Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with G

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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GI Joe by Hasbro
GI Joe, GI Joe, fighting man from head to toe...
Game of Life
"Be a winner at the game of Life..Find a job!!! Have a baby!!!"
It's a Gatorade commerical with the Wizards Jordan playing ball. You then hear a door close and out of the dark comes the Bulls rookie Jordan, the younger Jordan says "Nice Shot" to the older Jordan. They start playin ball, and after awhile the older Jordan says "had enough?" They start playin some more and then the Bulls Jordan goes up for a lay up and the Wizards Jodans blocks his shot. The younger Jordan says "could of dunked" then the older Jordan says "should of dunked" The younger Jordan then shrugs, after you see the Gatorade logo you see the two of them drink gatorade and the you hear "Hey Mike" they both say "What?" and you see the college version of Jordan from North Carolina, he says "who's next?" and the older Jordan says to the Bulls Jordan "get your young butt out there!" This is my Favorite commerical because Jordan is the best ball player ever.
Gatorade is thirst aid for that deep down body thirst
Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific
Shampoo with a jingle "gee your hair smells terrific". It was in a purple bottle with orange and pink bubble letters.
Gee your hair smells terrific
Shows a young woman washing her hair. Then shows her walking down the street and the men who turn as she passes by. Gee your hair smells terrific!
Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo
A man used to walk up behind women, smell their hair, and proclaim, "Gee! Your Hair Smells Terrific!" I believe that, today, he'd be arrested for stalking.
General Electric
I would like to hear the song in the G.E. commerical from the eighties that says "G.E is right, warm and bright, wherever theres a lighthouse shining, dream in sight. G.E. is right we'll be there- we bring good things to life.
General Mills
A black lady(looks like an assymbly line worker) asks "Are you hungry?"
Get Crackin
Its an egg that can be put into the microwave and after thirty seconds, turns into a surprise meal,(burger.) Kids in the background are yelling "Get Crackin!"
Get in Shape, Gir!
This was, i guess, toy fittness equipment for girls. I remember one device was a ball on a shaft with a ring on the end of the shaft. The ring when around your ankle. You would then swing it around with your leg. You would have to jump when it swung around to your other leg. I think their other products were jump ropes, leg warmers, and exercise videos. Jingle: Get in shape, girl. It's so appealin'. Get in shape girl. It's just a feelin'.
Giant Glass
1-800-54-GIANT Who do you call when your windshield's busted? Call Giant Glass! 1-800-54-GIANT Done right, done fast! Yeah wherever you are. Call Number 1-800-54-GIANT
Giggle Gum
People take bites out of trees until they are told they can now chew giggle gum, which comes in five fruity flavors. The only ones happier than people are trees, which sway and say YAY with their limbs swaying in gratitude.
Gillette Good News Razor
Circa early-to-mid 80s. The jingle: "Two blades are better than one blade...". The jingle is sung by various people, including bikini-clad twin sisters reclining at a poolside.
Gillette Razors with Joe Montana
Shaving commercial with Joe Montana?
Girl Scouts
I just remember a pretty, catchy jingle: "Wanted leaders for Girl Scouts....Be a leader now, we will show you how. You'll have fun! Join now! Be a leader today!"
Gitano Jeans
This commerical is about three different ladies descibing their about themselves and each of them say,"My Gitano's fit me perfectly". It was on a ship and the three ladies in their blue jeans walk and talk. Near the of the commerical, they come together, turn around, take a step on a bar, then zoomed in into each lady's face as they turned and smiled.
Gitano clothes/jeans
Entitled "The Joy Of Getting More", it features female bank customers beating up 3 would-be bank robbers in a slapstick, fun-loving way.
Gizmo Doll
"Take care of gizmo, cause he's my favorite pet. Take care of gizmo, and I'll never get him wet, take care of gizmo, and keep him out of the light, and I'll never feed him after midnight. Take care of gizmo, cause he's my favorite pet!"
Glad Trash Bags
I THINK the brand name was glad...wife comes home from grocery store and tells her humongous brute of a hubby about the new two-ply garbage bags she bought and how she saved money...what really throws you is when this big hubby says (in a whining voice that would make Mickey Mouse wince) "awwww...they'll break!"...then later it shows him picking up a full trash bag and he's talking to the bag..."DONNNNNN'T BREEEEAAAAAK!" Does anyone remember that one? I think it aired around '83.
Gloria Vanderbilt jeans
This commerical I saw was made twice. The description was a woman in a flashy, beedy blouse, wearing those blue jeans. She walks forward, stops and turns. Then she walked into another room, and finally ended up in a dark area with a birthday cake on the table with the candles lit. She stands in front of it looks sraight ahead and the candles went out. The first time Gloria Vanderbilt, herself narrated the commerical and the second time a man narrated it.
Go Bots
Go Bots had some pretty good commericals. Who could forget that "Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles," campaign slogan?
Gold Diggers
"Work in them.. Play in them.. Gold Diggers!" Designer jeans for kids?
Golden Crisps
Pretty cool commercial. Featured a teddy bear wearing a blue t-shirt, on a surfboard. He was chased by a shark, and at the end he would sing "Can't get enough of those Golden Crisps."
Golden Grahams
The thing I remember the most about this one is the song, which is a parody of a Turtles song, think it's called "So Happy Together". There's a bunch of kids running off a porch when it's raining and you hear this band singing "ooooh that taste of honey and graham cracker taste of Golden Grahams." It still makes me laugh, and I consider it to be the most memorable commercial that I saw from the 80's.
Golden Grahams
It starts out with a bunch of kids playing in a school basketball game and the name of the theme is "It's gonna be a Golden Grahams daaay!" and it has this little animated drop of honey flying around who says at the midpoint "Golden Grahams is a balanced part of this nutritious breakfast." and one of the basketball players takes a bite of a bowlful of Golden Grahams and says something like "tastes just like real graham crackers!" and he has his mom behind him smiling and at the end it shows the kid's team winning and a box of Golden Grahams on the top half of the screen amd at the bottom half it shows the kid congratulating his teammates as he's leaving the gym with his parents. I think it aired sometime in '86.
Golden Grahams
A family was camping and when they wake up in the morning, one person yawns and says, "Looks like it's going to be a Golden Grahams day!"
Golden Grahams
"Oh...those Golden Grahams. Oh...those Golden Grahams. Golden honey, just a touch, with grahams golden wheat."
I love fishes cuz there so delicious gone to go fishin, I could eat em every dy and my mom says thats okay, gone to go fishin. They smile back until you bite their heads off.
"The wholesome snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off!"
Good & Plenty
This commercial is older (it's a black & white 50's looking one) than the 80's I believe but I love it anyway. The lil guy on the train and the jiggle was: Once upon a time there was an engineer. Choo-choo Charlie was his name we hear. He had an engine and he sure had fun he used Good & Plenty candy to make his train run. Charle says "love my Good & Plenty" Charlie says "Really rings a bell" Charlie says "love my Good & Plenty, don't know any other candy that I love so well". THat is my all time favorite commerical!
Good N Plenty
Cartoon character as a train conductor on a steam engine. Charlie says Love my good n plenty really rings the bell
Grape Escape
Grape Escape was a board game from the 80s. It was somewhat similar to Mouse Trap. Players would mold little "grapes" with faces using the Play-Doh-like substance and molds that came with the game, then try to maneuver their grapes throughout the obstacles on the board without landing on spaces that would cause them to be squished, smooshed or otherwise destroyed. The jingle featured a man with an Italian accent singing, to the tune of "Funiculi, Funicula": "Make 'em, take 'em, to the factory, mash 'em, smash 'em, now they're history. [Da da da da da da da da da da DAAAAAAA...da da da da da da], when you play the Grape Escape!
Gremlins Cereal
You hear The announcer say "are you hungry? Hungry as a....Gremlin? The Jingle Went "Gremlins Gremlins bite after bite what a crunchy way to satisfy a Gremlin appetite" It showed Gizmo eating a bowl of cereal
Gremlins Cereal
At the end of the ad, you heard Gizmo say "Gremlins cereal... YUM ! YUM !".
Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard
"Grey Poupon. So good, it's even made with white wine. Grey Poupon. It even has wine."
Grey Poupon Mustard
People in Limos would pull up beside each other, roll down the window and say, "Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?"
"Go Greyhound and leave the driving to us."

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