The Worst 80s Movies, Movies Beginning with C

I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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C.H.U.D. / 1984
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers (CHUD!). A bunch of cannibalistic mutants, created by toxic waste, live in the sewers and eat people. With Daniel Stern (criminal, from Home Alone) as "The Reverend" and John Heard (dad, from Home Alone) hunts down the CHUD. Bad acting, horrible cheesy monsters. So bad, it's a must see.
Caddyshack / 1980
It was unfunny and inane. All the plots were uncollateral to each other. [Ed.'s note: But since this is considered a comedy classic by film critics around the world, to each his own.]
Caddyshack 2 / 1988
Not only is this one of the worst golf movies ever made, but it's one of the worst comedies of the '80s. The whole cast is wasted in this "movie". No one wonder Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield backed out of that movie, they knew the movie's gonna stink but it did... real bad! Wanna watch the funniest and best golf movie watch the orginal "Caddyshack" (1980).
Everyone in the original cast except for Chevy Chase and the gopher puppet passed on doing this sequel.(They must have been desperate for work.) So instead, we have the painfully unfunny Jackie Mason in a role similar to Rodney Dangerfield's, a ne'er-do-well trying to wrest control of a private golf club from Robert Stack and his snooty family. Not even Dan Aykroyd's mooning could save par from this junk.
Cannibal Holocaust / 1980
One of the most disgusting, pretentious and over-rated pieces of worthless garbage. Highly praised by fans of gore movies, this flick lacks of good actings(Considering that almost all the cast only worked in pornographgic movies before) a good plot(Wait, this movie donĀ't have a plot at all.) This movie is not even scary, it is just disgusting. And it is also incredibly boring and dull.
Worse than the first, a cameo-filled rip-off of "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" w/ the Rat Pack and a young Jackie Chan.
Can't buy me laughs, either. Patrick Dempsey (the King of moronic teen films) is such a loser that he has to pay the most popular girl in school to be his girl. Pathetic attempt to incorporate underaged drinking as funny and liberating gave me an itchy remote control finger.
Can't Stop the Music / 1980
For the love of everthing sacred, please stop the music! This was the Village People movie, released unfortunately well after disco's last gasp. Awful.
Care Bears: The Movie / 1986
One of the most cloying kiddie flicks of all time. Based on the equally bad dolls & cartoon. Yes, it's a film to cash in with the Care Bear products. Unlike many animated movies like "Dumbo" & "Fantasia", it doesn't stand the test of time.
Cat People / 1982
Just some lousy, boring, non-interesting trash here, kids. You'll probably find it late-night on the USA network, I did.
Cemetery High / 1989
This is a film I saw back in the early 1990s on the USA cable network, it's about young women who are abused by the opposite sex, use their bodies to lure in scumbags and eliminate them!
A Certain Sacrifice / 1985
A movie made in the early '80's. Madonna first appeared in, but wasn't released until 1985 when she became a successful pop singer. Even she wanted to ban this film, though she had appeared in over a dozen awful films since. Not including "A League Of Their Own", which was a decent film. For some foresakin' reason, I found this stinkfest on DVD, and the only positive thing I can say is that it makes a great coaster.
Chained Heat / 1983
It's so bad it's good!!! Linda Blair (Yes, from "The Exorcist") played a prisoner who meets some interesting inmates & some messed up gaurds including one played by Sybil Danning, who strangely resembled Hillary Clinton. The whole movie is filled with some corny acting, pretictable plots, and a couple "F" words. Though I strangely can't take my eyes off of this film like if it were a cheesy '80's hairband music video. BTW, some of the actresses from "Chained Heat" also appeared in "The Concrete Jungle" (1982), another campy "Women In Prison" film.
This has got to be the worst horror film ever made in the history of man kind. The music sucked and the special effects could have been alot better.
Child's Play / 1988
Even as a child, it wasn't scary. The only scary thing was that it had a couple sequels in the early '90's & attempted a comeback with "Seed of Chucky", which thankfully was a flop.
Child's Play Trilogy / 1986-1989
I just didn't believe Chuckie's voice. "Sorry Jack, Chuckie's Back!" It was blood and gore. It was a very big waste of film.
The Chocolate War / 1988
I don't know if many people saw this movie in the eighties. I saw this movie on cable one night. It stared Iain Mitchell Smith (Wyatt from Weird Science) He played this kid who was an outsider and he refused to sell chocolate for his school. This movie didn't make sense to me. Even the ending was awful.
Chopping Mall / 1986
Do I really have to explain this one? Kids locked in a mall with new robotic security that starts going crazy and killing them. Like 'Valley Girl' meets 'The Terminator'. So bad that it is kind of cool.
Christine / 1983
What's so scary about a car?!! Based on Stephen King's worst novel ever, it involves a much maligned nerd who falls in love with title car. When he finally gets to date the girl of his dreams, "Christine" retaliates and kills just about everybody BUT her/its intended victims. Nothing is either scary nor believable, and the lovely "Baywatch" chick, Alexandra Paul is wasted. Celluloid version of a pile of scrap metal junk.
Class / 1983
How can a movie about a guy who sleeps with thre mother of his best best friend be funny. This is not a laughing matter. Families are destroyed in real life because of mommies going bad and sleeping with their sons best friends. I seen this happen in real life, and is no laughing matter. Shame on the producer of this movie. I am glad Jackie Bisset is not my mother.
Class of 1984 / 1982
Just wanted to comment on someone who said that "Class of 1984" was Michael J. Fox's first movie, which is untrue. MJF's first movie was the Disney movie, "Midnight Madness" in 1980.
Class of 1984 / 1982
Perhaps best know as the first film for Michael J. Fox (and why he would want this film on his resume is beyond me). Evil gang of punks terrorize animal-loving professor Roddy McDowell and nerdy classmates---and only substitute teacher Perry King can stop them. Pray for us all. Bad acting, bad directing, and senseless violence. [i]Is there any punk that wouldn't like this film?[/i]
Clue / 1985
This was the most pointless waste of time!! It was a waste of electricity to power the cameras that filmed it. The studios should send an apology letter and refund to everyone that had the displeasure of viewing it.
A boring biography with the cliche "rags to riches" story line. Only a fan of Loretta Lynn or country music would enjoy this movie. Aside from the movie being about a country singer, it's nothing interesting.
Cobra / 1986
Poor Sylvester Stallone! What a terrible movie! Stallone stars as a cop who chews a match, drives a fast car, and protects a model from a bunch of gang killers. The film does not make any sense. "Cobra" is a pure waste of a film that should be avoided at all costs. This movie SUCKS!!!!!
Cocktail / 1988
One of the lamest films of any time, it was made solely to bank in on Tom Cruise's rising popularity and success. The most inane plot and dialogue ever.
Commando / 1985
Arnold was horrible. He tries to be so serious and says corny lines such as: "I eat green berets for breakfast!" The special effects are horrible, the acting is bad, and they switch from a wrecked car to a perfect car in the same scene that's supposed to be the same car! Pay attention to when Arnold and his woman crash into the tree going at least 80 mph and how they aren't even phased by it! Very funny to watch!
Communion / 1989
I don't know what Whitley Streiber was smoking when he thought up that one (could just blame the aliens though), but it is undoubtedly one of the worst films I've ever seen. Terrible acting, absolutely no plot resolution, and you want to shoot all of the characters. The little blue aliens look like snow white put some of the dwarves in the microwave too long and the "grey" aliens like the one on the book cover are like evil Gumby toys. Drawing an alien on a napkin and floating it around on duct tape would be scarier than that crap.
First of all we have Arnold Schwartzinegger in a movie running around with a big sword and some hairy underwear. As if that wasn't bad enough you have another group of people in the movie wearing the same get up and even less talent. The film is definetly a classic, piece of trash. It needs to be taken off of the shelves so future generations don't have to go through the same traumatic experiences that those of us who've seen it already have. Let's think about the kids here people. Remove this monstrosity for the kids.
Crawlspace / 1986
Too numerous to list, maybe the worst movie I ever saw. Just pure crap. The "nudity" blows. I don't even know why it got an R. The worst part is I could have seen 'Toxic Avenger' instead, but my dumbass friend forced me to this.
Creature / 1984
Can you say rip off?! The movie was a clone of Ridley Scott's 1979 classic 'Alien'.
CUJO / 1983
Stupid, a Saint Bernard dog gets rabies and kills just 3 people. And Tad's mother was attacked the same way the other people were and lives. Plus a Saint Bernard? ha! A Saint Bernard won't hurt anyone. And how come a girl didn't die, that is kind of dumb. It's got to be one of Stephen King's worst
Even worse than "Trail of the Pink Panther". First, they miscast Ted Wass of "Soap" as Clouseau's "American nephew" (because Wass didn't want a French accent). Then Blake Edwards subject him to unfunny slapstick such as getting trapped in a "jogger motel" (a popular "Saturday Night Live" ad parody). Even Herbert Lom (Inspector Dreyfus) was pretty lame-o.
Cutting Class / 1989
It was two hours too long. The Shannon Doherty wanna be did a whole lot of bad acting, the gay guy from Roseanne took the entire movie to "almost" die, the editor did some of the worst film cuts I've ever seen (including bad driving that looked like the tea cups ride at disney and the end, when the villain appear to "pop" out from behind the girl with a hammer halfway through his skull, yeah right, like she was strong enough to do that!), and the end tried to create a "theme" about killing beyond time, but even though they clearly stated it several times at the end, it failed miserably, along with the rest of the movie. Look for this one in Brad Pitt's skeleton closet.
Cutting Class / 1989
IMO, this is the birth of low-budget horror films, like "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer..."-except a million times worse. OK, this guy is obsessed with this girl and starts killing people. The girl thinks it's this guy she really likes, and thinks that he killed her dad. While she's at school, (I guess everyone's been evacuated) she's running around in the school like an idiot. She finds out who the real killer is, and the guy she likes, Dwight,(Brad Pitt) is trying to save her. Well, after a fight that lasts way too long (with her just watching and screaming), the psycho gets killed and Dwight and our dippy heroine drive away in Dwight's Mustang Convertible. They see some-beaten down guy rolling down a hill and she realizes it's her dad, but when Dwight tries to stop, he realizes the psycho cut his break line.(OH NO) He does a little "Oh look, I'm cool!" manuever and stops. Our dippy heroine tells him: "Looks like he got the crap kicked out of him!" She tells Dad that the psycho has been killed, and the only thing he says to his daughter is "You're not cutting school, are you, young lady?" Dwight and Dippy giggle, and the movie ends. Oh, please, smack them!

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