Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with V

This is just meant to be a fun page in which people remember their favorite commercials from the eighties TV. I think sometimes I remember the commercials better than the shows I'm watching...

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V8- "Keep your Diet Straight".....with a man who kept walking slanted throughout the entire commercial, in the hopes of illustrating how upright one's diet would be when he/she drinks V8
I coulda had a V8.
Va Voom! Hair styling products
This commercial aired in 1986, with corniness abound. they show these women with HORRIBLE (not an understatement, mind you)hairstyles. The spokesperson is a man (who's probably very, very queer)who says Va Voom hair products, bring out your hair's natural beauty. Scary to watch at 4, especially since this was the punk-rock hairstyle era.
Van de Kamps Chocolate Chip Cookies
3 kids - 2 little girls with little boy. Oldest girl (standing in the middle) "dealing" out cookies to each of the kids & double to herself, saying "one for you & one for me, one for you & one for me..." Aired in Spring of 1982. Los Angeles area
Vanish toilet cleaner
It had two toilets conversing in prissy feminine voices about a third toilet and how it always was clean, and then the third toilet would say "it's my automatic Vanish." Then the commercial would end with "Vanish. The clean goes on and on." I remember this well because my dad always used to refer to toilet cleaner as "talking potty."
Vaseline Intensive Care
"Working hands, working hands, roughing up your skin. Vaseline Intensive Care helps the healing begin." Jingle sung by a chorus line of average people in an open field & clapping hands in time to the music. Ca. 1980.
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
1987. Announcer went: If it's not Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, you're not getting all this. Shows Ingredients found in Vaseline.
This is a good ad circa 1985. It went: Veg-all is all of the vegetables, that's why we call it Veg-all!
New Sugar-Free Cocoamint Velamints. The Velamints you've always craved for, in a new cocoa flavor you may never forget. Try New Sugar-Free Cocoamint Velamints.
"Suugaarr free Veelleemmmeeennttss"
It was a brand of toilet paper. They had a catchy jingle sung softly by young children: We all need softness early in the morning. We all need softness each and every day. There's nothing quite so soft and yet so pure. There's nothing like the touch of new Velour. There's nothing like the touch - of new Velour.
(The rest of the Velveeta commercial)...See Velveeta, melts so creamy, it improves your tetrazini, when the cookbook calls for cheddar, make it with Velveeta it cooks better!
There's no single cheese like Velveeta, 'cause Velveeta is more than one single cheese. Like Colby, Swiss, and Cheddar, blended all together, for a creamy taste that melts with ease! Velveeta processed cheese spread is so much fun, all those natural cheeses are better than one! Velveeta really knows how to please. You just can't stop, 'til the very last drop. There's no single cheese (sharp or mild) like Velveeta!
Velveeta Cheese
Set to the tune of "Hello muddah, Hello faddah"/"It's Velveeta, versus Cheddar, our Velveeta, melts much better. Cheddar's runny, cheddar's oily, cheddar drips right off the plate onto your doily"
Velveeta Cheese
"When your cookbook...... Calls for cheddar....... Make it with Velveeta, it cooks better!"
It was a back to school commercial for the since departed chain of Venture department stores. There was this pencil shaped thing called "Pointer" and there were these kids who said "It's Pointer!" "Pointer's a hound for the library!" I'm not sure if it was the same Venture commercial or a different one, but there was this song that went "You've got to write to know, you've got to read to grow... Venture takes you back to school, looking sharp and feeling cool!"
Verve perfume/cologne: the jingle went something like, "Play, play, play, Verve! (body scenting mist) Light (hey) fun (ooh) everything he loves in you!"
If you live in the great Northeast, you know Veryfine Fruit Juices and Drinks. In one ad a Boston Marathon Runner is running like mad. Everytime he comes up on a cup of water that's offered to him( to keep him hydrated)he rejects it by swatting it away. He rejects cup after cup of water saying "no...no...no...no...no."(funny!) Then...Whoa! There's what he needs! A veryfine machine! He makes a quick stop, hits the button, says, "Yes!"......grabs the can, cracks it open....Chugg.Chugg.Chugg. And There he goes! Faster than a speeding bullet! "Veryfine, Juice it up!" Short-lived campaign, but entertaining. Long Live Veryfine!
Vicks 44 cough medicine
Shows two moms with bad coughs getting daughters ready for school play. Both moms take cough medicine. Only mom two takes vicks. At play begins both moms are ok. As plays progresses mom one starts coughing. Trys to muffle it. Works for a while then starts coughing more and can't hide it. Goes and gets a drink of water comes back and is ok for a while then starts coughing again. Leaves play and goes and sits in car coughing.
Village Inn
Features a man looking at salads and then frantically running around the salad bar. The narrator says something to the effect of "At village in we won't give you the runaround...just six hearty new salads."
Virginia Slims
You've Got The Right One Baby...I think this is one you have under unknown
The commercial would show some town that had some very fancy restaurants. The announcer would talk about how this town does not take American Express, so make sure you have your Visa card. The commerical ends with him saying, "Visa, it's everywhere you want to be."
I love pickles, I love Vlasic! Said by an annimated duck.
Vlassic Pickles
In this ad, a little blonde girl is sitting with her dad for lunch. The girl asks the father if he wants the pickle laying on his plate. He holds up the pickle and says, "Do I want to eat this little pickle?" Then the girl takes it from his hand and bites into it, then saying "Thank you!"
Vodafone New Zealand
Vodafone ad promoting their new "3G" next generation phones with video calling. A fair few ads were made, one of them was a man going down a flight of stairs which had water cascading down in a kayak. The other one was a man water skiing on the side of a busy motorway with a skateboard and being pulled by dogs while people stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic on the road watch him go by, the catch phrase for these two ads "NOW do you see what i am saying?" all to the tune of a song which goes " I spy............ ku ku ka chu, my little *unknown word*, eye of the chu., somethinggggg, kuku ka chu.
Volcano Drink
I ain't no Volcano Drink 'cause I ain't drunk!
I think it was 1985. It was a Volkswagon GTI sitting on a floor made up of matchbox GTIs it peels out and spits GTI matchbox cars from underneath it. I have one of the cars from the commercial. I was told that they donated the cars to hospitals. My son needed a trip to the emergency room and that is where we got the matchbox car. It would be cool to find the video of the commercial.

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