Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with B

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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This is a Blue Bonnet Margarine spot from either the late 1970's or the early 1980's, with Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays wearing blue bonnets during the commercial. They are trying to sing the campaign slogan "Everythings better with Blue Bonnet on it".
Theres this pizza guy who goes into a elevator and stops at all these different stops and one of them a guys gets in with him wearing a scuba gear and a the next stop the doors open and its this giant ocean built inside the green room and there are ships and all sorts of neat marina equipment
(Song begins) Sugar in the morning !(kids eating candy)..Sugar in the Evening !(kids eating more candy)...Sugar in their vitamins !?!? (Bugs Bunny yells "STOP!" and then explains how Bugs Bunny vitamins have no sugar. And then the song continues..) Moms and Kids love Bugs Bunny... Because they're sugar free !
Bacardi Rum
It sounds: Nothing is as good as sitting in the sun and sippin' on bacardi rum
Bagel Bites
"Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evening, Pizza at suppertime. When pizza's on a bagel- you can eat it anytime!!" This song is still stuck in my head
Bahamas Tourism
It's better in the Bahamas.
Bain De Soleil
In that dreamy sing-song: Bain de Soleil for the San Tropez, San Tropez, San Tropez...
Ball Park Franks
They Plump When You Cook 'em.
Ball Park Franks
This ad featured two Redd Foxx's. One of them like the original Ball Park Franks better than the Ball Park Beef Franks, the other one liked the Beef Franks better. They traded insults at each other. Redd Foxx #1: "I like the original, 'cause I'm the original, Dummy!" Redd Foxx #2: "You're the original dummy all right and it's the beef!"
Ban Deoderant
Featuring a woman getting dressed: Ban and sportswear, ban and dresswear, ban with anything from cotton to cashmere. If you'll care you'll bother. Don't wear one without the other.
Band Aids
(song) I am stuck on band-aids cause Band-aid stuck on me.
Bannana Frosted Flakes
I remember the setting was on a dock, and a kid yelled "The Bannana Boat is coming" and Tony the Tiger was piloting the boat, and the jingle was "BaBaBaBanana Frosted Flake, BaBaBaBannana Frosted Flakes" Love the site, and I got plenty more I can add...
Bar None
This guy was standing in front of a HUGE metal door with all kinds of chains on it. He talked about how we all have problems controlling "the chocolate beastie, lurking in us all!" At that moment, the door begins to shake and rattle and strain on its hinges, and you can hear all kinds growls coming from behind it. The guy presses his weight against the door, and talks about Bar None, how it was a candy bar with such good chocolate and so much of it, etc. Then he slips a Bar None under the door. The rattling stops. Then we go to a closeup of a Bar None, with the caption "Tame the Chocolate Beastie." Finally, we hear a little satisfied growl.
You might remember this one with the "We girls can do anything,like Barbie" campaign in there. And in some parts you can scenes with Mary Lou Retton in it. I believe the commercial is from 1985. This commercial is one of those I have downloaded on my computer.
Any Barbie commercial in which the jingle is done to the tune of "Georgy Girl". I love that song!
"We girls can do anything...Right, Barbie?"
We girls can do anything, like Barbie.
The overly enthusiastic girls would play with there barbies and say "We're into barbie!!" and the song would sing "We're into barbie..." I always thought those girls were so cool, hey..I was only 3 in 1989!
Bartles and Jaymes
Frank pitches the product and Ed just sits there silent, always ended with "And Thank You For Your Support"
Battle Beasts
"Battle Beasts---Collect every one, of these incredible creatures that battle for fun!" And they were these little plastic man-like creatures with a mood-ring square in the center that showed a picture of an "element"--wood, water or fire--when you pressed your thumb on it to warm it. And the commercial had these deep voices with bad grammar (think Grimlock from TransFormers) saying "Fire! Fire burns wood!" "Water! Water put out Fire!" "Wood! Wood beats water!" I never figured out how wood exactly beats water, but oh well...
"You sunk my battleship!"
Be An Original: Anti-Drug PSA
Skateboarders and rollerskaters coupled with an awesome tune:
"Getting into drugs and being high
is a stupid thing to do.
Being in control and saying: no
is not the easiest thing to do.
Be an Original and take a stand, with the freedom to say: no. Don't let a friend push you into taking drugs. You've got the right to say No! NO! The right to say "NO!"
Bed Bugs
It would show a guy sleeping in bed and all of a sudden he'd wake up and the blanket would fly off and you'd hear a ragtime piano playing with a voice-over saying 'Bed Bugs! Bed Bugs!' As the commercial showed children playing, it would intersperse bits of the man's bed being carried out of the room by the unseen bed bugs!
Bed Bugs Board Game
Bed Bugs! Bed Bugs! There will be no sleep today! Bed Bugs! Bed Bugs! It's a wacky game to play!
Bell System
Remember those "Reach out and touch someone" ads? Those were used in the late 70's and early-to-mid-80s.
Bernie & Phyl's Furniture
Cry with me, Boston area viewers. QUAAALITY, COMFORT AND PRICE... THAT'S NICE!
Best Foods Mayonnaise
Bring out the best foods, and bring out the best!
Best Western
Had a jingle that went "1-800-528-...1234,BEST WESTERN!!"
Better Cheddars
Ron Carey, the short cop Levitt from "Barney Miller" sang (??) the jingle from a trolley. "Umm, Better Cheddars, a San Francisco-style---snack thin".
Betty Crocker Ready-to-Spread Frosting
Ready when you are and even when you aren't, that's Betty Crocker ready-to-spread frosting. Smooth and spreadable, but what's so incredible, it's ready when you are arent. That's Betty Crocker ready-to-spread frosting.
Big League Chew
You're in the Big Leagues! When you make a perfect slide You're in the Big Leagues! When you keep the team alive You're in the Big Leagues! When you block a shot or two You're in the Big Leagues when you're into Big League Chew! Big League Chew! Mad-sized wads of great tastin' shredded bubble gum stuffed into a giant stay-fresh pouch... for Big League flavor AND Big League Bubbles... it's Big League Chew! You're in the Big Leagues When you're into Big League Chew!
Big O orange juice from Lawson's in Ohio
Roll on Big O. We were talking about the old commercials, and couldn't remember all the words. It was very popular in the 70's.
Big Red Chewing Gum
No little gum freshens breath longer than Big Red.
So kiss a little longer, hold hands a little longer, hold tight a little longer. Longer with Big Red.

That Big Red freshness lasts right through it. Your fresh breath goes on and on while you chew it. Say goodbye a little longer; make it last a little longer. Give your breath long lasting freshness with Big Red.

Big Sir Waterbeds
The commercial always aired around the Christmas holiday. This man is asking/naming this little boy, named Micheal, different things that he would like for Christmas, and twice Micheal would make a frowning face. But when the man asked Micheal the third question, would he like a Big Sir Waterbed, his face lights up with joy!!!
Biz Laundry Detergent
A man showed a housewife, triangle bandana in her hair and everything, a piece of clothing washed with Biz Detergent. Hugely overacting, she says "BIZ? This was BIZ? You used BIZ? That's AMAZING!
Blinkins Toys
This was a commercial that featured two girls looking out their window and the round, bright lights enter the house through the window. It's the Blinkins!! They were these dolls with colorful wings and bright, curly hair, (they looked liked insects with babyfaces). As the girls are playing with the dolls, there is a really pretty song in the background playing. It's children humming softly and singing while these girls play with their new toys. Great commerical!!!
Blow Pop
A bunch of kids were trying to make a commercial and they keep messing it up. Through out the commercial they keep saying "That's a blow Pop".
Blow Pops
I seem to remember a Charms Blow Pops ad that had a catchy kind of pop song along side of it that said Charms Blow Pops are two treats in one, two great American treats in one. A great big lollipop with soft bubble gum....Lot's of fun. Hard candy with some soft bubble gum, Charms Blow Pops are two treats in one, two great American treats in one. Ending with the kids saying "Blow Pops from Charms!" This was about late 70's or early 80's.
Blue Bonnet
This Featured Two Bands: Wang Chung and REO Speedwagon. The Song Went: REO Speedwagon: Love Butter? Wang Chung: Blue Bonnet! REO Speedwagon: Blue Bonnet Love! BOTH: Love That Butter Taste, Blue Bonnet, Blue Bonnet, Blue Bonnet, Blue Bonnet, Blue Bonnet, Blue Bonnet, Blue Bonnet! Everything's Better with a Blue Bonnet On It! It came around 1989.
Blue Star Ointment
OHHHH You guys MISSED this one. It aired incessantly in Texas from my time their from 1971 to 1983...They show the little jar, in a cheesy commercial, often TWICE in the SAME commercial break: The announcer speaks in monotone almost bellicose voice: "BLUE STAR OINTMENT: STOPS: RINGWORM, TETHER, PSORIASIS! STOPS ITCHING **FAST**! BLUE START OINTMENT!" And that was it, all in about 8 seconds. It's indelibly burned into my memory more than probably ANYTHING else, and I never even USED or bought the products. Talk about brainwashing...
Blue velvet? macaroni and cheese
Blue velvet I think is the macaroni and cheese: It was a little girl singing...Mama's gone to work and daddy's cooking something new. If you wanna please me...all you gotta do..I want the blue the blue the cheese and macaroni the cheese. The blue black blue...Well if daddy wants to please me, he's only gotta cheese me. I've got the blue. This one I'll never forget:-) cuz I used to sing it for my parents as a little kid.
Body on Tap
And she told two friends,and so on, and so on, and so on.......
Boglins toys
Boglins were rubber monster puppets released in the late 1980s.The ad begins by showing a Boglin who says "Did I scare you? I do that so well.If you take me home I`ll eat your Peas for you"The commercial goes on to show you all the things you can do with a boglin
Bold Hold (L'Oreal?)
"Hold hair long, hold hair strong with Bold Hold." "It's the ultimate POWER hold--it's WILD! Maximum hold for maximum style! Hold hair long, hold hair strong with Bold Hold. New BOLD HOLD!" Came in a white bottle, can or tube (depending on product) with a geometric design in red, blue and yellow. It looked bold, and it was! If this stuff wouldn't cement your huge 80s hair nothing would. I used to lie on my side and listen to the crackle as the "polymer coating" on my hair broke.
Bon Bons
There was a lady in bed, she kept getting phone calls from diffrerent men, including royalty to go out on dates. Everytime she got another phone call, she would eat another Bon Bon, and say "Another Night" or "Another Time"
You guys have got it all wrong. They were struck down by giant pieces of fruit because they thought bonkers was gum. The announcer would intone: "Some people think Bonkers is gum.' Then a giant fruit would come crashing down on them and knock them silly. The announcer continues "They know it's candy now!"
Giant fruit falls from the sky and lands on people (usually the same lady got hit in all the commercials)
You are forgetting the best part of the bonkers ad was the slogan. Bonkers - they'll bonk you out!
Fruit chews similar to Starburst. Orange and grape are two only flavors I can remember. The commercial showed people getting struck down by overgrown fruit with the catchy phrase "Bonkers really bonks you out!"
A fruity, chewy, candy. There were people in an elevator and when ever one of them would eat a peice of Bonkers candy a large peice of fruit would fall from the sky and land on them. The end would show people buried in a big pile of fruit when the elevator door opened.
Bonkers Bubble gum
A lady with brown hair- (some eighties celebrity- a comedian maybe?) runs around dodging giant falling fruits, grapes, watermelons-etc. I think this brand of bubble gum had a chocolate flavor too if I remember right- yuck!
Bonkers Candy
It was pretty funny when a person would eat a piece of candy a giant piece fruit would land on them. Then they would say : Bonkers! Dumb candy ! The candy was taffy like and had a fruit center of taffy that was darker in color.
Bonkers Candy
They had an old lady wearing glasses and a pillbox hat. Then she would bite into a Bonkers and everything would go crazy. I remember one where she was in an elevator.
Bonkers brand fruit candies
These commercials aired around 1984-1986, and featured old people eating the candies and laughing like maniacs.
Bonkers! Board game
Catchy harmony jingle: Bonkers! is surprising - it's a sort of April-Fool's 'cause when you play a Bonkers! card you change the Bonkers! rules. You find out why it's Bonkers! each time you roll the dice and you discover Bonkers! is not the same game twice. Just when you think you're winning you find that's not the case and Parker Brothers' Bonkers! starts to turn into a race. And you go back and forward faster in a Bonkers! kind of fun and you're certain that you're losing when suddenly you've won!! Bonkers! is fun, Bonkers! is nice, Bonkers! is never the same game twice.
Boo Berry
I remember the Boo Berry cereal from the eighties and growing up I used to always ask my Dad to get that for me. They still make Count Chocula I believe but they don't sell Boo Berry or Frankenberry up here in Canada anymore. Do you know if they still make it? I think it was General Mills. Thanks
They had several commercials during the late 80's and into the mid 90's. One showed two women who looked like twins walking down the sidewalk. They were wearing red dresses a little longer than knee length. As they walked the one woman stopped to fix her dress while the other woman kept walking. She would finsh and then start walking again only to stop about 10 seconds later to fix her dress again. Another showed a boy and girl arriving at a dance and the boy was taking off the girls coat and she had static cling and they both looked embarrased. Another showed a teacher teaching a class and writing stuff on the blackboard while trying to ignore that she has static cling in her dress. The class notices and then some of the girls slide down in their seats as they notice they have static cling too. Another showed a girl wearing slouch socks, keds, a short dress with bike shorts on underneath meeting up with what we presume to be her boyfriend in a crowded school hallway. They start to walk to their next class and as they do the girl guy notices the girls dress has static cling in it and she looks back at him with an emmbarrasing look. Another one shows a group of girls in different homes around the neighborhood getting dressed in skirts and dresses with pantyhose or bike shorts underneath. The girls are in elementary school, middle school, and high school. The girls say goodbye to their mom and leave for school. The day is school picture day. The girls have static cling and the school pictures are taken with an individual picture and a group picture while they have static cling. The ad flashes back showing how the mothers washed the girls clothes and how some used an ordenary dryer sheet and some used Bounce. Then the ad flashes back a few weeks later as the girls get their pictures back and the high school and middle school girls are wondering how come their individual picture shows them with static cling and the group picture shows about 3/4 of the girls in the class with static cling and the other girls don't have static cling. Then it showes the girls at home watching as the younger girls get home and show mom the pictures happily as if nothing is wrong with them while the older girls and the moms look at the pictures with the static cling in them and look embarrased as the moms muster a smile and say what a nice picture. The ad ends at the end of the school year with the girls looking at their yearbooks and as an anouncer speaks. Finally one shows a group of young women getting dresses in skirts and pantyhose in a dorm. They are talking about going out with a group of guys. Then it shows them on the date excuss themselves to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom they talk excitedly about the guys. As they return the guys look at them funny. The girls follow the guys eyes and notice that they all have static cling which is causing their skirts to rise up except for one girl becauase she usd Bounce. The last two ads were shown infrequently in my area.
Bounce Fabric Softener
Van Halen's "Jump" with the word "bounce" substituted for the word jump
The thicker quicker picker upper, bounty!
Bounty Coconut Chocolate Bar
A woman in a bathing suit is on a tropical island, diving into the ocean. The slogan was something like "Bounty is paradise" then an orchid falls next to the chocolate.
Bran Flakes
Kellogs Bran Flakes. The jingle went; Tasty, tasty very very tasty. Thier very tasty, thier very tasty. A friend and I were desparately wondering what the hell the jingle was from. We only found out last year!
Breath Savers
Break Open The Breath Savers!
Breck Shampoo
There was this attractive couple, and the man was washing the woman's hair in slow-motion by pouring a pitcher of water over her head. Dopey music playing, of course.
Breyer's Light Ice Cream
Bernadette Peters was pitchwoman for a few of these commercials. Here is the description of one of them: "A television commercial for ice cream features actor Bernadette Peters in slinky pajamas in her kitchen at night. "I love being aughty," she says in her little-girl voice, "especially when I can get away with it. Like with Breyer's light ice cream. It has less fat so I can indulge in sinful fudge...real vanilla." Her voice is rising as she becomes more excited and builds to an orgasmic crescendo -- "Mmmm, pure true taste!" Almost out of breath, she slides down the refrigerator door, saying, "I feel like I'm cheating, but I'm not...what a shame."
Brim 1/2 Caffein Coffee
Try Brim 1/2 Caffein Coffee. With 1/2 the Caffein of regular Brim Coffee.
Brim coffee
Fill it to the rim, with Brim!
Brown Cow Chocolate Syrup.
It's Moolicious.
Brown's Fried Chicken
Browns Chicken Jingle--"It tastes Better"
Brut Aftershave (I think)
a very beautiful woman is going through her husbands closet, very sensually going through all his clothes, ties, hats etc. and trying them on. Finally the phone rings. She answers it, and in a little girlish way, bites her nail and in a coy, innocent but very sext little voice, she says, "Honey! I was just thinking of you". Obviously, the gist was that she was becoming lost in the lingering scent of her husband that clung to his clothing.
This commericial always took place in the wild wild west. Where the sheriff and the bad guy have a bubble blowing contest. The bad guy's bubble use to pop first, because he did not use Bubblelicious gum. It was set up to look like a gun battle.
In the very early 80's (80-81), they had 3 African American girls chanting "I don't think you're ready for this bubble, my bubblegum is bubbalicious!" AND I often wonder if Destiny's Child ripped off these words, because it's very similar to Bootylicious. The commercial was *very* colorful and had the girls floating in the air with bubbles popping around them.
Bubbalicious/Hubba Bubba
Correction on the Bubbalicious post. It was Hubba Bubba. The slogan was "Big bubbles-no troubles." It featured some old guy who guest starred as the priest who married the Brady's on the Brady Bunch and who also guest starred on Little House. Sorry!
Bubble Blaster
Bubbles, bubbles in the air.... Bubbles, bubbles ev'rywhere... with the Bubble Blaster.
Bubble Tape
This is one of Jennifer Tilly's favorite commercials. It went: "ATTENTION! The lunch lady wears a hairnet. She serves mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop, and puts gravy on everything. She says, 'Bubble Tape is not part of a well-balanced diet!' Bubble Tape. 6 feet of bubble gum. For you, not them!" That's all I know.
Bubble Tape
It was almost a cartoon, those weird kind of 80s sketches like that A-HA video, and there was there was this guy singing..your mom, never had, a mohawk, she plays bingo, bowls, and she wonders..why can't you chew a nice stick of gum like your father? and they show the kid with the mohawk.
Bubble Tape
Bubble Tape! Six feet of bubble gum! For *you*! Not them!
Bubble Yum Bubble Gum
Kid tries to hide gum from orange-striped gangster puppet. Holding his hands apart slightly -then a bit more- the puppet tries to distract the boy. They discuss its long-lasting flavor... GP: Does it last this long? Kid: Longer. GP: This long?? Kid: {Sigh} Longer! GP: Well how long does strawberry Bubble Yum last? Kid: (Spreading arms way apart, forgets to guard his gum) It lasts THIIIIIIS Long! GP: (Mouth-grabs gum from kid hand) So LONG! (Cute real cute..) Kid: But he doesn't know that Bubble Yum now comes in a long-lasting GRAPE flavor too. Muppet: I know it now! (Song chimes in.. The flavor lasts so long..long..long in Bubble Yum. BUBBLE YUM!) I think we got the idea..
Bubble Yum Bubble Gum
In this ad, an elf goes "You work so hard, now have some fun when you yum it up with a new kind of Bubble Yum." A spiritual guy goes "Yum it up." At the end of the commercial, a demonic imp shrieks "YUM IT UP WITH BUBBLE YUM!"
Bubble-EEZ brand bubble gum
Short-lived commercial (and product) in 1986. "Bubble(ubble) - EEZ, Bubble(ubble) gum"
It was a six-pack of gum in a foil backed package (like you get cold medicine in now). There were some astronauts space-walking and they all had Bubble-Eeze gum in their hands. I'm not sure what they said, but at the end, they played a voice that sounded like it was on the astronaut's radio that sang "Bubble-ubble eeze, Bubble-ubble gum"
"I don't think you're ready for this bubble, I don't think you're ready for this bubble, I don't think you're ready for this, my bubble gum is Bubblicious!" Destiny's Child sampled the jingle and "Edge of 17" in 2001 with a hit titled "Bootylicious". Hmm............
There was another Bubblicious gum commercial that was kinda trippy in a Pink Floyd sorta way. "It's the ultimate bubble with the ultimate flavor, it's tastes so unreal, it'll blow you away, Bubblicious!"
Bubblicious Gum
Bubblicious has the ultimate flavor.
Buckle Up
What about the Crash Test Dummies? Vince and Larry - Vince and Larry were two hardworking crash test dummies who appeared in a series of public service announcement jointly produced by the Ad Council and the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration beginning in 1985. In the commercials (created by the Leo Burnett Ad Agency), Vince and Larry demonstrated what could happen when a person did not wear a seatbelt. Unlike, humans who die or become crippled in real crashes, Vince and Larry dusted themselves off after each crash and lived to joke another day. Vince (who wears grey) is the veteran of the duo while Larry, (who wears blue) is the new comer - eager to prove himself and ready to loose an arm, leg or head for the cause. In 1999, Vince and Larry along with their campaign tagline, "You Could Learn A Lot From a Dummy" were retired when the U.S. Department of Transportation revised the campaign. The new slogan advised "Buckle Up. Always." TRIVIA NOTE: When the Crash Test Dummies made personal appearances, local actors were hired to wear their costumes. To preserve the integrity of the original TV and radio voices, Vince and Larry never talked in person. They just do skits and interviews using a pre-recorded tape.
Bud Light
SPUDS MACKENZIE. He was the spokesdog for Bud Light beer. Spuds Mackenzie the original party animal.
Bud Light
BLUE LARRY BLUE...... It was part of a a series designed to reinforce the message that Bud Light "didn't fill you up." A guy walks into a blues bar where the a stereotypical blues singer is on stage, singing a hilarious blues number lamenting how his "woman left me when I went to the store in 1964.....after 22 years I've lost my appetite for love." When the guy tries to buy him a beer, the clubowner(?) says, "I'm sorry, Blue Larry is seriously blue.." then gives in when the patron explains how Bud Light won't weigh him down. Then, when "The freight train of pain," Blue Larry comes out for his next set, he's transformed into a happy-go-lucky guy, singing a jaunty, "I just drank a Bud Light...I'm happy as a lark... I'll never sing the blues again... let's go dancing in the Park!" And after the announcer closes the spot fades with Blue Larry crooning..."I'mmm soo happy!!!!"
Bud Light
Ive always loved that Bud Light tv ad where a guy is sitting at a bar, and he asked the bartender for a light, He goes through sevral lights, sort of like a light show, and then after he is out of it, he says "never ask for a light, ask for a Bud Light".
A Chrismas theme commercial with the Cleidsdales pulling a sleigh to a marching band playing the "Here comes the bud" song.
Oingo Boingo did a Budweiser commercial where the lyrics of "Who do ou want to be today?" were changed over to the Bud standard "for all you do, the king of beers is coming through, for all you do, this Bud's for you." Very cool commercial where the members are dancing around the inside of a set that looks like a WWII bomber. There were two versions, a short version and a full one.
Budweiser Beer
The Christmas commercials with the Clydesdales pulling the beer truck through the snow. Nothing said winter like that commercial, with the jingle in the background, "When you say Bud you've said it all!"
Budweiser Light (not Bud Light)
With the tag line "Bring out your best" - very 1984 L.A. Olympics theme heavy.
Bugle Boy
Good looking women pulling up to scruffy downtrodden men in various vehicles asking "Are those bugle boy jeans you're wearing?" and then driving off.
The Great American Road Belongs To Buick
Bully Bowl
A toilet cleanser. The jingle went, "Don't be bullied by your bowl, bully your bowl instead!"
Bumblebee Tuna
Bum-bum-bumblebee, Bumblebee Tuna -- I love a sandwich made with Bumblebee! An otherwise standard commercial made a bit more memorable by the fact that the catchy tune was sung by a bunch of 'ordinary' looking people -- construction workers and such -- who certainly didn't sound like professional singers.
Burger King
Does anyone remember the Burger King commercial from '83 with my sweet, beautiful, darling boy Andrew Mccarthy & Elizabeth Shue? It was for Pepsi and Burger King joining together and they were sitting on the steps having a real old-fashioned bull session and telling you all about it. This one was a classic, even if young Andy did have to help Ms. Shue remember her lines! -Mrs. Mccarthy
Burger King
Spoof on Roy Rogers (BK's competition), set in western fast food restaurant with Cowboy Cashier who says in long drawn out southern drawl, "Slooooow Dowwwwwn therrrrrre, Cowwwwpoke! We...don't...fix...it...here,...you've...got to...fix...it...yourself!" Then went in to selling points that at Burger King they'd fix it any way you wanted (vs. Roy Rogers which had topping bars for you to fix it your way).
Burger King
Remember: "Aren't you huuuuungry for Burger King now?" and "This is Burger King town... we know how burgers should be" They also had commercials with Emmanuel Lewis ("Webster").
Burger King
In the ad, a building property is split into two different burger chains: McDonalds on the left and Burger King on the right. They talk about how they fry at McDonald's and flame-broil at Burger King. The singers sing "This is a Burger King town. We know how burgers should be."
Burger King
Aired in December 1986. Was considered a local advertisement for the popular burger chain. The pitch was for Chicken Tenders, which were new on the menu that year. The fine print in the ad said "Available Only In Northern New Jersey, New York, and Conneticut" The ad aired on a NY Affiliate Network of CBS, WCBS 2.
Burger King
It takes two hands to handle a whopper, the two fisted burger from burger king
Burger King
There was actually a Burger King who wore a crown and did parlor-style magic tricks. He had a supporting cast of characters, among them his nemesis the Duke of Doubt. "I'm the marvelous magical Burger King, I can do most anything, I love magic and food that's fun... soooo... Take this burger, put it over here, make it move like magic, now watch it disappear! Toss these potatoes, see what's up? Lots of juicy french fries, it's magic, not luck! He's the marvelous magical Burger King, He can do most anything, He loves magic and food that's fun, He makes fun fun fun for everyone!"
Burger King
This one goes WAAAY back to the mid 70's. there was a nerdy-looking kid with thick glasses in the commercial named "Hubble McQubble" (or something similiar)...and he'd repeat everything he'd say. the jingle went something like: "Hubble McQubble was exceedingly double, repeating each word he would say.....Double meat! Double meat!" it ran for a summer and that was it.
Burger King
Double or nothing..That's how I play...was the jingle. Must have been two burgers for the price of one. There were a few sets of twins in this commercial, as well.
Burger King
(Male Announcer) And now, an announcement that just can't wait. Showed 2 girls, and talked to them. (Male Announcer) Burger King and Pepsi. (Demolish Jingle) "Get some Pepsi at Burger King Now (I'm not sure if those are the exact lyrics)".
Burger King
This 1982 ad starred 4-year old Sarah Michelle Gellar, brunette and pre-"Buffy" days. She sat in front of a Burger King restaurant, asking the question "Do I look smaller to you?" She then proceeded to tell the viewer about how McDonald's used "Skimpy" patties, while Burger King used big hamburger patties. The commercial was controversial, and McDonald's sued Burger King for the remarks. Young Gellar even had to appear in court about this, and was not allowed to eat in McDonald's!
Burger King
Burgers are burgers, buns are buns, mayo is mayo, a tomato and lettuce is a tomato and lettuce, pickles are pickles, ketchup is ketchup. What do you get? THE WHOPPER SANDWICH AT BURGER KING!!!!!!! PBBT!
Burger King
This one has already been on here but I believe it was for Burger King not McDonalds.Either way the quote is wrong. It went "I I would would like like a a double double cheese cheese burger burger please please!"
Burger King
Mini muffins came out and the commercial showed a dude with a mini muffin stencil shaved in in hair.
Burger King
From 84-86 they had Mr. T saying "Mo Beef? Betta taste!?!"
Burger King
"Sometimes you gotta break the rules." I remember seeing that in 1990, bit, if I'm not mistaken, that campaign actually started in late 1989.
Burger King
How about the old Burger King commercial jingle that went something like "Hold the pickles hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us, all we ask is that you let us serve it your way. Have it your way, have it your way at Burger King"
Burger King
The Burger King went to a shock. "You hate shock shocks, you want cheap cheap, Burger King is cheap cheap! To the tune of the "Short Shorts" we hear in that "Nair" Commercial.
Burger King
At Christmas 1987, Burger King was advertising reindeer as part of kids meal toys. The reindeer were named Rodney, Randy, Rhonda, and Ramona. The slogan at the time was "Fast Food For Fast Times".
Burger King
Late 80s ad with "We'd do it like you do it".
Burger King
In the Burger King kids' meal commercial it had a slogan "Where Kids ARE King" thinking of "Are You Being Served?"
Burger King
The best darn burgers in the whole w ide world, Burger King and I, We've got the juicy flame-broiled burger that's never, ever fried, with Coke and crispy french fries, it's Burger King and I, whose got those best darn burgers in the whole wide world? Burger King and I!
Burger King
Have It Your Way. The longest slogan ever used since 1971.
Burger King
Burger King has its ad with "Aren't You Hungry?"
Burger King Chicken Tenders Holiday Pack
This is an X-Mas commercial from 1986, played on NYC stations. The song "Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing" is played. People are serving their chicken tenders. The screen reads "Available only in N.Y., Northern N.J., and Fairfield County, Conn." They are showing the demonstration of the 20 chicken tenders as they show they're made with white meat. The announcer says "Get them before this offer ends and have a party. 'Cuz there ain't nothing like the real thing."
Burger King Croissan'Wich
With the 1984 ad "Aren't You Hungry for the Burger King Croissan'Wich?"
Burger King/Mcdonald's
Sorry campers..don't remember which one. But has anyone found Herb yet? Or have we all forgotten?
Burney Brother Bakery
The jingle had "3 in the morning when your in bed the burney brothers are baking bread." We think that is how it went. The cartoon bakers were baking bread. It was an independent bakery in Jewel food stores. Many years ago
Busch Beer
Featured beer being poured into a glass, superimposed over a snow-covered mountain with the jingle, "Head for the mountains with Busch... Beer!"
Butcher Bones Dog Biscuits
Different dogs wagging their tails to the rhythm of the jingle, which was done to the tune of "Dem Dry Bones": "Dem bones, dem bones, dem Butcher Bones..."
The song went, "Butterfinger's better, better get a Butterfinger. It's a crisper cruncher Butterfinger bar. Butterfinger's better, better get a Butterfinger, better get a Butterfinger now!"
Bye-Bye Diapers Baby Doll
Probably the worst commercial geared toward kids ever. This one involved when one of the girls showed the potty toilet accessory, and the other two gasp in all, while the jingle ladies are singing "I love Bye-Bye Diapers, Bye Bye, 'cause she's got a pot, Oh My!"

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