Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Index

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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Coors Light
It's the right beer now.
Fruit Stripe Gum
The classic "zebra" with the colored stripes that matched the gum "It's fun to tickle your tongue with fruit stipe gum"
Close Up
I don't recall the exact scenery, but I recall the jingle vividly: "Come a little closer baby smile for me, I've got a close up smile for you I've got a close up smile"
Giggle Gum
People take bites out of trees until they are told they can now chew giggle gum, which comes in five fruity flavors. The only ones happier than people are trees, which sway and say YAY with their limbs swaying in gratitude.
Three Musketeers
In this series of commercials the Three Musketeers, one of whom is called "The Maestro," are going out on the town or on a road trip. The first ad shows two of them walking through town on their way to meet the third. They are all depicted as being the height of cool. The jingle goes: "They don't hang around in ladies clubs or in a three-piece suit. Too big to call them dainty, too big to call them cute. Yeah, they're so big on chocolate--chocolate out to here. It's hard to keep on talking about those Three Musketeers." Then they all pile into a large car and one of them declares he is going to "have the time of my life." Another one asks "can that be done for under 7 dollars?" I always liked that commercial.
Summit Candy Bar
The jingle went, "new summit bar, puts more snap in your break, it's totally new, snap, summit bar, puts more snap in your break, two long slim chocolate snacks in every pack, milk chocolate double milk chocolate, (something) put more snap, in your break, new summit bar, puts more snap in your break, SNAP!
Halls cough tablets
"Halls Vapor Action penetrates deep to make your stuffy nose feel clearer, while Halls soothes your throat and helps your cough."
Proline Kurly Kit
This was a 1980's ad campaign (t.v. and radio) for a jheri curl product, the Proline Kurly Kit. The jingle went like this: You can curl it--you can curl it yourself. You can curl it--you can curl it yourself. Because it's easy. You can curl it yourself. Come on and try. You can curl it yourself. Kurly Kit. Kurly Kit. Proline! Kurly Kit. This is it!
English Leather cologne
This was a 1980's tv/radio commercial for English Leather cologne. A sassy African-American lady sings about how appealing the men in her life are when they wear it. The tagline is: "All of my men wear English Leather, or they wear nothing at all!"
Fruit Wrinkles
Do NOT feed the Fruitrons the flavor is too big for them.
Kellogg's Rice Krispies
I think it was in the late 80's, but the Rice Krispies guys try to get the kids to say, "Pop pop crackle snap, crackle crackle snap pop snap!"
Have a coke and a smile, makes me feel good, so refreshing. Makes me feel nice. Have a Coke and a smile. It's the way it should be and I'd like to see the whole world smiling with me. Have a Coke and a smile...Have a coke and a (pop the can) smile.
Moving On Jeans
There are these three girls, arm in arm, walking away from the screen, I believe, and they are walking through clouds. You see the jeans (with movement, no less!), while you hear a song playing, saying, "OOOH! MOVING O-O-ON!". That was a catchy tune for me. (Thanks for having this site! I go through memory lane all day long, for days on end!)
Fidelity Investments
I can't think of the name of this 80's song in this Fidelity Investments commercial where they talk about "Jack" and his investments. Please Help!
It started like someone above said with a young woman and it would start off singing the happy birthday song and then it would start singing How old are you now and the music was distorted and her face got older and older until they just threw a sheet over her. That commercial scared me so bad that everytime it came on I would hide my head and cover my ears and sing loudly until it went off. It came on in the 1980's and I have searched the internet for it and can't find it. That is the scariest thing I have ever saw on TV, and I still don't think I could watch it to this day and I'm 25 years old now.
Clorox II
The very first Clorox II commercial Where the kids are all in white and on scooters, where two girls one white one black are on a merry go round and where a young girl is running through a sprinkler. I would love to have a copy of this commercial as my daughter is one of the children.
Pearson Ford
In the '80s there was an auto dealership in San Diego called Pearson Ford that ran radio ads (which actually sounded like they were recorded in the '60s) with lyrics that went, "See Pearson Ford, they stand alone/At Fairmont and El Cajon." Classic. I still rememver those ads.
Coors Light
"Coors...the silver bullet!"
Digger Dan Construction Set
The toy was a remote controlled crane that could lift other toys, worked as an earthmover/backhoe and Saturday morning TV would ring with the jingle, "Digger Dan can, Digger Dan can, Digger Dan can."
Jordache. Basics.
A group of '80s brat pack type kids are hanging around in a highschool corridor. Molly Ringwald type character with tear rolling down face: "I hate my mother." Friend 1: "Your mother?" Friend 2: "Have you ever SEEN her mother?" Jon Cryer type character: "I have. I'm hoping she'll be divorced before I'm out of school!" Molly: "I found a picture of her from when she was my age." Friend 1: "Was she hot?" Molly: "No. She was sort of short, with freckles, and a little bit over weight." Friend 2: "Kind of like you?" (sounding annoyed) Molly: "Exactly like me." (grinning) JORDACHE BASICS.

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