc... A couple of the clips were: Nobody's Home.. Nobody's home. also: Gotta leave your name gotta leave your number, wait for the beep!
anti-smoking/Smoking STINKS
This was a series of commercials for anti-smoking. Any model was shown with an ashtray in their mouth ( on the tongue ) and the slogan was "Smoking STINKS" Was very effective to discourage teens from smoking...also another commerical was something like "....like kissing an ashtray" ( same concept )
I looking for the words to the armor hotdog song. Where the man was riding in a hotdog shaped car.
asahi beer
Looking for Asahi Beer commercial starring Mel Gibson in his Mad Max outfit. Please advise.
the commercial where the guy is on the beach by the pay phone and answers it 'tok amessa fee sy" he is wearing a hawaiian shirt and some kind of shorts .
at&t wireless
Looking for any wireless telephone commercials.
bacardi rum
Is this song taken from any other album song? If yes what is that song? who is the singer? What are all the lyrics? If you know the words in the advertisement and who sang it? Please, I am egarly waiting.
bud light
What about the "Yes I am commericials" (driver do you have bud light? then I'm Mr. Galiwicz" After toying with every gadget in the limo, the driver asked if he had ever been in a limo before? No tone this small was his answer
bud light
What about the "Yes I am commericials" (driver do you have bud light? then I'm Mr. Galiwicz"
burger king
when the croissandwich was new. there was a group of carolers that ring a door bell, and when the door opens they start singing: "we're so sorry, we're so sorry, mcdonalds,mcdonalds. croisandwich beat the stuffin out of egg mcmuffin, 2 to 1, 2 to 1"
cambells soup
this was around 89, this girl comes in from the rain and the tape that i have it on skips a little bit and she comes in and says nothing like cambells soup or somthing like that. i dont know what soup it was either cambells or some other kind,i was 3 then so i dont know.
cheese commercial
Animated commercial/public service announcement. Featured a yellow creature in a cowboy hat singing "When my get-up-and-go has got up and went, I hanker for a hunka cheese." Compares cheese to a wagon wheel. ?? Am I remembering this right?
chemzyne bath prodcuts
sooo smoothing sooo luxrating theres nothing like a nice warm bath with chemzyne bath prodcuts
cherry coke
"Outrageously smooth, outrageously light. Cherry makes it wild, Coca-Cola makes it right. New ch-ch-Cherry Coke. Outrageous!"
like a rock ???
clear pepsi
It was pepsi.. only clear.. lasted only a year or so.. late 80's early 90's i think... was cool though.
cocoa puffs
It was the bird from cocoa puffs standing in front of two doors that led to a choclate mind. And he had to open the right door to lead to something because there was some kind of earthquake that was in closing him.so the commercial ends with him thinking nervously on which door to open.
cocoa puffs cereal
there was a commercial in which sonny the cuckoo bird locked himself in a telephone booth to keep from going cuckoo for cocoa puffs.the telephone rings and someone says cocoa puffs and what happens next?
This coke tastes like good stuff
Men, women, and children singing I'd like to teach the world to sing
Crest Series of animated commercials featuring the Crest team fighting the Cavity Creeps. "We make holes in teeth!"
doublemint gum
This is how I remember it (may be wrong) : "Double your pleasure,... double your fun,... that's the statement of the great-mint,... in Double-mint gun."
dr pepper
It has this guy wakling around and jumping on people cars. And then he starts singing I drink Dr. Pepper don't you know. And then at the end he says wouldn't you like to be a pepper too. It came out in the early 80's can you remember it.
Kids and policeman + I think parents singing against white backdrop "drugs, drugs, drugs, which are good, which are bad, drugs, drugs, drugs, just ask your Mom or ask your Dad. Na na na na, na na na nanana" maybe only in Canada
eastern moters
This guy starts singing: at Eastern Moters buy a car today at Eastern Moters we cash your credit, and he was like rapping it. I dont know the end but it is realy cool.
The incredible, edible egg!
fig newton
Do you remember the commercial where the big fig walks out from stage left and looks over and says "hit it Al" then he begins to dance and sing his little dittie " ooie gooie rich and chewy inside, tender flaky golden cakey outside. ya wrap the inside in the outside your a darn tootin, the big fig newton" then i believe he hangs his head and walks off stage
ford mustang 1968
Only Mustang makes it happen Only mustang looks so great Mustang moves you Mustang grooves you Mustang Mustang 68
a comerical with a jazz song and it shows the cosino
fruit roll ups
Fruit Roll-Ups- so good, they're UGLY!
fruit roll ups
about 1986 a girl coming home from school singing "it's quarter to 3, my fruit roll up bar and me, because i love the fruity roll up, I love the fruity roll up taaaste..." something like that!
Frutella, too juicy for my mom, to jucy for my dad, too juicy for my nan...man! Frutella, to jucy for my cat, to fruity for my dog too juicy for my shark! Frutella, to jucy for my shrit so juicy it hurts...Are they too juicy for you?
go bots
go-bots - ro-bots - mighty ve-hi-cles go BOTS!!!
Some kids are eating that horrible gushers candy in the library, and the librarian is really frustrated because they're making noise. Then a big purple fountain erupts and lifts her up along with the tables and books. Only then does she seem to enjoy herself.
hubba bubba bubble gum
Bubba & Hubba are two peices of gum with legs' eyes & a mouth. They are going throw a mussem and Hubba getts bord of the paintings & Hubba & Bubba bow & pop a bubble gum bubble & then every thing goes hubba bubba bubble gum like.Bubba is Pink & Hubba is purple.
jesse jeans
Around 1981, there was a commercial for Jesse jeans with this hot cowgirl chic checking in a fancy hotel or something and a upscale man can't take his eyes off her. The man's date or wife has to pull him away...
jordache jeans
The commercial said "you've got the look i want to know better, you've got the look thats all together, working, playing, day or night, the look thats right, the jordache look"
kibbles and bits
the song from the army commercial someone commented about when the dogs were marching had a part in it something like this: "sound off, meaty, chewy.." all army like it had more but i cant remember. it was funny anyway i wish i could find the video of it somewhere.
There was a boy who believed that santa would get him a puppy for christmas. All the other kids made fun of him that there was no santa and he would not get his puppy then the doorbell rang and santa was there with the puppy. I must add that the boy was either mentally retarded or had down syndrome it was a real touching comercial one of my favorites.
There is an ice cream man in a truck and driving down a street and every one from the neighborhood is running after him as the theme song goes ohhhh ice cream man upon my street I love your truck outside its really neat ohhh ice cream man upon my block I love your chime sir it really rocks ohhhh ice cream man please ring your bell ding ding and play that music that I've grown to love ding ding.
a 5 second ad with the band singing america spells cheese K-R-A-F-T
A little boy and a little girl sitting on a porch and the boy proposes with a lifesaver. "where's my ring?"
There was a kid and his brother kept stealing his hockey cards so he stuck shaving cream above his door so when his brother and brothers friend opened the door shaivng cream fell all over them and the boy ran away and laughed. This commercial was promoting the hockey card phase also i was in it. Im the little kid
This was a commercial where different people were singing the "It's a good time for the great taste at McDonalds song." All I remember is that one of the scenes was Gladys Knight and the Pips singing. Another was some guy country singer sitting in his jeep. What's a "Pip"?
meow mix cat food
meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow...meow meow meow meow meow meow meeow meow
with a young girl and 80's singer lubs, " Luba? Luba is a great singer, have you heard her latest album it's amazing, I doubt Luba still drinks milk, Maybe when Luba was a little Luba, if I were luba and my picture taken drinking a glass of milk, my friends would probably freak and throw out all my records.." Luba walks on screed, Luba? I-I-It's really you. I love you're latest album. Milk Ya Milk
There was this milk: it does a body commericial with a little girl talking to this boy and she says, "Michael Martin, I don't even exist in your eyes. All you see is a person's outside. Well, I'm a beautiful person inside and I'm drinking milk. Milk's giving me what I need for strong bones, healthy skin and a great smile. So by the time my outside catches up with my inside, I'll have long since outgrown you. And you'll be history."
muppet babies toothbrush
This was a commercial for Muppet Babies Toothbrush. It had kids dancing around while brushing their teeth and you keep hearing a kid sing "Mommy Mommy I want my Muppets"!
Have you seen those nike cmmericals where they make the music by bouncing the backetball? If you know what I'm talking about can you put up a link or something so that I can download that commercial?
It has Jason Kidd in the beginning ...its a Nike commercial and it has a cool beat to it
To the MC Hammer song: o o o o o o oreo what's in the middle? the white stuff
In the early 80's the guitar player from honeymoon suite was jamming on his guitar until the cap on the pepsi bottle blew off. It was a really cool riff he was playing. Then he drank the pepsi.
pepsi cola
I saw this Pepsi commercial from 1981-82. It took place at a dance, they're 15. The boy sits next to her. He smiles at her and she smiles back. He asks her "Do you want to dance?" She said yes. They both stand up. She was taller than him and then she takes her shoes off and began to slow dance with him.
post grape nuts
Correct me if i'm wrong, wasn't there a man named yuell gibbons that advertised grape nuts, and wasn't his speech something like this, "Hi, I'm Yuell Gibbons, watch me eat this pine cone"? Please confirm my memory to be correct. Most people I ask can't recall.
fred flinstone.......yabba dabba doo......fred buckles up..so should you
a drug dealer walks towards the camera in the dark. each time he passes a pole (where you can't see him for a split second) he changes. until finally he's a lizard hissing at you
public service announcement draggin' lady
When I want to make my family laugh, I sing this commercial, I think it was supposed to make people want to quit smoking. It had a lady walking around in a cheesey red outfit. The song went "when you walk in a room, no you cant stand that fume, draggin lady/ tell me baby tell me, why you smoke that trash (why girl?)/ everybody's sayin' you ain't got no class/ can't you see what you are, you're a drag yes you are/ a message to you and me from the American Cancer Society/ don't be a draggin' lady!"
purina chuck wagon
The little wagon with the horses and red and white top running through the kithen and the dogs waiting for their dinner....
ramblin root beer
I am not sure if this is the right one, but I think the jingle was something like "Ramblin root beer's got that something more..." I think I may have the jingle mixed up with another one.
roll ups
about 1985, it's after school and kids are singing,"it's quarter to 3, and it's my fruit roll up bars and me, cause i love the fruity rollups, i love the fruity roll up taaaste." i can't get the song out of my head
royal mail stamps
Two old ladies talking to one another, and in the background you see a man on a roof struggling to install a satallite dish etc. This set of animated adverts were wonderful
It was probably around..1986-1987ish... somewhere in there.. and the little red circle used to like come alive. He was the little 7-UP circle.. and there was a Christmas commercial where Santa left a fire truck on the roof and the little 7-up circles go get and drive it in the the living room and the happy little boy gets it.
"Don't give me that so-so soda, that same old cola. I wanna rock-n-rolla. I wanna pop (pop, pop)...I wanna Shasta."
I can't remember the exact commercial,but I sure remember the song."when you eat your smarties, do you eat the red ones last,do you suck them very slowly,or crunch them very fast".....(i can't remember this part)....but then it kinda shouts"when you eat your smarties,do you eat the red ones last?"If anyone knows those missing words please fill them in.
The missing portion of the smarties song is "...eat that candy coated chocolate, now tell me when I ask!"
snackwell cookies
The man who delivers the Snackwells is sitting in a truck, telling a passenger that he is glad the supermarket bought a new kind of low-fat cookie. A group of women try the cookies and the leader, an African-American, yells "These taste nothing like my snackwell cookies. Where's my cookie man?" She spots his truck, which is 100 yards from the store, and yells, "There he is!" and runs to him with her arms in the air.
80s Sprite jingle: Reach deep inside you. Reach for a feeling thats right. Reach for that special something, reach for Sprite!
Forgot the first part, but they would open the pack and slide down the rainbow....tastes like mouthwatering orange..starwberry too..luscious lemon, tangy cherry you get a burst the moment you chew....bite into a starburst fruitchew..a refreshing fruit flavor for you
it was for an orange dilute drink with a crowd of children and adults running along in the summer sun singing "taste the sun, taste the sun, with cool orange suncrush" it was a catchy tune, pity i cant write the music here!! advert ran around 1968
superbubble music album
a slumber party the girls blowing bubbles
tiny mighty moes
These were mobile little wood cars and trucks with the song off; fire engines to the rescue,tiny mighty moes. Heres the ramp, there coming through,tiny mighty moes... Tiny mighty, tiny mighty moes (repeat last line)
Toffifay was a confection that apparently was "Too good for kids!" - it was the opposite of Trix cereal and it gave kids the chance to feel like how the rabbit feels when he gets shut out for the treat. :( :( :(
Remember the slogan "I love what you do for me...Toyota!" It showed people getting excited over their Toyota. I believe this lasted throughout much of the nineties, but began in the late eighties (around 1989 maybe).
People sitting around breakfast table. One mans says please pass the jelly. What was the brand of jelly the commerical was produced for?
I have some slogans I want to know what the products are. You've got the right one baby! Your true voice making it right for the times of your life.
I have some slogans I want to know what the products are. You've got the righ one baby! Your true voice making it right for the times of your life.
A New Way to Look At Dusting who's slogan was this?
The song goes like this: What makes macaroni dany? The new Velveeta recipe. Just stir in Velveeta and a little milk for great macaroni and cheese. But this won't work if you use cheddar, cuz it won't melt as creamily. So don't use cheddar cuz you know Velveeta works much better with macaroni and cheese. Velveeta. I don't remember what year this commercial was made, but it is my all time favorite commercial.
verison cell phone company
it's a mothers day commercial, a husband gives his wife a mothers day gift (a verison camara phone) when she opens the box there happens to be two cell phones in the box the husband exclaims "oh! its a mothers day miracle!" and takes one of the phones and runs off. later in the commercial the husband and wife and 2 kids are sitting eating breakfast in bed with their new phones, the husband and his son take a picture and send it to his wife and begin laughing he looks over at her and says "i sent u a picture of the syrup"!
The ad in South Africa where it shows a couple who start out with their first car (a beetle) and then show them growing up, having kids, going through all the stages of life with the VW's changing as they do and finally ending with them giving the original Beetle to their oldest son. Please help me remember this song!!
volkswagon passat
New York City in 1989, god bless the child, little girl holding fathers hand in violent New York City, finds comfort and safety in the Passat.
wendy's hambugers
Wendy's commerical lady in Russia dancing around about Wendy's burgers
wisk laundry detergent
Early 80's-A guy and girl enter an elevator each with a basket of laundry to do. They look at each other and the guy says "small load huh?" Girl, "yours too". Guy "maybe we could wash them together?" Girl "maybe". As they wash their clothes together with her Wisk and not his no name brand, he thinks he's going to hook up with her. At the end of the commercial, again they are on the elevator but instead of hooking up, she rejects him, gets off the elevator, and the doors close with him still on there.
The first TV commercial for an arcade game. "Are you devious enough to beat Xevious?"

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