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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Motel Hell / 1980
Stupid movie about a man and his sister killing human beings and make sausage out of them, packaging it and selling it commercially. They also planted the people in the ground like a garden.
Heartbreak Ridge / 1986
Highly unlikely that two Army Korean War vets would be in the Marine Corps thirty years later, especially considering that promotions are so much slower in the Marines. Clint Eastwood as an E-7 gunnery sergeant? Too old. A Marine recon unit carrying on with so little discipline and respect for superiors? Is this movie had been meant to be a farce or comedy, it might have been quasi-watchable. I rank it down there with Boys of Company C and Siege of Fire Base Gloria. (At least Gloria had some fun lines in its script.)
Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 / 1987
Two words: GARBAGE DAY! Otherwise, a third of it is flashback scenes from the first movie, and the rest involves the laughable acting of Eric Freedman and his eyebrows dancing when he speaks.
It is just bad, the acting, the story, Paul Lemat appears like John Milner on an acid trip, from a American Graffiti. It just sucks!
The Big Chill / 1983
Boring, stupid plot...lame and full of cliches. The best part of this movie was the suicide that took place before the plot begins. The characters are annoying and stereotypical, but they're TRYING too hard not to be boring and stereotypical, which makes the whole thing worse. Glenn Close is awful, as is Jeff Goldblum. But NOTHING happens--they sit around and whine and babble in cliches. Most of them end up having sex with each other in sex scenes that would cure insomnia. I do not understand WHY anyone would like this movie. It makes "St. Elmos Fire" look good.
I cant believe Im the first person to list this worthless turd on here. This is a movie about a black kid named leroy (as in bruce lee-roy...ugh) and goes on a quest to find the "Glow"...a mystical power where if you master it you actually glow and cant be defeated. The worst acting...the worst script...the worst writing. How the hell this ever got made is a mystery. I mean it has vanity in it...that alone should be enough of a warning that its going to suck. They even have the nerve to show clips from old bruce lee movies in it as if its an homage...its actually a freakin discrace. This movie sucks on so many levels its disturbing. Avoid this waste of time unless you plan on sticking your head in the microwave right after its over.
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker / 1988
As a fan of Michael it's killing me to make this submission. Michael has a special place in my heart but the movie dosen't cut the mustard. They have some good parts like when Katie is running to Michael and he embraces her in his arms like she's his little girl.(I love their father and daughter like relationship) Or The SEXY ending number Come Together. It shows his creativity and how he can still be a child at heart(speed demon,or his friendship with the children.)and how he can still be a responsible adult at the same time.(Him being determined to save and protect the children.)(Particularly Katie.) The story line is pretty good but a bit unusual.I adore Michael. He's a great man but the movie could have used a few quirks. Please forgive me Michael I still love you. By the way, Michael can I borrow your lucky star? Hee Hee!
Midnight Madness / 1980
If I were Michael J. Fox, I even wouldn't admit to starring in "Midnight Madness" or "Class of 1984". Kudos, though, to the person that said the former was his feature debut.
You deserve a great prize if you survived this turkey, nothing but a gumball rally type of movie rip - off, i sat half an hour and then i just walked out of the theather to ask for my money back, and they did!! I was sure it was going to be a great comedy, but the result was backwards, i didn't laugh not even a single time the half and hour i wasted You better rent the original "The Gumball Rally" (1976), it's a good road race comedy, you won't regret. Thanks.
Knights of The City / 1986
This movie is my favorite B movie by the way. Adult males in their early to mid 30's still in street gangs fighting over turf. The Royal Rockers led by "Troy"(Leon Isaac Kennedy) are in constant scuffles with rival gang Carlos and the Mechanics. Troy loses his girlfriend to Carlos so he decides the best way to prove his worth is to learn dance moves. These moves are taught by a guy named flash who takes Troy all the way to the top. Only to have to face Carlos and the Mechanics one last time for final victory.
Millenium / 1989
This is the only movie during which I have walked out of the theater before it was over. Weird, stupid plot about a plane crashing and some strange band of time-travellers who abduct passengers from the doomed airplane to take back to the future with them to help repopulate the dying Earth. Lame, lame, LAME and very confusing.
My best friend said I had to see it. When it came out on cable I finally saw it...and wanted to smother myself with a pillow to end the agony of being subjected to this crap movie. Supposedly it's every woman's dream to have some kind of dance-fantasy with a hot guy. I'd rather have a engaging conversation with a nerd, thank you very much. Not only did this movie drag on pointlessly (for what seemed like 3 or 4 hours...) it was completely unbelievable and predictable. Women still ask me "Don't you think Patrick Swayze was hot in that movie?!" Answer: NO!
Breakin / 1984
Ok, so we know the acting was so bad, it was amazing. The dancing was awesome! I actually do love this movie...don't forget Breakin' 2!
Best Defense / 1984
Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy should have both skipped this clunker. Eddie Murphy was one of the hottest comedians in the U.S. at the time this movie was released. He was billed as one of the stars, but was in it for (what seemed like) 5 minutes. One of the worst movies of all time!
all / all
You all wouldnt know a good movie if it bit you in the ass...
Top Gun / 1986
This was the worst movie ever. I don't know where to start. Bad Script, bad acting. I think this movie started my life long dislike of Tom Cruise. And to top it off, Maverick and Iceman didn't get together at the end of the movie.
Class of 1984 / 1982
Just wanted to comment on someone who said that "Class of 1984" was Michael J. Fox's first movie, which is untrue. MJF's first movie was the Disney movie, "Midnight Madness" in 1980.
Jaws 3 / 1983
Oh man this movie really STINKS! Frist of all its not even a jaws movie. Its just a whole buch of stupid special effects over and over. The mother shark looks so fake that it look like someone made clay out of it and moved it around the tv screen! and a retarded monkey can write a better plot than this! The point to the story was that there was no point! That's how bad the plot was. And just when I thought the movie can't get any worse, near the end of the movie, everybody inside the underwater coreroom sees the mother shark coming towards the glass screen. Instant of getting the hell out of there, all they do is stay there and start yelling like a buch of overgrown kids. U can also tell that the people who made this movie were lazy because at the end of the movie, u see two dolphins jump out the water. However, they are not real dolphins! There's so many flaws in this movie that it should be called Jaws Sucks!
Cannibal Holocaust / 1980
One of the most disgusting, pretentious and over-rated pieces of worthless garbage. Highly praised by fans of gore movies, this flick lacks of good actings(Considering that almost all the cast only worked in pornographgic movies before) a good plot(Wait, this movie donĀ't have a plot at all.) This movie is not even scary, it is just disgusting. And it is also incredibly boring and dull.

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