Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with L

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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L'Envie Parfum Shampoo & Conditioner
This shampoo was part of the designer craze of the '80s. It featured a woman who looked somewhat like to the Chanel no.5 woman. She even had a European accent that was later dubbed over. The ad went like this... "My Alexander loves my hair to smell as beautiful as is looks. That's why I used new L'Envie Parfum Shampoo & Conditioner. Made with fragrances similar to my favourite perfumes like Giorgio, Opium and others. My hair is soft and beautiful to the touch. New L'Envie Parfum Shampoo & Conditioner--The Essence of Beautiful Hair." I used to always want some. Now, I can't believe I'd ever want my hair to smell like Giorgio.
L'Oreal Studio Line
This commercial featured people with really crazy, gravity defying 80's hairstyles. The jingle went something like, stu..stu..studio line from L'Oreal.
LA Gear Tennis Shoes
A slim beautiful girl with long straight blond hair and bangs...wearing a pink leather jacket and black mini skirt walking showing off her pink, black & silver LA Gears with three shoe laces in one to match ...man I wanted those shoes sooo badly and I got them for my 11th B-day!..It was the coolest!
La Choy
A jingle about canned Chinese food. The song went: "La Choy makes Chinese food... (drum fill), swing American. (then female voice says) Why not?"
La Choy
This ad shows Gil Noble (The Host of WABC 7's "Like It Is"). He was eating a meal with La Choy. Announcer Says: La Choy. Sure to make you feel like Japanese.
Lawson's Oranje Juice
Roll on, Big O. Get that juice up to Lawson's in 40 hours. Well, the oranges ripen in the Florida sun. Sweet on the tree they stay. Then they pick 'em and they squeeze 'em just as quick as you please. And the Big O leaves the same day. Roll on, Big O. Get that juice up to Lawson's in 40 hours. Well one man sleeps while the other man drives on the nonstop Lawson's run. And the sweet sweet juice in that tank truck caboose stays as fresh as the Florida sun. Roll on, Big O. Get that juice up to Lawson's in 40 hours.
No one can eat just one - no one caaaaaan - no one can eat just one - Lay's brand potato chips!
Lay's Potato Chips
Lay's...Get Your Smile On.
Lee Jeans
Shows a department store where some women on the second are trying on various brands of jeans. Meanwhile a couple is trying out a bed downstairs. The store starts shaking as the women jump up and down trying to fit into the jeans. The bed the couple are lying down on shakes also. Finally the shaking stops and the the couple says we'll take this bed.
Lee Jeans
Lee...The Brand That Fits.
Lee Jeans
Shows some teenage girls dressed in leotards at and aerobics class. They all have pairs of jeans. The instructor says pull and twist, etc. as the girls get in to their jeans. Then they lie down as she says breath in and hold and pull as the girls try and putton their jeans. meanwhile some other girls go past wearing lee jeans. They look over at the other gilrs and laugh to themselves and smile.
Lee Press On nails
The ad goes: These are the amazing Lee Press On Nails, they press on in seconds..no glue..no mess. Simply press on Lee super stick tabs and then press on Lee Press On nails, that's it. Easy on..Easy off. Use them again and again. They just won't break or split. Polish and they are nearly impossible to chip..So press on!
Lee Press-On Nails
These are the amazing Lee Press-On Nails. They press on in seconds-- no glue, no mess! Simply press on Lee superstick tabs then press on Lee Press-On Nails. That's all! Easy on, easy off. Use them again and again. They just won't break or split. Polish, and they're nearly impossible to chip. So press on Lee Press-On Nails! Available in natural or glamour length in a variety of sizes for a quick, easy fit. Press On!
Lee jeans
It starts with a boy touching the Lee om the back of the jeans of a girl and two men. The second asked what are you doing. The boy says "Branding, theese Lee jeans are genuine." Then the man said "You can't just go branding around strangers cowboy." The boy says he's a Lee cowboy and I'll keep branding. Then a woman was right by them and he touches and the Lee on her jeans and she says,"Hey pretty cute." The boy says she's one of the good guys.
Legend of Zelda video game
The ultimate video game. Around 86. All I really remember is some crazy teenager mumbling the different characters in the game. I remember him shouting "Peehats"
The song went : "Zak! Zak! he's a Lego maniac". The comercial shows a kid playing with legos at night with a raging storm outside his window. The comercial featured some light up green legos.
All I remember was the kid playing with his legos while the song went: "Zack, Zack, he's a Lego maniac". Zack was the cool kid with either a denim or leather jacket and sunglasses and the other guys would look on enviously.
I was small in the eighties and really loved lego's but their is one commercial that comes to my mind. It goes Zach, Zach he's a lego maniac,. It was so cool.
The Lego commercial went: I know a boy his name is Zack, he loves to fit he loves to stack, yes construction is his nack, he's Zack the Lego maniac. He builds in the windows, he's off the wall, he builds 'em big, he builds 'em small, in LegoLand he'll rock and roll, he's Lego wild, out of control!
The cool kid named Zack... I believe the jingle went Zack...Zack...He's a lego maniac.. It was suppose to make kids of the average age of 7 or less think they were cool because they played with legos
Levi Strauss Jeans
This was a cartoon type commercial. It was a blank white screen with the LEVI'S logo in the middle and a bunch of cartoon characters would take turns coming around it. There were aliens that would shoot it, a guy on a rope would swing by like Tarzan, little elves would climb all over it. The letters in the word LEVI'S would turn into doors and such. Then it ended with the logo turning into a mount and saying, "Lee VIEZ AHH" There were about three or four versions of this one.
I think that is the brand. it was a commerial with a muppet in a car with a boy driving and they are listening to techno music and the muppet is grooving to it.
Exceptionally detailed animation shows a human boy, a hovering Yoda-like creature, and a creature I can only describe as a cross between a gorilla and a Samurai warrior. The big warrior can't speak English, but talks in some alien language, and the Yoda-like creature translates for the Earth kid. "Where do you get your jeans?" "Tell him, it is a frequent custom to wear Levi's jeans on Earth... denim, and courdory."
Bruce Willis (pre-Moonlighting) crooning down the street -- Picture David Addison making a commercial.
"Engine" was the name given to the ad that showed some sort of a launch pad on a dark, eerie planet background. We hear somebody doing a countdown, and we see some sort of silvery humanoid floating horizontally above the pad, wearing only a pair of Levi's jeans. The voice counts down, "...three... uh, two..." The figure eventually shoots away.
Levi's Jeans and Cords
The background was grey, with the orange Levi's "chevron" logo in the center. All these weird things would take place around the logo (I.E., kids describing what's in their school lunches: Boy: Whatcha got for lunch? Girl: Sandwich. Boy: What kind? Girl: Warthog. Boy: Come on! Girl: No, really, see? (girl opens sandwich, warthog comes out snorting) Boy: Oh.) At the end of the commercial, this Tarzan guy would emerge from the logo, wearing nothing but a pair of Levi's. He'd swing on a rope and instead of a Tarzan yell, he'd go "LeeeeeEEEEEEeeee.... At this point, he'd get into some kind of trouble and end up saying the last syllable in "Levi's" in a weird, humorous way.
Levis 501 Blues
A man walks down the street in his Levis while a woman looks on, blowing bubbles with her dog. A song in the background goes something like "I just had a sudden flash, while beating feet, and jingling all my cash, uh huh. It's something 'bout what I got on. My 501 Blues- hey, can I go wrong? In my walking there's a special song. They shrink to fit, I'm loving it, my Levis Jeans are covering it, the button fly is do or die. Do it, do it to it as I'm scooting by in my 501 Blues. Thats why am I."
"Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar at supper time, they keep on adding sugar to the constant things we buy."
If if says Libby's, Libby's Libby's on the label label label, you'll like it like it like it on the table table table.
Life Call
All right now, everyone say it with me: "I've fallen and I can't get up!!"
Life Cereal
"Hey, Mikey likes it!!" a 70s leftover for the 80s.
Life Savers
A bunch of teens are hanging out,then the leader steps by and starts singing "Tweet,Tweet Twiddle,Twiddle..there's only one candy with a hole in the middle" and the group of teens start singing with him, and coming alive.
A little boy and a little girl are sitting on a porch. The little boy turns to the little girl and asks, "Dorothy, will you marry me?" To which the little girl replies, "Where's the ring?" The little boy offers her a LifeSaver and says, "A LifeSaver?" The little girls accepts the LifeSaver. The little boy continues, "It's the beginning. Don't worry, we'll live with my mother."
The dad and his daughter are sitting watching a sunset and, as the sun sets, the dad says, 'Going...going...going...gone!' And then the girl says, 'Do it again, Daddy.' The cutest ever!
Light 'n' Lively Yogurt
EAT SMART!!! was the slogan...later they did another commericial with the Ninja turtles.
Light Bright
Light Bright, Light Bright, turn on the magic of colored lights! Shining friends, shining bright, make a wish to say goodnight..."
Light Bright
there were two kids playing with the light bright and the theme went ...light bright light bright turn on the magical shining light!
Light Bright
The jingle" Light Bright making things with liiiight. Out of sight, making things with Light bright"
Light Bright
There were two kids playing with the light bright and the jingle went; "light bright, light bright, beautiful pictures come to life!"
Light Brite
Light Bright there were two kids playing with the light bright and the theme went ...light bright light bright turn on the magical shining light! **** didn't the theme go lite brite, lite brite, turn on the magic of colored light? Light always shines, it's light, thats what light does. I don't think they'd have their theme sound so obvious, even by 80's standerds. kids playing with colored lite is more of a selling point than playing with shining light. if they wanted to play with shining light, they could do that at their parents expense or for free by playing with fire or looking at the sun. look into it.
Lights Alive
A product w/ a big square grid of many plastic bubble dot things that you would push down one by one or with little shapes and pizza cutter-looking things. When pushed down, they would light up from behind. There was a wheel at the bottom that would rotate the 4-color light behind the screen, and when you pulled up on the screen it would pop the bubbles back to their original position. The commercial went, "Lights alive, lights alive.. Make a picture, write your name, (something something) that's the name of the game... Lights alive, lights alive..." and showed different scenes like a lights alive on a nightstand saying "hi dad" or some flowers drawn on it, but I may be confusing this w/ Light Brite.
Like Cola
All I remember is that I thought Like Cola was the best. There was a red and a blue can. "Like Cola, what cola should be like!" is how the jingle went.
Like Cola
That commercial, came in 1983, with Kevin Dobson from "Knots Landing" playing "Pac-Man" with a shot of Coke and Pepsi. He says, "Coke, Pepsi, and Like are colas." and he then says, "Who thinks he's gonna make it?" (or whatever he said) and they went into a box with a boom SFX. That all ends with the jingle, "Like Cola, It's what cola should be like." and which shows "Not yet available in all areas". An adorable, thundering, ad full of energy and SFX's.
Like Cola
A Pac-Man look-alike comes running, and Kevin Dobson says "The cola nut! All colas start with it. Coke, Pepsi and Like are colas." At the end of the ad, a demonish jingle begins to play. "Like Cola..... is what cola should be like!"
Limited Too
Limited Too is very hard to understand and we will love to help you with anything that you are looking for, because limited too is the best for choice for you. just sing it with us, limited too is for you, by caitlin oline
Lionel Kiddie City
I only rememeber parts of it but its moms with their kids acting all sad then they start dancing with toys, "when you're finding high prices but not finding toys, when you're sad and you're blue and your time is running out, let Lionel Kiddie City turn that frown upside down!, upside down! with more selection, low prices too, Lionel Kiddie City makes its easy for you, with prices and selection that are among the best around let Lionel Kiddie City turn that frown upside down!"
Little Caesars
Ummm, just about any Little Caesars commercial was whacked. In the beginning with the 2 pizza for one low price they show "other" places and their deals "A pizza and... a box!" "What can I do with a box" (fold fold fold) "A terradactal!!! rawk rawk!".. .or putting the glasses on the customer with on of the lens having a pictures of a pizza on it.. "What do you see?" "Two pizzas..." "Then you get TWO pizzas!" "Oh.. I see"
Little Ceasar's Pizza
To the tune of Wooly Bully... there were a bunch of Muppets "Hattie told Mattie about a thing she saw. 2 Big pizzas that'll fill your jaw.. PIZZA PIZZA .... Pizza Pizza." One Big Muppet opens his mouth to say Pizza Pizza and a little Muppet head inside repeats it.
Little Ceasers Pizza
A guy exclaims,"Two pizzas for $9.99? That's impossible!" The other guy says,"Nothing's impossible. I taught my dog to say 'I love you. The dog then barks what sounds like"I love you."
Little Miss Singing Mermaid
Little girl singing "Little Miss Singing Mermaid, you're my dream come true... Cause I can make you sing to me..." Doll singing "la la la la la laaaa..." (Little girl laughs) Little girl singing again "... just by loving you!" Announcer: "Little Miss Singing Mermaid. The doll who sings when you hug her and changes color in warm water. Each sold seperately, batteries not included."
Liver And Onions
Kid talking. "Mom what are we having for dinner tonight" Mom, "Liver and onions" kid- "Sounds sad. Can I eat over at Billy's tonight." mom-says, "yes" kid-comes back home with long face mom-says, "What's wrong?" kid, "Billy had liver and onions too."
Long John Silver's
I wasn't around in the 80s, but I saw this one on the internet, on RoadOde. From 1980: "Let Long John Silver's put a smile on your taste!"
Look For The Union Label
Made famous by former Vice-President Al Gore, the words went: "Look for the Union label, when you are buying a coat, dress or blouse"; and near the end " 'Cause if we're able, we'll make it in the USA".
Looney Tunes Safety Tips
...There were at least two of these commercials- - one with Daffy and one with Tweety. Daffy's commercial covered fire safety- with classic lines like, "You NEVER hide under the bed- that's a no-no too, Daffy!" And "You get an A on your fire thafety quitth!"... I can still picture them mapping an escape route out of the house... Tweety's commercial involved hot bath water and burn prevention. I can't really remember it, though!
Lost N Founds
These were stuff animals with sad eyes. 2 kids were in their rooms and when they looked out their window it was raining and two stuff animals (Bunny and Koala) were in a log crying. The kids brought them in and wiped there tears away.
Lost and Found Stuffed Animals
It had a man and woman singing in the background. "You can see the little Lost and Founds." Woman: "The ones that can be so cold and alone." Man: "The ones that have no home." (Chorus) A boy sees one at his window and he says: "Come live with me." Man: "You can dry their real tears and give them their bottle." (Chorus) A little girl sees one at her window and she says: "Poor baby." The woman announcer then says: "Lost and Founds, when you feed them their bottle they cry real tears. Bring them home today."
Lotto 6/49
This commercial was only aired in Canada, I think because Lotto 6/49 is a Canadian lottery. In the commerical they would continually flash the word BIG on the screen and the announcer(s) would sing "Big, big, big, big, big, etc." I'm not sure what the point of the ad was, may to show you that the lotto was going to be big. LOL.
Lotus 1-2-3 circa 1983. The setting: a typical office building. A portly gentleman sits at his desk PC and boots up the said application. All of a sudden the whole room breaks into song. Some of the women get up on desks or chairs and go-go. The big guy starts dancing with one of them while singing the praises of Lotus 1-2-3!
Tonight...Tonight... Let It Be Lowenbrau
A woman awakens, and a voiceover says, "Your day begins with the Bare Necessities". The woman exercises, eats her breakfast, washes her face, brushes her teeth, takes a bath, dries and brushes her hair, then applies the "Lubriderm Lotion", which is described as one of the "Bare Neccessites".
Lucky Charms
"Always After My Lucky Charms--They're Magically Delicious!!"
Lucky Charms
"Pink hearts, orange starts, yellow moons, green clovers and blue diamonds." Then they added another marshamallow - "Pink hearts, orange starts, yellow moons, green clovers, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes."
Lucky Dog (Dog Food)
There was a bulldog walking down the street talking about how he couldn't wait to get some delicious treast. The song went like this "Make your dog a lucky dog today!"
Luden's Cough Drops
It was set at a magazine rack in winter. The customer asks for a great tasting cough drop. The clerk sings, "You can have great taste, great tasting taste with Luden's. Cherry's sweet and savory, menthol's cool and flavory..." After he sings, the customers shouts, "Tastefully done."
(Circa 1986)Toddlers are running around outdoors wearing only T-shirts and diapers of the brand name Luvs. One of them, a girl, ran through a little banner. The commercial was very adorable.
Luvs Diapers
A young lady sings its jingle: "Your baby's comfort begins with Luvs."
The audience is being shown around a house by a house keeper who does speak english. She talks away in her language, until she comes across something that needs cleaning, sprays the lysol, and says with a very thick ancient "Lysol, Clean Yes, Germ No!"

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